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Month: November 2022

One of the medium-sized Krakow gardens and the oldest botanical

One of the medium-sized Krakow gardens and the oldest botanical


Orgód Botaniczny . University Garden
Jagiellonian University Park

One of the medium-sized Krakow gardens and the oldest botanical garden in Poland and includes a large group of plants such as flowers and roses. It is a beautiful and quiet place suitable for walking and relaxing. I think if you are fond of botany or plants lover, you will be interested in visiting this garden, as it contains a large collection of plants.

Especially the beautiful orchids, of which there are many, and the garden is beautifully organized and contains many greenhouses with many plants of various shapes and includes a large group of unique and endangered plants, as it is considered a natural reserve for plants.



If you wish to access the Botanical Garden through Google Maps, click here.

Henryk Jordan . Garden
Henrike Jordan Garden

It is a large park of Krakow’s gardens and is characterized by its beauty. It also contains a number of playgrounds suitable for adults and children, there are games for children, wooden playgrounds, rope structures, ordinary plastic playgrounds, a water playground, next to a hill that you can climb and there is a volleyball court.

It is a park suitable for everything to play, walk and enjoy nature, you can rent bikes, take a walk and have a great day with family, friends or alone, you can also buy some sweets such as cotton candy, waffles, you can buy french fries or you can bring food with you.


If you wish to reach Henrike Park through Google Maps, click here.

Bednarskiego . Garden
Jagiellonian University Park

It is one of Krakow’s distinctive parks because it is located on a large hill above the city next to an old quarry that has now been closed. It is suitable for families. You can spend a good time and take a walk with your family or walk with your loved one and those around you. The charming nature includes more than 100 types of trees such as pine trees.

The park performs environmental and recreational functions, especially for the locals, and includes winding alleys, a children’s playground, a football field, you can walk, ride a bike or sledge in addition to the presence of squirrels in it and they are very cute.



If you wish to reach Bednarskago Park through Google Maps, click here.

Krowoderski Park
Krudrska park

Krudrska Park is located near the residential complexes, but it is one of the parks of Krakow, which is characterized by calm and beauty, as it attracts children to it through the playgrounds designated for them. There are also playgrounds for adults, as it includes a football field, a basketball court and another for volleyball, and cycling paths next to jogging or walking paths .


There is also a special well-secured play area for children that gives parents a sense of safety when their children play in it. It is a garden with a wonderful layout that provides you and your children with a fun time without getting bored as beautiful saffron flowers bloom. I invite you to visit this garden and enjoy nature and games.

If you want to get to Krudrska Park through Google Maps, click here.

Grossalem Restaurant The pioneers of Grossalem restaurant with amazing choices of halal food

Grossalem Restaurant The pioneers of Grossalem restaurant with amazing choices of halal food


Dublin Restaurants
Grossalem Restaurant
Goers of Grossalem Restaurant enjoy an amazing choice of delicious halal food that must be known when deciding to have lunch with the family in its sessions. Sweets lovers can choose from many western cakes, including those flavored with honey, cinnamon, chocolate or mango.

As for the main dishes here, they are often inspired by ancient Arab and European kitchens such as Spain, Italy and Greece, and this means that it is able to satisfy a wide range of tastes, whether in secondary or even basic snacks, and among the most important types that really deserve to be tried are the maqluba, kebabs and hummus with meat. Kofta grilled on charcoal.


Rotana Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
Rotana Restaurant
In Richmond Street in the center of Dublin, the well-known Rotana restaurant is known as a hot spot for lovers of halal Lebanese food, and is characterized by its comprehensive menu from all sides and seasoned with spices that make meat, fish and chicken taste different from anywhere else, and in addition to that there is also here A chef specialized in preparing oriental desserts, such as kunafa with cream, pudding, and more.

The indoor seating area shares the services of the restaurant and the coffee shop at the same time, and enjoys exceptional details such as hanging pictures of the singer Fayrouz on most of the walls with famous phrases in black from her songs engraved on coffee and Nescafe cups. The most common Gulf dishes for lunch are kabsa, biryani, buried next to samosa and lentil soup.



Marrakesh مطعم Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
Marrakech Restaurant
Marrakech Restaurant carries the secrets of Moroccan cuisine to the heart of Dublin, and this is what made it undoubtedly one of the best addresses that should actually be visited when spending the summer vacation in the Irish lands. 2018 AD inside Mindo Hotel, but it won the approval of thousands of people of different nationalities.

The management holds daily some entertainment shows in order to add a lively and enjoyable character to the atmosphere of the restaurant, and its guests are usually pleased to watch oriental dance parties in the manner of the ancient people of Andalusia and loud jazz shows. The modern touch of the place.


Shawarma Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
Shawarma Restaurant
Shawarma is known as a Middle Eastern restaurant located on a main street in Dublin. It relies all days on halal meat from safe local sources and 100% fresh vegetables, and its workers strive to serve orders with a bright smile while being fully prepared for additions not mentioned in the menu.

The shawarma sandwich consists of soft chicken flakes marinated with a variety of spices, along with chili oil, pickled cucumber slices and mayonnaise sauce. As for the side orders, they are often cold soft drinks to speed up the digestion process, and all kinds of dishes here are carefully selected to satisfy all tastes.

A Syrian restaurant known for its wonderful romantic ambiance

A Syrian restaurant known for its wonderful romantic ambiance


Damascus Gate Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
Damascus Gate Restaurant
It is a Syrian restaurant known for its wonderful romantic atmosphere within very quiet seating areas that are rich in Levantine details, whether in the decorations, the way the dishes are served, or the nice way of dealing with customers, so if you are thinking of living a unique dining experience during the vacation, we recommend visiting Damascus Gate with your partner or family .

The team continues to prepare famous foods in the Levant until late at night, and this means that you have the opportunity to taste rice with coriander, fattoush, grape leaves flavored with fresh lemon, handmade baklava and other recipes, and you can take advantage of the happy hour on food and drinks.



Dada Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
dada restaurant
Dada Restaurant has won the admiration of thousands of visitors over the last few years thanks to its total reliance on a responsive staff ready to answer guest inquiries. Moreover, the chef strives to serve traditional Moroccan dishes throughout the day, whether in the salads, soups, main dishes or dessert sections.


On the other hand, the administration gives the visitor the freedom to choose between buying take-away food or eating inside the place, and this also applies to both families and groups of friends. As for the meals recommended to be tasted when visiting, they are hot meat soup, lamb tagine, sweet potato couscous and mushroom salad.

The Cedar Tree Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
cedar tree restaurant
How can we talk about Dublin restaurants without going through the cedar tree, which is of Lebanese origin and is located specifically in the city center on Andrew Street, and is known for preparing an endless and distinctive series of oriental dishes, especially taken from the kitchen of the people of Beirut, for example there are grilled kibbeh, hummus, mutabbal and tabbouleh .


Most of all, the elderly, the owners of wheelchairs and children are welcome as the seating and entrance are equipped with adequate facilities. As for the dining options, they are either takeaway or in the spacious internal courtyards, but it is preferable to call for reservations before arrival to avoid the annoying problem of overcrowding.

Dublin restaurants are unique in attracting chefs with a long history

Dublin restaurants are unique in attracting chefs with a long history


in the world of Arab and Western cooking in order to prepare recipes loaded with spices, dazzling colors and flavors taken from many different cultures and belonging to many peoples.

Therefore, we have chosen for you a comprehensive review of the best restaurants in Dublin in terms of prices, general atmosphere and food taste, and the list will cover both features and exact addresses on a Google map.

Dublin’s best hotels
Dublin Restaurants
Dublin hotels
Dublin hotels have unlimited options of rooms, suites and apartments to host individuals, families, and tourist excursions coming from outside the country. read more.

Dublin’s best restaurants
The Irish capital has a range of halal restaurants on its main streets and upscale neighborhoods to make it easy for residents and tourists alike, so here’s a quick look at the top 10 recommended options for the current year:


olive restaurant
Zaytoun Restaurant wins first place among the favorite suggestions according to visitor ratings, perhaps due mainly to its providing huge quantities of food in the dish for a budget-friendly price, in addition to the fact that the meals with different components are very tasty and rich in nutrients beneficial to the body.

As for its menu, it consists of dozens of items suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner and vegetarian options. Among the most popular requests are chicken liver and beef burger with garlic sauce, and next to it is a basket of Persian bread. Fortunately, the table account can be paid either through debit cards or hardware payments. Mobile via NFC.


Umi Falafel Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
Umi Falafel Restaurant
The smell of falafel that emanates from the Middle Eastern kitchen located on 13 Dam Street on the south side of Dublin is irresistible. It is made to perfection and skill at the hands of a professional chef, so he advises diners to order falafel sandwiches with side appetizers such as green salad, pickles and tahini with a cold soft drink to enjoy a taste My imagination in the early hours of the morning.

In any case, if it is difficult to reach the restaurant area at the present time, you can use the ordering service through the official website, Facebook page or Instagram, but if you are active, it is best to visit its modern sessions, which are equipped with elegant furniture and strong heating for the winter.



Shock Restaurant
Dublin Restaurants
Shawq Restaurant
Most of Dublin’s restaurants are still unable to achieve the difficult equation that is highly demanded by food lovers, but Shawq combines comfortable seating, quick service, high level of cleanliness and delicious food in one place, so it deservedly held the title of the best vegetable restaurant in the capital in recent months.

In short, there are plenty of chairs in the corners and around the table indoors while the visitor can also sit on one of the chairs in the sunny outdoor area, and his menu includes dishes inspired by several kitchens, cocktails and Arabic sweets in conjunction with a special section for young children’s meals.

The soul loves to be in places that are comfortable for the nerves

The soul loves to be in places that are comfortable for the nerves

and are characterized by calmness and a wonderful view. Krakow Gardens is one of those places that give this impression. Most of the gardens were formed by nature, along with some interest from the state, which led to the emergence of this beautiful final form that attracts you in a strange way and charm towards it. You are on a tour in Poland and passed by the malls of Krakow, do not forget to have a good time and stroll inside the Krakow Gardens, you will like it very much.

The best hotels in Krakow
Krakow hotels

Krakow hotels are designed to suit all visitors’ requirements and help them have a comfortable and quality stay. After a hard day of roaming in Krakow, you need a place to rest in. Krakow hotels provide you with your request. They are designed with a mixture of


modern and old architecture, including what is located on stunning natural views in addition to the excellent service within the hotel The rooms and suites are equipped with the best facilities and services, and the most important thing is the hotels are very clean and the workers are helpful….read more.

Krakow’s best parks
Beauty has a special charm that attracts you to it without realizing it, and Krakow Gardens, glory be to those who created this beauty, you will enjoy a lot of the wonderful and natural atmosphere around you, so be sure to visit one of the parks of Krakow.

Planty Garden

The Planty Park is located in the center of the city, and the most important thing that distinguishes it from the Krakow Gardens is a


series of gardens extending over 4 km and containing corridors, trees and lawns surrounding the historical center of Krakow.

The garden is suitable for spending quality time with family or friends, children can play and you can go for a walk or ride a bike, and it contains a lot of wooden benches to sit, and it contains ponds and some wonderful bridges, and it is decorated with tall trees and beautiful flowers of different colors. It is a distinctive and beautiful garden that you will love very much.


If you would like to reach the Planty Garden through Google Maps, click here.

Multiple tourist attractions direct border line between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates

Multiple tourist attractions direct border line between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates


Many are looking for places that have many tourist attractions, because the pleasure of traveling from one place to another is that some tourists are able to renew energy through a tourist trip. You will find that the Wilayat of Al Buraimi, which is located on the direct border line between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, It has some ingredients to attract tourists.

As the wilayat is considered a large Omani market and includes a group of important historical monuments and is also interested in developing some recreational places that contribute to the establishment of a tourist trip filled with pleasure, you can wander between Al Buraimi malls, markets, gardens, and some restaurants and various hotels.

The best hotels in Al Buraimi
Al Buraimi Malls



Do not worry about staying on your trip to Al Buraimi, which includes several hotels with excellent service that satisfies all tourists coming to it to spend a good time among many entertainment places, your stay will be filled with calm and relaxation to take a good sleep and rest to complete your trip, read more.

The best malls in Al Buraimi
Shopping is one of the most important activities that tourists do when visiting Buraimi, where you can go to the group of malls that are available, here are the best malls in the state.

Al Buraimi Malls

Miss Max is one of the most famous malls in the privileged state of Brimi, which is a great opportunity to shop among the various shops that offer all products and supplies of different brands and competitive prices that satisfy all categories of visitors.


If you are looking for different purposes, make sure that everything you desire is under one roof, which will save you time and effort, from clothes for women, men and children, shoes, home supplies and decoration tools, and the necessary kitchen utensils and other tools for the kitchen, in addition to what the center provides Services include a private car park.

You can also reach Miss Max Center through Google Maps from here.

Buraimi City Center
Al Buraimi Malls

Shopping is the best fun for all women, and in a constant search for the most beautiful, in addition to comparing prices and searching for the least expensive, and because Al Buraimi malls include all the means that save effort, you will find among them Al Buraimi City Center.


The center is intended for large numbers of visitors, especially women, where there is a large collection of various women’s clothing stores, as well as some shops that sell fabrics of the finest types, and there are those who detail these fabrics by the best designers in elegant and beautiful forms.

If you want to go to Al Buraimi City Center you can do so through Google Maps from here.

Getting ready for a new home or you’re a fan of change and renovation in your home

Getting ready for a new home or you’re a fan of change and renovation in your home

enthusiasm market
Al Buraimi Malls

If you are preparing for a new home or you are a fan of change and renovation in your home in terms of decor and furniture, you will find that Hamasa market is the right one within Al Buraimi malls, which gives you a unique opportunity to shop among many diverse stores.

Do not miss one of the market stores that offer a range of different furniture that is influenced by the distinguished Egyptian taste, in addition to fabric stores for curtains of the finest types, and there are also some stores that specialize in decorative tools such as wallpaper, all at medium prices that satisfy all visitors.

When you go to the enthusiasm market you can use Google Maps from here.

Buraimi Mall
Al Buraimi Malls

Perhaps you are looking for a place where you have everything you want to buy things and also spend a fun time shopping and touring among the various shops, and this is provided to you by Al Buraimi malls, including Al Buraimi Mall, which consists of two floors, each floor has several different stores.

One of the features of the mall is the presence of a branch of the Amman Cooperative Society, and there are also a group of shops for clothes and shoes, in addition to the important services available, including some restaurants in the mall that offer various delicious dishes, and a private parking lot.

You can also reach Al Buraimi Mall through Google Maps from here.


Don’t miss a visit to one of Al Buraimi’s malls

Al Buraimi provides many factors and elements of pleasure for all tourists coming to it to spend an enjoyable trip, a group of malls that are the main goal in enjoying shopping and buying all kinds of items, food commodities and various household supplies.

Al Buraimi Central Market is a beautiful heritage market located

Al Buraimi Central Market is a beautiful heritage market located

Al Buraimi Central Market
Al Buraimi Malls

Al Buraimi Central Market is a beautiful heritage market located near the fort, as it is a distinguished market and one of the famous markets in the region. If you are looking for all food products and agricultural crops, you should include the market in your marketing plan, which will definitely be interesting among Al Buraimi malls.

The market provides important foodstuffs, which are characterized by the fact that they are fresh from all crops, including vegetables and fruits, in addition to the finest types of spices and various spices, and wonderful mahog coffee. One of the most important features of the market is the presence of old women who exhibit rare traditional things, as many are looking for them, which expresses their state heritage.

You can also reach Al Buraimi Central Market through Google Maps from here.

Gulf lights markets
Al Buraimi Malls

Many families choose malls to buy all the household necessities of food products and various goods, so there is a time dedicated to shopping between the shops to wander and buy, so the Gulf lights markets are among the list of Al Buraimi malls that provide everything you want to buy.

The mall includes a group of shops that sell all the needs of the house from food commodities from legumes and canned dairy products from various companies, juices and various types of chocolate, on the first floor of the mall, as for the second floor you will find some clothes for women, men and children with different tastes.

You can also access Gulf Lights Markets through Google Map from here.


Meydan Mall
Al Buraimi Malls

Women have the largest share of shopping and buying among Al Buraimi malls, which contain the most important stores filled with things that all women need, as many of them head to Meydan Mall, which is among the most beautiful malls in the region, in addition to its location among some important facilities.

It is one of the largest complexes of women’s clothing stores, including gowns and dresses with the finest fabrics and the most beautiful designs, fabrics that are suitable for detail, women’s accessories, and perfumes of the most famous brands. The mall provides several services, including a private parking lot, a prayer room for men and women.

You can also reach Maidan Mall through Google Maps from here.

Gold Coast markets to buy your needs and to see art exhibitions

Gold Coast markets to buy your needs and to see art exhibitions


Do you prefer Turkish or Persian food?

Or would you like to try an authentic Japanese or Italian meal? You will find all kinds of food that you prefer or want to try in Gold Coast restaurants. After you pass through the Gold Coast markets to buy your needs and see the art exhibitions in those markets, you are ready to relax and eat a delicious meal in a distinctive restaurant in the heart of the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast’s best hotels
Gold Coast Hotels

Gold Coast hotels are characterized by excellent service and good reception, in addition to providing all the ways and means to give you a comfortable and healthy stay in a clean, calm and clean atmosphere. read more.


Best Restaurants in Gold Coast
When you visit the Gold Coast, make sure that you are on a trip across the different continents of the world, where the restaurants are distinguished by their diversity and offer a bouquet of food and items from all over the world, so we have chosen the best Gold Coast restaurants for you that we advise you to visit.

Shiraz Persian Restaurant

Take a trip to Persia with the delicious and vegetarian meals offered by Shiraz Persian Restaurant, the only Persian restaurant you will find during your tourism trip in Australia and the winner of several awards based on the opinions of visitors who enjoyed their experience in this special restaurant from Gold Coast restaurants where suitable spaces to gather friends.

Enjoy indoor dining with nearly two hundred seats spread out, or you can enjoy your meal in the open air with wonderful and organized sessions suitable for the family, in addition to the presence of free parking for the restaurant, and be sure to come early for your appointment to get a place in The situation gets crowded quickly despite the presence of express delivery services and do not miss the continuous offers and discounts that you can take advantage of.

If you want to reach Shiraz Persian Restaurant through Google Maps, click here.


Alachati Restaurant
Alacati Restaurant

When you enter the Alacati Restaurant on the Gold Coast, you take a trip to the town of Alacati in Turkey, which is characterized by its unique architecture, which this restaurant among the Gold Coast restaurants was able to express in its unique and luxurious decorations consisting of wooden tables and pillows with wonderful colors and Turkish lamps that add a special touch to the restaurant .



This restaurant is suitable for private gatherings with your family or friends, where you enjoy a traditional Turkish meal with a special and unique taste that you will not forget from the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Excellent service and hospitality assets.

If you want to reach Alacati Restaurant through Google Maps, click here.

Amin’s Kitchen
Amnes Kitchen Restaurant

Savor the authentic Indian cuisine known for its special flavor at Amin Kitchen, where you will enjoy a wonderful and energizing meal of fresh meat biryani in a Gold Coast restaurant with a special seasoning of spices and herbs.


Get the spicy taste in curry meals as you find all the distinguished traditional Indian dishes in the heart of the Gold Coast, and the restaurant is distinguished by serving chicken with butter, which is one of the popular meals in the restaurant in addition to other healthy meals.

If you want to reach Amin Kitchen through Google Maps, click here.

The best dishes of meat and biryani with special foods you will find in India,

The best dishes of meat and biryani with special foods you will find in India,


Tandoori Place Restaurant

The best dishes of meat and biryani with special foods you will find in India, and your visit to the Gold Coast will not be complete without a visit to Tandoori Plus restaurant, where the original Indian tandoori meals that satisfy all tastes, biryani and kadai paneer and a variety of cuisine between grilled chicken, meat and fresh fish.

Among the Gold Coast restaurants, this restaurant has gained international fame for being one of the best tandoori restaurants, and it is no wonder that the most skilled Indian chefs prepare meals with unique ingredients and special spices, and there is no doubt that you want to get a suitable conclusion to your meal and you will not find better than Indian sweets Delicious food served by the restaurant.

If you want to reach Tandoori Plus through Google Maps, click here.

Afghani Charcoal Kebab House
Afghani Restaurant

Don’t be surprised and come to the Afghan Chirkul Kebab House where the original taste of kebabs in this restaurant from Gold Coast restaurants because you will find the best types of kebabs prepared on charcoal from fresh and delicious meat, where the unique flavor of Afghan and Pakistani meals, it is really a great experience to have a meal of delicious kebab at a price Reasonable in this restaurant.

The restaurant is characterized by the presence of very friendly staff who greet you with a welcoming smile and help you when you need anything. The decorations are calm and attractive. We suggest that you when you go to the restaurant order chicken biryani because you will love it and find an authentic flavor, in addition to that, you can order your favorite meal and eat it outside the restaurant at work if You are busy and do not have time to sit down.

If you want to reach an Afghani restaurant Chirkul Kebab House through Google Maps, click here.

Citrique Restaurant
Citric Restaurant


Would you like to try a variety of cuisines at one of the Gold Coast’s signature restaurants? If Citric Restaurant is what you are looking for, where delicious dinners prepared by professional chefs, you can enjoy Indian meals that are flavored with special spices, and find many seafood dishes that have been carefully prepared from fresh ingredients and mixed with toppings that give you an unforgettable taste.

In addition to sweets of various types, what distinguishes the restaurant is the various breakfast meals that come to you from different continents, where Asian and European meals and delicious foods such as omelettes, eggs, meat, fruits, types of pastries and cheeses, all of which you get fresh with a distinctive flavor.

If you want to reach Citric Restaurant through Google Maps, click here.

Kiyomi Restaurant
Kiumi Restaurant

From the heart of Asia to the heart of Australia on a transcontinental journey that brings you great Asian food to get you at Kiyomi Restaurant, one of the famous Gold Coast restaurants that offers you delicious meals of Japanese cuisine amidst exquisite decorations, designs and charming decorations.


Choose your favorite meal from the best foods offered by the restaurant in a unique and special menu that has been carefully developed containing items to suit all tastes and save you a trip to Japan.

If you want to get to Kiyumi Restaurant through Google Maps, click here.

Balboa Italian Restaurant

Who among us does not like outstanding Italian food, such as pizza or delicious pasta, and certainly your children have asked you more than once for a meal of wonderful Italian pizza, and although there are many restaurants that try hard to provide Italian meals, they do not succeed in giving you the authentic Italian taste.

And you get this authentic taste at Balboa Italian Restaurant, which is one of the unique Gold Coast restaurants and specializes in providing delicious Italian meals with an original flavor that you can enjoy with your family members in an integrated and unique experience based on a whole team of chefs and distinguished staff.


If you want to reach the Italian restaurant Balboa through Google Maps, click here.