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Tourism in Monaco! Do you like beautiful coastal nature

Tourism in Monaco! Do you like beautiful coastal nature

And you asked yourself about a place that provides you with luxury and fun, do you like watching the traces of the past that express a deep history embracing the present with an imaginary nature in a beautiful atmosphere?!



The state of Monaco or the Principality of Monaco as some call it is business tourism where recreation, tranquility and sports, dear traveler, you are invited with us on a tourist trip across the next lines in the state of Monaco.

Tourism in Monaco
Discover tourism in Monaco
It is characterized by being very enjoyable, as the charming clear waters overlook the Mediterranean Sea, and its history dates back to the Middle Ages, and its residents enjoy luxury and wealth.


The best hotels in Monaco
The hotels in Monaco are very elegant and distinctive, which achieves luxury and pleasure and meets all your requirements and makes your stay there ideal. Games halls International restaurants serving delicious meals everything you dream and more. You can see the best hotels in Monaco according to Arab visitor reviews. Read more in Booking Monaco Hotels.

The best time to visit Monaco
Tourism in Monaco-3
The best time to visit Monaco
Monaco’s distinguished location made it a wealthy tourism, in addition to its beautiful weather throughout the year, where the



temperature in the summer does not exceed twenty-eight degrees, and in the winter it often drops to eight degrees, in addition to the sea breeze in the summer that makes the person feel refreshed during the period of high Temperatures.

The month of January in Monaco is a wonderful month for tourism, especially for lovers of diving and swimming. The weather is refreshing with wonderful breeze showers, which makes you practice diving without getting bored of wearing a diving suit. The weather at this time makes you enjoy the beauty of nature under the water and makes you spend a wonderful and nice time enjoying it. With everything quiet and not crowded, you can also take a tour around the country at this particular time.



The ideal period for tourism in Monaco
Tourism in Monaco-4
The perfect time to travel in Monaco
The ideal time for a fun vacation in Monaco may be fifteen days, unless you intend to enjoy the beaches as much as possible. You can extend your vacation as you like. Monaco is the destination of the rich in Hollywood and world famous people where rest and relaxation, you can spend ten days enjoying visiting more than one beach in it And the practice of swimming, diving, water sports, boating, surfing and other activities that are held on the beaches.

You can also go to archaeological sites such as the Museum of Oceanography and the monument there and the famous irony of Monaco. You can also go to parks and enjoy them such as St. Martin’s Gardens, go to the Opera House, Western Garden, and others. It may take you at least five days by adding a day to go shopping.


Where is Monaco located?

Where is Monaco located?
On the continent of Europe, on the borders of the Alpine plateaus and near Italy, there is Monaco, the distance between them is about 16 km. It also shares with France in 3 directions. There is also Monaco on the French Riviera, with an area of ​​1.98 square kilometers, and a population of 36 thousand people. It is a high density.

Tourism in Monaco is distinguished by its location between two tourist countries, France and Italy, which are among the most beautiful cities in Europe. They have various types of tourism, whether educational, cultural, recreational, and others. You can go to them easily from Monaco, as the distance between the nearest French city and Monaco is 18 km.


Closest airport to Monaco

Closest airport to Monaco
The Emirate of Monaco is very small, not exceeding 2 square kilometers, so there are no airports, but dear traveler, access to it is not difficult, but you can reach through the French airport of Ate Nice, 7 km away. Then watch the most beautiful landscapes on the side of the road.

You can also move from Monaco to Italy and France easily by taxi, by train or by cars bearing the number N100 and passing approximately every quarter of an hour.


The language in Monaco
Tourism in Monaco-
The language in Monaco
The Principality of Monaco is a small emirate whose residents speak the French language, because most of the population is from the French, along with the Monacos and the Italians, in addition to another language spoken by some that branch from the Genoese dialect and they are the original inhabitants of the emirate, and some speak the Italian language, and the multiplicity of languages ​​there is due to the multiplicity of the population whose numbers reach 37 thousand people.



In any case, dear traveler, you can speak French, English or Italian, and communication there is very easy. The residents of Monaco are well-treated because the emirate depends mainly on tourism for income.

The most important tourist places in Marseille, France

The most important tourist places in Marseille, France

The French city of Marseille has many attractive places for tourism. Here are 10 of the most important tourist places in Marseille, France, that we advise you to visit during your holiday:



The old port of Vieux
Old Port Vieux

The old port is located in the west of Marseille, near the Rue de Canebière. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Marseille, France, and is where the city became a Greek port in 600 BC.

This vibrant marina offers you many different experiences. This is like enjoying sitting in front of the calm blue waters surrounding it to relax and meditate or for fishing. And watch a group of the most beautiful historical buildings such as the St. Mary’s Lighthouse. You can also wander around the fish market and eat the most delicious and famous seafood. In addition to the possibility of ferry rides on an enjoyable cruise.

Parc Borély

Borrelli Park is a place that serves as the home of a local merchant named “Louis Borrelli”. He returned to his homeland rich from Egypt in 1767 AD. He built a country house unparalleled in size and luxury, and it has been ranked as one of France’s most distinguished gardens.


The park is an ideal place for a picnic, as it includes many small gardens of different styles, a huge collection of plants and paths for walking, cycling and horseback riding. As well as sculptures, monuments, and museums such as Borelli Castle, stadiums, and a gymnasium. You can also relax by the lake, golf club, and there is a sandy beach for swimming.


Noailes Market

Noais Market is a wonderful and lively place in the French city of Marseille. If you are a fan of shopping tours, you can shop through it and buy multi-colored fabrics, various types of food, African and Indian spices, household items, accessories and much more.

Wagama is one of the most famous Asian restaurants around

Wagama is one of the most famous Asian restaurants around


Wagama is one of the most famous Asian restaurants around the world. It offers an extensive menu that includes classic Japanese dishes such as donburi, bowl of fried rice



with chicken, beef or shrimp and vegetables, plates of fresh ramen with your choice of meat and vegetables, etc., sushi, sashimi and many more. Don’t miss the Chef’s signature dish or Teriyaki Roast Lamb with Mushrooms, Asparagus and Kale with Soba Noodles with Herbs and Wasabi Dressing.

Baan Saeng Thai Restaurant

The restaurant is famous for serving authentic Thai food in Bahrain. The food at Baan Yaseng Thai is prepared by chefs from southern Thailand.
We highly recommend the seafood dishes at this



restaurant, and seafood lovers will enjoy the grilled items as well as the Thai seafood buffet served every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Do not miss visiting this restaurant, it is ideal for families and there is also a large car parking space.

Al-Abraj Restaurant Bahrain

The best restaurant in Bahrain as it includes several branches in the Kingdom, including Manama Adliya branch. The restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious oriental and Indian dishes, which include rice dishes such as chicken or meat biryani and grills of all kinds.

The restaurant is clean, the service is good and the prices are very reasonable
Abdul Wahab Restaurant Bahrain



Abdul Wahab Restaurant is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Lebanese that delivers to the center of Manama.

Their best selling dishes are Eggplant Fatteh and Chicken Liver, although they have a variety of options, like Hot Appetizers and Hot Appetizers.

The service is good, the atmosphere is special, and the prices are high

Nino Bahrain Restaurant



Nino is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Italian that delivers across Amwaj, Muharraq and Hidd.

Their best selling dishes are Rotini Sliders, Farvale Al Forno, Penet de Nino and Classic Margherita, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like the classic nino appetizers, pasta, pasta and stone oven pizza. The restaurant is clean and the service is quite good while the prices are high

Wafi Gourmet Restaurant The restaurant is very famous in the Middle East

Wafi Gourmet Restaurant The restaurant is very famous in the Middle East

This restaurant is very famous in the Middle East, as the restaurant opened its doors for the first time in Dubai under the name “Judy’s”, at a time when the food was limited in some way to specific types. Since then, the restaurant has started to develop significantly to start its business in City Center Bahrain.

Wafi Gourmet is also among the most prominent destinations for tasting authentic Arabic food, such as hot and cold appetizers (the hummus dish is the most delicious in the Kingdom), mixed grills, kebabs, shawarma and seafood.


Before leaving the restaurant, be sure to visit the grocery section at Wafi Gourmet, which offers high-quality olives of various kinds, herbs and spices, nuts and homemade Arabic sweets.

Please Burger

Blaze is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of American that delivers across Adliya, Amwaj and Muharraq.

Their best selling dishes are Make Your Own Burger On Tops Way, Plain Fries, Gourmet Wagyu Burger and Abuja 6 Burger, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like burgers, fries, burgers and hole of fam.


The restaurant is known for preparing fresh homemade burgers, spicy French fries with cheese, and the signature Taboja burger. We know that Taboja may be a very unhealthy choice due to its creamy ingredients, but it tastes so delicious that it is an unforgettable experience in itself. Not recommended for fitness freaks, but anyway one sandwich won’t kill you, right? The restaurant is located in the famous street of restaurants in Adliya and is designed in the style of American fast food restaurants.

The best beaches in Bahrain

The best beaches in Bahrain

Bahrain is a destination for family tourism and is characterized by the presence of distinctive tourist places, and we will review the most important of them.



The best beaches in Bahrain
Bahrain is characterized by the presence of the wonderful beaches that he enjoys, which he does not miss, the most important of which are.



– Karbabad Beach

If you like walking on the Corniche, it has a special charm from seeing the sun setting beautifully and disappearing, and the place there is very romantic and has wonderful sessions for families. Along the beach corniche, you see whole families of children, young people and the elderly playing and having fun, along Karbabad Beach.

Bahrain Beach

A popular option with families, it gets crowded on weekends as the little ones play and run. It is located near Manama and Durrat Al Bahrain, and is easily accessible, which is sure to ensure you have a good time. Marassi Al Bahrain coast beach

Marassi Al Bahrain is located in the Muharraq Governorate, and it is a more than wonderful beach and very much preferred by children, so it is one of their first requests for tourism in Bahrain. A group of young people playing tennis on the sea, and along the small beach, which does not exceed a kilometer in length, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahrain, they have the preference. You find a place for children to play in a water park for the children’s enjoyment.



 Sea waves beach

It is a very clean beach for those who want to sit in front of the Corniche, and most visitors to this beach are from those who live in front of it in the surrounding hotels, and at the end of the day prefer to roam and have fun in front of the sea, in front of it they can play with a bicycle. or play ball. It is a beautiful place to enjoy children and adults, and the best beaches in Bahrain for families.

Bring your water jet skis! This beach is not exactly a public beach but it is preferred by the residents on weekend days. You will also get to see the jet-ski riders, who are a lot on this beach.

– Busaiteen Beach, Bahrain

One of the best beaches in Bahrain for families is Busaiteen Beach; Because all the family pleasures are found in this beach, you and your children can swim, and the most beautiful thing is to try the relaxing experience, on the golden sands of this beach.



This beach is located in Muharraq, and it is a wide beach, where there are areas for swimming and fishing. Busaiteen Beach is also known to offer great views, especially at sunset.

– Hawar Islands

On the beach of Hawar Island, you find calm and the spirit of the place talking, so you do not hear anything but the sea running on you with its light waves. The place there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahrain, which is preferred by newlyweds. There are many places to choose for honeymooning, and the island has wonderful tourist villages on the island. A high level of service, in the place although it is far from urbanization, quiet and beautiful and also provided with a great level of service for your stay.

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh



1- Ras Muhammad Protectorate

This reserve is located in South Sinai and was named by this name in relation to its shape on the map as a triangle with a base of mountain ranges and also as its symbol for the head of a man with a huge beard represented between water and land. The reserve is characterized by soft white sand, clear blue water, and the presence of more than a thousand species of fish, coral reefs and sea turtles, which encourages tourists to scuba dive to see these scenic views. The reserve includes many areas and beaches within it, such as the Suez shore, the enchanted lake, the anemones area, the eel park, Yolanda coral reefs, and the mangrove channel.


2- Naama Bay

One of the most famous places of tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, where it is located at the confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez. Its beaches are characterized by clear water, soft sand, and the presence of many colorful fish and coral reefs, which encourages tourists to dive, ski and rent sailing boats. The Gulf also provides a relaxing pleasure for tourists to sunbathe during the day, shop in the markets, and buy international brands and antiques at night. The city’s neighborhood named the streets of Naama Bay after famous Arab and Egyptian leaders in order to draw the attention of tourists to learn more about them.



3- Nabq Nature Reserve

The reserve is located near Mount St. Catherine between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh, and there are many animals such as deer, birds such as eagles, eagles, egrets and rare fish. The Nabq Reserve includes many types of plants, the most famous of which are mangrove trees, which live in salty or brackish water, so fresh water is extracted through the roots. It is famous for the presence of part of it in the dry land and the other part in the water. A group of Bedouin tribes who work in tourism and provide services live in the reserve.



4- Ras Umm Sid Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the south, and it is called Al-Fanar Beach, as it is located at the head of the Umm Sid plateau, and that is the reason why it was called by that name. It includes a lot of fish and coral reefs, which are easy to see with the naked eye without the need to dive due to its proximity to the surface and the clarity of the beach water. This beach is suitable for children, as the water is shallow beyond 100 metres. The beach is calm and the lights of the lighthouse overlook the water, which gives the beach an attractive shape.



5- The old market

The old market is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh, as it is gaining international fame and is ranked globally among the top 10 global markets. It includes many commercial markets, places to sell clothes and international brands, and bazaars selling gifts, antiques, and pharaonic statues. The market is also characterized by its low prices compared to other markets, and it includes many restaurants famous for serving all kinds of food and the presence of cafeterias and cafes that express the Bedouin and Egyptian heritage in general.



6- Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheikh

It is a huge amusement park with water slides, water playgrounds in Sharm El-Sheikh and other bathing and swimming, and sports suitable for all ages, even infants. The accommodation is open all year round. Unique rooms in beauty and romance overlooking the water, as well as the bungalows that you reach via a gondola.

The amusement park includes more than 60 games for children and adults and also contains (4 restaurants + an artificial lake + 7 bars) and the Aqua Park is located on the plateau area in Sharm El Sheikh inside the Bora Bora Aqua Park Hotel, you can enjoy the games every day until 4:30 pm.



7- Soho Market, Sharm El Sheikh

Any visitor to Sharm El Sheikh must visit Soho Square, which has a global rating among the entertainment venues, as it has a touch that combines the spirit of life in London and Egypt, and you will find many nationalities of tourists in Soho Square enjoying entertainment shows.

Soho Square is located 20 minutes from Naama Bay (Naama Bay) and approximately 10 minutes from Gharqana.

The market contains a dancing fountain that works at night, as it fascinates you with its colors and movements that sway with the music. Restaurants are widely spread in Soho Square, and they vary between oriental, Indian, western and Asian.

It also contains cafes that offer shisha and refreshing drinks, whether hot or iced, with different flavors. And the open theater with the most famous Arab and foreign singers. You will listen to music, songs and impressive entertainment shows from Arab and international teams. And the shops are clearly available where you can buy gifts, clothes and scents, as there is a duty free. Bowling and billiards are available inside Soho Square. Ice skating is one of the most popular attractions for visitors to Sharm El Sheikh, and it is a wonderful experience for adults and children.

Tourism in Egypt on the many monuments

Tourism in Egypt on the many monuments


Egypt is a destination for tourism for many lovers of tourism around the world, because tourism in Egypt is characterized by the Pharaonic antiquities, which added to it a special charm, in addition to its unique religious and cultural monuments, in addition to its geographical location in the middle of the world, its moderate climate, and its beautiful extended coasts. Its beaches are full of rare coral reefs.

Tourism in Egypt depends on the many monuments that resulted from the diversity of civilizations and their differences throughout the ages, from the Pharaonic, Coptic, Roman and Islamic civilizations. Many natural harbors, as well as many sports that attract sports tourists, such as diving, golfing and others.

Tourism in Egypt is characterized by the abundance of tourist attractions of all kinds, the proliferation of mosques, temples, museums, monuments, historical and artistic buildings, and vast gardens on its land, and its possession of a strong infrastructure based on serving the tourism sector in Egypt, including hotel rooms, tourist resorts and airline offices.

Types of tourism in Egypt
God loved Egypt, distinctive natural features that made it a destination for tourists throughout the ages. It was famous for its cities, mineral and sulfur waters, dry, moisture-free atmosphere, and sand that is suitable for the treatment of many diseases. All countries of the world. Thus, it possessed all the ingredients that put it on the world tourism map. Among the most important tourism disputes in Egypt:

The importance of the capital, Cairo, for tourism
The city of Cairo is one of the largest Egyptian cities and the Nile River passes through it, and it is one of the longest rivers in the world, and it attracts many tourists to it, in addition to the presence of a number of aquariums that provide tourist and recreational services through boating, ships, and fishing. The Nile River is also considered a crossing to the other bank. Several annual festivals are held in Cairo, such as the Cairo Film Festival, the Drums Festival, the Jazz Festival, and others.

Cairo is also characterized by the presence of the most important cultural centers. Cairo is famous for its ancient heritage and its strategic location. It is also characterized by the presence of historical monuments, so tourists can find museums in it, such as the Egyptian Museum, which contains the largest archaeological collection of the effects of the Pharaohs, the Coptic Museum, the Ceramic Museum, the Railway Museum, and the Agriculture Museum, as for Islamic antiquities. A tourist can find many of them, such as: Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque; It is the first mosque built in Egypt and Africa, where it was built by Amr Ibn Al-Aas in the city of Fustat, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Ibn Tulun Mosque, and the Citadel of Salah El-Din Al-Ayyubi, which is considered one of the largest military castles built in the Middle Ages.

Obtaining a tourist visa for Egypt
Obtaining a visa is the most important step in the beginning of planning a vacation in a tourist country and enjoying its purposes, and in light of the technological boom that the world is witnessing, all procedures have become electronic, and can be carried out without any routine procedures, and Egypt began planning to shift to the era of technological tourism to crowd out developed countries that allow The tourist has all the services at the click of a button, and it recently launched the “electronic visa” service for nearly 50 countries around the world.

How to obtain an electronic visa for Egypt 1- First, visit the website 2- The site provides a brief overview of Egypt and its most important tourist attractions that have a global reputation, you can view them 3- The site provides its services through 8 Various languages, the most important of which are Arabic, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish 4- It allows the visitor to enter Egypt and the applicants obtain it after entering the required information and paying the fees 5- An application for obtaining it is submitted before traveling for a period of no less than 7 working days 6- You can obtain it in 9 steps that start By creating a special account, and filling out the form 7- The site allows you to pay fees using a Visa, MasterCard or debit card 8- The tourist visa fee for a one-time entry to Egypt is 25 US dollars 9- While the multi-entry tourist visa costs 60 US dollars 10- The site allows citizens of 46 countries around the world to obtain an electronic visa

Egypt civilization
Egypt is famous for having one of the oldest civilizations on earth. People began to migrate to the banks of the Nile and settled and began cultivating the land and raising livestock about 10,000 years ago. Its people developed rapidly, started simple industries and developed its interconnected social fabric, and they formed peaceful neighboring emirates on the banks of the Nile exchanging trade, a precedent for all countries of the world.

Antiquities of Egypt
Egypt is famous for its many monuments, where a third of the world’s monuments are located, such as the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx, the Karnak temple, Deir el-Bahari, the Valley of the Kings and its other ancient monuments, such as those found in the city of Memphis, Thebes and Karnak, and parts of these monuments are displayed in major museums around the world. A special science was found for studying the antiquities of Egypt called Egyptology, as well as Roman, Greek, Coptic and Islamic antiquities of all ages.

Egyptian cuisine
Egyptian cuisine is characterized by simplicity and diversity, despite its heavy reliance on grains and vegetables. Bread is the master of food in Egyptian cuisine; Which is called living in the Egyptian dialect as a synonym for the word life, and it is made in 36 different forms, the most famous of which are Shamsi, Bataw and Baladi. The two dishes of fava beans and falafel are also the most famous Egyptian breakfast dishes, which are manufactured in several different forms, types and methods, and from Egypt it spread to the rest of the world, especially the countries of the Middle East.

The most famous Egyptian dishes
There are also meals associated with occasions and holidays, such as tortillas, fisikh and cakes

The most important tourist places in Rize, Turkey

The most important tourist places in Rize, Turkey


The city of Rize has a variety of important tourist places, which annually attract thousands of tourists. Here are 9 of the most important tourist attractions in Rize, Turkey, worth visiting:

Zell Kaleiçi “Bel” Castle
Zell Kaleiçi “Bel” Castle in Turkey

Zell Kaleiçi “Bel” Castle dates back to the 14th century and enjoys a great location amidst green nature. It is located in the Firtina Valley within the Pontic Mountains. It is located at an altitude of 1130 meters above sea level and offers the most beautiful panoramic views of the city from above.


You can also tour the neighborhoods around the castle. In addition to sitting in a café and sipping delicious Turkish tea, contemplating the scenic views around you and taking the most wonderful pictures.

Turkish village of Ayder
Ayder village in Turkey

The Turkish village of Ayder is located on a green plateau in Rize, northern Turkey. It is one of the tourist places in Rize, Turkey. It is characterized by wide green spaces filled with lush trees and orchards, dense forests, farms, waterfalls and mountains. So are the stone bridges around this area, which date back nearly 100 years.


You can also stroll along these picturesque spaces, and take the best souvenir photos. In addition to bathing in the village’s therapeutic hot baths, enjoying river rafting, and hiking between mountains and valleys.

botanical tea garden
Botanical Tea Garden in Rize, Turkey

Rize is famous for its tea plantations, which are some of the finest tea you can have in all of Turkey. The Botanical Tea Garden is located in the heart of Rize, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rize, Turkey. And that’s where the wonderful panoramic views of the city, the Black Sea and Rize Castle. Enjoy the perfect climate in the garden, with snacks, and admire the most wonderful plants.



You can also learn about how tea is made, in addition to visiting the tea house surrounded by the garden, which is visited by tourists from all over the world. And to enjoy the most irresistible taste of tea, do not forget to buy dry tea seeds from the store outside the garden.

Qibla mountain mosque
Qibla Mountain Mosque in Rize, Turkey

The Qibla Mountain Mosque is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in Rize. It attracts tourists and worshipers from all sides, due to its distinguished geographical location. It is like a shining star in the sky of Turkey’s Rize.


The Qibla Mosque is located on a high hill, which offers a stunning and impressive view. Its elevation is approximately 2,200 meters above sea level. The mosque was renovated and rebuilt again, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated it with great festivities.

The most important tourist places in Sakarya, Turkey

The most important tourist places in Sakarya, Turkey


The city of Sakarya has a large group of wonderful sights. We will mention to you the following 10 of the most important tourist places in Sakarya Turkey, we suggest that you visit them during your tourist vacation:

Sapanca Lake
Sapanca Lake in Turkey

Sapanca Lake is considered one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the world, and it is one of the best areas for tourists in Sakarya, Turkey. And that is where it enjoys a picturesque beauty in the middle of the mountains, and its length is about 16 km.


The lake allows tourists to do some water activities such as swimming, water skiing, windsurfing and boating, and enjoy the fresh air and stunning scenery. There are also great places for camping and hiking as well as the opportunity to watch the wonderful birds.

Acarlar Floodplain Forest

Akkarlar is one of the most beautiful natural places in Sakarya, and is a major attraction of the city. It is one of the free public parks for all, as it gives you an opportunity to spend happy times in the lap of nature.


The forest offers you to take water boat trips, walk the paths, sit down to eat and drink, or take part in barbecue trips and enjoy watching migratory birds.

Dogancay Waterfall
Dogancay Waterfall in Turkey

Dogancay Waterfall is the most important waterfall in Sakarya, and although it is located among the hidden havens of the city, it is well worth a visit. You can access it by a walkway, then take a walk in the stream and admire the beauty of a special kind that is worth it.

At the top of the waterfall there is a café that gives you fantastic views, and enjoy the picturesque natural atmosphere around you. It also has places for camping.



Sakarya River

The Sakarya River is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sakarya Turkey, as it originates in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by dense trees and lush green vegetation in a wonderful sight not to be missed at all. With a length of about 400 km, it ranks as one of the longest rivers in Turkey. The place is worth a visit, especially if you are a lover of quiet and dreamy places, to spend a good time and relax in a wonderful atmosphere.

Sakarya Heights

Sakarya is famous for the infinite number of high altitudes, to which many tourists come from different directions. To witness the captivating panoramic views of the entire city, as well as to sample a variety of traditional delicacies such as delicious Turkish pancakes.


These include Karagul, Asel, Sigdem, Kozuyaila, Sogochak plateaus and the summit of Kirkcalli, which is called the summit of the city. It is located on Mount Kirkali, the highest mountain in Sakarya. It also has a lake which makes it a very suitable area for cycling, hiking, photography and sightseeing. As well as feeling like you are touching the clouds in the sky above these lofty heights.

The most important tourist places in Alanya, Turkey

The most important tourist places in Alanya, Turkey



Alanya includes a group of the most beautiful tourist places, explore with us the following 9 of the most beautiful recreational activities and tourist places, which you can visit during tourism in Turkish Alanya:

Kızılkule Tower in Turkey

The Red Tower was built in 1226 AD to protect Alanya Castle and the Seljuk Shipyard. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Turkish city of Alanya, which is worth a visit.


You can climb the tower, which is 30 meters above sea level. In order to have a panoramic view of the entire city from the top. You can also walk around and explore the area surrounding the tower, such as the ruins of the castle, which dates back to the 13th century, in addition to going down to the harbor.

Relaxing at Cleopatra Beach
Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, Turkey

Alanya has a wonderful climate, which attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is also characterized by its wide, clear and clean sandy beaches, the most important and famous of which is Cleopatra Beach.



Cleopatra Beach has the best sand among all the beaches of Alanya. It is also a free beach with all services, such as deck chairs, umbrellas, bathrooms and showers. It is the most popular beach in the city. It also allows you to practice many beach activities and interesting water sports such as kayaking, water skiing, swimming and others.

Dim Cave
Dim Cave in Turkey

Dim Cave is located 11 km from Alanya and is a popular tourist attraction in the city. Dim Cave is located at the foot of the western hill of Mount Sebeli Reis in the Taurus Mountains, the height of the cave is approximately 232 meters.


This cave is the second largest cave in Turkey and is open to visitors. The cave entrance area features a café, which offers great views of the coastal plateau below. You can also wander inside the cave’s inner corridor, which is about 360 meters long, and delve into the depths on an exciting adventure. There is also a small lake at the end of the cave with an area of ​​200 square metres.

Koprulu Canyon National Park

Koprulu Canyon National Park is one of the most beautiful recreational places, which you can visit in Alanya. Located about 120 kilometers north of the city, the park is popular for its interesting kayaking trips.



Rafting along the blue Kopru glacier, which winds through the valley, heads under the Romanesque Olok Bridge, which dates back to the 2nd century. You can also explore many remains of Roman ruins, such as the Great Roman Theatre. As well as cafes and restaurants along the river shore.