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The tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and Cairo

The tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and Cairo

The tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and Cairo


– Cairo Tower

The tower is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and Cairo, where the tower was built in the shape of a lotus flower, which was sacred to the ancient Egyptians, and its height reaches 187 m. It is considered one of the most tourist attractions in Egypt. Which the ancient Egyptians used to build their temples and the rest of the tower of reinforced concrete. The tower is considered higher than the pyramid of Khufu and its beauty appears at night when its lights are lit to appear in the form of a flower filled with lights, which inspires many tourists to take souvenir photos for them.



– Dream Park amusement park

Dream Park is considered one of the best and most famous amusement parks in Cairo, but in the entire Middle East, as it is distinguished by its diversity between places for young people and places for adults. It is a theme park looking for entertainment for all visitors.

The amazing Dream Park is located in the 6th of October City and was newly established in 1999. It is considered among the best water parks in Cairo. These amusement parks were divided into three sections to suit the diversity in the ages of visitors.

There are also special restaurants in the cabarets that offer the best foods at cheap and imaginary prices, as well as the best drinks at special prices as well, and there are many rest places for visitors.



– Aqua Park Cairo

Aqua Park is famous for its many water games and swimming pools, numbering five swimming pools, which are used by

Find bathrooms for women, as well as places for changing clothes. Through our travel website, we will learn about the advantages they offer as well as the prices of tickets.

It is one of the largest entertainment venues in Egypt because it has vast areas that include many games. Aqua Park El Obour contains many swimming pools for men, women and children as well.

The amusement park features the most famous 9 water games, and the amusement park provides parking spaces for visitors. Besides many famous restaurants that serve the best hot food and offer prices to suit all visitors.There you can spend the whole day at the swimming pool by providing a reservation for the chalets for daily rental, and the amusement park is just ten minutes away from Heliopolis.



 Khan El Khalili

Khan Al-Khalili is considered the most famous, most important and most elegant market in the world. It is Khan Al-Khalili, which is one of the tourist attractions markets, not because of the beauty of its exhibits that express the Egyptian and Islamic civilization. It is located in one of the beautiful neighborhoods of Old Cairo and enjoys the charming Islamic architecture that dates back to the Mamluk era, which is more than 600 years old.

Khan Al-Khalili offers the best souvenirs at prices that suit all individuals, as it includes meticulously imitation and craftsmanship, as well as handicrafts, antiques, metal crafts, traditional clothes and incense, and many popular cafes and restaurants are spread there, and it also attracts visitors to view its exhibits and not only for the purpose of buying and taking souvenir photos, And it has one of the most famous cafés in Cairo, El-Fishawy Café.



– The pyramids and the sphinx
The civilization of the ancient Egyptians is considered the mother of the world’s civilizations and one of the seven wonders of the world, and they were not satisfied with building the huge pyramids only as tombs for them, but they mastered their design from the inside, where they decorated them with pharaonic drawings and put some statues made of special gold and created corridors inside the pyramids, allowing ease of movement