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How much does tourism cost in Austria?

How much does tourism cost in Austria?


Austria is one of the relatively expensive tourist destinations, but we have done a good study of your budget at the time of the trip, to enjoy an ideal tourist vacation at reasonable costs.

Usually, the cheapest time to spend a vacation in Austria is during the middle of January. Here is the most important information on the average cost of tourism in Austria:

The average cost of flights to Austria from all airports ranges between 699 – 1016 dollars.
The average price for a seven-day trip per person is about $1,529.
The average price of hotels in Austria per night ranges between 66-302 dollars.
The average price of transportation in Austria and local restaurants ranges between 51 – 103 dollars per day.
The average price of clothes in Austria ranges from about 20-150 euros.
The average price for skiing in Austria per day is about 50 euros.
Transportation and transportation in Austria
Transportation in Austria



There are many means of transportation in Austria, to facilitate movement between different cities and villages. Public transportation is convenient and affordable. Here are the types of transportation in Austria:

Buses: It is one of the convenient means of transportation that operates a strong system in the country. It can reach many places that you cannot reach by metro or tram. It works from five o’clock in the morning until eleven o’clock at night or midnight.

Taxis: They are very common in Austria and are very expensive but very convenient. You can order it through mobile apps, and drivers can expect a “tipping” of up to 10%.

Metro: It is found in Vienna and major cities, and the metro operates all night on Friday and Saturday nights, and stops at 12:30 in the morning, and it is one of the fastest means of transport in Austria.

Rail: Austria is characterized by the presence of a group of wonderful, clean and fast trains, through which you can move between different tourist cities at reasonable prices, and through which you can explore the most amazing landscapes.



Food and drinks in Austria
food in Austria

Austrian cuisine is characterized by its influence on the countries and regions that controlled Austria, i. Each region of Austria has its own specialty, which makes Austrian cuisine delicious and multi-course. Austria is famous for its irresistible Viennese dishes, rich in pastries and desserts. Here are the most important and best popular dishes in Austria:

Tafelspitz: The national dish of Austria. It consists of boiled beef, and is traditionally served with chives, horseradish and apple sauce.
Liptower: A spicy cheese spread on bread.
Wiener Schnitzel: A very thinly fried veal scallop, it is one of the most beautiful Austrian dishes.
Säckertourt: A chocolate cake filled with apricot jam, traditionally served with whipped cream.
Apple pie: a thin pastry stuffed with apples, cinnamon and raisins.
Among the most popular Austrian drinks are:

Coffee: It occupies an important place and is served in many different ways.
Almdodler: It is the national soft drink of Austria based on the flavor of mountain herbs.
Vienna chocolate: It is a hot drink and is served with rich cream.
The official currency of Austria
austria currency


The official currency used in Austria is the Euro. The Austrian shilling was the country’s official currency, and it remained in effect until 2002.

Communications and the Internet in Austria
There are many telecommunications companies in Austria, which provide a lot of services and offers for phones and mobiles, the most important of which are:

A One Telecom Ostoria:

It is affiliated with the Austrian Telecom, and it has many advantages for its mobile services.

Orange Ostoria Company:

It ranks third among Austrian mobile operators, providing GSM 1800 services.

Hutchison 3G Corporation:

The company operates many mobile networks using UMTS technologies, as well as Internet services. It provides calls with the ToG, 3G and 4G features.

Frico Tennis Company:

It is Austria’s hi-tech company, and it is the European Aviation Database operating service provider.


T-Mobile occupies the fifteenth place among the most important companies that provide mobile services in the world.

Through these companies, you can use the Internet to communicate with friends and family abroad, in addition to the Internet cafes that are widespread in Austria.

Tips before traveling to Austria

Tips before traveling to Austria


To help you before traveling to Austria for the first time, you should learn about the most important tips and tips for the trip, which can guide you in planning your perfect vacation, namely:

Don’t worry about tap water

You can drink directly from the tap water, as Austria’s water is ranked among the top 5 countries in the world.



Don’t plan to shop on Sundays

This is because the majority of businesses and shops in Austria are closed on Sundays of every week. You can enjoy your day of tourism on that day, but without shopping.

No taxes

There are no hidden fees or taxes in restaurants, stores, supermarkets and much more. The tip is up to you.

Don’t worry about the language

The locals are very friendly with the tourists. Although German is the official language in Austria, many people speak English well. You don’t have to worry about asking them any questions or inquiries in English, they will be happy to answer you.


The store opening hours are over

Shops operate from Monday to Friday, and are often open from nine in the morning until six in the evening. The food stores are open from eight in the morning.

Tourism in Klagenfurt

Tourism in Klagenfurt


Klagenfurt is one of the oldest tourist cities in Austria, which is very popular with tourists. It is distinguished by its wonderful geographical location on the southern border that separates Austria and a chain of the Alps.

The city has many important tourist places such as the old quarter, which is the oldest place in the city, which is a pedestrian area surrounded by amazing Baroque buildings, including the House of the Golden Goose, and the Old Town Hall. In addition to the many restaurants, cafes and shops, there is also a 16th century country house building.

Also, you can go to “Noir Platz”, which is a spacious and beautiful square that includes the Dragon Fountain, which is a huge dragon bearing the city’s emblem. Moreover there are Klagenfurt Cathedral, Mining Museum, Hocoster Betz Castle, Reptile Museum, Lake Wörthersee, Europark, Botanical Garden and many more places to visit.



Tourism in Graz

Graz is an ideal point for exploring in Austria, the country’s second largest city. Bearing the title of European Capital of Culture, it is one of the most important tourist cities in historical Austria, which is frequented by visitors, especially history lovers. It has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The city of Graz is an important home of unique Baroque architecture, with palaces, museums and many other buildings. In addition to the Gothic-style Franciscan church. The city is characterized by being the birthplace of the actor “Arnold Schwarzenegger”, and there is a small museum dedicated to his artistic career.

It also houses the largest historical weapons museum in the world, displaying all types and sizes of weapons. And don’t miss the Graz Museum of Art, which is designed in the shape of an exotic capsule.



Tourism in Innsbruck

The city of Innsbruck is one of the best tourist destinations in Austria, as it offers its visitors many enjoyable recreational activities, and it is the ideal place for skiing in Austria.

Ansbork is home to the Cable Car, which brings skiers from the city center to the slopes of Nordkate. It is a great city for lovers of exciting adventures and unique experiences such as walking the Stubai Glacier trails.

The city can also be explored by riding a funicular, to enjoy the wonderful views of the city and the surrounding mountains. And seeing the medieval rural buildings, the old city tower, and many other impressive historical monuments.

Tourism in Villach

Located between two mountain ranges in southern Austria, near the borders of Italy and Slovenia, Village is a large city with great tourist popularity. You can visit the old town square “Hauptplatz” to discover the beautiful buildings and squares, galleries, cafes and shops. This is in addition to historical churches, such as the 18th century Church of the Holy Cross.

You can also go to the Gerlitzen Ski Resort. Moreover, you can enjoy falconry in the medieval castle of Landskron. This is in addition to visiting the unique family attraction, Avenburg Zoo, known as “Monkey Mountain”, where you can see Japanese macaques.



Tourism in Bregenz

Bregenz is located on the shore of Lake Constance and is one of the popular tourist destinations in Austria. Bregenz is famous for its lakeside cultural festivities and festivities.

Chief among them is the Bregenz Fisspel, featuring performances by the magnificent Vienna Symphony Orchestra and featuring a stunning floating stage. This is in addition to enjoying the cable car ride and watching the most amazing views of the mountain peaks. You can also go to the Alpine Wildlife Park, the Eagle Observatory, and ski in the mountain area.

Tourism in Linz

The beautiful city of Linz, located on the Danube in Austria, is a fascinating historical and cultural attraction. Tourism in Linz is characterized by its scenic landscapes, filled with interesting explorations, the most important of which is Linz Castle, which includes a history museum with a collection of medieval artifacts.

This is in addition to boat excursions on the Danube, exploring the old town centre, which is the ideal place for photography. In addition to enjoying outdoor cafes and restaurants.



Tourism in Milk
Melk is located on the Danube at the entrance to the Wacho Valley. The city is distinguished by its charming Baroque architecture.

The city allows you to do a distinguished set of various recreational activities, including exploring the most prominent attractions in Milk such as the Benedictine Monastery, a luxurious complex fantastically decorated, characterized by its baroque designs. You can also go to the old city at the foot of the mountain below the monastery.

Tourism in Eisenstadt

Eisenstadt is one of the most important and prominent tourist destinations in Austria. While visiting the city, you can explore the magnificent Neusiedler See, which is one of the largest lakes in Austria. This is in addition to the historical and archaeological monuments of the old Baroque style, in addition to the wonderful nature reserves that are distinguished by their botanical diversity, picturesque gardens, numerous churches, restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the city.

Tourism in Monaco and the most important tourist places for 2021

Tourism in Monaco and the most important tourist places for 2021


Tourism in Monaco! Do you love the picturesque coastal nature and asked yourself about a place that provides you with luxury and fun, do you like watching the traces of the past that express a deep history embracing the present with an imaginary nature in a beautiful atmosphere?!

The state of Monaco or the Principality of Monaco as some call it is business tourism where recreation, tranquility and sports, dear traveler, you are invited with us on a tourist trip across the next lines in the state of Monaco.

Tourism in Monaco
Discover tourism in Monaco
It is characterized by being very enjoyable, as the charming clear waters overlook the Mediterranean Sea, and its history dates back to the Middle Ages, and its residents enjoy luxury and wealth.
The best hotels in Monaco
The hotels in Monaco are very elegant and distinctive, which achieves luxury and pleasure and meets all your requirements and makes your stay there ideal. Games halls International restaurants offering delicious meals everything you dream and more. You can see the best hotels in Monaco according to Arab visitor reviews. Read more in Booking Monaco Hotels.



The best time to visit Monaco

Tourism in Monaco-
The best time to visit Monaco
Monaco’s distinguished location made it a wealthy tourism, in addition to its beautiful weather throughout the year, where the temperature in the summer does not exceed twenty-eight degrees, and in the winter it often drops to eight degrees, in addition to the sea breeze in the summer, which makes the person feel refreshed during the period of high Temperatures.



The month of January in Monaco is a wonderful month for tourism, especially for lovers of diving and swimming. The weather is refreshing with wonderful breeze showers, which makes you practice diving without getting bored of wearing a diving suit. The weather at this time makes you enjoy the beauty of nature under the water and makes you spend a wonderful and nice time enjoying it. With everything quiet and not crowded, you can also take a tour around the country at this particular time.


The ideal period for tourism in Monaco
Tourism in Monaco-
The perfect time to travel in Monaco
The ideal time for a fun vacation in Monaco may be fifteen days, unless you intend to enjoy the beaches as much as possible. You can extend your vacation as you like. Monaco is the destination of the rich in Hollywood and world famous people where rest and relaxation, you can spend ten days enjoying visiting more than one beach in it And the practice of swimming, diving, water sports, boating, surfing and other activities that are held on the beaches.

You can also go to archaeological sites such as the Museum of Oceanography and the monument there and the famous irony of Monaco. You can also go to parks and enjoy them such as St. Martin’s Gardens, go to the Opera House, Western Garden, and others. It may take you at least five days by adding a day to go shopping.



Where is Monaco located?

Where is Monaco located?
On the continent of Europe, on the borders of the Alpine plateaus, and near Italy, there is Monaco, the distance between them is about 16 km. It also shares 3 directions with France. There is also Monaco on the French Riviera, with an area of ​​1.98 square kilometers, and a population of 36 thousand people. It is a high density.



Tourism in Monaco is distinguished by its location between two tourist countries, France and Italy, which are among the most beautiful cities in Europe. They have various types of tourism, whether educational, cultural, recreational, and others. You can go to them easily from Monaco, as the distance between the nearest French city and Monaco is 18 km.

Closest airport to Monaco

Closest airport to Monaco
The Emirate of Monaco is very small, it does not exceed 2 square kilometers, so there are no airports, but dear traveler, access to it is not difficult, but you can reach through the French airport of Ate Nice, 7 km away, and when you reach it, you can take a taxi to go to Monaco via Cote d’Zuar. Then watch the most beautiful landscapes on the side of the road.



You can also move from Monaco to Italy and France easily by taxi, by train or by cars bearing the number N100 and passing approximately every quarter of an hour.

The language in Monaco
Tourism in Monaco-
The language in Monaco
The Principality of Monaco is a small emirate whose residents speak French, because most of the population is from the French, along with the Monacos and the Italians, in addition to another language spoken by some that branch from the Genoese dialect, and they are the original inhabitants of the emirate, and some speak the Italian language, and the multiplicity of languages ​​there is due to the multiplicity of the population that reaches its number 37 thousand people.



In any case, dear traveler, you can speak French, English or Italian, and communication there is very easy. The residents of Monaco are well-treated because the emirate depends mainly on tourism for income.

The best places to visit in Monaco Monaco Castle

The best places to visit in Monaco
Monaco Castle



It is the oldest place in Monaco dating back to six hundred years BC. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and was built on an ancient rock. It is called Monaco Ville or the Castle of Monaco, where the Principality of Monaco originated. It is also called Rocher or the Rock, and it is the official capital of the Principality of Monaco.

Dear traveler, you can see the castle and the princely palace on top of the rock, in addition to many other things. The years are a wonderful sight.

Monaco Formula One Circuit
Tourism in Monaco
Monaco Formula One Circuit
The Monaco Formula One Grand Prix takes place in May and is one of the world’s most famous motorsports to take home the Monaco Grand Prix.

The circuit is constructed within 42 days and takes 21 days to remove. It consists of heights, tracks, depressions and narrow streets in an area of ​​3,340 meters. The number of turns is 19, which shows the skill of the drivers. This layout of the track changes every period. The speed of the cars during the competition is not the slowest The highest speed is 160 km per hour.



Unique Garden Exotic Garden
If you are a lover of nature and rare plants with a wonderful design of its kind, then you are in the right place for you, as this garden is designed on a sloping side in a very wonderful way, through which you see more than a thousand species of thorny, rare, flowering and other plants, and there are many types of plants that increase It is over 100 years old in a group named after the Monaco perennial plants with a unique landscape.

You can also enjoy taking pictures of wonderful memorials and behind you the famous port of Monte Carlo, as well as watching the natural caves and the Museum of Anthropology, this park is an oasis of breathtaking beauty.

Prince’s Palace in Monaco
Tourism in Monaco-
Prince’s Palace in Monaco
It is the seat of the rule of Prince Albert II of Monaco. It was built in the 12th century. You can visit it from June to October of each year, when it opens its doors to visitors. This palace has been used as the seat of government for more than 700 years, making it a unique architectural masterpiece. Ruler by adding his own touches to it.

One of the most beautiful things you see is the unique courtyard, which contains three million pebbles to draw an art form in an impressive archaeological stone panel. The palace has witnessed over time both the rule of the Principality of Monaco, the architecture and the development of artistic taste.



Tourism in Monaco-
Ocean Museum
One of the uniquely designed and magnificent Baroque buildings that talk about aquatic and marine life for amateurs and lovers of the sea world. Unique large fish tank.

You will also learn through the museum about more than four thousand species of marine creatures found in the Mediterranean and tropical waters, and the museum is a distinguished tour during tourism in Monaco that should not be missed.

Tourism in Monaco-
Monte Carlo port
The paradise of world famous people, the wonderful marine oasis, the gentle breeze, which is located in the La Cunda Main area, the manifestations of luxury and luxury through boats and marine yachts, especially the yacht of the Governor of Monaco, the most wonderful places in Monaco in terms of fun and spending a nice and distinguished time watching more than five hundred yachts for the world’s rich, comes in The second oldest place in the Principality of Monaco.

The scene of yachts, boats and ships should not be missed with a distinguished cruise and sipping coffee in one of the existing cafes that give you a strange feeling while watching the Monte Carlo port in front of you, with its unparalleled nature.

Tourism in Monaco
Larvotto Beach
One of the most beautiful beaches that you can see in your life, where you can relax, and it is the only public beach that was established after the Second World War and is characterized by its pebbly calm blue water that is safe for children, many celebrities visit this beach, you will find many stores where you can buy all the drinks that come to mind your mind.

The beach is very suitable for a family atmosphere, with free sections and others with fees, steps away from it you find the city of Monte Carlo and you can see the famous port, and Prince Grace Street passes by it, you can enjoy a nice atmosphere, safe and fresh water, and document the moments of fun and swimming through photography or a camera the video.



Tourism in Monaco-
Opera de Monte Carlo
The Opera House is one of the most beautiful places in Monaco. It is located in the most prestigious neighborhood in it, which is the Place de Casino, with a wonderful modern archaeological design, where the distinctive square with a unique fountain design, in a beautiful scenery surrounded by palm trees and a luxurious facade on the sea, dating back more than 150 years, the inner hall Luxurious that combines sophistication and history with historical paintings on the walls and amazing engraving statues.

The performances inside the opera belong to the classical art, with famous artists from all over the world, and there is ballet art.

Tourism in Monaco-
Les Jardins Saint Martin
In a wonderful view, there is Les Jardins Martin park next to the Mediterranean Sea with its clear blue waters and calm waves, close to the Ocean Museum and there is a monument to the Prince of Wales.


Marine researcher Albert, the garden extends for a large distance on the coast of the island of Leuchere, and it is on a very high slope, and you can see from the top many of the landmarks of Monaco as you see rare world plants and flowers.

During your visit to the park, you will also see hills, bends and slopes as if you were in a lush oasis and a stunning view next to the sea water, along with small artificial lakes that gave the place a special elegance.


Tourism in Monaco –
Fort Antoine
It is a castle built in the old days as a military base in the northeastern corner of Le Cher throughout the ages. This castle has turned into an open theater where performances are held in the evening in the summer. There are two periods that you can visit in them from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon, the second period from two in the afternoon until five In the evening, admission is free.

You can watch evening shows in an idyllic atmosphere decorated with stars in the sky, but attend these shows with fees and all shows are in French, you can see the Riviera coast and some areas near Cannes and Menton in Italy while you are in this castle, the seats are in a distinctive geometric shape as half circles, you cannot miss her visit.

Tourism in Estonia and the most important tourist destinations recommended to visit

Tourism in Estonia and the most important tourist destinations recommended to visit



Estonia is the hidden gem of Europe, which many do not know about. Despite its small size, it is filled with a distinctive set of unique tourist components, which attract tourists from all over the world. It has been ranked as one of the greenest countries in the world, with forests making up nearly half of Estonia’s area. As well as the wonderful lakes numbering about two thousand lakes. This is in addition to its tourist beaches, historical and archaeological landmarks and many other tourist attractions. If you intend to travel and tourism in Estonia, here is this report to be your comprehensive guide before traveling…

Tourism in Estonia attracts millions of tourists annually, especially lovers of harmony in the arms of pristine nature. And that’s where lush green forests, assorted plants and flowers smell delicious. This is as well as exploring Estonian culture, traditional Estonian lifestyle, and isolated folk islands that are a haven for many. Also, Estonia is distinguished by its unique architecture, which appears in the surviving ruins of ancient historical monuments. In addition to castles, museums, fine restaurants offering delicious and delicious food, national parks and parks, and much more.



Tourism in Estonia

Discover tourism in Estonia
Tourism and entertainment activities in Estonia vary, and here is information about Estonia that will help you plan your trip well, as well as the most beautiful and best tourist cities recommended to visit, in addition to the most important tips that you should know before traveling.

Estonia is located next to the Baltic Sea in a transitional zone between the marine and continental climate. It is located in the middle of Central Europe and the regions of Eastern Europe, where it is located in northeastern Europe, in the far north of the three Baltic states “Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia.”

Best time to travel to Estonia
The best time to travel and tourism in Estonia, is the period from the month of May until the end of August. This is where the country’s climate in that period is characterized by moderation, which in turn makes the summer pleasant and the winter very cold.

In all cases, Estonia offers the tourist a lot, which makes his vacation enjoyable and ideal. It is a distinctive tourist destination throughout the four seasons. It is worth noting that:



Spring (March to May):

It is one of the best times to visit Estonia, as it is considered the best period to explore wildlife, watching thousands of resident and migratory birds such as Steller jays, long-tailed ducks, tundra pelicans, and thousands of geese occupying the islands and shallow bays. It is an ideal time for bird watching, as well as enjoying exploring the beautiful scenery in a less crowded atmosphere.

Autumn semester (September to October):

This season is famous for beautiful warm colors, this season is characterized by calm and less crowding. At that time, you can enjoy spending the best recreational times and relax in the lap of pristine nature with wonderful weather breezes.

Winter season (from November to February):

It is the least popular season to visit Estonia, given how cold the country is. Despite this, this period allows you many exciting and enjoyable experiences and adventures, such as snowboarding in the many ski resorts, and cycling over the hills.

In addition to saunas to purify the skin and soul, and many other winter games, winter has its own charm in Estonia.

Summer (June to August):

It is considered the peak season for tourism in Estonia, where the warm climate allows tourists to enjoy all recreational activities without restrictions. Among the most important are enjoying visiting the wonderful beach resorts of the Baltic Sea coast, inland lakes, and offshore islands, and practicing water sports and games.

As well as wandering the cobblestone streets, hiking the trails, and sightseeing tours of the beautiful city, it is the perfect time for an enjoyable tourist vacation.

The language in Estonia
The official language in Estonia is Estonian. There are also many other minority languages ​​spoken such as Russian, German, English and Swedish, with a range of regional languages ​​from Estonian.

Avioli with meat or mushrooms and dumplings.
There are also cheap and light snacks in the street and cafes, such as wonderful pies and salads.
As for the drinks in Estonia, the most important are filter coffee, tea without sugar or milk and many other drinks.
The official currency of Estonia



The official currency used in Estonia is the Euro, and it was previously based on the Estonian Krona currency until 2011, when the Euro became the official currency in the country.

Communications and the Internet in Estonia
Estonia is one of the countries with the highest per capita mobile phone usage rates in the world. In addition to the spread of very fast Internet all over the country. There are many mobile carriers in Estonia that offer a lot of offers at reasonable prices and high quality. The most important of these companies are:

The company offers a full range of telecom services in Estonia, offering many services and offers such as free calling, messaging and hundreds of megabytes of data. It is also characterized by its low prices.

Tele Two:
It is one of the most important telecommunication companies in Estonia, providing mobile and fixed calling, telephony, data network services, television, live broadcasting and global Internet solutions to millions of customers. You can buy a SIM card from anywhere from gas stations, supermarkets, kiosks, etc., and it is characterized by its reasonable prices and high efficiency.

It is the fifth largest telecom company in Europe, has stakes in many subsidiaries across Eurasia, is one of the leading Internet providers in the Baltic and Northern European regions, and offers many great offers to its customers.

Estee Telecom:
The company offers clients and consumers the full package of high quality ICT services and solutions.

Committed to pioneering innovation and technology across mobile, fixed and cloud networks, this company is one of the most important mobile and internet services companies in Estonia.

Distance between the most popular cities in Estonia

Distance between the most popular cities in Estonia


You can move between the tourist cities of Estonia with ease and explore its most important attractions, and for this you will need to know the distance between the tourist cities of Estonia. Here is the distance between the most popular cities in Estonia:

Tallinn to Tartu 163 km.
Pärnu to Tallinn 118 km.
Parnu to Viljandi 64 km.
Tallinn to Viljandi 129 km.
Rakvere to Tallinn 91 km.
Parnu to Rakvere 172 km.
Parnu to Tartu 171 km.
From Pärnu to Tallinn 128 km.
Rent a car in Estonia
When traveling to spend a tourist holiday in Estonia, we advise you to rent a car to enjoy exploring the country and its attractions on your own way. In order to be able to drive during tourism in Estonia, you must follow many conditions, rules and advice, the most important of which are:



You must be at least 19 years old, and the age may vary depending on the vehicle class. Drivers renting a car under the age of 25 may incur an additional fee.
Obtaining a driver’s license for one year.
Driving on the right side.
Seat belts are mandatory for drivers and front seat passengers, and child seats are not mandatory.
It is necessary to park in the parking lot and buy a ticket and display it on your dashboard, so as not to put a wheel clip on illegally parked cars.
Ensure that the rental car you will be renting is secure, by reviewing the information very carefully before completing your booking.
Travel to other countries may be available on special request, and may require additional fees and insurance.
Large car rental companies require a credit card as a guarantee.
Cars can be rented by the day. Since 24 hours is a rental day, if the vehicle is returned more than an hour after the end of the contract (or end of the day), the other day fee will be automatically added to the rental fee.
Best car rental rates in Estonia during the weekends “Friday to Monday”.



End to carefully inspect the car you are going to rent and ask for damages to be included in the rental agreement.
Inform the police if you have an accident, and obtain an insurance affidavit from them.
The best tourist cities in Estonia
Estonia abounds with a distinctive group of tourist attractions, beaches, islands and lakes, which guarantee the tourist to enjoy an enjoyable vacation. There are a group of Estonia tourist cities that we advise you to include in your tourism program, because they are worth a visit. Here are the most important and best 10 tourist cities in Estonia that we advise you to visit…

Tourism in Tallinn

Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, and is the Estonian capital. It is also an important economic, cultural and commercial center in the country. The city has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Preservation List, and is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

The city of Tallinn offers tourists the possibility to do many exciting activities, the most important of which are wandering the city streets, exploring the gates, city walls, old houses and towers, the Tallinn Wall, and historical castles. In addition to hiking in the many lush green gardens in the open air, watching the waterfall, visiting the forests, meeting animals, and enjoying walking in the paths designated for that. You can also visit the markets and shops and buy souvenirs. All this and more awaits you in the Estonian capital.



Tourism in the city of Bärnu
Tourism in Barna

The city of Pärnu is located in the Gulf of Pärnu in the southwestern part of Estonia. It is the perfect summer destination for Estonians and tourists alike.

Pärnu has a wonderful sandy beach, it is a quiet seaside resort with a large number of sanatoriums and spas. Pärnu Beach is characterized by its shallow, shallow waters, which are suitable for safe and calm swimming, especially for those who cannot swim. You can also enjoy walking in the walkway and enjoy the sunset.

The elderly always frequent the beach to receive a variety of treatments, in addition to various recreational activities and interesting sports. Restaurants and cafés are also spread all over the city.

Tourism in Tartu

Tartu is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in historical Estonia, as it includes many prominent landmarks that attract tourists from all over. It is the second largest city in Estonia, located in the southeast of the country.

Recreational activities vary within the city of Tartu, the most important of which is harmony among the picturesque pristine nature such as wonderful hills and lakes, as well as wandering the cobbled streets of the old town, museums and galleries scattered in all corners of the city, and exploring the architecture of its buildings. As well as visiting the Tartu National Park, which includes a different collection of flowers, plants and herbs, as well as the old town, restaurants and cafes. The city is beautiful and well worth a visit.

Tourism in Narva

Narva is a beautiful city located on the Narva River in northeastern Estonia. It is the third largest city in Estonia. It is one of the most visited and popular tourist cities in Estonia.

You can do a distinguished range of fun activities such as exploring historical monuments, including the huge Evangord Castle, and Narva Castle or “Hermann” dating back to the thirteenth century. In addition to a wonderful museum and a number of handicraft workshops, which you can enjoy seeing and buying the most beautiful souvenirs.

Tourism in the village of Veliandi
viliandi village

The village of Viljandi is a small town in the southern part of Estonia, and it is one of the beautiful historical, medieval towns that attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year.



Viliandi offers an impressive array of surprising leisure activities, among which is viewing the ruins of the 19th century Viliandi Castle.

Dec., the shore of Lake Vilande, the Soma National Park, as well as the beautiful folk music festivals and festivities.

Tourism in the village of Valga

The village of Valga is located in the southern part of Estonia, on the border with Latvia, and is one of the country’s most attractive tourist destinations. There are many recreational activities that a tourist can do in the village of Valga. Perhaps the most important are to visit the Valga Town Hall, the Valga Museum, the many churches with amazing architecture, and many more.

Tourism in Palms Village

Palms Village is a small village in Estonia, known mainly as the romantic manor house, and it is one of the most important and most beautiful tourist areas in Estonia. This romantic manor house is located in a national park, filled with beautiful tropical plants. It has been completely renovated, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the park.

It also has a group of parks, gardens, historical buildings, a training center, workshops and a romantic café. Visitors can participate in various events for children, those interested in history and adventurers. As well as the possibility of attending exhibitions and concerts for art lovers.

Tourism in the village of Martin

The small village of Martina is located in the western part of Estonia on the borders of the Matsalo National Park, and this town is one of the most important tourist cities in Estonia.

The most important thing that attracts tourists in the village of Martina is to enjoy watching the large numbers of migratory birds that live in it, as well as its famous church dating back to the sixteenth century.

Tourism in Kuressaray

Kuressari is a small, quiet town, and it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Estonia, with its important natural and historical tourism potentials.

Kurisari is famous for its Kurisari Castle, which was built in 1380 AD. The castle has been restored and rebuilt many times. It includes one of the largest and most visited museums in the country, the “Saarema Museum”, in addition to visiting the city center and the town hall.

Estonia Kela Tourism in Kela

Estonia Kela Tourism in Kela


The city of Kela is located in the northwestern part of Estonia.

In the city of Kela, you can enjoy many wonderful activities, the most important of which are wandering beside the Kela River, enjoying the scenic landscapes that surround it, as well as watching the beautiful high Kela Falls, and exploring the city’s many other landmarks.

Tips before traveling to Estonia
After you got to know the most important information about tourism in Estonia, and the most beautiful and best tourist cities that you can visit. It’s time to know the most important tips that can help you to plan the perfect trip for your trip:

Toompea hill with tower Pikk Hermann, Cathedral Church of Saint Mary Toomkirik and Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, view from the tower of St. Olaf church, Tallinn, Estonia


Don’t worry about the language

The closest language to Estonian is Finnish, and if you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry as most Estonian residents speak English. Nevertheless, we advise you to know the most important greeting phrases in the Estonian language in order to communicate with the residents in a good and friendly manner.

Don’t miss to try Estonian food

Since Estonian food is concerned with high standards of hygiene and quality, you do not have to worry about eating Estonian dishes and enjoying its delicious taste and variety.

Don’t miss out on traditional Estonian souvenirs

Known for its rich designs and authentic handicrafts, Estonia is the perfect place to buy unique souvenirs, especially during the winter months that pulsate with the Christmas and New Year markets.

Don’t try to bargain in Estonia

Bargaining is not accepted in Estonia at all, all shops and markets have clearly stated prices on products, which are rarely open to negotiation. Don’t try to argue and negotiate excessively.



Beware thieves in Estonia

Beware of thieves in Estonia, they are often in groups in some areas. For example, there are a lot of thieves in the old town of Tallinn, namely in the town hall square, as well as in the central market. Also at the airport, stations, buses and trains are all places where pickpockets may be present. So be careful while tourism in Estonia.

Tourism in Malta and the most beautiful cities for an unforgettable Mediterranean trip

Tourism in Malta and the most beautiful cities for an unforgettable Mediterranean trip



Tourism in Malta is characterized by many ideal options for fun and entertainment. How not and Malta is famous for its picturesque beaches, where palm trees embrace the waters of the Mediterranean in the sun. This makes the island a really fun destination for lovers of swimming, diving and relaxation with the wonderful sea atmosphere.

However, visiting Malta is not limited to cruises only. The Maltese islands have a long history stretching back thousands of years. This is what visitors will notice once they wander the ancient cobbled streets and see the ancient churches and palaces. In short, a visit to Malta is an unforgettable experience, but what are the most important tourist cities and information about the trip? Find out in the next lines.

Discover tourism in Malta
Here is this article that will help you know the top 10 tourist cities in Malta. As well as a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which you must know before traveling to have a successful and enjoyable holiday.


Where is Malta located?
Malta is located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This is in a privileged location between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Although it is classified as part of the continent of Europe, it does not share any land border with any European country. It is an island surrounded by water from all sides.

The beaches of Malta in the summer
The island of Malta is one of the most important tourist destinations, especially for lovers of coastal beaches and water sports. However, enjoying a tourism trip in Malta requires good planning, taking into account the climatic conditions. Perhaps it is useful to know that Malta’s climate is moderate in temperate climate. It is also worth noting that:


Summer (June to August): The summer season in Malta is particularly popular for the sunny beaches. This is undoubtedly normal, as the country’s coasts and the warm Mediterranean waters are an ideal opportunity for beach tourism and swimming as well.

Spring (March to May): Spring is a good option for tourists to visit the island of Malta. In the spring, temperatures moderate and crowding rates decrease. Thus, visitors are able to enjoy the benefits of the Maltese nature with economical prices and an amazing spring atmosphere.


Autumn (September to November): Although the rains begin in Malta with the advent of autumn, tourists can still enjoy the beaches of Malta without fear of the high heat of the sun. In other words, autumn in Malta is ideal for those who seek peace and do not resent the rains.

Winter season (December to February): The temperatures drop when talking about winter in Malta, but without the weather becoming too cold and without snow. Where the Mediterranean climate maintains moderate weather compared to the European continent. Thus, it is possible to get diving trips and enjoy the coming of the New Year in a romantic rainy atmosphere.

The language in Malta
Although English is used to a large extent on the island of Malta. However, the locals here have their own official language called Maltese. The island also spreads the Italian language, which is spoken by more than half of the population.

Tourist visa in Malta

Tourist visa in Malta


Before heading to travel and tourism in Malta, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Submit an official application at the Maltese embassy or consulate to obtain a visa.
2 recent personal photos with white background.
A passport valid for at least 3 months.
An integrated letter explaining the itinerary.
Sufficient health insurance to cover the duration of the trip.
Hotel stone.
Round trip airline tickets.
Proof of financial ability to cover the expenses of the tourist trip.
Pay the visa fee of 60 euros for those over 12 and 35 euros for children between 6 and 11 years old. While the visa is granted free of charge for those under 6 years old.
The ideal period for tourism in Malta
When planning your Malta itinerary, keep in mind that you do not leave the island before 3 weeks have passed. Some may think that this is a long time to wander on a coastal island, but the pleasure of the trip will certainly prove the opposite.

In Malta, tourism tours are not limited to cruises only, despite the undoubtedly attractive beaches and the waters of the Mediterranean. Visitors also have an amazing opportunity to get acquainted with the civilization of the Mediterranean in the best way. In short, the charm of Malta drives tourists to extend their vacation over and over again.

The cost of tourism in Malta
Financial expenses are one of the important issues that concern visitors when talking about tourism in Malta. Although the expected costs differ from one person to another, it is necessary to know the average cost during the development of the tourism plan.

In this regard, it can be said that the costs of tourism in Malta are reasonable in comparison with the fun that visitors will get. Where the average daily cost does not exceed the equivalent of 231 euros, or about 270 US dollars per person.

Transportation and transportation in Malta
Getting around in Malta is done by many ways, including:

Bus: It is one of the public transportation available in the cities of the island of Malta at economical prices. However, it often gets crowded in the middle of the day.

Trains: It is one of the important means of transportation in Malta, especially the railway that connects the capital, Valletta, and other Maltese cities.

Taxi: Many tourists prefer to take a taxi for a comfortable transfer. This is what Maltese cities offer in abundance for tourists, but with greater costs.

Bicycles: Tourists in Malta have fun opportunities to rent bicycles and go on fun trips through the streets of old towns and on the charming beaches.



Food and drinks in Malta

Food in Malta
It is unbelievable to leave Malta without tasting one of its traditional delicacies. Who among us does not like Mediterranean dishes and Maltese cuisine to prepare them for tourists? The meals served by the country’s restaurants are based on seasonal foods. For example, Maltese menus are filled with pasta with tomato sauce in the summer, while warm soup is often served in the winter.

The most famous foods in Malta are seafood, including fish, shellfish and octopus. This is undoubtedly normal, as we are talking about a marine island rich in fresh fish. While sweet lovers in Malta also enjoy delicious dishes, the most important of which are cold desserts such as ice cream and sweets with natural fruits. The island’s most delicious drink is bitter orange.


The official currency of Malta
Malta is a member of the European Union and that means relying on the euro as the country’s official currency.

Communications and the Internet in Malta
During your holiday in Malta, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease and ease. This is because the country has a distinguished group of telecommunications companies, the most important of which are:



Go Mobile: It is the largest company in the Maltese telecom market. Where the aforementioned company dominates a huge portion of the fixed-line sector on the island.
Melita: Melita is an important telecom service provider to users in Malta, with the company capturing 34% of the market.
Vodafone: It is one of the most important mobile communication companies in the island of Malta. Where this global company provides communication services and fast Internet to its users.