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Multiple tourist attractions direct border line between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates

Multiple tourist attractions direct border line between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates


Many are looking for places that have many tourist attractions, because the pleasure of traveling from one place to another is that some tourists are able to renew energy through a tourist trip. You will find that the Wilayat of Al Buraimi, which is located on the direct border line between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, It has some ingredients to attract tourists.

As the wilayat is considered a large Omani market and includes a group of important historical monuments and is also interested in developing some recreational places that contribute to the establishment of a tourist trip filled with pleasure, you can wander between Al Buraimi malls, markets, gardens, and some restaurants and various hotels.

The best hotels in Al Buraimi
Al Buraimi Malls



Do not worry about staying on your trip to Al Buraimi, which includes several hotels with excellent service that satisfies all tourists coming to it to spend a good time among many entertainment places, your stay will be filled with calm and relaxation to take a good sleep and rest to complete your trip, read more.

The best malls in Al Buraimi
Shopping is one of the most important activities that tourists do when visiting Buraimi, where you can go to the group of malls that are available, here are the best malls in the state.

Al Buraimi Malls

Miss Max is one of the most famous malls in the privileged state of Brimi, which is a great opportunity to shop among the various shops that offer all products and supplies of different brands and competitive prices that satisfy all categories of visitors.


If you are looking for different purposes, make sure that everything you desire is under one roof, which will save you time and effort, from clothes for women, men and children, shoes, home supplies and decoration tools, and the necessary kitchen utensils and other tools for the kitchen, in addition to what the center provides Services include a private car park.

You can also reach Miss Max Center through Google Maps from here.

Buraimi City Center
Al Buraimi Malls

Shopping is the best fun for all women, and in a constant search for the most beautiful, in addition to comparing prices and searching for the least expensive, and because Al Buraimi malls include all the means that save effort, you will find among them Al Buraimi City Center.


The center is intended for large numbers of visitors, especially women, where there is a large collection of various women’s clothing stores, as well as some shops that sell fabrics of the finest types, and there are those who detail these fabrics by the best designers in elegant and beautiful forms.

If you want to go to Al Buraimi City Center you can do so through Google Maps from here.

The most important Nice restaurants that you should visit in 2020

The most important Nice restaurants that you should visit in 2020


Nice is a city located in southern France, on the Mediterranean coast, between Marseille and Genoa. The city is considered a major tourist center in the country. It is


famous for its beautiful resorts and beaches and is visited by millions of tourists every year.

The city of Nice has distinct tourist places, including restaurants, where Nice has a distinguished group of restaurants that are characterized by its elegance and tidy, and in this article we provide you with an explanation of the most important Nice restaurants.


Onios Restaurant serves dishes that perfectly combine Greek and Mediterranean seafood, and wonderful



appetizers are served, and this place is very ideal for lovers of tranquility and relaxation seekers. Where the restaurant provides wonderful decorations and designs in bright colors that stand out from the rest of the restaurants in our list.

Chez Maître Pierre

It can be said that this place is one of the best places to serve bakery and pastries in the city of Nice for nearly thirty years, and it is a distinguished experience of producing high quality baked goods and pastries.


If you want to find a delicious light meal or have a big lunch, and whether you want to eat dessert or baked goods for breakfast, this place has a wonderful bakery and works to provide everything from delicious quiche and Even the great food appetizers and all that in addition to the great coffee.

King Marcel Nice Restaurant

King Marcel Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the French city of Nice, which serves American and local French main dishes, in addition to preparing fast food and local meals within menus suitable for vegetarians and followers of different diets.


We advise you to try the burger with local ingredients and crunchy fries.

Tote et Mamie

This distinguished place is located in the heart of the ancient city, with its beauty and history. It is simple and distinct and has an elegant touch in the design of the place’s decor.

And the menu of dishes changes regularly and is distinguished by the fact that it contains fresh ingredients from the markets, and this menu includes a number of



different types of salads with sublime tarts, as well as delicious crepes, pastries and wonderful cakes.

The hot drink options are also particularly good, and they have a huge number of delicious homemade teas and hot chocolates that are really excellent.

That’s Amore Italian Restaurant

The restaurant serves fine Italian pizza in the heart of Nice, where you will taste the best types of pastries that will transport you to Rome in a few seconds. This restaurant is based on a young couple who prepare dishes from around the world, especially Neapolitan pizza and pepperoni. You will definitely love this quiet place.

Enjoy a wonderful time in the middle of the garden and its

Enjoy a wonderful time in the middle of the garden and its

attractions, such as the old half-timbered house, dating back to 1885, and inside it a famous restaurant that serves the best delicious French cuisine.



botanical garden

The heart of Strasbourg features the University’s Botanical Gardens, a tropical garden with 6000 different plant species and the second oldest botanical garden in France, established in 1619 for the city’s academy on the grounds of the Cabbage Plain Abbey cemetery.

The garden consists of 9 plots, surrounding the Institute of Botany, you can enjoy the nursery of about 2,200 trees from all temperate zones, and spend a wonderful time during the guided tour of the garden every Sunday.

You can visit the garden and enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathe the fresh air, attend exhibitions, activities and cultural events that are organized to educate and educate children and adults alike in plant sciences.



Little France
Little France Tourism in Strasbourg

Petite France is located in the historical center of the Big Island of Strasbourg which is one of the tourist destinations in Strasbourg that attract visitors for its attractive landscapes, navigational canals, and half-timbered houses.

The term Little France was coined for the Covered Bridge, Moulins and around Rue du Pins, whose designs date back to the Middle Ages, and the area is known for its covered bridges and many historic canals.



Enjoy a wonderful tour of the area and see the flying trees in the squares and streets that bloom in the summer, and the remaining heritage of the neighborhoods and homes of tanners, mills, fishermen and ancient churches

European Parliament

The European Parliament is the official spokesman of the European Union, and it was established in 1958 and its first session was held in March. It is famous for its distinctive bicycle, and is located on the banks of the River Ile.



It allows visitors to discover its activities through 360-degree cinema halls and touch tables, showing the process of drafting European legislation and the issues presented by members.

There are many distinctive monuments in the old city, such as the

There are many distinctive monuments in the old city, such as the


old church and the Mont Chevalier watchtower. Le Suquet overlooks the bay and the beach with a wonderful view, and consists from the inside of many attractive and lively narrow streets as well.



Enjoy a unique tour inside Le Suquet, and enjoy its wonderful streets such as “Meynadier” one of its most important shopping streets. The city’s streets are a shopping destination for famous French fashion.

Castries Museum

The Castre Museum is a major tourist attraction in Cannes, and the museum is located on the heights of La Corse in the remains of the castle of the monks of Lerrain. In the vicinity of the museum there is a main building, a church and a square tower of great height.



Annually the museum hosts the large Nuits Musicales de Suquet Festival, which features musical instruments from all over the ancient world. The museum has a collection of orientalist paintings. The museum is famous for its many masterpieces and primitive arts from the Himalayas.

Enjoy an archaeological tour inside the museum and see ancient sculptures, manuscripts and drawings from around the world. Take souvenir photos in the museum’s garden filled with Mediterranean trees and plants, and see the whole city from the high tower in the middle of the museum.



Domerge Villa
Villa Domerge Tourism in Cannes

Villa Domerge is a testament to the history of modern art deco. The place was designed and executed by the painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue in 1926. The villa was listed as a historical place in 1990 due to the elegance and elegance of the design and the exterior of the villa.

In the garden of the villa there are many antique busts and some wonderful artworks of the painter’s wife, Odette Mujinder Villers. The place holds some social and official events in the city such as art exhibitions.

Enjoy a tour inside the villa and see the splendor and elegance of the design, as well as the busts in the garden. The villa was the meeting place of the official jury of the Cannes Film Festival, and now it has become a venue for art and cultural seminars.



Le Suquet (Old Town)

On the slopes of Mont Chevalier, Le Suquet is the old town of Cannes, an old fishing village. The village is located in the middle of a picturesque hill with its charming landscape, and Le Suquet is characterized by the absence of any vehicles, just walk on foot to enjoy the view.

Paris is famous for its art, which is why tourists come from all over the world

Paris is famous for its art, which is why tourists come from all over the world

It has allocated many different accommodations for them to stay in, and in this article we will learn about the best


Paris hotels that provide hotel services to the fullest for guests, and have high ratings from previous guests.

Tourism in Paris is characterized by the presence of many wonderful places that you should not miss during your trip to the city, the most important of which are the Parc de Serres d’Hôtel, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Seine river boats, and many other attractions, and various attractions for guests.



The best hotels in Paris

Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower Hotel

Paris hotels
The Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower is one of the best four-star hotels in Paris. Only on foot.

The hotel is located only about 600 meters from Bir Hakeim Metro Station (Line 6), which provides direct links to many different attractions and points of interest for guests, including the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysees and the Louvre Museum.


The hotel offers an excellent restaurant serving delicious dishes with French flavors in California style, a wonderful terrace with views of the Eiffel Tower, a lush garden with seating facilities and walking paths in the charming outdoor nature, pets are allowed on the property.

Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel
Paris hotels
Novotel Paris Gare de Lyon is one of the famous hotels located in Paris. Which is the nearest airport to the property.



The hotel is within a short distance from various attractions for guests, the most important of which are the Louvre Museum, which is about 14 minutes by metro, and Orsay Museum, which is only about 25 minutes by the RERC line.

The hotel offers one swimming pool for swimming lovers, sitting and relaxing on the facilities designated for sunbathing and recreation, and offers many recreational activities for children, a distinguished fitness center, and others.

Mercure Paris Gare de Lyon TGV Hotel
Paris hotels
The Mercure Paris Gare de Lyon TGV is a 4-star Paris hotel with an excellent location right in front of the train and metro stations at Gare de Lyon. Points of interest near the property include the Botanical Gardens, which are only about a 10-minute walk away. Feet, and the Bastille Opera, which is only about 850 meters away.



The hotel offers a spacious hall that contains many facilities and seats for sitting and resting after a long day of getting acquainted with the various landmarks of the city, and 6 large meeting rooms that contain many sound and light effects that increase the interaction of the audience, and they are equipped with many excellent business facilities Among the most important are the fax machine, photocopier, and others.

Novotel Bordeaux Center Ville hotel in Bordeaux

Novotel Bordeaux Center Ville hotel in Bordeaux

Bordeaux hotels
The Novotel Bordeaux Center Ville is a 4-star Bordeaux hotel, in an excellent city center location, very close to both the old town and Mériadique, only a 5-minute walk away.



The hotel is about 7 km from New Bordeaux Stadium and about 12 km from the A62 motorway.

The hotel offers a good fitness center that contains a distinctive range of wonderful sports equipment, in order to maintain fitness and fitness during the stay inside the hotel, and an excellent restaurant that serves delicious seasonal dishes in the restaurant or on the terrace.




The hotel offers many luxurious services, the most important of which is room service 24 hours a day, under the supervision of a specialized team capable of carrying out such work with skill, proficiency and great accuracy.


Novotel Bordeaux Lac . Hotel
Bordeaux hotels
The Novotel Bordeaux Lac is a popular 4-star hotel in Bordeaux and enjoys a great location within walking distance of the Parc des Expositions tram stop of line C, only 170 meters away and off the road. The A 630/E 5 is only about 260 metres.


Points of interest close to the property include the Congress Centre, which is only about 220 meters away, the Stade Bordeaux, which is only about 800 meters away, and the city center which is only about a fifteen-minute walk away.

The hotel offers one excellent swimming pool for lovers of swimming, sitting and relaxing on the facilities designated for that for sunbathing and recreation.

One of the uniquely designed and magnificent Baroque buildings

One of the uniquely designed and magnificent Baroque buildings


Ocean Museum
Tourism in Monaco-
Ocean Museum


that talk about aquatic and marine life for amateurs and lovers of the sea world. Unique large fish tank.



You will also learn through the museum about more than four thousand species of marine creatures found in the Mediterranean and tropical waters, and the museum is a distinguished tour during tourism in Monaco that should not be missed.

Monte Carlo port
Tourism in Monaco-
Monte Carlo port
The paradise of world famous people, the wonderful marine oasis, the gentle breeze, which is located in the La Cunda Main area, the manifestations of luxury and luxury through boats and marine yachts, especially the yacht of the



Governor of Monaco, the most wonderful places in Monaco in terms of fun and spending a nice and distinguished time watching more than five hundred yachts for the world’s rich, comes in The second oldest place in the Principality of Monaco.

The scene of yachts, boats and ships should not be missed with a distinguished cruise and sipping coffee in one of the existing cafes that give you a strange feeling while watching the Monte Carlo port in front of you, with its unparalleled nature.

Larvotto Beach
Tourism in Monaco
Larvotto Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches that you can see in your life, where you can relax, and it is the only public beach that was established after the Second World War and is



characterized by its pebbly calm blue water that is safe for children, many celebrities visit this beach, you will find many stores where you can buy all the drinks that come to mind your mind.

The beach is very suitable for a family atmosphere, with free sections and others with fees, steps away from it you find the city of Monte Carlo and you can see the famous port, and Prince Grace Street passes by it, you can enjoy a nice atmosphere, safe and fresh water, and document the moments of fun and swimming through photography or a camera the video.

Opera de Monte Carlo
Tourism in Monaco-


Opera de Monte Carlo
The Opera House is one of the most beautiful places in Monaco. It is located in the most prestigious neighborhood in it, which is the Place de Casino, with a wonderful modern archaeological design, where the distinctive square with a unique fountain design, in a beautiful scenery surrounded by palm trees and a luxurious facade on the sea, dating back more than 150 years, the inner hall Luxurious that combines sophistication and history with historical paintings on the walls and amazing engraving statues.

The best restaurants in Bahrain

The best restaurants in Bahrain


Bahrain possesses an integrated set of distinct tourism components that have made Bahrain a tourist destination for all tourists, especially the Gulf, and among these components are the availability of luxurious and traditional restaurants that meet all tastes.



The presence of restaurants is an important factor in the development of tourism, as it plays a role in serving tourism and facilitating the lives of tourists during their stay in Bahrain, and gives them an idea of ​​the ancient Bahraini cuisine.

The best restaurants in Bahrain

In this article, we will give you an explanation of the most important Bahrain restaurants.

Amoush Restaurant

You realize from his name the type of foods he serves. Amoush Restaurant is an experiment by one of the Bahraini youth, Abdullah Al-Aradi, to revive the popular Bahraini food, especially among the youth, with great success inside and outside the Kingdom.



The design of the restaurant is simple, and it consists of two floors; Upstairs sitting on the ground and first floor tables. When entering the restaurant, the unique scribbles and colors that cover the walls and ceiling of the restaurant draw attention. Organisation, calmness, and cleanliness are all striking factors that are also taken into account to ensure the comfort of the visitor

Amoush Restaurant is located on Budaiya Street in Manama in Maqabah area. The restaurant offers different meals that suit you, including shakshouka, cheese and labneh, hot Iranian bread and other dishes suitable for breakfast and lunch and dinner times, most notably the balaleet and moush.



Amoush Restaurant is an ideal experience to integrate as it includes suitable prices, varied meals, service, cleanliness and hospitality, excellent location, great taste. Therefore, it deserves to be among the best restaurants in Bahrain for popular food at the moment.

visit restaurant

Ziyara Restaurant is a restaurant located in Bahrain, serving a selection of Arabic that delivers across Salhiya, Seef and Zinj.

Their best selling dishes are Mushroom Soup, Hummus with Chicken Shawarma, Chilled Beef Kebab and Half Spicy Grilled Chicken, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like soup, chicken shawarma, grills and grills.




Sitting on a visit takes you on a quick tour to the past to enable you to inspect the heritage of Bahraini and Arab food represented in the various Ziyara meals, the style of living represented in the way the food is presented and the interior design of the place. Therefore, the restaurant is also the most suitable choice for a nice family outing, and this restaurant was rated 4 according to 290 reviews of Talabat users.

The most important 5 parks and gardens in Bahrain

The most important 5 parks and gardens in Bahrain

Bahrain is distinguished by its many family parks and wonderful gardens, and we will review the most important of them.



1- Marina Corniche

The Marina Corniche, Marina Garden Park, is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Bahrain, and it is an area located on the sea with a large area of ​​green spaces, as well as many parks and attractions that suit families and friends.

The Bahrain Marina Corniche includes playing halls such as bowling and others, and many restaurants and cafes as well.

The Marina area is located on large green areas. It is a suitable place for morning or evening outings, especially family outings. There is a special place for barbecue trips, which makes your outing more special. There is also a children’s play park so that everyone in the family can enjoy a picnic.



The Marina Corniche also provides you with a panoramic view of the sea that you can enjoy, and you can also stroll or jog as light morning sports on the Marina Corniche.

2- Khalifa Bin Salman Park

The Khalifa bin Salman park is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Khalifa bin Salman park is located near the bridge leading to Muharraq Island in the city of Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The park is characterized by its beautiful view of the city of Manama, and it is also characterized by containing green areas overlooking the sea, which makes it a distinctive natural place.



Khalifa Bin Salman Park is a perfect place to spend a fun time and take a relaxing picnic, to provide all the tranquility factors of greenery, sea and clean air. The park also provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city of Manama on the seashore.

Working hours: daily from seven in the morning until ten in the evening.

3- Al Areen Park and Reserve

Al Areen Park and Reserve is a very interesting recreational place for the child and the family as well. You will find it fun to watch the living creatures, as it contains four places for predators, wild birds, wild plants and water birds. Information about animals and birds in the reserve.



The park contains 100,000 species of cultivated plants and trees as well as the presence of more than 45 species of animals, 82 species of birds and 25 species of plants.

Species that roam the nature reserve section of the park include the Arabian Oryx, which is now extinct in the wild, the South African leopard, the lion, the savannah walrus, the African rock python, the gazelle, the springbok, the African wild dog, the spotted hyena, the greyhound, Impala, fallow deer, zebra chapman’s donkey, honey badger and desert rabbit



4- Andalusia Garden

This is a great place for running and exercising, as here there is a volleyball and basketball court and a walking path. This park enjoys a central location in Manama, making it easily accessible from any part of the country.



5- Arad Doha Park and Reserve

This is another popular park located in Muharraq. It has all the facilities of playgrounds, walking paths and a restaurant, in addition to a long distance along the sea side, making it an ideal place for a body workout. This is in addition to stunning views and being a suitable place for children to play. It is not only a park but also a nature reserve.

The most  4  important markets in Bahrain

The most  4  important markets in Bahrain


Bahrain contains many distinct and unique markets in the Arabian Gulf. In addition to its enjoyment of owning a large number of commercial malls, Bahriyet owns a group of distinct and specialized markets that fascinate you when you visit them, and they are like malls that provide all the needs of its visitors. And for more of the most important markets in Bahrain.




1- Manama Souq

The Manama Souq is one of the most famous markets in the capital, Manama, in Bahrain. It is suitable for everyone, as it contains all products and basic commodities, from monthly Bahraini spices, fragrant perfumes to precious jewelry, fashion stores and much more.

In the Manama Souq, you will find simple shops, luxury shops, in addition to buying clothes, you can pass by antiques, gold, perfume and incense stores.

2- Al-Qaysaria market

It includes a group of shops, the most famous of which sells the original natural pearls, which are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity upon purchase. This site was registered on the World Heritage List in 2012.



It is one of the oldest historical places in the Muharraq market and one of the most unique ancient markets in Bahrain. Al Qaysariya Souq is not only distinguished by its beautiful historical architectural design, but – and this is the most important – it is also distinguished by being an outlet for selling natural pearls that have a certificate of authenticity.

The beginnings of this market go back to the nineteenth century when pearls were the backbone of Bahrain’s economy. The Bahraini government has revitalized the market as an important archaeological and historical place, and in 2012 it was classified by UNESCO on the list of human heritage. The Qaisariya market is located on the western side of Muharraq Island.



3- Muharraq market
An old popular market that offers visitors many popular shops and restaurants, and is famous for its Bahraini sweets, nuts, clothes, abayas, perfumes and spices, and to buy the best monthly Arabic coffee.

It gives you a chance to walk the winding lanes with the aroma of delicious freshly prepared Arabic coffee, see the soaring wind towers and watch the Bahraini community closely and the residents laughing and joking with the vendors while they shop.

Although most of the shops in the Muharraq market are antique, and do not contain a lot of decoration, or design, but at the same time they are filled with many unique products that are worth seeing,



You will find various kitchen utensils, as well as places to sell used tools, stores that sell international cosmetics, pharmacies, fashion show places and many other important needs.

4- Souq Waqif
There is Souq Waqif in the southwest of Manama, which follows Hamad Town. It is the best place to buy important food commodities of fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are displayed in attractive rows.


In the market there is a whole row for selling different costumes, and another description for selling animals and birds. Souq Waqif is one of the comprehensive markets and is classified among the antique cultural markets, where the market offers many antiques and handicrafts.

In addition to the antique daggers, visitors can walk in the market to learn more about Bahrain’s character or ride horses or donkeys and tour it in the market, and one of its most important activities is the organization of many cheerful folk festivals.