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Tourism in Zadar Croatia is rich in natural wonders and

Tourism in Zadar Croatia is rich in natural wonders and

unforgettable fun experiences, as it features a number of beautiful beaches, and wonderful recreational parks. This is in addition to a treasure trove of wonderfully preserved cultural and historical heritage. Therefore, Zadar is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Croatia, and attracts thousands of tourists annually from all over the world.



Explore more about travel and tourism in Zadar Croatia through this report, and learn about 10 of its most beautiful tourist attractions…

The best hotels in Zadar, Croatia
The best hotels in Zadar, Croatia

A number of high-end beach hotels, and luxurious accommodations in Zadar make for the perfect vacation. Most of them enjoy stunning views, and are close to the city’s prominent landmarks to save time and effort to reach them… Read more about the best hotels in Zadar, Croatia.


Best time to travel to Zadar, Croatia
The best time to travel and tourism in Zadar Croatia is during the months between “June to September”, according to the warm temperatures and ideal for enjoying various beach activities such as swimming and diving in the depths, as well as exploring the country in the open air.

Where is Zadar located?


Zadar is located in Croatia in the northern part of Dalmatia, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea opposite Italy. The city is about 285.3 km away from the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

The language in Zadar
Croatian is the official language spoken in Zadar, Croatia


Rovinj, with its serene Adriatic beaches

Rovinj, with its serene Adriatic beaches



Monte Beach
Monte Beach Croatia

Rovinj is known for its serene Adriatic beaches, the most famous of which is Monte Beach which is located on the western side of the heart of the old town.

The sea is divided into several parts, including small beaches suitable for young children, and others, which are preferred by adults, which are entered through rock climbing or diving. The place also gives you a chance to enjoy a dreamy romantic sunset.



Brijuni National Park
Brigoni National Park, Croatia

Brigogne National Park is a gateway to a special world, consisting only of incredible scenic views. Walking around it will also allow you to learn about the city and the history of Rovinj Croatia, which is one of the sites where you can get close to the wildlife.


You can see 200 million-year-old dinosaur footprints in the limestone, as well as discover the ruins of Roman elephants.

Scaraba Beach
skarpa beach, croatia

Located in the center of Rovinj, Scarpa Beach is one of the great beaches that guarantees you a pleasant picnic. You can reach it by car or take a fun bike tour, watching the beautiful scenery.



The coast is mostly rocky, with a few small coves covered with small, round stones. It is ideal for diving, exploring exotic marine creatures, and practicing fishing.

Roving Aquarium
Roving Aquarium

Rovinj Aquarium is one of the favorite places to visit in Rovinj Croatia, it is home to many local and world fish, including poisonous scorpionfish and colorful anemones.


Enjoy watching the colorful sea creatures up close, through glass aquariums, and get to know many other species of fish. A visit to this place is a fun and educational outing at the same time.

Palud Reserve
Palud National Park in Rovinj, Croatia

Palud is a nature reserve that houses a large number of animals and birds. It is the largest bird park in Istria, and this reserve was linked to the sea in 1906.

The reserve provides tourists to enjoy many fun recreational activities, such as sitting by the sea enjoying nature, swimming with dolphins and diving in the depths. In addition to watching many types of birds and animals such as the European pond turtle.

Aquapark Lone Rovinj
Aquapark Roving

Aquapark Lone Roving is a beautiful water park, offering you many fun and exciting experiences.

The park’s water attractions vary in the midst of nature, on a beautiful secluded beach, making you have happy times full of interesting adventures suitable for everyone, whether children or adults.



Golden Cape Park Forest (Zlatni Rt)
Golden Cape Park Forest in Rovinj, Croatia

Golden Cape Park Forest is one of the most important parks in the coast of the city of Rovinj, Croatia. It is distinguished by unique beauty and high aesthetic botanical value, and it is called the Golden Cave.

The park allows you to enjoy long walks, jogging through the lush forests and trees. You can also hit the beach, swim and sunbathe, and eat at the park’s famous grill.

The Istrian Peninsula has been inhabited by dinosaurs since ancient times

The Istrian Peninsula has been inhabited by dinosaurs since ancient times



Dinopark Funtana

The Istrian Peninsula has been inhabited by dinosaurs since ancient times. Today it has a dinosaur park in an old quarry, surrounded by dense prehistoric forests, for a fun day out with the family.


You can roam around the life-size animatronic electric dinosaurs on the show floor. And also ride ponies and dinosaurs, watch circus shows, and attend a dino cinema. There is also a small amusement park for the little ones and a playground for dinosaurs.

Underwater Park Verudela
Verudela Underwater Park in Croatia

Verduela Park is one of the strangest and most beautiful tourism experiences in the city of Istria, Croatia. Covering more than 200 square meters underwater, they wear a special helmet that allows you to stay and breathe comfortably underwater.

You can dive four meters deep, wander the park, cuddle sea urchins, feed the fish and carry shrimp. In addition to seeing the remains of shipwrecks, taking great souvenir photos, as well as riding a bike at the bottom of the sea.



giant lighting
Giant lighting Istria Croatia

Legend has it that one day, real giants used to live in Istria. Today, after several centuries, giants reappear in Istria, transforming the cranes of the Olganic shipyard into color-lit giants.


It is an amazing 15 minute light show, in the middle of the city. And that’s where eight huge cranes, in an array of brilliant colours, are set ablaze with the help of floodlights. These colors change and special effects are created that light up the night sky.

Zipline Pazin Cave
Zeppelin Bazin Cave, Croatia

Bazin Cave is a natural phenomenon caused by the Bazinicka River. And the pit of Bazin Cave is located below the cliffs, the height of which is 100 meters. It is one of the exciting adventures that should not be missed in the city of Istria, Croatia.

You can enjoy a great view of the cave and the famous castle right above it by flying the rope. You can extend the speed up to 50 km/h, and you can also jump rope and free fall.


Monarch on Gregg’s Mistflower, Buda, Texas

Semi Submarines
Semi-submarines in Istria

A semi-submarine is a small boat that looks just like a real submarine. Half of it is submerged under water while the other half remains above the surface.

Day and night semi-submarine tours are available, and the glass gives you a chance to spot fish, protected shellfish, sponges and jellyfish, the sea and all sorts of creatures hiding beneath the waves with perfect clarity.


Aquapark Australia

The park extends over an area of ​​81,000 square metres, and is the first water park in the city of Istria, Croatia. It is an ideal destination for families and children.

The park has about 20 slides, three large swimming pools, volleyball and badminton courts, a water castle, a children’s pirate ship, a food court and a souvenir shop.

Morter Island is one of the many islands of Croatia

Morter Island is one of the many islands of Croatia


Morter Island

Morter Island is one of the many islands that make Croatia a unique tourist destination. This is because it is home to wonderful and beautiful beaches, as well as natural scenery, and interesting tourist sites that we advise you to explore.

After going to the many beaches on the island, and doing the most enjoyable activities, including diving, and seeing exotic fish, and other marine animals in the deep waters of the coast. There is also a small island town ideal for hiking and cycling, as well as many cafés and restaurants to try authentic Croatian food.


Amadria Park

Amadria Park is a popular tourist destination in Šibenik Croatia, with 5 theme hotels, a great camping site, villas and apartments, a yacht marina, and many other great recreational amenities.


Guests enjoy relaxation in Amadria Park in the wellness and spa center, which offers many treatments, such as Turkish bath, spa oasis, aromatherapy massage, sports and fun competitions.

aquarium terrarium

This aquarium is a mini zoo, providing a fun and educational experience for all ages. Explore the beauty of the seas, rivers and lakes as well as the amazing world of reptiles. It is an educational and entertaining place at the same time, and it is located on a total area of ​​200 square meters.


There are 20 aquariums, with wonderful fish and plants of the Adriatic and tropical seas. The aquarium also has a souvenir shop, where you can buy original souvenirs related to the sea and Dalmatia.

mediterranean garden

The Mediterranean Humvee is a unique and distinctive garden, and although it dates back to the Middle Ages, it attracts many tourists throughout the year, because of its modern engineering designs.

The whole garden is surrounded by old fragrant shrubs and roses. And in the midst of those rich greenery of the Mediterranean is an array of ornamental thyme and exotic plants. You can also enjoy a café, restaurant and souvenir shop during your trip.



Bang . beach

Beach Bang is one of the city beaches in Šibenik, Croatia, which offers visitors to spend the most enjoyable time with friends or family.

Bang is a pebbly beach, they have free showers, places to change swimwear for free, and rent sun loungers. It is an ideal place to enjoy the sun and the sea in the center of Šibenik.

The best tourist cities in Kazakhstan

The best tourist cities in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a list of cities rich in interesting attractions. In Kazakhstan, vast deserts meet with authentic history, lakes join hands with beautiful parks. But how about we guide you to the top 10 cities for an unforgettable holiday.



Tourism in Astana
Nur-Sultan City
It is not possible to spend a tourist vacation in Kazakhstan without heading for a tour of the country’s capital, Astana. The city has also been called Nur-Sultan since 2019. Nur-Sultan has a pleasant view on the banks of the Ishim River amidst the vast northern plains. While the city’s buildings are modern, with many high-rise skyscrapers.

Visitors to the Kazakh capital enjoy various recreational opportunities, including a visit to the Khan Shatyr Center, which is rich in shops and restaurants, as well as its unique design. As well as heading towards the Peace and Reconciliation Palace to enjoy the beauty of modern architecture.

While Bayterek Tower attracts large numbers of tourists daily to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Nur-Sultan from the observation deck. And then set off to learn about Soviet, Kazakh and Western antiquities on display in the city’s magnificent National Museum. Muslim visitors also prefer to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere at the Nur Astana Mosque.



Tourism in Almaty
Lake Almaty
Almaty is one of the most important tourist cities and one of the most welcoming to visitors in Kazakhstan. The city has a long history as it is the former capital of the country. Thus, Almaty provides history buffs with an interesting tour to the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan and the wooden Ascension Cathedral as well.

While nature lovers will be delighted with fun activities in Almaty. Especially in the beautiful Tian Shan Mountains Snow-capped Reserve in winter. And in the amazing ski resorts, most notably Shymbulak. While the spring weather is an amazing opportunity to wander the wild apple forests, as well as take a walk on the hiking trails.

In addition to the above, Almaty attracts adventure lovers towards the blue-water Big Almaty Lake. And then to explore the wild animals of the Ile-Alatau National Park. Then group trips to Nomad’s Land for some great photos.


Tourism in Karaganda
The amazing Kazakh monuments also include many Soviet tales. If you are interested in ancient Russian history, head towards the Kazakh city of Karaganda, located just two hours by train from the capital, Nur-Sultan. The story of Karaganda traces back to a city originally built using workers in a former Soviet prison. Its territory is also known for its coal mines and historic labor camps. Thus, the city provides an amazing journey for tourists into the past.

But is visiting Karaganda limited to the above? It is wrong to say that we reduced the Karaganda monuments to Soviet monuments only. This is because the city streets are filled with famous attractions such as Vvedensky Cathedral, Regional Central Mosque, Gulag Museum and Mining Glory Monument as well.



Tourism in Pavlodar
Irtysh River in Pavlodar

Do not forget when visiting Kazakhstan to pass through the city of Pavlodar, as it is one of the oldest and most ancient cities in the north of the country. In other words, a visit to Pavlodar will give you an amazing opportunity to explore the famous Gossup Mosque and the Cathedral of the Annunciation as well.

Moreover, tourists in Pavlodar can also explore the beautiful neighborhoods around the old school tram and take some perfect pictures of the Irtysh River. While visiting Chekhov’s Theatre, Mozy Voynskoye Slavic Museum and Naberezhnaya Park are interesting opportunities to get to know the true essence of Pavlodar.



Tourism Taraz
The city of Taraz
If you love to explore mysterious historical places, Taraz is the ideal destination for you when visiting Kazakhstan. The reason for this is due to the extension of the origins of this ancient city to the Middle Ages. This makes it, in short, a huge home to charming monuments, historical streets and ancient shrines.

In any case, a visit to Tazar, formerly called Dzhambul in Soviet times, includes the opportunity to visit the beautiful mausoleum of Aisha Bibi to admire the intricate carvings on terracotta tiles. And then head to the Talas River, which is rich in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Pristina Bazaar is one of the city’s tourist places that you can do in the city. It is the

Pristina Bazaar is one of the city’s tourist places that you can do in the city. It is the



Pristina Bazaar

Pristina Bazaar is one of the city’s tourist places that you can do in the city. It is the

main bazaar in the old town of Pristina since the fifteenth century, and is very popular among visitors and tourists in the city.

The bazaar allows you to explore the old bazaar bath and the bazaar mosque. As well as the possibility to shop and buy souvenirs, from an endless number of fresh products, woven ornaments, necklaces, household appliances and much more.




Ethnographic Museum in Pristina

Pristina Ethnographic Museum is located in the old town of Pristina and is a must-visit during a Pristina Kosovo tourism holiday. It was opened in 2006. The museum offers you to see many permanent exhibitions, relating to life in Kosovo during the Ottoman era.

It also focuses on the theme of the circle of life, with performances focusing on birth, life, death and heritage in the “birth room” and “death room”. This is in addition to discovering a group of wonderful artifacts such as traditional jewelry, costumes, pottery, weapons and much more.

Museum of Illusions “Illusium”
Museum of Illusions Pristina Kosovo

The Museum of Illusions is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Pristina Kosovo, it offers an exciting experience full of fun and happiness, especially if you are with your children or friends.


Through the museum, physics and optics are displayed alongside impressive artwork and classic puzzles. Immerse yourself in the world of illusions by escaping from reality, trying various tricks and taking great pictures in unbelievable strange poses. It provides you with a world of interactive entertainment through painting with light, creating shadows and many other fun activities.

Shar Mountains National Park
Shar Mountains National Park Pristina Kosovo

If you are looking for an exciting adventure through which to explore the beautiful wonders of nature, then just visit the Char Mountains National Park, it is the perfect recreational place for nature and sports lovers.

The park offers tourists the possibility to go hiking, amidst the vast green spaces and unique nature. As well as mountaineering for adventure lovers, the mountain range stretches from Kosovo to northeastern Albania.



The Gadime Caves of the Mesozoic Era
Caves of Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina Caves is one of the most recommended places to visit in Kosovo. That’s where the caves are filled with impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations, and can be visited on a guided tour.

The caves consist of karst limestone, which is believed to belong to the Mesozoic era. You can reach it by driving for half an hour, most parts of the cave remain unexplored, but the raw beauty and astonishing creativity of nature make Marble Cave a must-visit during your vacation.

Turkish coffee experience in Pristina
Turkish coffee experience in Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo is famous for its great, unmissable coffee. Pristina has a variety of the best cafes and trendy restaurants, with high-level services. Therefore, we advise you to try one of the restaurants or cafes, and enjoy the best taste of irresistible Turkish coffee.



Jeremiah’s garden
Jeremiah Pristina, Kosovo

Jeremiah Park is one of the most beautiful theme parks that you can enjoy during tourism in Pristina, Kosovo. It is a wooded garden with a variety of recreational activities and many cafes.

The park allows its visitors to enjoy walking in the many paths, and the park also includes a fresh water spring that you can drink from. As well as a beautiful swimming pool with a wonderful slide, amphitheater, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts and children’s playgrounds with comfortable seats.

Avala Tower is an important tourist site in Belgrade, with Avala being about 204

Avala Tower is an important tourist site in Belgrade, with Avala being about 204



Avala tower
Avala Tower, Belgrade, Serbia

Avala Tower is an important tourist site in Belgrade, with Avala being about 204

meters above sea level. It is the tallest building in Serbia, and the highest tower in the Balkan Peninsula, and a visit to the tower is a unique and exciting experience.

Avala allows its visitors to enjoy fantastic views from the observation deck, as well as the pleasure of accessing the tower by walking through the beautiful gardens, and exploring the details of the tower up close. It also has distinctive geometric designs, Avala Tower is a symbol of Yugoslav power and influence of New Belgrade.



African Art Museum
Museum of African Art in Belgrade

The Museum of African Art in Belgrade is the only museum in the region devoted entirely to the culture of the African continent. It is one of the important visitor areas in Belgrade, and Africa House was established in Belgrade in 1977.

In the museum you can admire many masks and sculptures, considered classic examples of West African artistic expression. It represented the main stock for various religious, agricultural and social ceremonies, as well as exhibits of indigenous items from different African countries, as well as bazaars, art workshops, concerts and wonderful festivals.



Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo is one of the oldest houses of the animal kingdom in Europe. It covers an area of ​​6 hectares. It was founded in 1936 AD, and it is one of the most famous and prominent tourist attractions in Belgrade, Serbia.

The park includes 2,000 animals of 200 species, including domestic animals besides wild animals. In addition to new drinking fountains and fountains, a gallery of wood carvings, and a nursery for small animals known as “Baby Zoo”. It also provides a lot of fun interactive activities for children.

Eco Park Belgrade

Eco Park is one of the most beautiful and most important tourist attractions in Belgrade, Serbia, located twelve kilometers from Belgrade, and has a beautiful and wonderful view, and it extends completely over an area of ​​seven hectares.


In Echo Park there are many streams, a suspension bridge, fruit trees and a small zoo. In addition to a variety of different facilities, with the possibility of organizing festivities, and a path through the forest dedicated to walking. There are also interactive activities for children such as animation in the indoor playrooms, and two outdoor playrooms. And also try homemade strawberries or raspberries.

Zeleni Venac Market
Zelini Vinac Market in Belgrade, Serbia

Zelini Vinac Market One of the most famous markets in Belgrade, it is the central market of the city. Located near one of the major transport hubs in Belgrade, the market is known as the “King of Markets”, as it is also the most competitive in the city.



Enjoy a wander through this wonderful market, where there are many fruit and vegetable shops and bakeries that serve delicious fresh desserts.

National Theater Belgrade

The National Theater is an ideal place for art lovers, and it is characterized by its reasonable prices, which makes it one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Belgrade, Serbia. It is located in the Republic Square, and it was opened in 1869, and it was restored with wonderful modern engineering designs, to remain an important beacon of Serbian culture.

At the National Theater you can enjoy a varied schedule of drama, opera and ballet, listen to songs by theater singers, as well as take a tour outside the theater and see the beautiful scenery.

The twelve springs of Musa is one of the tourist attractions in Tabuk Haql. It is a

The twelve springs of Musa is one of the tourist attractions in Tabuk Haql. It is a



Wells of Moussa Maqna
Wells of Musa Maqna in Tabuk

The twelve springs of Musa is one of the tourist attractions in Tabuk Haql. It is a

historical landmark located in the Magna Valley in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the longest-lived miracle in the world, and offers many visitors a spiritual experience as the Prophet Moses came to drink water from one of these wells, after crossing the Red Sea and arriving at Maqna.

The well of the Prophet Musa, peace be upon him, is known as the well of Al-Saedni, and it has clean, clear water that flows from the ground in several places. You can admire the palm trees wrapped around the small springs, which sprang up from the middle of the sand, as well as the blue waters of Aqaba Bay from the top of the hill.

Tabuk Museum

The Tabuk Regional Museum is the perfect example of highlighting the history of the Arabian Peninsula. The museum allows you to admire some of the wonderful artifacts displayed in many of the rooms, and each room has its own history.


There is a room dedicated to the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 AD, another room for the Nabataean era, and one for prehistoric sculptures. In addition to displaying interactive information about the Tabuk region today on screens and walls.

Walking Head (Titanic Field)
titanic field

The Gulf of Aqaba offers stunning scenery with a length of 170 km, stretching from Ras Sheikh Humaid in the south to the city of Aqaba in the north. Ras Al Mashi Bay is one of the most famous, most prominent and best places for tourism in Tabuk Haql. Near the shore there is a shipwreck still protruding from the water, known as the Saudi Titanic or Haql ship.

Head Walk offers you great opportunities to enjoy swimming, diving, spotting marine life, colorful coral reefs, ornate white sandy beaches, located at the foot of majestic mountains and beautiful islands, as well as charter boats and luxury yachts.



mills market
The mills market, Tabuk, Haql

Souk Al-Tawahin is a small old market located in the old quarter of Tabuk Haql. It is one of the prominent tourist signs of the region, as it still preserves its important historical and commercial status.

The Mill Market is famous for displaying the necessities of the local Bedouins, from their tent coverings made of black and white goat hair, rugs and cushions, exquisitely ornate camel saddles, daggers, and swords as well as fresh food produce.

Tabuk Castle

This majestic castle is considered one of the oldest castles in the city of Tabuk, as this historical wonder dates back to 1559 AD. It is one of the important historical and archaeological sites in the city.

Today, the citadel is considered a wonderful museum, with its many wonderful historical artifacts from the Ottoman period to be explored. As well as the city’s association with the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace), and also many famous explorers such as Evliya Chalabi and Ibn Battuta. The castle includes two beautiful mosques connected by beautiful courtyards and towering watchtowers.


Prince Fahd bin Sultan Park

Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Park is one of the most beautiful places in the city, with stunning views of the Red Sea, and is the perfect recreational haven for visitors and locals alike.

The park has a temperate climate that is ideal for strolling among the vast green areas, which allows you to walk, jog or relax and sit in the pure and calm surroundings. As well as including many sports fields, a running track and many fine restaurants. It is one of the most prominent places of tourism in Tabuk Haql.

Tourism on the island of Kauai Hawaii is a lush paradise on the planet Earth, and it

Tourism on the island of Kauai Hawaii is a lush paradise on the planet Earth, and it



is the third largest island in the Hawaiian chain of islands. It is known as the “Garnell”, as well as being the wettest of the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai has the most spectacular scenery in all of Hawaii, with many cliffs as steep as mountains, as well as waterfalls and a dramatic coastline. It is one of the places worth visiting during tourism in Hawaii.

Explore through this article everything you need to know about travel and tourism on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and learn about the top 10 tourist places worth visiting…



The best hotels in Kauai, Hawaii

There are many luxury hotels on the island of Kauai, which are distinguished by the most luxurious decorations, and the latest services and facilities for tourists to enjoy comfort and relaxation. Also, enjoy enchanting views of turquoise beaches and prominent attractions… Read more about the best hotels on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

The best time to travel to the island of Kauai Hawaii
The best time to travel and tourism on Kauai Huawei is from “September to November”, or from “April to June”. This is where the weather is nice, and the prices of airline tickets and hotels go down.

If you are a fan of the winter weather, the ideal time for you is during the months from “December to March”. It is the peak winter season on the island of Kauai.



The ideal period of tourism on the island of Kauai Hawaii
The ideal duration of travel and tourism on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, is approximately 10 days. During the first and second day you can go to Kilauea, and visit wonderful places around this wonderful little town such as pristine beaches. On the third day, visit the charming Wailua Falls, the best waterfalls in the world. On the fourth day, you can visit the shores of Lake Kika and Salt Lake.

On the fifth day, you can visit Kapaa and Lindgate Beach. On the sixth day, Anini Beach and Princeville. As for the seventh to the ninth day, you can spend it in Polihali Bay, enjoying camping. And finally on day 10 enjoy kayaking on the Hanalei River by renting a boat, riding a helicopter to enjoy stunning views of the island’s greenery, bird-watching on Kauai, sunset at Poipu Beach, and then get ready to leave and go back to your country.



Where is the island of Kauai located?

Kaosai Island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and is part of the Hawaiian archipelago, and is called the “Garden Island” thanks to the tropical rainforests that cover much of its surface. The island of Kauai and Honolulu is about 119 miles away.

Closest airport to the island of Kauai
Lihue Airport
Lihue Airport is the closest airport to the island of Kauai, and is a state-owned public airport that serves Kauai. The airport is located on the southeast coast of the island of Kauai, and the airport is 14.2 miles from Kauai.

The language on the island of Kauai, Hawaii
The Hawaiian language and English are the official languages ​​on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

Khor Nakhad is a beautiful lake, and one of the largest lakes in the Musandam

Khor Nakhad is a beautiful lake, and one of the largest lakes in the Musandam



Khor Najd
Khor Najd Oman

Khor Nakhad is a beautiful lake, and one of the largest lakes in the Musandam Governorate. The Musandam Peninsula is also unique for its majestic lakes. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Khasab Oman. Khor Najd is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. And that’s where the surrounding area will surprise you with its vast and charming land, with its beautiful lake, mountain and sea.


Reaching it is an adventure by 4×4 vehicle along a beautiful mountain road, offering panoramic views of the lake from a height of 420 metres. This is where you can enjoy the majestic views of the sea and the mountain or sail a boat across the Strait of Hormuz. You can also enjoy fishing and camping in an ideal setting.

mount harem
Jabal Al-Harem Amman

The beautiful Jabal al-Harem is known as Jabal al-Nisa, the highest peak in the Musandam Governorate. It is located at an altitude of 2,087 meters above sea level, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Khasab Oman.

Mount Harem offers tourists stunning views of the magnificent valley, such as well-preserved fossils, studded on the rocks of the mountains, which show signs of ancient life from creatures such as mollusks, fish and shellfish. And you can’t get to the top, as there is a radar station located on the top.



camping on the beach
Camping on the beach in Khasab Oman

Camping on the beach is also considered one of the most exciting tourist activities in Khasab Oman. It is the preferred leisure activity for tourists for the perfect family or individual vacation. Wild camping in Oman is legal, and you can find a place you like and set up a beach camp.

You can enjoy free camping tours at Buss Beach, remote within the Musandam Fjords. Many of the tours have basic amenities such as tables, chairs, toilet, lights and showers, as well as tents of all sizes for adults and children. You can enjoy barbecue outdoors.




Fishing tour in Khasab

One of the best recreational activities that you can enjoy doing in Khasab Oman, is to rent a sailboat or speedboat. And an enjoyable experience such as deep sea fishing in the main fishing areas in the Wilayat of Khasab.

Take a fun fishing tour through an adventurous and fun filled day of fishing, swimming and sightseeing. Also on these sailboats you will find many birthday parties, family gatherings, anniversaries and many other fun events at sea. You can also sit and relax on the sailboat and take the best exciting pictures while practicing your favorite hobby.



Diving and snorkeling in Khasab Oman

Diving is one of the exciting recreational and tourist activities in Khasab, which you can do during the tourism holiday in Khasab Oman. If you are a fan of excitement and adventure, you can explore what is under the fertile ocean, and there will be a great surprise that will amaze you with its natural wonders.

That’s where coral reefs and marine creatures such as sharks, tiger fish, king fish, jack fish and many others are. Also, have fun, swim with dolphins and take pictures of underwater marine life.