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The best tourist attractions in Marsa Matruh

The best tourist attractions in Marsa Matruh

The best tourist attractions in Marsa Matruh


Do you intend to travel to Marsa Matruh? Tourism in Marsa Matrouh is famous for having the best beaches. Marsa Matrouh is characterized by its soft white sand, and these beaches attract visitors and tourists.



Marsa Matrouh’s climate is characterized by being free from moisture and sweating factors, moderate in summer with high temperature and low in winter and little rainfall.

Marsa Matruh is considered one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities in Egypt, because of its beaches and distinctive and wonderful places.

Tourism in Marsa Matruh
As for the city’s landmarks, they vary between beaches, tourist attractions, and recreational places. Marsa Matrouh is one of the wonderful tourist cities in Egypt because of its beautiful beaches.



The best hotels in Marsa Matruh
Mersa Matruh hotels

Marsa Matrouh has a group of the best hotels in Egypt that you can stay in and enjoy your trip to Marsa Matrouh, discover the best Marsa Matrouh hotels with the best reviews from visitors, read more.

Agiba Beach

Agiba Beach is characterized as the best tourist place in Marsa Matrouh. The beach is located twenty-four kilometers west of the city, where it is characterized by high mountains and gradient waters in white, cyan and dark blue, and is characterized by its unique nature and turquoise waters,


The beach is also characterized by the presence of many rocks scattered along the beach, and to go down to the beach below, the governorate has taken several steps to develop and establish stairs to make it easier for visitors to move

It also set up a corniche at the top to see the entire beach before going down, and warns against descending the beach due to the large presence of rocks, the depth of the water and the difficulty of swimming.

Umm al-Rakhm village

The village is located twenty-three kilometers west of the city. The village is famous for having a coastline with many bays parallel to the beach. Its beaches are characterized by clear water and white sand, such as Al-Obeid Beach and Ajiba Beach.


The village was a fortress and headquarters in the era of King Ramses II. The fort was built in this area to protect the western borders of Egypt from enemy attacks, especially Libya.

And there are many villages such as Blue Beach Village, which includes many projects such as the Zomoroda Blue Beach project and the Armed Forces Tourist Village.

salt cave

The cave is located in the Bedouin village, seven kilometers from the west of the city, and this cave was famous for its salt, which helps to bring out negative energy and replace it with positive energy.


It is also used to treat many diseases such as sinusitis, allergic asthma and some skin diseases.

The cave has been designed very carefully in terms of purity, as it is free from chemical pollutants, and it is similar to real natural caves, and calm colors are used that are comfortable for the eye.

The volatile steam from heating the salt stimulates blood circulation by opening the pores of the skin, and staying in the cave is done either by doing yoga and holding salt in the hand or sleeping on the ground and covered with salt.



Alexandria Street

The Alexandria Street market is one of the most famous markets in Matrouh Governorate. The market is located in the center of the city, and in the market there are many shops famous for selling herbs, olives, all kinds of pulp and mint, as well as shops selling clothes, shoes, accessories and handicrafts,

Many summer residents, if they are not fortunate enough to live in it, try to find places in hotels and summer projects near it on Lido and Alam Al-Rum Streets.


There are also many cafeterias that help to spend a nice time in the open air and see the heritage and anecdotes of the city.

love beach

Al-Gharam Beach is one of the famous beaches in Matrouh Governorate and is located 17 km from the center of Matrouh.

Perhaps the most famous of them is the rock on which the movie Beach of Love was filmed. Since then, the beach has been given this name in relation to the movie. The width of the rock is ten meters, and what makes it more strange is its shape, as it appears in the form of a large shoe.

It provides those on the beach, besides going down to the water, riding boats and yachts, and enjoying the forms of fish that swim and appear without the need to dive because of the purity and clarity of the water. It is considered one of the best beaches for tourism in Marsa Matrouh