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Transportation and transportation in Denmark

Transportation and transportation in Denmark
Movement in Denmark is carried out by many ways, including:


Trains: It is one of the most popular and developed means of transport in Denmark, as the country has a wide network of railways, underground trains and also the metro that covers most of the country. The trains operate with specific flight times in a precise system.

Buses: Buses are another way to get around in Denmark with ease and with lower costs, as many public transport companies operate within and between cities as well.

Water ferries: They are one of the most beautiful means of transportation in the country for tourist trips, and this means undoubtedly helps in transportation between the Danish islands through water taxi services.

Bicycles: Bicycle commuting is very common in Danish cities, as this contributes to the preservation of health and the environment together. This is what the fence will undoubtedly love to experience while traveling in Denmark.

Taxi ride: Tourists can also travel during the trip by taxi in order to reach their destination easily and faster.



Food and drinks in Denmark

When talking about tourism in Denmark, it is impossible to forget to mention the Danish cuisine, which is famous for its delicious recipes, especially seafood. The country is famous for its salmon, herring and eel recipes as well as its soups and traditional “Smørrebrød” sandwich made of thin bread with meat and vegetables.

The Danish delicious meals are not limited to the above, but also include sweets, the most famous of which are the local cakes called “Vienna”, raspberry jelly and apple pies. When visiting the capital, Copenhagen, it is necessary to stop at one of the delicious hot dogs in its streets. In short, the food in Denmark will add an extra charm to the beauty of the trip.


The official currency of Denmark
The Danish Krone is the official currency of the Kingdom of Denmark. It should be noted that 1 Danish Krone is equivalent to 0.16 US dollars.

Communications and the Internet in Denmark
During your tourist holiday in Denmark, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease and ease. This is where a distinguished group of telecommunications companies are available in the Kingdom, the most important of which are:



Telenor Denmark: It is one of the most prominent telecommunications companies operating in the Danish territory. This company provides mobile phone services and high-quality internet as well.
Net 1: It is a well-known telecommunications company in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavian Europe. This network provides its users with good speed connections and internet.
YouSee: The aforementioned company is working to provide communication services with electronic games, as it is the largest four-way operator in the whole Kingdom.

Tourism in Seychelles and the top 8 tourist destinations worth your visit

Tourism in Seychelles and the top 8 tourist destinations worth your visit

Planning travel and tourism in Seychelles is a great decision. This is because the Seychelles is an archipelago, consisting of 115 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is distinguished by its special and unique nature, which distinguishes it from others. Every island in the Seychelles gives you an experience full of excitement and admiration. It is a magical paradise on earth, worth your visit to explore it. Here in this article are the most important and most beautiful 8 tourist places and islands in Seychelles that we advise you to visit. As well as the most important tips, instructions and information that will help you before you travel, to spend a successful holiday…



Seychelles is an ideal tourist destination for lovers of nature, romance and tranquility. It has many tourist attractions, with fantastic beaches and turquoise waters, lush hills and palm trees. As well as watching rare wild animals, and huge birds. It also allows you to do exciting experiences in the tropical forests, as it is home to unique giant turtles. This is in addition to the possibility of taking cruises on boats, and enjoying interesting sports such as hiking, practicing many wonderful water sports and many others. Therefore, you must plan well before the holidays, so that you can spend an unforgettable vacation.

Tourism in Seychelles

Discover tourism in Seychelles
The island of Seychelles is a tourist destination rich in tourist components and natural attractions, which attract thousands of tourists annually. To enjoy exploring untouched nature, beaches with turquoise waters and soft white sands, rare wild birds and exotic animals, forests, green trees, hills and many more. All of the above made it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.



Where is Seychelles?

Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean at the crossroads of Asia and Africa. It is located in the northeast of the island of Madagascar, and it does not share a border with any other country.


Best time to travel to Seychelles

The best time to visit the Seychelles is between the months of April and May or October and November. This is because those periods are the quietest, and away from the gusts of wind that hit the island every year, and these winds cause seaweed to accumulate on some beaches. So visiting Seychelles during this period is more moderate, ideal for sunbathing, wildlife watching, diving and many other fun activities. It is worth mentioning :



Summer (June to August):

Visiting during this season allows you to practice many exciting recreational activities, such as surfing, going to the wonderful beaches that overlook the north and west coasts of the islands, enjoying swimming, and walking along the stretch of beach on the soft white sand.

Winter season (from December to February):

This season is the ideal time for travel and tourism in Seychelles, and is very popular with tourists, especially in the Christmas and New Year period, when the vast green spaces. January is the peak tourist season, and in February you can enjoy the hatching season of the hawksbill turtle, and enjoy watching hundreds of youngsters make their way to the water from their nests, in a wonderful sight that enchants the eyes.

Spring (March to May):

This season is also considered one of the best times to travel to Seychelles, as it is considered the driest time, allowing tourists to enjoy many diverse tourist activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, snorkeling in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and the opportunity to get an ideal view of marine life as well. Take long walks through pristine forests, and get along in the lap of nature.

Autumn semester (September to November):

The weather in this season is drier and calmer, and it is a great time to visit Seychelles, as the sea is relatively calm, you can enjoy swimming, diving and snorkeling under the waters, where the visibility is good underwater.

The language in Seychelles
French, English, and Seychellois Creole are the official languages ​​of Seychelles. Seychellois Creole is the mother tongue spoken by the majority of the population (about 95%).




Tourist visa in Seychelles

Seychelles is the preferred tourist destination for many tourists from all over the world, because it does not require any prior tourist visa or visa to enter it, regardless of the country they come from. You can obtain a permit to enter the Seychelles at the airport through the Passport Police Office, and here are the documents required to obtain a Seychelles visa:

Seychelles doesn’t require a lot of paperwork or documents to get you into, but you should make sure you have the following:

A valid passport.
A confirmed reservation by the hotel you intend to stay at.
A return ticket to the country from which you traveled or any other country.
The ideal period for tourism in Seychelles
The ideal period for a tourist vacation in the Seychelles islands, a period ranging from five days to a week, which is sufficient time to explore and visit three main islands, and harmony with the landscape



Picturesque, and many fun activities.

And if your trip to Seychelles will extend to 14 days, it will be an ideal period for you to get to know many other islands, which have their own characteristics that distinguish them from others, and enjoy seeing more sights in Seychelles, it is all up to you according to your own budget.

How much does tourism cost in Seychelles?
Seychelles is famous for its wonderful beaches, clear waters and fantastic landscapes, which attract many tourists from all over the world to spend the best time ever. It is worth noting that tourism in Seychelles is expensive. But we will give you some tips that can help you plan the perfect trip at the lowest cost:

Cost of hotels in Seychelles:

You can choose one of the cheap hotels, which range from 80 to 150 USD. This category of hotels and accommodations has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Cost of attractions and activities in Seychelles:

One of the best things to do in Seychelles is to go on a snorkeling or diving trip to enjoy watching the rich marine life. The cost of a snorkeling trip is about 25-40 USD. While the cost of scuba diving in Seychelles is about 100 USD.

Mahe Island is the largest of the islands in Seychelles, and it has a lot of places to explore, and you can easily move within it by public transportation, and explore the botanical gardens, and walking trails. There are also many free recreational activities that you can do, and a very nice day tour around the island is estimated at $70.

Hiking in Seychelles is also one of the free activities that you can enjoy. As well as going to beautiful beaches, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling or enjoying barbecue meals.

Food cost in Seychelles:

Food in Seychelles is not expensive, and you can enjoy a meal for 5-25 USD. Inside a restaurant, about $20, but from local vendors, the meal ranges from $1-5 and is very tasty.

The cost of moving within the Seychelles:

There are many means of transportation within the Seychelles between the islands and some of them, as there are boats, ferries, cruises and helicopters. Boat trips in Seychelles are suitable for the average budget, ranging from $45-80 and will cover transportation, food and drinks.

Seychelles daily cost:

The cost per day in Seychelles per person is up to $100 per day. It includes food, accommodation, transportation and sightseeing.



Transportation and transportation in Seychelles
Transportation in Seychelles

There are various means of transportation in Seychelles, so you can move around and roam to the place you want, there are buses, bikes, ferries, boats, taxis and helicopters. You have to choose what suits your budget, the easiest and the fastest. It is worth mentioning :


Buses run every day from 5:30 in the morning until 8:30 in the evening. If you are going to use the bus as the primary means of transportation within the Seychelles. We recommend that you buy a Smart Card for 50 Seychelles rupees, which is about 4 US dollars. And this card you can get on the bus with without worry.


The bike can be used to move around the small islands of Seychelles such as Ladego, and also in Praslin. Most guest houses offer bicycle rentals for guests, which are 160 Seychelles rupees, or 13 US dollars.

the cars

There are many car rental companies in Seychelles, and you must use the left side of the road while driving. The cost of renting a car is between 500 to 600 Seychelles rupees, or about (40-50) US dollars.


Ferries are the best way to get around the Seychelles Islands to explore, and prices vary depending on the itinerary. There are discounts for children 11 years of age or younger.

The Plane

Air Seychelles offers luxury flights between the islands, where it flies by helicopter between all the inner Seychelles islands, the journey takes about 15 minutes, and prices start from 4,715 Seychelles rupees, equivalent to (398 US dollars) per person.

Food and Drinks in Seychelles
Food and Drinks in Seychelles

Seychelles food is known for its irresistible delicious taste, as it is unique in its delicious and distinctive dishes, inspired by Indian, African, French, British and Chinese cuisines. Be sure that you will be pleased throughout your trip in Seychelles with the most delicious dishes and items. Here are the most famous and popular dishes in Seychelles, to try during your holiday in Seychelles:



Fish and curry: Seychelles restaurants have a variety of fish dishes, ranging from smoked, steamed, baked and covered with banana leaves, and grilled fish, a dish that we recommend you try in particular, as it is prepared by grilling fish stuffed with garlic, chili and ginger on hot coals.

Shark sauce: Boil and puree shark meat and mix it with arugula, turmeric, fried onions and pilembe (a local fruit in Seychelles) and served with shredded green papaya over lentils or rice. It is a dish that you can have alongside your main dish.

Coconut Curry: It is a creamy chicken curry, prepared by frying onions, ginger, garlic and a number of masala spices, then adding fresh coconut cream with spicy curry leaves and a little saffron and served with rice.

Breadfruit: It is a fruit called breadfruit, and it is placed in a bag filled with salty fried breadcrumbs.

Ladobe: A popular dessert in Seychelles, it consists of sweet potatoes, ripe bananas, breadfruit, cassava or corosole. Then it is boiled with coconut milk and nutmeg



Add sugar and vanilla.

Karis Masala: This dish indicates the influence of Indian dishes, it is a mixture of vegetables, meat or fish and masala.

Octopus: a favorite of Seychelles locals, cooked until tender, served with a spicy curry and coconut, or as part of a seafood cocktail.

Fruits: These tropical islands produce a variety of fresh fruits for fruit lovers, including avocado, mango, papaya, banana, star fruit and local fruit bread, which are very cheap and inexpensive.

Beverages: There are many refreshing drinks such as unparalleled natural juices, as well as various soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

The official currency of Seychelles
The official currency of Seychelles

The Seychelles rupee is the official currency of the African Republic of Seychelles.

Communications and the Internet in Seychelles
There are many telecom companies in Seychelles such as:

Airtel Seychelles.
Intel Vision.
As well as Atlas Seychelles, which is considered one of the most important telecommunications and Internet companies in Seychelles. There are also many Internet cafes on the three main islands. Public telephones are available in most areas of the inner islands. The Internet has developed very quickly within the islands, so that you can communicate with your family and friends outside Seychelles with ease during your holiday in Seychelles.



Distance between the most popular cities in Seychelles
Seychelles consists of a group of tourist cities, which you can move between them to see the sights, and explore these charming islands. Here are the distances between the most popular tourist cities in Seychelles:

Grand Anse Mahe to Grand Anse Praslin is 48 km / 30 miles.
Grand’Anse Praslin to the Inner Islands is 15 km / 9 miles away.
Beau Vallon to Bel Air 4 km / 2 miles.
Mahe to Glasik 12 km / 7 miles.
St. Louis to Takamaka 19 km / 12 miles.
Takamaka to Victoria 20 km / 12 mi.
Car rental in Seychelles
Choosing a reliable and affordable car rental company in Seychelles is a very difficult task, but once you book a car rental in Seychelles you can explore this wonderful island country, here are the most important factors you need while renting a car in Seychelles:

the price:

When renting a car in Seychelles, you should choose a reliable company, and its prices are suitable for your budget. In order to be able to spend an enjoyable tourist vacation at lower costs. Creole Pay is a reliable company, offering car rentals at Seychelles Airport, Mahe Island and Praslin Island at reasonable rates. Its motto is “Providing a reliable vehicle at an affordable price”.

car quality:

Don’t be drawn towards very cheap car rental prices, because you will get a very bad car, check the quality of your car to have a pleasant tourist vacation.


You have to check car rental insurance, especially on Mahe Island and Praslin Island. This is where renting a car without insurance in Seychelles is a big problem.


Booking a car rental in Seychelles is very easy, you book online, you wait 2 days and then the car rental company will call you, send the car you want etc.




Vehicle delivery:

Make sure that the car rental company you booked through offers free delivery to Seychelles airport, ferry terminal and where you are staying, and also check if they charge you extra for delivery or not.

The best tourist cities in Seychelles
When planning to travel to Seychelles for a tourist vacation, you must develop a tourist program, for the most important tourist places in Seychelles that you intend to visit. Here are the 8 most beautiful tourist cities and islands in Seychelles, we suggest you put them in your tourist program to visit:

Tourism in Victoria
Victoria Seychelles

Victoria Island is the capital of Seychelles, and is among the list of small capitals in the world. Victoria Island is one of the most popular and exciting tourist destinations in China, attracting tourists from different countries every year.

The recreational activities that Victoria Island offers to its visitors vary, where you can explore the historical monuments dating back to the history of the colonial era, as well as enjoy the wonderful beaches and stunning landscapes, and watch the giant sea turtles, which roam on the surface. As well as watching the wonderful tropical birds in the Botanical Gardens. In addition, you can go to art galleries and handicraft markets to buy souvenirs. There is also the Square Tower, which is located in the center of the island, and is one of its most important landmarks. The clock has been ticking since 1903 AD and has not been surprisingly affected by any external disturbances. Also, don’t forget to visit the “Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar” temple for a look at the history, culture and daily life of the locals on the island.



Tourism in Beau Vallon
Beau Fallon

Beau Vallon is one of the important tourism cities in Seychelles, and is very popular with tourists. It is famous for its clear turquoise waters, as well as the amazing landscapes that surround it.

Beau Vallon Island is a center for many water sports, such as diving and snorkeling. You can explore a huge range of wonderful, vibrant coral reefs, as well as marine life. As well as exploring the beach and the surrounding high mountains, large green spaces, and swimming in calm waters. And do not miss to enjoy the scenery of the sunset, which takes your breath away. Moreover, you can go to the small shops, food stalls and restaurants that serve the most delicious food, it is a destination worth discovering.

Tourism in Mahe Island
Mahe Island

Mahe Island is the largest island in the archipelago, and one of the most important and beautiful islands to visit in the Seychelles. The island includes many nature reserves, and many tourist attractions. Mahe is characterized by green forests, and the highest c chains

Pal in Seychelles.

There is a distinguished range of recreational activities that you can do, such as going to the wonderful beaches and enjoying the pink sand, granite rocks and the shining azure waters. As well as learning about the ancient history of the island, by visiting the Museum of Natural History. As well as visiting the Botanical Gardens, which includes a variety of fruits, plants, animals, palm trees and birds, in addition to visiting the tea plantations, spice gardens, Port Looney Beach, Botanical Gardens, Walking Market, Port Cloud Falls, and Anse Major Beach.



Tourism in Praslin Island
Praslin Island

Praslin Island is the most important tourist place in Seychelles, as it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also known as “Palm Island”, it is one of the smallest islands in the archipelago.

Praslin has a wide variety of recreational activities that you can do. This is where you can enjoy its beautiful beaches, among which (Anse Lazio Beach) and (Anse Georgette Beach), which are famous for being among the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can also practice horse riding in this amazing atmosphere, as well as the fruits of “coco de mer”, which is the “coconut”, which grows in abundance in the “Valley de Mai” reserve, and is considered the largest coconut in the world.

Tourism in La Diego
La Diego

Ladego Island is the perfect island for those who want to get away from the noise and pressures of life, and enjoy harmony in the lap of pristine nature. You can reach this wonderful island by ferry from Praslin Island.

The most important recreational activities that you can do on Ladego Island, Seychelles, is to go to the charming beaches and enjoy amidst the granite rocks that adorn them, and the scenic landscapes that surround them, the most important of which is the “Anse Sources Dragon” beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in addition to enjoying Bicycles, and oxcars to move around the island because there are no cars. The island also has many authentic traditional-style accommodations, in addition to a coconut farm, a vanilla farm, and an Aldebra giant tortoise farm and feeding these turtles. A visit to this island is one of the perfect and unforgettable experiences.



Tourism in Takamaka

Located at the northern tip of Mahe Island, Seychelles, Takamaka Island is one of the great tourist destinations in the archipelago. The island is famous for its countless tourist attractions, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors from all over the world throughout the year.

Takamaka has a variety of tourist and recreational activities, among which enjoy the beautiful beaches, the most important of which is “Takamaka Bay”, which is 15 meters long. You can swim, snorkel and explore the exciting wildlife in the depths of the sea. You can also walk on the soft sand, and try the restaurants and shops scattered along the beach. All this in addition to visiting the Takamaka Bay Art Gallery, which presents a rich collection of paintings.

Tourism on the island of Moaien
Moyenne Island

Moaien Island is one of the smallest islands in the archipelago, this island is located 10 minutes from the mainland of Mahe Island by boat. It is one of the famous tourist places in Seychelles.



Moaien Island is famous for its giant turtles, which roam the surface in broad daylight. And that’s where you can touch it, play with it, and take the most beautiful souvenir photos. It serves as a national park that houses up to 120 giant tortoises. Also, do not miss to enjoy the most delicious and delicious seafood that the island is famous for.

Tourism on Bird Island
Bird Island

Bird Island offers the perfect tourist experience in Seychelles. It includes many charming natural attractions, and is considered one of the best tourist islands in the archipelago.

Bird Island is home to many rare and unique birds, the most important of which are the “silly terns” that the visitor can enjoy seeing. You can also go to the safe white beach of the island to swim without fear, walk along the beach, see the most amazing views, snorkel, kayaking and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the island. All this is in addition to the various plants and local fauna, as well as the rare giant tortoises. It is an ideal place for a calm and exhilarating experience.

Tips before traveling to Seychelles
If you are planning to travel to Seychelles for the first time, then you should know some basic tips before traveling to ensure a holiday without hindrances or problems:



Confirmation of currency conversion

The currency in Seychelles is the Seychelles rupee so you should have it when you go to local markets or restaurants, credit cards are generally accepted at hotels and resorts, car rentals, diving and excursion fees are estimated in Euros or US dollars.

Tipping is not necessary

Tipping is not mandatory in the Seychelles, but it is entirely up to you to tip your hotel, so there is no obligation to tip.

Watch out for revealing clothes

Because of the country’s warm, tropical climate, you’ll need to pack a lot of light clothing. As well as beach clothes, comfortable walking shoes, and personal belongings of sunglasses, hats, etc. You should also avoid revealing clothing, as it may cause you to be insulted.

Be careful taking pictures without permission

Do not take pictures of people without permission, as photography is not permitted in airports. You must also obtain permission to photograph military installations, government buildings, or various other public and military installations. You can only photograph in natural historical places during tourism in Seychelles.


General information about Sweden

General information about Sweden

Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries located in Northern Europe. Sweden has land borders with Norway to the west and Finland to the northeast, and maritime borders with Denmark, Germany and Poland to the south, and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia to the east.



Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union by area (450,295 km2) and has a population of about 10.0 million. Sweden is sparsely populated with 21 people per square kilometer.
Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is the largest city in the country (population 1.3 million in the metropolitan area and 22 million in the metropolitan area).

The official language in Sweden is Swedish, a North Germanic language, very similar to Danish and Norwegian, but the difference lies in pronunciation and spelling.




Swedish culture and history
Sweden has a rich musical tradition that ranges from medieval folklore to hip-hop. Norse music before Christianity was lost to history, despite attempts to revive it through musical instruments being discovered at Viking sites. The instruments used were lor (a type of trumpet), simple stringed instruments, wooden flutes, and drums. The musical heritage of the Vikings could have continued into the ancient Swedish folk music tradition.
Swedish cuisine, like that of the other countries in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Finland) is traditionally simple. Fish (especially herring), meat and potatoes play the role of the main ingredients. The spices were few. Popular dishes include Swedish meatballs, traditionally topped with a broth with boiled potatoes in cranberry jam; Add pancakes, lutfisk, smorgasbord, or a sumptuous buffet.



Tourist areas in Sweden
crystal kingdom

The Kingdom of Crystal is considered one of the most tourist places in Sweden, which receives a large percentage of tourists annually. The Kingdom of Crystal is located in the Småland forest, which has an area of ​​20 km, and tours can be enjoyed inside with the presence of many tour guides who facilitate visitors to know the place, and one of the most famous The tourist places that can be visited in the Kingdom of Crystal are the glass workshops, which consist of 11 workshops that allow visitors to learn about the glass industry.



Tourism in Sweden 

Lapland is one of the most wonderful tourist places in Sweden, where visitors can enjoy the most beautiful times to enjoy nature and watch the mountains with high peaks from which the waters of glaciers descend, which is a real pleasure for visitors, as well as pine forests and meadows in the northern part of Sweden, and in Lapland there is an ice hotel designed Lovely deer carriage rides to see the Northern Lights.



Gotland Island

Gotland Island is one of the most prominent tourist places in Sweden that tourists can visit throughout the year. It includes the city of Visby, which is one of the most beautiful islands of great beauty and has been classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique historical environment, and it is also an important destination for those wishing for calm and tranquility. And stay away from the noise.




The Sukuna area is one of the most wonderful tourist places that allow tourists a unique experience to carry out the various activities that take place on it, such as a vacation on the seashore, staying in a country house overlooking the lake, or visiting one of the cities in it.


The Swedish capital, Stockholm, is one of the most beautiful places to visit, as it is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, which is built on 14 islands linked together by 57 bridges, which made some call it the Venice of the North. Its greenery and pure air also distinguishes it from its presence near water.

Tourism in Lebanon Tourist places in Lebanon

Tourism in Lebanon
Tourist places in Lebanon

General information about Lebanon
Lebanon is in the middle of the countries of the Arab world and has borders with Jordan, Palestine and Syria, as well as the Mediterranean Sea to the west.
Lebanon is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the Arab world, and the most receiving country for Arab and foreign tourists in the region’, due to its centrality in the Middle East, its Western character, and the presence of two religious backgrounds in it, as well as to its various tourist attractions, as its green nature, mountains and plains Its beaches are the most beautiful, and they contain many historical monuments from different eras and nations, the most important of which are Roman, Lebanon is also characterized by the popular life among its alleys, and its atmosphere is very suitable for tourism.



The best tourist places in Lebanon:

Baalbek is an ancient Roman city. Today, it contains many Roman and Byzantine archaeological sites that demonstrate the splendor of Roman architecture in the imperial period. The Temple of Jupiter is one of the main tourist places in Baalbek; Where the Romans traveled for several miles to worship in it and make offerings to their gods, and in the remaining parts of the city, very huge stones were found. There are also in Baalbek the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Venus, and festivals are held annually in Baalbek in the summer.

One of the most beautiful towns in which the tourist can feel the splendor of Lebanon and the beauty of its nature. The town of Kobayat enjoys wide and beautiful green spaces. It is an old town located in the northern part of Lebanon, and is characterized by moderate weather even in the hot summer days. Tourists visit the town of Kobayat for the purpose of religious tourism in particular, It contains many churches and monasteries, and the most prominent activities that visitors do to the town of Qobayat is to visit the longest mountain path in the country, which connects several places along the north and south, in addition to that the Kobayat summer music festival is held there.




Temple of Jupiter
Standing tall as a witness to Roman civilization in Lebanon, the huge Temple of Jupiter dedicated to the cult of Zeus, located in Hecupolis or Baalbek. The main building of the “Great Court” was the Roman pagan temple that is still partially standing. It took three centuries to create this giant Roman pagan temple, so it is considered one of the most important Roman monuments in the region and in the world. It was the largest pagan temple dedicated to Jupiter in all of the Roman Empire. The columns were 30 meters long and about 2.5 meters in diameter: the largest in the classical world.


Beirut National Museum
This is the main cultural institution in Beirut. It displays an impressive collection of ancient artifacts that form an overview of the history of Lebanon and the civilizations that have influenced and passed through this cultural crossroads. Among its most prominent features are the heavily photographed Phoenician bronze and gilded statues that were found buried near the Temple of Obelisk in Byblos, as well as a series of Phoenician coffins with human faces, the Roman tomb, as well as an enormous collection of coins and tools used at that time.

Pictures reveal the purest water in the world

Pictures reveal the purest water in the world

Khaled Equal’s photo Khaled Equal 0150
Pictures reveal the purest water in the world 1



As we prepare to bid farewell to the current summer, each of us recalls his close memories with the beaches and the waters in which he threw his worries and body this summer, but do you really think that you had the experience of swimming in pure water?

Perhaps after you see these pictures, your thoughts will change completely.

A group of photos taken from a variety of places around the world, revealing beaches and waters that are the purest and most pure around the world, where you can see the details of what is happening underwater very simply.

Do you dream of swimming in places like these?



Where to go in Nice, France?

Where to go in Nice, France?

Information about Nice, France
Where do you go in Nice, France?


They call it the city of dreams, complete with the distinctive weather throughout the year, and the tourist activities that make it the ideal destination for an unforgettable tourist vacation.

We are talking about the French city of Nice, and here are the city’s most prominent tourist attractions.

Orthodox Russian Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Nice
The city of Nice, France
Russian Orthodox cathedral
This beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedral built by Tsar Nicholas II. It is highly ornate and extensively decorated with religious and artistic symbols. It is considered the most inspiring structure outside Russia built by the Orthodox.



The chariots of Nicholas II of Tizawatch
Timings: Daily from May to September 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Daily from October to April 9:30 am – noon 12:00 and 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Entry fee: €2.50 for adults, €2 for students, free of charge, children under the age of twelve
Phone: 0493968802



Masina Square
The city of Nice, France
Almasina Square in Nice
This square in the heart of Nice was built in 1832. It is a pedestrian area lined with shopping, restaurants and cafes.

You can walk around this square and marvel at the magnificent architecture, fountains and statues. Looks amazing especially in the evening. The famous fountain ‘Fountain of the Sun’ is also located here.

Venue: Near Macina, Place de la Promenade, des Ingles


Lighthouse and breakwater
This place is located at the end of Nice Harbor and is a good place to go to relax. There is a wall along the sea which allows you to walk down to Nice Lighthouse. The lighthouse and the breakwater are two great places where you can really relax.


Alpine Lear Garden
Albert Garden is a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It is located in the heart of Nice, adjacent to Place Massena. The Triton Fountain, the exotic plants, the fresh air and all the terraces add charm to the garden. Also located in this park is the Venette Arch, a huge black metal arch. It is a work of modern art by “Vinette Bernard”.


Laskaris Palace
This historic palace was built in the seventeenth century and is in the Baroque style. Here you can display some great decorative pieces. The richly decorated floor still holds carpentry and ornaments from the 18th century. It was also built during the same century, one of the pharmacies that still carry many of the original Delft items.
15 Driott Street
Timings: Monday to Wednesday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Entry fee: Free
Phone: 0493627240

In pictures: Famous tourist areas are at risk of extinction

In pictures: Famous tourist areas are at risk of extinction

A serious tourism report published by the International Tourism Organization this week warned of the extinction of some tourist destinations around the world, due to natural factors and human intervention as well.




The report called on the concerned governments to urgently provide the necessary support to preserve these tourist areas, or they will disappear completely within a few years.

The following tourist areas came at the top of these expected risks:

The white cliffs of Dover, Britain


The report says it is now eroding at its highest rate ever due to human intervention.

Venice – Italy


The report warned that the Italian city of Venice is eroding and disappearing at a rate 5 times higher than what is scheduled in normal conditions.

Great Wall of China – China



Thanks to erosion factors, the report confirmed that the Great Wall of China, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has disappeared a third of it so far, which is a serious matter.

Dead Sea


The report says that the Dead Sea’s days are numbered, after experts discovered that the water level in the sea is decreasing by one meter annually.




Finally, the report indicated that rising sea levels will threaten about a tenth of the world’s population who live in low-lying areas and islands that are at risk of flooding, including the famous tourist islands of the Maldives.

The most amazing castles in the world

The most amazing castles in the world

The habits of human beings have not changed much during the past centuries, they still have the nostalgia to stay in the huge giant edifices even for a few very few minutes.



The previous paragraph came from one of the tourism experts in the world, when a direct question was asked to him if the archaeological sites, especially castles, were still popular and a desire to visit.

In conjunction with this expert’s statements, one of the famous British websites published a list and pictures of the most exciting castles in the world, and ranked them in terms of visitation rates.

Most of these castles, distributed in four parts of the globe, date back to ancient and overwhelming centuries, and then from the 11th century, and the most recent dates back to the 18th century.

It is historical that these castles, or most of them at least, were built for defensive purposes to protect the headquarters of government in these countries from the invasion of enemies and were not just an ordinary residential headquarters.

If you are one of those who like to see the ancient archaeological castles, here is a group of pictures titled the most exciting castles in the world.

In pictures: Endangered tourist places

In pictures: Endangered tourist places

The world as we know it now, with all its details, events, events and places, will not remain the same during the coming years, whether these years are long or short, according to scientific and environmental reports in this regard.



According to these reports, some areas will disappear from the map of the globe due to various factors, such as climate, environment, erosion factors and other reasons.

Let’s take a look with pictures on the 5 most famous tourist areas in the world, they may disappear soon, as some experts say.



Can you believe that the Seychelles islands themselves are threatened with extinction? Yes, the first honeymoon destination in the world may erode its beaches and disappear completely during the next 50-100 years.



Kilimanjaro Mountains, Tanzania
The white snow that covers the famous peaks of Kilimanjaro Mountains in Tanzania, in the heart of Africa, will be the reason for the disappearance of these mountains one day, especially as studies confirm that these icebergs have shrunk by 85% during the last 100 years.



Glaciers Patagonia – Argentina
Patagonia, one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, is a group of famous glaciers in Argentina, scientific calculations indicate that it will soon become extinct due to high temperatures and lack of rain.



Madagascar forests

Because of the frequent fires, and their mass removal, environmental experts expect that the existence of the famous forests on the island of Madagascar will end within 35 years at most from now.



Venice – Italy
The floating city, the most famous tourist in the world, the Italian Venice, is at risk of extinction due to the unprecedented high rates of flooding in recent years.

Where to spend this weekend in Dubai

Where to spend this weekend in Dubai

If you choose to go to Dubai for a weekend getaway, let us recommend the top 3 places there for a great vacation.



City Walk
Located between Al Wasl Street and Al Safa Street in Dubai, City Walk is a high-end shopping and entertainment destination, where many family entertainment events are held, and this weekend a jazz band will decorate the place and give it a wonderful atmosphere of soft romantic music, as you can sip coffee or afternoon tea in one of the many cafes in Walk and enjoy the musical vibe, watching vivid statues of gold and bronze models roam the Citywalk. For the little ones, there are free places to play and have fun.



The Greens
In the residential area of ​​Jezzines, there are green seating and beautiful views of a series of small lakes and trees. In the green spaces, wooden chairs are distributed where you can sit and eat light food that you buy from nearby supermarkets such as Choithrams or The Greens




Dubai Creek
In this area, you can learn about the features of old Dubai and ride an abra to wander the creek and visit ancient markets such as the Spice Market, the Fabric Market and the Gold Souq. The price of an abra ride is one dirham, and there are three stations for this traditional means of mass transportation, the first of which is in the old Deira market, Al Sabkha station, and Al Shindagha station, Al Ghubaiba.