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The most 4 important museums in Bahrain

The most 4 important museums in Bahrain

Bahrain has a long history expressed by Bahrain’s historical museums, in addition to modern and civilized museums. Bahrain is a mixture of the past and the present. Bahrain museums provide you with distinguished cultural information and explain a long


history stored between its wings, and civilized museums give a picture of the progress and development that the country has reached.

1- Bahrain National Museum

Located along the Bahraini Corniche, the Bahrain National Museum is the Queen’s National Museum and is a source of pride for many locals, and for the very good reason that it gives visitors the opportunity to learn about Bahrain’s history from its inception to the modern era.

It also displays the works of young artists and takes you in a wonderful maze of pictures and artworks. The ground floor displays the discoveries of the Danish archaeologists who revealed the remains of the Dilmun civilization and the traces of the ancient traders who ruled the roads in the Arabian Gulf region and settled in Bahrain.

The museum also includes one of the unusual at all, a tablet from the Epic of Gilgamesh. You will certainly lose a lot if you miss visiting this amazing museum, not to mention its beautiful and distinctive shape.



2- The Holy Quran House Museum

This museum was established in 1990 in order to serve the Noble Qur’an and its related sciences to later become one of the most famous Islamic museums due to the presence of many copies of the Qur’an and manuscripts dating back to the Caliphate of Othman bin Affan – may God be pleased with him. different.

3- Bahrain Fort Museum

Bahrain Fort, or Portugal Fort, is a fortress located in the Seef suburb and contains a museum that includes archaeological findings in and around the castle. It is located on the seashore on the northern side of the island of Bahrain and is sandwiched between the village of Karbabad from the east and the village of Hillat Abdul Saleh from the south and west.



This site is very large, as it is in fact the main center of the Dilmun civilization, and this is represented in the plateau of the castle, where it is surrounded by the huge city wall. This site includes the Bahrain Fort, the Islamic Palace, the Dilmun cities and the port of Dilmun.

The castle, set on a wide hill, was the main site for the research and excavations of the French archaeological mission. The French mission in the castle replaced the Danish mission that discovered the site in the fifties. One of the most important discoveries of the French mission is the discovery of the layers of the Middle Dilmun eras, where it found many clay tablets that are considered the administrative archive. which was written in cuneiform.



4- Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fateh Castle

The castle of Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fateh overlooks a low valley between the east and west of Riffa, which made it in a distinguished strategic position during the eighteenth century. It was used in recent years as a private residence, but has now been restored and is open to the public.



The castle contains heart-stopping passages of Arabic calligraphy as well as wonderful illuminated Qur’anic inscriptions and other religious documents. And the visit is not complete without seeing the traditional and handicraft paintings that were displayed in a striking style through the construction of a typical market of the 1930s.

The best amusement park in Bahrain

The best amusement park in Bahrain

There are entertainment and amusement parks in Bahrain for all family members, and they range from regular amusement parks and game parks, and between water


parks and dolphin shows, as it is a wonderful destination for all family members. We show you the best and most famous amusement parks in Bahrain:

Wahooo park

Wahooo Water Park offers unparalleled fun for the whole family, with water games for children and water games for adults.

It also has two halls, one indoor and covered, while the other is an outdoor hall, so it is the most appropriate and best entertainment place you can go to and you can find it in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, especially City Center Bahrain.

There are a variety of activities that the whole family can do, and your children can enjoy a wonderful garden filled with their own games.

If you are a swimming enthusiast, you can swim in the swimming pools and lakes, which are



far from the water sports venues.

Of course, you enjoy the various water games in the indoor garden, where you will find a spiral cylinder that slides into the water, a Matt Reese game, and a Master Blaster game.

You also enjoy surfing in the outdoor area, through the fun and exciting game of Flo Rider.

Dolphin Resort

The Dolphin Resort Bahrain is one of the most interesting and most famous recreational centers in the Bahraini capital, Manama.

At the Dolphin Resort in Bahrain, you will enjoy watching the most beautiful performances and acrobatic movements of dolphins alone and accompanied by specialized trainers, and there you and your children will be able to get close to dolphins, play and swim with them and take some souvenir photos.



The resort also includes an outdoor children’s play area, and another indoor games area that also includes electronic games, interesting video games, billiards and snooker tables, and a restaurant serving various types of drinks and food from various Arab and international cuisines.

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun

Two residents of Bahrain do not disagree about the magnificence and scope of the water park, the Lost Paradise of Dilmun, which contains up to 20 water games.

In addition to chalets for rent, in addition to the various daily activities that can be carried out, this city is suitable for young people as well as families.

virgin park

Located in the Ain Adhari area, it is a comprehensive entertainment place that includes amusement parks for games as well as water games. The amusement park has 38 different and varied games that children and adults enjoy alike. This park is considered one of the best and most wonderful amusement parks in Bahrain



It contains four game areas divided as Sport Camp, Grove Town, Indoor Entertainment Area, and Discovery Village. These four areas contain 38 games that were previously mentioned

Among the most interesting games are the monorail and also the exciting road train, mini golf, and bumper car games.

It also contains many electronic games that you can find in the covered hall. You will find a special bowling hall inside the park if you are a bowling fan.

As for the water games that you can enjoy in the Adhari Park, the log flume game, and the pedal boat game, and this is of course inside the lake in the park.



– Lagoon Park

The Lagoon Park was built, one of the most important recreational parks in Bahrain, within the famous Amwaj Islands in the Muharraq Governorate in the Kingdom of Bahrain,

Lagoon Park is an important shopping center with nearly 77 stores of, and many world-famous restaurants, which makes your destination very enjoyable, especially since Lagoon Park is located directly on the waterfront.

It is worth noting that Lagoon Park hosts many festivals and entertainment events, such as Yala Bahrain, which offers many shows and concerts, and it also hosts art exhibitions related to painting, photography, and others. You may want to attend one of these events.

Amwaj Islands Bahrain

Although it is not one of the most attractive destinations at the moment, but it promises a bright future, it is a group of artificial islands located in the northeastern part of the Kingdom of Bahrain.




It includes a number of hotels, resorts, and large commercial centers and provides all possible means of entertainment, from periodic events to water sports activities that are most attractive to young people, such as diving, kayaking or surfing. Saraya Beach is one of the best places.

KidZania, Japan for children

“KidZania®” is one of the most important concepts of multi-award winning entertainment and educational centers, which was opened for the first time in the Middle East within “The Dubai Mall”, through an exclusive partnership agreement with “Emaar Entertainment”.

KidZania, which extends over an area of ​​80,000 square feet, is designed as a miniature city that combines recreational and educational games in an atmosphere full of fun, excitement and interest, and is located on the second floor of the Dubai Mall.

KidZania provides an environment full of entertainment and scientific interest, in a safe and unique atmosphere, where children have the opportunity to spend wonderful times in their favorite game: role-playing and imitating the



professions of adults. In a simulated world, children perform their favorite occupations, get paid in kidzos when they complete their tasks in each occupation, and can spend what they earn on various recreational facilities such as driving at the racetrack or shopping.

KidZania has been designed as a real mini-city suitable for children, with all its basic elements from institutions and an integrated economic system to streets, sidewalks and transportation.

The most 6  important malls in Bahrain

The most 6  important malls in Bahrain

Bahrain malls are distinguished shopping centers in which the visitor can find all his requirements and contain the most famous international brands. The malls also include entertainment and



entertainment centers and provide a variety of services to their visitors, and we review the most famous of them.

City Center Mall

One of the most important shopping and entertainment venues in the Arabian Gulf, with more than 350 retail stores and malls, in addition to the amazing shopping opportunities it offers, restaurants and cafes that provide the best sessions.

It includes a number of entertainment facilities such as the “Wahoo” water park, the amazing “Cinco 20” cinema halls with a number of screens with twenty screens, in addition to the “Magic Planet” amusement park, where there are exciting games suitable for all ages.



Dragon City Complex

The giant shopping complex “Dragon City” is built in the style of traditional Chinese construction and is located on the island of Muharraq in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In addition to the shopping area and shops, the project includes storage areas, entertainment areas, car parking areas, and a restaurant area.

It is considered the largest Chinese wholesale and retail market in Bahrain. The market includes everything that comes to your mind from fashion, sportswear, children’s clothing, furniture, electronics and many more.
– Bahrain Mall



Bahrain Mall is located in Sanabis City, Manama and is definitely one of the best malls in Bahrain.

The center includes a car park, a large supermarket, and a variety of stores spread over two floors. Bahrain Mall is a trusted destination for the residents of the Kingdom.

– Bahrain Avenues

The Avenues is a shopping mall located on the waterfront along Bahrain Bay in Manama and is the first shopping and entertainment destination of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is inspired by The Avenues – Kuwait.

While the mall extends over only one floor, The Avenues Bahrain also includes a private games hall and 12 cinemas. As well as public parks, footpaths, and car parks.
Juffair Mall



Juffair Mall is located in the Juffair district of Manama. Visitors can access shops, a spacious food court, and cinemas, all spread across the five-storey shopping mall.

Juffair Mall is a convenient destination that offers all the requirements of families, residents and tourists. This intimate place is definitely one of the best malls in Bahrain


MODA Mall Bahrain

Moda Mall Bahrain is considered the most prestigious mall in Bahrain at all, and although it is the smallest complex in Manama in terms of area, it includes the largest gathering of the most luxurious international brands, and it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bahrain, and one of the favorite places for fashion lovers and the latest international fashion.

Within the Moda Mall Bahrain stores, you will find the finest and most luxurious types of clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches and others, which belong to the most famous international brands such as Bulgari, Dior and Chanel, and you will also find many distinctive fashion exhibitions, as well as the most important fashion shows and fashion shows for the most famous fashion designers in the world.


The mall also includes a 5-star hotel, the Sheraton Hotel, beauty and skin care centers, sports and fitness centers, in addition to many high-end and famous restaurants serving various types of Arab and international cuisine and fast food such as Base Restaurant, and international cafes such as Costa and Caribou.

The most important 5 parks and gardens in Bahrain

The most important 5 parks and gardens in Bahrain

Bahrain is distinguished by its many family parks and wonderful gardens, and we will review the most important of them.



1- Marina Corniche

The Marina Corniche, Marina Garden Park, is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Bahrain, and it is an area located on the sea with a large area of ​​green spaces, as well as many parks and attractions that suit families and friends.

The Bahrain Marina Corniche includes playing halls such as bowling and others, and many restaurants and cafes as well.

The Marina area is located on large green areas. It is a suitable place for morning or evening outings, especially family outings. There is a special place for barbecue trips, which makes your outing more special. There is also a children’s play park so that everyone in the family can enjoy a picnic.



The Marina Corniche also provides you with a panoramic view of the sea that you can enjoy, and you can also stroll or jog as light morning sports on the Marina Corniche.

2- Khalifa Bin Salman Park

The Khalifa bin Salman park is one of the most beautiful and charming places in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Khalifa bin Salman park is located near the bridge leading to Muharraq Island in the city of Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The park is characterized by its beautiful view of the city of Manama, and it is also characterized by containing green areas overlooking the sea, which makes it a distinctive natural place.



Khalifa Bin Salman Park is a perfect place to spend a fun time and take a relaxing picnic, to provide all the tranquility factors of greenery, sea and clean air. The park also provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city of Manama on the seashore.

Working hours: daily from seven in the morning until ten in the evening.

3- Al Areen Park and Reserve

Al Areen Park and Reserve is a very interesting recreational place for the child and the family as well. You will find it fun to watch the living creatures, as it contains four places for predators, wild birds, wild plants and water birds. Information about animals and birds in the reserve.



The park contains 100,000 species of cultivated plants and trees as well as the presence of more than 45 species of animals, 82 species of birds and 25 species of plants.

Species that roam the nature reserve section of the park include the Arabian Oryx, which is now extinct in the wild, the South African leopard, the lion, the savannah walrus, the African rock python, the gazelle, the springbok, the African wild dog, the spotted hyena, the greyhound, Impala, fallow deer, zebra chapman’s donkey, honey badger and desert rabbit



4- Andalusia Garden

This is a great place for running and exercising, as here there is a volleyball and basketball court and a walking path. This park enjoys a central location in Manama, making it easily accessible from any part of the country.



5- Arad Doha Park and Reserve

This is another popular park located in Muharraq. It has all the facilities of playgrounds, walking paths and a restaurant, in addition to a long distance along the sea side, making it an ideal place for a body workout. This is in addition to stunning views and being a suitable place for children to play. It is not only a park but also a nature reserve.

One of the best five star luxury hotels

One of the best five star luxury hotels

The Ritz-Carlton Royal Beach Club

One of the best five-star luxury hotels in the Kingdom of Bahrain, one of Bahrain’s best beaches is located at the Ritz-Carlton Royal Beach Club, Bahrain. The luxury hotel is


located on a private island and offers a membership to the beach club. This membership allows you to enjoy the hotel’s services all year round, and this includes access to the hotel’s premium beach in addition to enjoying several wonderful swimming pools as well.

This membership is very useful in the summer time, you can forget about the summer heat and enjoy the luxury this summer at the beaches of the Ritz-Carlton.


yacht club

This club located on Sitra Island started operating in 1977 and has one of the best beaches in Bahrain. The club also has a wonderful swimming pool for adults and another for children.

Many excellent services are also available in the club, including the opportunity to practice sailing and several other water sports, as well as a training program for those who want to learn to sail.

It is always possible to obtain membership in the club, the club welcomes all residents of Bahrain, and visitors can enter the club and enjoy the excellent beach for an entry fee.


The winter season

during which the temperatures drop slightly, and the winter nights are lower in temperatures than the day, when the weather is mild and beautiful and small amounts of rain fall. as for spring and fall they are very short in Bahrain. The few rains that fall in Bahrain make the natural plants few, and they do not differ from what grows in the rest of the Arab Gulf countries.

Historical and archaeological sites
Among the most important museums are the Bahrain National Museum, Rashid Al Arifi Museum, Muharraq, the Diving and Pearl Museum, the Bahrain Fort Site Museum, the House of the Qur’an, and among the ancient castles are Bahrain Fort, also known as “Portugal Castle”, Arad Fort,


Riffa Fort, also known as “Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort.” Al-Fateh”, Bu Maher Castle, Al-Khamis Mosque, Dilmun Burials, A’ali Cemetery, Ein Um Al-Sujur, Barbar Temple, Diraz Temple, Saar settlement, interlocking tombs west of Saar settlement, Samaheej Mosque, Siyadi House, Sheikh Isa bin Ali House, Khalaf House, Building Bin Matar, Al-Qaysaria Market, Sovereign House, Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifia School, Jamsheer House, Tumoli Fields in Al-Areen District

Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain is characterized by many wonderful places and landmarks that attract it and most of the tourists who come from the neighboring Gulf countries by virtue of the bridge with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



The tourist attractions trace their origins back to ancient civilizations such as the Dilmun civilization that was in the area. This is in addition to some recent landmarks that affected the tourism movement in Bahrain, as well as horse races, car racing and Formula 1. There are also many popular markets and gold markets. This is also due to psychological safety compared to the rest of the world and to the morals of the people of Bahrain, which endear the visitor on his journey.


Transportation and transportation in Bahrain
Bahrain has one major international airport, Bahrain International Airport which is located on the island of Muharraq, in the northeast.

Climate in Bahrain
Bahrain’s climate is characterized by low rainfall, hot sun and intense humidity. Bahrain witnesses two main seasons in the year in which temperatures vary: the summer is very hot and dry, and the humidity is high, which reaches more than 80% in some periods and does not rain.

The winter season, during which the temperatures drop slightly, and the winter nights are lower in temperatures than the day, when the weather is mild and beautiful and small amounts of rain fall. as for spring and fall they are very short in Bahrain. The few rains that fall in Bahrain make the natural plants few, and they do not differ from what grows in the rest of the Arab Gulf countries.


Historical and archaeological sites
Among the most important museums are the Bahrain National Museum, Rashid Al Arifi Museum, Muharraq, the Diving and Pearl Museum, the Bahrain Fort Site Museum, the House of the Qur’an, and among the ancient castles are Bahrain Fort, also known as “Portugal Castle”, Arad Fort, Riffa Fort, also known as “Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort.” Al-Fateh”, Bu Maher Castle, Al-Khamis Mosque, Dilmun Burials, A’ali Cemetery, Ein Um Al-Sujur, Barbar Temple, Diraz Temple, Saar settlement, interlocking tombs west of Saar settlement, Samaheej Mosque, Siyadi House, Sheikh Isa bin Ali House, Khalaf House, Building Bin Matar, Al-Qaysaria Market, Sovereign House, Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifia School, Jamsheer House, Tumoli Fields in Al-Areen District


Best time to visit Bahrain
The period from October to March is the best time to visit Bahrain, as the temperatures are very pleasant in Bahrain during these months, but if you are a fan of Formula 1 then you should definitely plan your visit to Bahrain during the months of March and April.

The cost of tourism in Bahrain
The cost of a medium-cost tourist trip for two people for a week in Bahrain is about 1150 US dollars, which includes accommodation, food, transportation and sightseeing without calculating airline tickets. Lunch prices: start from 10 USD per meal. Hotel rates: start from $28 for two people for one night.

Visitors residing in the GCC countries
All citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) can visit the Kingdom of Bahrain without the need to issue a visa.


Bahrain’s best hotels

Bahrain has a large variety of excellent accommodation and accommodation that it offers to its guests, and we will show you the best hotels in Bahrain to facilitate the visitor who is at a loss to choose between the best

The most  4  important markets in Bahrain

The most  4  important markets in Bahrain


Bahrain contains many distinct and unique markets in the Arabian Gulf. In addition to its enjoyment of owning a large number of commercial malls, Bahriyet owns a group of distinct and specialized markets that fascinate you when you visit them, and they are like malls that provide all the needs of its visitors. And for more of the most important markets in Bahrain.




1- Manama Souq

The Manama Souq is one of the most famous markets in the capital, Manama, in Bahrain. It is suitable for everyone, as it contains all products and basic commodities, from monthly Bahraini spices, fragrant perfumes to precious jewelry, fashion stores and much more.

In the Manama Souq, you will find simple shops, luxury shops, in addition to buying clothes, you can pass by antiques, gold, perfume and incense stores.

2- Al-Qaysaria market

It includes a group of shops, the most famous of which sells the original natural pearls, which are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity upon purchase. This site was registered on the World Heritage List in 2012.



It is one of the oldest historical places in the Muharraq market and one of the most unique ancient markets in Bahrain. Al Qaysariya Souq is not only distinguished by its beautiful historical architectural design, but – and this is the most important – it is also distinguished by being an outlet for selling natural pearls that have a certificate of authenticity.

The beginnings of this market go back to the nineteenth century when pearls were the backbone of Bahrain’s economy. The Bahraini government has revitalized the market as an important archaeological and historical place, and in 2012 it was classified by UNESCO on the list of human heritage. The Qaisariya market is located on the western side of Muharraq Island.



3- Muharraq market
An old popular market that offers visitors many popular shops and restaurants, and is famous for its Bahraini sweets, nuts, clothes, abayas, perfumes and spices, and to buy the best monthly Arabic coffee.

It gives you a chance to walk the winding lanes with the aroma of delicious freshly prepared Arabic coffee, see the soaring wind towers and watch the Bahraini community closely and the residents laughing and joking with the vendors while they shop.

Although most of the shops in the Muharraq market are antique, and do not contain a lot of decoration, or design, but at the same time they are filled with many unique products that are worth seeing,



You will find various kitchen utensils, as well as places to sell used tools, stores that sell international cosmetics, pharmacies, fashion show places and many other important needs.

4- Souq Waqif
There is Souq Waqif in the southwest of Manama, which follows Hamad Town. It is the best place to buy important food commodities of fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are displayed in attractive rows.


In the market there is a whole row for selling different costumes, and another description for selling animals and birds. Souq Waqif is one of the comprehensive markets and is classified among the antique cultural markets, where the market offers many antiques and handicrafts.

In addition to the antique daggers, visitors can walk in the market to learn more about Bahrain’s character or ride horses or donkeys and tour it in the market, and one of its most important activities is the organization of many cheerful folk festivals.

The best beaches in Bahrain

The best beaches in Bahrain

Bahrain is a destination for family tourism and is characterized by the presence of distinctive tourist places, and we will review the most important of them.



The best beaches in Bahrain
Bahrain is characterized by the presence of the wonderful beaches that he enjoys, which he does not miss, the most important of which are.



– Karbabad Beach

If you like walking on the Corniche, it has a special charm from seeing the sun setting beautifully and disappearing, and the place there is very romantic and has wonderful sessions for families. Along the beach corniche, you see whole families of children, young people and the elderly playing and having fun, along Karbabad Beach.

Bahrain Beach

A popular option with families, it gets crowded on weekends as the little ones play and run. It is located near Manama and Durrat Al Bahrain, and is easily accessible, which is sure to ensure you have a good time. Marassi Al Bahrain coast beach

Marassi Al Bahrain is located in the Muharraq Governorate, and it is a more than wonderful beach and very much preferred by children, so it is one of their first requests for tourism in Bahrain. A group of young people playing tennis on the sea, and along the small beach, which does not exceed a kilometer in length, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahrain, they have the preference. You find a place for children to play in a water park for the children’s enjoyment.



 Sea waves beach

It is a very clean beach for those who want to sit in front of the Corniche, and most visitors to this beach are from those who live in front of it in the surrounding hotels, and at the end of the day prefer to roam and have fun in front of the sea, in front of it they can play with a bicycle. or play ball. It is a beautiful place to enjoy children and adults, and the best beaches in Bahrain for families.

Bring your water jet skis! This beach is not exactly a public beach but it is preferred by the residents on weekend days. You will also get to see the jet-ski riders, who are a lot on this beach.

– Busaiteen Beach, Bahrain

One of the best beaches in Bahrain for families is Busaiteen Beach; Because all the family pleasures are found in this beach, you and your children can swim, and the most beautiful thing is to try the relaxing experience, on the golden sands of this beach.



This beach is located in Muharraq, and it is a wide beach, where there are areas for swimming and fishing. Busaiteen Beach is also known to offer great views, especially at sunset.

– Hawar Islands

On the beach of Hawar Island, you find calm and the spirit of the place talking, so you do not hear anything but the sea running on you with its light waves. The place there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahrain, which is preferred by newlyweds. There are many places to choose for honeymooning, and the island has wonderful tourist villages on the island. A high level of service, in the place although it is far from urbanization, quiet and beautiful and also provided with a great level of service for your stay.

One of Bahrain’s fully public beaches

One of Bahrain’s fully public beaches

Algeria plage

One of Bahrain’s fully public beaches. It is located at the end of Bahrain Bay Street. This sandy beach extends for more than a kilometer and has shaded areas and sources for children to occupy. Bahrain Amwaj Islands



They are artificial islands that have been set up in the sea with a group of hotels, cafes and sea restaurants that offer fresh seafood with tastes from around the world. You can enjoy your day only on those islands without going back to the beach. Everything you find there in the small islands has a mall with everything you need .

Arad Castle Beach

Although you can swim here, this beach is more suitable for a picnic and watch the sunset or sunrise (if you are an early riser!) and thanks to the paved area on this beach, you can walk or take the kids to play.

You can spend a wonderful time watching sunset or sunrise in a breathtaking view there, and the castle, which is one of the oldest archaeological sites in the region, provides a stunning backdrop for the scenery.



This beach is one of the best places for family evenings in Bahrain. Visitors prefer this beach to spend the mild summer nights.

Coral Bay

You can enjoy the beach, swimming pool and health club at this wonderful hotel in Bahrain. Whatever you choose, you will have a wonderful relaxing experience.

For example, you can spend the day in the hotel and enjoy the golden beaches amidst all this luxury, you do not need to spend the night as the hotel provides the opportunity to book the day only if you wish. The hotel also offers a beach party on the weekends.



If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, you can take your family with you any day of the week, the beach and the pool are open seven days a week from nine in the morning until seven in the evening.

Jaradah Island

Jaradah Island or Qit’at Jaradah is one of the best beaches in Bahrain, and it is also a unique tourist attraction. This is due to the fact that the island is the only one of its kind in the Kingdom.

This charming island appears with the islands and disappears under the tide, and it is one of the best places to go swimming in Bahrain, as the waters around the island are often calm, this small island has golden sands and clear turquoise waters.



You can find regular trips from Coral Bay to Jerada Island, or you can arrange a private trip with Jerada Tours.

– Bahrain Marina Corniche

We are talking about the most beautiful beaches in Bahrain for families, which is supposed to be on top of the Marina Beach, this Corniche that surrounds the most beautiful gardens, it is the most beautiful place that you can enjoy. Tourism competitions.



The Marina Beach is surrounded by hotels, restaurants and cafes, and around it you will find places for sale and purchase. Discover Bahrain through the Marina Corniche in Bahrain, which is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Arab Gulf states.

In fact, all beaches in Bahrain for families are more beautiful than some preferences. It is very difficult, in that you choose a specific beach, but I suggest you that Bahrain is a small country, so try to visit a different beach every day.

Tourism in Marsa Alam

Tourism in Marsa Alam


– Samadai Sanctuary or Dolphin House

The Dolphin Reserve is considered one of the most rare places in the world, where there are more than five thousand dolphins that are active at night and sleep during the day among the reefs known as Samadai reefs. The reserve is about 14 km away from Marsa Alam. The area is divided into three zones, which is Zone A dedicated to the presence of dolphins only, and it was called the Dolphins Sanctuary. Zone B is dedicated to surface swimming only. Zone C is dedicated to the presence of small rubber boats to connect visitors to Area B.



2- Wadi El-Gamal Protected Area


The reserve includes many islands called Wadi El-Gamal, assemblages of seaweed, coral reefs, and Mount Hamata, and it is located on an area of ​​7450 km. It was called by this name because of a plant in the region that is loved by beauty. The reserve has a low salinity swamp formed from a source of fresh water mixed with salty sea water. The reserve is divided into the Hankwareb area, which is characterized by beaches and coral reefs, the Wadi El-Gamal Island area, which is characterized by a gathering of sunset hawks, and the Al-Qalaan area, which is characterized by the presence of large areas filled with mangrove plants and many Migratory and endemic birds, and the Hamata Islands area, which is characterized by the availability of many activities such as swimming and diving.



3- The stalactite tree


The city of Marsa Alam is considered one of the famous cities for its mountains and beaches, as well as the availability of many animals and marine creatures in its reserves and beaches, and one of its most important landmarks and attractions for tourists is the tree of the qul’an affiliated to the Wadi El-Gamal Reserve. Lots of colorful fish and coral reefs, and ropes are wrapped around them from everywhere so that they cannot be crossed and damaged by visitors. It is about 65 kilometers from Marsa Alam and grows in an area called Hankorab.



4- Meteor Lake


The lake is located 14 km south of Marsa Alam and was given this name to believe that there is a legend called the fall of a meteorite from the sky to the earth to make this to the earth to make this natural lake filled with pure transparent blue water. The Meteor Lake is one of the most calm and accessible places in Marsa Alam It requires a special and special road cut. It is also characterized by the warm water, which makes it a destination for many tourists looking for a unique and different experience of its kind. The presence of rocks wrapped around it gives it a more attractive and different view from the rest of Marsa Alam areas. Every year, the number of Egyptian visitors and foreign tourists to this lake increases. The lake is considered one of the best places of tourism In Marsa Alam.



5- Sharm El-Loula Beach


The beach is about 18 km south of Wadi El-Gamal Reserve. It is considered one of the best beaches in Marsa Alam. Many tourists like it in the Maldives. It is characterized by the presence of soft sand, clear water in turquoise color, and beach ruins on the mountains, which combines the coastal environment with the mountainous environment and is considered one of the best places of tourism in Marsa Alam . As for the depths, it contains many colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. The beach of Sharm El Luli has another name known as the Hankorab area. The reason for its name is the presence of the Hankour bird in abundance before discovering the area and filling its nests with it before its extinction, but the people of the village find it easy to pronounce on the beach of El Luli.