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Coral rocks surrounded by coral reefs

Coral rocks surrounded by coral reefs

Coral rocks surrounded by coral reefs

Giftun Island

The area of ​​the island is more than 17 square kilometers and it is located 11 kilometers from the beaches of Hurghada, and it is one of the most important islands that attract tourists coming for the purpose of tourism in Hurghada, as it is the only island that tourists are allowed to disembark on.


There are 14 diving sites on the island between shallow and deep diving, and it is divided into two northern parts, represented by a series of hills extending from the north to the middle of the tribute, and a southern consisting of a plateau of coral rocks surrounded by coral reefs

The island is considered one of the most important geological nature reserves, as it includes sandy limestone rocks and coral reefs from the Pliocene era, sea grasses, marine animals and endangered birds due to their rarity, such as eagles, white-eyed gulls and hawksbill turtles.



Magawish Island

The island is one of the distinctive islands in Hurghada. It is considered one of the quiet beaches that contain fine sand. It is located 7.5 km southeast of Hurghada and a beach about 2 km. It is considered one of the largest islands in Hurghada and it is called Hurghada Paradise. It also has many activities such as horse riding and windsurfing. It is considered one of the most attractive places for tourists, especially “those who like to dive below the bottom of Magawish.”



In the depths there are many rare colored fish, marine creatures and coral reefs. Magawish village was established in it, and it is one of the oldest villages in Hurghada, where many hotels, villas and chalets are available and offers many recreational activities.

Abu Minkar Island

The island is considered one of the oldest islands in Hurghada, as it dates back to the Eocene era, which is estimated to be more than 33 million years old. There are rare rocks and geological formations on the island. It was named by that name to contain, its beach is on a sandy tongue zigzag inside the water in the form of a bird’s beak


The island is considered one of the most important Hurghada islands because it contains many rare coral reefs, mangrove shrubs and gharqad, and is considered a resting station for many migratory birds to lay eggs such as gulls, terns and herons, and therefore there are many activities, despite its small size, such as fishing, swimming and diving in the depths to watch the picturesque nature And take memorial photos with the most beautiful and rare sea creatures

Shidwan Island

Shadwan Island is considered one of the islands that attract tourists, especially “those who are interested in diving for long distances and love adventures.” Shadwan Island follows the Strait of Gobal, which is the largest reef island called Shaker Island.

Divers reach it by means of a type of diving called drift by entering the temperate water current from north to south, and it contains many coral fish, fan fish, coral scale fish, gray fin shark, white-fin reef shark, many dolphins and hawksbill turtles.



Sand Museum

The Sand Museum in Hurghada is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hurghada, different from the natural landmarks. It was completed and opened in 2013. It was designed in the Pharaonic style. It is considered the first sand museum in the world. The sculptor uses two types of sand, white and yellow, and more than 40 sculptors participated in sculpting models. And an artist from the countries of the world. The museum includes many historical and archaeological monuments in Egypt and the world, and a number of historical, legendary and fictional personalities.

There are also some sound and light displays of the sculptures inside and they are translated into five languages. The most important sculptures are the Sphinx, the pyramids, the goddess of the Pharaohs, the god Yin and Yang of the Chinese, the goddess Boca della Fritta among the Romans, Napoleon Bonaparte and Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.



Abu Al-Nahhas diving site

The site was called Al-Nahhas because the sunken ships were carrying copper ore. The site is located 65 kilometers southeast of Hurghada. It is descended and reached directly from Shadwan Island. The most important thing that distinguishes it is the presence of many wrecks of sunken ships, estimated at seven, and the most famous of them is an English cargo ship named Carnatic that sank in 1869 AD


What makes it famous is that it is found in its shape and form as it sank, and many fish and coral reefs take it as its home. Among the sunken ships are also the Kimon ship that sank in 1978 AD, the Olden ship that sank in 1987 AD, and the Guinness D ship that sank in 1983 AD, which caused the coral reefs to sink as It is dangerous to marine navigation.



desert breather

This masterpiece, nicknamed the desert breather, is found in the El Gouna desert on the Red Sea coast in recent years, with many tourists flocked to see it.

It was built in 1997 on an area of ​​one hundred thousand square meters, and it consists of 89 low pits of varying size and 89 conical sand dunes elevated from the ground arranged in a wonderful and highly organized spiral manner of different sizes. Of different nationalities, they are the sculptor (Danai Strato), the architect (Stella Constantinides) and the industrial designer (Alexandra Strato) and what distinguishes her is that it is a unique quality of this art