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Sable Chevu Beach, eastern part of Rijeka

Sable Chevu Beach, eastern part of Rijeka



Sablicevo Beach
Sable Chevo beach, Croatia

Sable Shevo Beach, located in the eastern part of Rijeka, is the most visited and popular beach in Rijeka, Croatia. You can reach it on foot from the city.

Enjoy a swim in the clear and warm turquoise waters, and relax in the middle of the picturesque nature. The beach has the necessary service facilities such as showers, free toilets and deck chairs.



Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum in Rijeka

The Natural History Museum is one of the highlights of the city of Rijeka, Croatia, and is a wonderful place to visit and explore.

The center provides knowledge about insects, spiders, reptiles and other types of megafauna to reduce fear of them. and promoting the conservation of all species and the preservation of nature.




Farmers market in Rijeka
the Farmers Market in rijeka croatia

The farmers market in Rijeka is a place worth visiting, to feel the local atmosphere of the city. This central market has a long tradition, is open daily and offers plenty of regional and seasonal products.

There are three main halls, one for milk products, one for meat products, and the last one serving fish. Plus fresh regional vegetables and fruits, which are cheerfully served to the tables.

Preluk Beach
Priluk beach in Rijeka

North Rijeka, Priluk Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rijeka ever, for those looking for a relaxing swim.

Enjoy a clean pebble beach, in beautiful emerald sea colors, and thanks to its natural environment, it is ideal for snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing.



Rijeka Center Tower

The tower is located one kilometer from the center of the city of Rijeka, Croatia, and it is one of the interesting places that you can visit during the tourism holiday in the city of Rijeka, Croatia.

It has more than 150 small shops, a large number of supermarkets, as well as clothing stores. It also has several gift shops, as well as a children’s playroom and a modern cinema hall.




Computer Museum “PEEK & POKE Computer Museum”
Computer Museum in Rijeka, Croatia

Visiting this unique museum has become one of the most popular things to do in Rijeka. It is a two-storey museum that holds treasures from the great technology leap forward of the past three decades.

The museum displays over 2,000 old computers, portable games, printers, game consoles and many more devices from the 1960s, in perfectly good condition with playability.



Ztc shopping center
ZTC Shopping Center in Rijeka, Croatia

ZTC is the most visited shopping center in Rijeka, and it is also the largest in the city. It spans over three floors and houses more than 50 different stores.

You will find everything you need in this mall, where you will find great clothing and souvenir shops, as well as pharmacies, and upscale restaurants and cafes. It is worth a visit if you are planning to travel and tourism in the city of Rijeka, Croatia soon.

Tourism in Visegrad, Bosnia, enjoys great fame and popularity, due to its strategic

Tourism in Visegrad, Bosnia, enjoys great fame and popularity, due to its strategic

location on the banks of the Drina River, and the beauty of its picturesque nature. And that’s where its nature varies between turquoise rivers, lush forests, beautiful green valleys, and therapeutic resorts. This is in addition to its archaeological monuments, as well as its unique bridge inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, for having inspired many artists. All of the above made Visegrad one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bosnia.

Explore, through this guide, the most beautiful and most important tourist places recommended to visit in Visegrad, Bosnia…



The best hotels in Visegrad, Bosnia

Visegrad is distinguished by a group of the finest hotels, which guarantee you a comfortable stay. This is as they are hotels with various facilities and facilities, ensuring the satisfaction of guests and satisfying all they are looking for during their tourist vacation… Read more about the best hotels in Visegrad, Bosnia.

The best time to travel to Visegrad, Bosnia
The best time for travel and tourism in Visegrad is during the period from “May to September”. This is where the pleasant warm temperatures with less precipitation. Which makes it the perfect time to spend a perfect tourist and leisure vacation, and to practice all kinds of outdoor activities.



Where is Visegrad located?

The city of Visegrad is located in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the province of Pest, north of Budapest on the right bank of the Danube. Visegrad is approximately 582.2 kilometers from the capital, Sarajevo.

The language in Visegrad, Bosnia
There are three official languages ​​in Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. They also speak English fluently.

The most important tourist places on the island of Krk, Croatia

The most important tourist places on the island of Krk, Croatia

The island of Krk has many wonderful tourist places, we will review with you the following 8 of them:




Krka National Park, Croatia
Krka National Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island of Krk, Croatia. Stretching from the Adriatic Sea to the Croatian inland mountains, the park is an enchanting place well worth a visit.

The park offers you a range of fun activities amidst magnificent waterfalls, beautiful valleys, the Krk River, and a small lake. As well as walking over the boardwalks, there are also handicraft workshops, souvenir shops and restaurants.



Aquarium Terrarium Krk
Krk Aquarium, Croatia

Terrarium aquarium is one of the best recreational places that you can visit on the island of Krk, Croatia. It is an ideal place for families and children.

The aquarium allows you to learn about Croatian freshwater fish species, as well as freshwater fish species from the rest of the world in about 20 large aquariums. You will find iguanas, leopard chameleons, royal pythons and many more marine creatures.



Besirogka Cave
Beserogka Cave in Croatia

Besirogka Cave is located near the village of Rodin, and it is a special place that we advise you to visit during your vacation. It is a cave decorated with exquisite decorations and searchlights, as well as an important biological site due to its very rich wildlife.

Associated with the cave is the legend of an escaped treasure hidden in a mysterious hole. Enjoy the stunning landscape of the cave within the well-lit lanes, suitable for all ages. You can also discover the remains of a 16,000-year-old cave bear.

Morne Blanc Trail in Morne Seychelles National Park

Morne Blanc Trail in Morne Seychelles National Park



Morne Blanc track
Morne Blanc Trail on Mahe Island

The Morne Blanc Trail is located in Morne Seychellois National Park, Morne Blanc is one of the highest peaks on Mahe, giving you the best view of the West Coast. The trail attracts a lot of adventurers, who are looking for stunning views, watching the sunrise or a scenic sunset. It is about 1.6 kilometers long and 630 meters high.

The summit of Morne Blanc can be reached via a short, but steep nature trail hike in about an hour. And enjoy panoramic views like no other, so hiking the Morne Blanc Trail is one of the best experiences to do during a tourist vacation in Mahe Seychelles. You can also hike through rare plants and animals, such as the Seychelles black snail, or do Take a guided tour to learn about the history and nature of the island.



swazier waterfall
Swazier waterfall, Seychelles

If you want to experience fresh water swimming in the jungle, just explore a stunning jungle waterfall complete with a deep swimming hole which is Swazier Waterfall. It is the main and best easily accessible waterfall in Mahe Island, and the perfect place to spend some great time during your vacation.

You can do a range of fun recreational things in the waterfall area, the most important of which are jumping from the top of the rocks, and swimming in the pure fresh water. As well as buying fresh coconuts and snacks from the locals abroad, to eat them in the waterfall area. The entrance fee to the waterfall is only about $4.



Strolling the streets of Victoria
Strolling the streets of Victoria Seychelles

Victoria is the capital of Seychelles, and it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. And it’s hard to list the best things to do on Mahe, without talking about the streets of Victoria.

Discover the capital by wandering its lively and colorful streets, and wandering among the many shops and restaurants serving the best of Seychellois cuisine. As well as seeing impressive buildings such as museums such as the Museum of Natural History and the Old Supreme Court.

Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

Seychelles Botanical Gardens is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the island of Mahe Seychelles. It enjoys a tropical climate due to its remote location in the Indian Ocean. Which allowed it to have a collection of the rarest and beautiful plants that are unmatched anywhere else.



The Victorian Botanical Gardens allow tourists to admire the rarest tropical plants from around the world, as well as spot abundant wildlife such as the giant turtle enclosure.

Pool of rocks “Ros Sodyer”
Rock pool in Mahe Seychelles

One of the most beautiful things to do in Mahe Seychelles is cliff-jumping into a deep circular tidal pool called Ross Souder. It is a natural phenomenon in the sense that it is not man-made. This charming rock pool is located on the southwest coast of Mahe Island.

Swim or cliff jump from the rocks atop this small private pool, which is protected by an impressive sloping granite slab during low tide. It is a tidal basin of salt water, which fills with high tide and is very deep. Do not miss visiting this wonderful place.

The most important and famous historical areas of Jajce.

The most important and famous historical areas of Jajce.



old City
The old town of Jajica, Bosnia

The Old Town district is one of the most important and famous historical areas of Jajce. This includes some typical Ottoman architecture, including religious buildings, museums, and others.


Cross the small footbridge over the river, to go see Pliva Falls. You can also dine in a restaurant on the river, and see the lakes and valleys surrounding the town.

Climbing the heights of Jaitsa

All the trails that lead to the most touristic spots in Jajce are marked and interconnected, providing great opportunities for hiking, cliff-climbing and mountain climbing for adventure seekers.



There are many professional tours through hiking trails, climbing mountains covered in coniferous forests. Which are ideal outings for nature lovers. Which makes it one of the most beautiful tourism activities in the recommended city of Jajica, Bosnia.

Jaitsa Castle

Perched on top of a hill overlooking the city, the central castle is a family-friendly tourist attraction. This is the perfect space for children to run and play in.



You can walk on foot to the castle, and see views of the city and the surrounding mountains. As well as some small colorful catacombs of pure rocks, nearby bear tower, riverside motorbike rides, and jogging.

Tourism in Banja Luka, Bosnia, is very popular among tourists

Tourism in Banja Luka, Bosnia, is very popular among tourists



Tourism in Banja Luka, Bosnia, is very popular among tourists. It is the largest city in the entity Republika Srpska, and the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the capital, Sarajevo. It is a city full of picturesque natural wonders, and various attractions, aimed at lovers of adventure and romance. It is also an ideal destination for young people and families alike. This made it one of the most important tourist cities in Bosnia.

Find out through this report the most important information and recommended tourist places in Banja Luka, as well as recommendations for the best hotels to stay during your vacation…



The best hotels in Banja Luka, Bosnia

Enjoy a special stay in one of the most luxurious Banja Luka Bosnia hotels, which provides you with all the comforts and luxury. Especially its unique locations on the banks of the rivers, which made it characterized by its charming views that make you have a perfect vacation… Read more about the best hotels in Banja Luka, Bosnia.

Best time to travel to Banja Luka, Bosnia
The best time to travel and tourism in Banja Luka, Bosnia, is during the spring and summer months. That is, in the period from “April to September”, as those times are the warmest in the country, which provides you with a pleasant holiday, and the opportunity to take a walk to explore the city in an ideal climate.



Where is Banja Luka located?

Banja Luka is located in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the European continent. And that at an altitude of 163 meters above sea level. It is also located among the green hills along the Vrbas River at its confluence with the Vrbanya River. Banja Luka is about 189.7 km away from the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.



The language in Banja Luka, Bosnia
There are three official languages ​​in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian. The English language is also spread among the population by a large proportion.

Tourism in Riga, Latvia is vibrant, exciting adventures and unique experiences. It is

Tourism in Riga, Latvia is vibrant, exciting adventures and unique experiences. It is



the liveliest city in the Baltic states, and there are plenty of things to see and do in this charming tourist spot. Riga has an interesting history and attractions worth exploring, such as the old center of “Old Riga”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In addition to many historical buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, and interesting museums in the open air. As well as recreational parks, rural villages to learn about the customs, traditions and daily life of peasants and villagers in Latvia, and a lot of what made it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Latvia. Learn through this article the most important information and tourist places in Riga that we advise you to visit…



The best hotels in Riga, Latvia

Riga Latvia features a large variety of the most luxurious and luxurious hotels, which guarantee you a comfortable stay during your vacation to have the perfect tourist holiday. These hotels are characterized by their engineering designs that catch the eyes, and their complete facilities and quality of services. It also suits different tourist budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Riga, Latvia.

The best time to travel to Riga, Latvia
The best time to travel and tourism in Riga, Latvia, is between spring and autumn. That is, in the period between “April to September”, where the climatic conditions allow you to take a walk in the city, and practice all the various tourist and recreational activities.

This is far from the icy conditions that characterize the country in the rest of the year. Enjoy watching the delicate autumn foliage, as well as the migrations of birds with geese, ducks and divers, the spring weather and its beautiful flowers and wonderful birds, and the practice of many enjoyable tourist activities.



The ideal period of tourism in Riga, Latvia
The ideal duration of travel and tourism in Riga, Latvia is about three days. During which you can enjoy doing many wonderful things, and explore the most important landmarks of the city. On your first day you can tour the Old Town, explore its cobbled streets and unique medieval architecture, take a short one-hour boat trip along the canal, see the Freedom Monument, and visit the center of Riga.

On the second day, you can head to the Riga Central Market, which is one of the largest in Europe. As well as going to the Museum of the Latvian Occupation, the Open Air Ethnographic Museum. And finally on the third day you can take a day trip to Jurmala, enjoy the sandy Baltic beach, eat the most delicious traditional food in one of the restaurants in Riga, then return to the hotel and arrange your things to prepare for departure.



Where is Riga located?

The city of Riga, the official capital of the Republic of Latvia, is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Daugava River. It rises about six meters above sea level, and is considered one of the largest cities overlooking the Baltic Sea. It is the capital of Latvia.

Closest airport to Riga
Riga International Airport
Riga International Airport is the nearest airport to the city of Riga. It is located in the municipality of Marup, west of Riga and serves Riga, Latvia. It is also the international airport in Riga, and the largest in the Baltic states. The airport is 11.2 km from Riga.



The language in Riga
Latvian is the official language in Riga and in the Republic of Latvia. It is one of the Baltic and Lithuanian languages, which are descended from the Indo-European languages.

Ethnographic Museum in Pristina

Ethnographic Museum in Pristina



Pristina Ethnographic Museum is located in the old town of Pristina and is a must-visit during a Pristina Kosovo tourism holiday. It was opened in 2006. The museum offers you to see many permanent exhibitions, relating to life in Kosovo during the Ottoman era.
It also focuses on the theme of the circle of life, with performances focusing on birth, life, death and heritage in the “birth room” and “death room”. This is in addition to discovering a group of wonderful artifacts such as traditional jewelry, costumes, pottery, weapons and much more.



Museum of Illusions “Illusium”
Museum of Illusions Pristina Kosovo

The Museum of Illusions is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Pristina Kosovo, it offers an exciting experience full of fun and happiness, especially if you are with your children or friends.
Through the museum, physics and optics are displayed alongside impressive artwork and classic puzzles. Immerse yourself in the world of illusions by escaping from reality, trying various tricks and taking great pictures in unbelievable strange poses. It provides you with a world of interactive entertainment through painting with light, creating shadows and many other fun activities.

Shar Mountains National Park
Shar Mountains National Park Pristina Kosovo

If you are looking for an exciting adventure through which to explore the beautiful wonders of nature, then just visit the Char Mountains National Park, it is the perfect recreational place for nature and sports lovers.



The park offers tourists the possibility to go hiking, amidst the vast green spaces and unique nature. As well as mountaineering for adventure lovers, the mountain range stretches from Kosovo to northeastern Albania.

The Gadime Caves of the Mesozoic Era
Caves of Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina Caves is one of the most recommended places to visit in Kosovo. That’s where the caves are filled with impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations, and can be visited on a guided tour.

The caves consist of karst limestone, which is believed to belong to the Mesozoic era. You can reach it by driving for half an hour, most parts of the cave remain unexplored, but the raw beauty and astonishing creativity of nature make Marble Cave a must-visit during your vacation.



Turkish coffee experience in Pristina
Turkish coffee experience in Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo is famous for its great, unmissable coffee. Pristina has a variety of the best cafes and trendy restaurants, with high-level services. Therefore, we advise you to try one of the restaurants or cafes, and enjoy the best taste of irresistible Turkish coffee.

Jeremiah’s garden
Jeremiah Pristina, Kosovo

Jeremiah Park is one of the most beautiful theme parks that you can enjoy during tourism in Pristina, Kosovo. It is a wooded garden with a variety of recreational activities and many cafes.

The park allows its visitors to enjoy walking in the many paths, and the park also includes a fresh water spring that you can drink from. As well as a beautiful swimming pool with a wonderful slide, amphitheater, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts and children’s playgrounds with comfortable seats.

The most famous tourist attractions in Vientiane, Laos

The most famous tourist attractions in Vientiane, Laos



Ocean Park
Ocean Park in Laos

Ocean Park is one of the most important and best places to visit in Vientiane Laos. It is the only water park in Vientiane, and offers a variety of fun activities for adults and children alike.

Enjoy three fast and exciting water slides in Ocean Park, one of which is 15 meters high, and another small one measuring 10 meters. As well as pool bigger, longer and faster waves, also a kids pool, fast food restaurants, and free-to-use cabanas
Plenty of benches around the garden, as well as changing rooms and toilets, and many other services and facilities.



Street food in Vientiane

No tourism in Vientiane Laos is complete without trying its traditional street food. It has a vibrant open-air market lit with festoon lights, for a unique shopping experience.

At this market, you can savor a range of wonderful and delicious Asian foods, such as Japanese sushi, Vietnamese noodles, and BBQ meat on a stick. As well as viewing the many costumes, exhibits, and accessories that you can buy as souvenirs. This is in addition to the possibility of renting a pair of ice skates, and touring the rink, as well as enjoying the famous Thai and American pop music.



Patuxai War Memorial

The Patuxai Monument or Victory Gate is located at the end of Lin Zhang Street in central Vientiane. Batuxay is reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but with Laotian characteristics, as you can easily see the French influence in the construction of this gate as it resembles the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The arch or gate was built to commemorate Laos gaining its independence from France, and to commemorate the martyrs who died in the many wars that Laos faced.



Patuxai is sometimes known as the “vertical runway” because it was built with custom US money and materials. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Vientiane Laos is the Patuxai Monument. The interior of the arch is decorated with paintings of elephants, and you can climb up to the seventh floor to the observation deck above the gate for panoramic views of Vientiane and the Mekong River. In addition to seeing many souvenirs from different countries of the world, the most important of which is the Musical Fountain from China, and the Peace Bell from Indonesia.

Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia “The White City”

Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia “The White City”


Tourism in Belgrade, Serbia, the “White City” is full of vitality and activity, as it is one of the oldest cities on the European continent. Despite its chaotic and turbulent history, it has managed to firmly establish itself on the list of the most important tourist cities in Serbia.



Belgrade has an abundance of tourist attractions, with various parks and amusement parks, important historical buildings, boat rides on the Danube, Orthodox palaces of Serbian kings, museums and theaters and many other important tourist attractions that make it a unique destination. Explore through this article travel and tourism in Belgrade, Serbia and its most important tourist places…



The best hotels in Belgrade, Serbia

Do not worry about looking for accommodation in Belgrade, Serbia, as it has many high-end accommodation and hotels, which have all the various facilities and facilities that meet the requirements of the guests. Belgrade hotels are also distinguished by their varying prices to suit all social classes… Read more about the best hotels in Belgrade, Serbia.

The best time to travel to Belgrade, Serbia
The best time for travel and tourism in Belgrade, Serbia is during the period from “April to June”, as well as from “September to November”. And that’s where the weather is right for a perfect tourist vacation, where it’s warm, dry and nice.

The average temperature ranges between “18 – 22” degrees Celsius, which makes these periods the ideal time to explore the city, and practice many fun outdoor activities with absolute freedom.



The ideal period for tourism in Belgrade, Serbia
The ideal period of travel and tourism in Belgrade, Serbia is approximately three days. This is enough time to enjoy exploring the city and its most important landmarks. You can start your first day by wandering its luxurious streets, discovering old classic Belgrade, and distinctive Serbian buildings. In addition to visiting Belgrade Castle, Branko Bridge, and taking exciting boat tours.

On your second day, you can head to New Belgrade, towards Republic Square to visit the National Museum. And then visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, and Bajraklı Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Belgrade, dating back to the seventeenth century and still in use today. Finally, on the third day, you can try one of the restaurants and cafes, and wander around the famous Belgrade markets to buy souvenirs before preparing to leave the country.



Where is Belgrade located

Belgrade is located in the southeast of the European continent in the country of Serbia, specifically at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava River, and it is known as the White Castle. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, rising 117 meters above sea level. The distance between Belgrade and Vinca is approximately 16.2 km.

Closest airport to Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is the closest airport to the Serbian capital Belgrade, an international airport serving the capital, and the largest and busiest airport in Serbia. The airport is 19.9 km from Belgrade.

The language in Belgrade, Serbia
The Serbian language is the official language of the city of Belgrade, Serbia, and is the most widely spoken language in Serbia. There are also many minority languages, regional and foreign languages, the most important of which is English.