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The most important markets in Dubai

The most important markets in Dubai

Abu Dhabi has wonderful popular markets that are no less important than the luxurious markets in Abu Dhabi, as they receive thousands of visitors from residents and tourists alike. We review the most important.



1- Market

This charming traditional market was designed by Egyptian designer Abdel Rahman Makhlouf, and it was opened in 1968 and became one of the most popular markets in Abu Dhabi at that time. The market still retains its popularity as it includes thousands of various shops, such as perfume shops, spices, artwork, carpets, fabrics, bags, and gold.



2- Carpet market

It is located on the road near the main port, and offers a bouquet of machine-made carpets and Yemeni mattresses, where visitors can buy high-quality products at a reasonable price, and some traders can also get soft pillows in the style of traditional Arab majlis, but at very reasonable prices.

The process of buying carpets in this market will take many hours, because customers will be confused by the variety of shapes and designs of products distributed in more than 100 stores. The prices of carpets and pillows are not expensive compared to their elaborate quality, and the carpets vary between Persian, Yemeni and Turkish carpets.



3- Qaryat Al Beri market

Souk Al Beri in Abu Dhabi is considered one of the traditional markets, but with a modern look that is more in line with the developed malls, and in its design mimics the city of Venice, where there is a water canal and visitors can navigate it by water taxi.

Connected to the Shangri-La Hotel, the market has a range of stalls and shops selling perfume, makeup, clothes, shoes, home decor, flowers and much more.

In addition to the shops, there are restaurants and cafes with views of the water canal and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The market extends over an area of ​​60,000 square feet, and the architectural designs of the place embody the originality of the Arab heritage.


4- Al Ain market

This market is also known as the main market or the old market, and it is one of Abu Dhabi’s main markets, and is characterized by its old heritage architectural style that looks like a ramshackle. Al Ain market is the most appropriate place to discover the traditional atmosphere in the emirate in terms of price negotiations with sellers.

This market is considered one of the most important factors attracting tourists to the Emirates and provides all the needs of the people of agricultural and commercial materials, in addition to the best types of fresh vegetables and delicious fruits, as well as agricultural and livestock equipment.

The market is also famous for selling different types of birds, fresh fish, grains, dates, and wonderful ghee. The market is crowded with a large number of vendors and handicraftsmen, so you will find the most beautiful handicrafts and leather goods such as shoes and bags.

Tourists are keen to go to the Al Ain market for the pleasure of shopping and hiking together, so they enjoy wandering between the archaeological monuments there and the buildings that are included in the market and are an embodiment of the Emirati heritage history.




5- Zafarana market

Although it is one of the newly opened markets in Abu Dhabi, it largely reflects the spirit of the old Emirati culture, and it is a new headquarters for the old Al Ain market. It has women-only places.

Al-Zafarana Market can be considered a great architectural masterpiece that attracts tourists because it is one of the largest modern markets in the Al Ain region and through it you discover the Emirati culture, customs and traditions associated with the Emirati people, and it is the right place to buy the most beautiful beautiful women’s abayas,

In addition to men’s gowns, the finest types of incense and spices, henna and cosmetics for women. The market is distinguished by the quality of its products and the possibility of negotiating prices. It opens its doors to customers from ten in the morning until one in the afternoon, and returns to work from eight in the evening until midnight.



6- Al-Bawadi Market

Al Qows and Al Bawadi Markets are connected to the huge Bawadi Mall in Al Ain. They are two open-air markets. Al Qaws Market offers practical shops in a unique architectural environment. It includes more than 40 shops, banks and travel agencies.

Al Bawadi Market leans towards the traditional side, with more than 50 shops selling traditional goods and souvenirs.



7- Friday market

It is located near the popular Al Qattara Market, and it is one of the markets that is carried out according to the traditional pattern of the old markets, as it was built from palm fronds. Local handicrafts.



8- Central Market

The central market occupies a great place in the hearts of residents and tourists, thanks to the fact that it includes various local products and modern clothes at very reasonable prices. Which makes walking around a pleasure in itself.

The best malls in Abu Dhabi

The best malls in Abu Dhabi

In addition to the popular markets in Abu Dhabi, which provide you with everything you need, and visiting them makes a great impression on you, Abu Dhabi has a large number of malls and luxury shopping centers. Abu Dhabi malls provide all international and local brands in addition to providing various services, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues, and we review the most important of them.


1- Yas Mall

Yas Mall is the largest mall in Abu Dhabi, with about 450 diverse shops, including the most famous international and local brands, which makes it one of the best tourist destinations, frequented by millions of shopping enthusiasts annually, and contains many international restaurants and a beautiful entertainment park.

Yas Mall Abu Dhabi is distinguished by its elegant design and luxurious decorations. It consists of three floors, flooded with sunlight to illuminate it naturally in broad daylight, and an area of ​​​​2.5 million square feet, to form one of the most important regional commercial centers in the region, where it includes 370 shops of the most famous local and international brands.

Yas Mall stores offer its visitors an exceptional shopping experience among a selection of the most well-known brands of clothing, shoes, bags, perfumes, jewelry and home accessories such as Mega Stores, Promod, Vinci, Converse, Diesel, Sephora, Center Point, Prada, Damas, Elle, L’Oreal, Burberry and others a lot.



2- Marina Mall

Marina Mall is one of the most famous malls in Abu Dhabi, where you can find home furniture, electronics, clothes and everything you need within one building that extends over a large area and includes hundreds of stores of the most famous international brands. The center also includes restaurants and entertainment activities for various family members.

It includes more than 400 commercial stores spread over two floors of exquisite design, in addition to a large number of restaurants and cafes, a Mercedes-Benz Emirates car showroom, a Carrefour hypermarket, and a number of banks and various financial services offices. It is considered one of the best and most beautiful malls in Abu Dhabi.

The Marina Mall Abu Dhabi stores include a selection of the most famous international and local brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tod’s, Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Elie, Pape Fath, Marco Azali and many more.



3- Madinat Zayed Shopping Center

Madinat Zayed Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping places in Abu Dhabi, as it extends over a very wide area, and includes hundreds of various stores that sell all products. Gold markets in the Arabian Gulf.



4- Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi

Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi is one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi. It is characterized by a vital and important location in the city center. It is an integrated and organized commercial complex that provides all the needs of its visitors and attracts more than 30 million visitors annually. It is one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi without a doubt.

This huge commercial complex has a striking modern design and distinctive decorations, in addition to a roof designed for sunlight to pass through, in order to save electricity during the day.

Al Wahda Mall stores offer a selection of the most famous local and international brands in fashion, jewelry, perfumes, watches, children’s supplies, furniture and home accessories such as Mango, Banana Republic, Gap, H & M, American Eagle, Bull & Bear, Bershka, Sacoor, Brothers and many more, making it one of the finest Malls in Abu Dhabi



5- Khalidiya Mall Abu Dhabi

It is considered one of the first commercial centers established in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, and is characterized by its strategic location, which makes it in the heart of the famous residential and touristic area, Al Khalidiya, with the majority of the Arab population. It is one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi in general.

The number of Khalidiya Mall stores is estimated at 160 commercial stores of the most famous brands known locally and internationally in fashion, home accessories, perfumes, jewelry, watches, children’s accessories, books, music, furniture and advanced electrical and electronic appliances such as Debenhams, BHS, Sarkis, Azzaro, Monsoon, Nike, Timberland, Rolex, Damas, The Face Shop, Lifestyle, ID Design and many more.



6- Al Raha Mall

Al Raha Mall is very famous among Abu Dhabi malls, as it attracts many visitors to spend the most enjoyable times with the family and enjoy watching and shopping various types of products such as fashion, household electrical appliances, furniture and the vast world of technology.

In Al Raha Mall, you will find many shops of the most famous international brands of high quality, in addition to restaurants and cafes.

Al Raha Mall Abu Dhabi stores include an impressive collection of the most famous local and international brands in clothing, jewelry, perfumes and leather such as Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Mikyajy, Damas, United Colors of Benetton, Adidas, Natasha Boutique, BHS and many more. It is considered one of the best and quietest malls in Abu Dhabi .



7- Al-Ain Shopping Complex

Al Ain Shopping Complex is one of Abu Dhabi’s major malls. It is located on an area of ​​108,000 square feet. It consists of two floors and includes many different shops such as clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, home furniture, and others, in addition to various restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues.



There is an ice rink in the complex, a large bowling alley and a cinema.

8- Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi

Dalma Mall Abu Dhabi is one of these new urban projects on the highway that connects Abu Dhabi with the city of Al Ain.

It includes more than 450 commercial fronts and a huge Carrefour market, in addition to a number of service and recreational facilities.

Dalma Mall stores in Abu Dhabi include a wide range of the most famous brands and well-known local and international fashion houses such as Gap, American Eagle, Coast, Milano, Cotton, Charles & Kate, Puma, Topshop, Sephora, Center Point, Al Rasasi, Marks and Spencer and many more. It is considered one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi



9- Avenue of Etihad Towers

An upscale destination for shopping within Mashreq

Etihad Towers in the capital Abu Dhabi, and it is the largest mall in Abu Dhabi. It includes a number of Etihad Towers stores and a selection of 43 prestigious international brands, some of which are opened for the first time, such as Hermes, Chloe and Tom Ford,

Providing the latest fashion, accessories, jewelry and watches to satisfy all tastes and desires of men and women alike, in addition to a number of world-famous Etihad Towers restaurants such as the French “Fuchon” restaurants, the Italian “Algesto” and many more.

Abu Dhabi also contains many distinctive shopping places that are worth visiting during tourism in Abu Dhabi. You can view a comprehensive article on the best malls in Abu Dhabi.

The best amusement park in Abu Dhabi

The best amusement park in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi contains all the elements of tourism and provides all the tourist services that attract the population. It contains the most important amusement parks and we review the most important ones.



1- Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is another great theme park in Abu Dhabi and is located 10 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport, 30 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi, 90 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

In Yas Waterworld, you will find an amazing collection of water games that are among the best and most exciting and varied in the world, including the “Bandit Bomber” roller coaster train with water and light effects, and water slides.

Where you can compete with other Yas Waterworld racers, the ultra-long, multi-curve Slithers water slides.

There is also the water guns area and the water wars area where children can have a great time playing with water weapons, and there is also the fun castle and the river of comfort, both of which are favorite places for families and children in Yas Waterworld.



2- Ain Marina Abu Dhabi

It is a huge rotating wheel and enjoys an important strategic location that dominates the horizon in front of one of the favorite shopping centers in the capital (Marina Mall) and includes cabins that accommodate 8 people of different ages.

Ain Marina Abu Dhabi also contains 42 cabins, including a VIP capsule, which is equipped with the latest equipment. Each cabin is air-conditioned and covered with glass from all parts to allow you to enjoy an amazing view of the city, a wireless communication system and a panic alarm system.

It is considered one of the best recreational places in Abu Dhabi, as the wheel gives you wonderful views of the surrounding area on the Marina Island. The 196-foot (60 m) trip to the Abu Dhabi Marina Eye takes about five minutes, during which you will get four complete turns in which the wheel rotates very quickly, in every moment in this Few minutes is a chance to enjoy unparalleled views of Abu Dhabi, the Corniche and the magnificent view of the Emirates Palace



3- Ferrari World

Enjoy an adventure filled with excitement and fun at the Ferrari theme park. Ferrari World is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi and occupies an area of ​​200,000 square meters, making it the largest indoor theme park in the world.

Ferrari World contains a range of amazing games specially designed to give children and family an unparalleled experience, including GeForce, one of the best roller coasters in the world.

There is also a karting track where you and your family can enjoy the experience of car racing and there are also games and simulators that are among the latest and best in the world, and there is also a Ferrari factory that will take you on an exciting journey through which you will learn about what is happening inside the real Ferrari factories.

Then you can enjoy the experience of shopping inside the Ferrari Store, where you will find all the wonderful souvenirs you may want for you and your family to take with you from Ferrari World.



4- Abu Dhabi water park

Abu Dhabi Waterpark is the largest water park in the Middle East where friends and families can enjoy an exciting range of rides. The main idea of ​​Abu Dhabi Waterpark is that it is built on the legend that represents the local Emirati culture and heritage.



5- Marjan Water Park

The water park located in Khalifa Park offers no less than seven water attractions, all for children up to 12 years old.

The most important thing in the park is the water fun games, which are four small water slides installed in a shallow pool, a huge inclined water bucket, a narrow tunnel, water cannons, a water umbrella, small and inclined water buckets, a water wheel, and pools.

The park also has a quiet river, 257 meters long and 0.6 meters deep, for shallow swimming for children. As for children who have a more adventurous sense, they can try their skills in water balloon war. Floating Cushions are four trampoline platforms with straps for children to enjoy jumping and somersaulting on.

Kids aged 11 and under have a Wrangler turtle testing their balancing skills by riding a motorized skateboard along with the lagoon’s small, shock-absorbing, steerable, battery-powered boats: they’re made for kids to drive and bump into each other.

Abu Dhabi also contains many amusement parks that are worth visiting during tourism in Abu Dhabi. You can view a comprehensive article on the best amusement parks in Abu Dhabi.

The most important gardens and parks in Abu Dhabi

The most important gardens and parks in Abu Dhabi

The beautiful city of Abu Dhabi includes a wonderful and unique group of gardens and parks, which are an outlet for city residents and tourists alike to enjoy the green nature, relax and take a walk with family and friends. We review the most important.



1- Abu Dhabi Zoo

Abu Dhabi Zoo is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in the Emirates and highlights its importance as an incubator for the largest number of animals in the region in addition to being a distinguished entertainment park for the family and the family, which made it a destination for nearly half a million visitors annually from all over the world. It is considered one of the most beautiful and famous places of entertainment in Abu Dhabi .

Abu Dhabi Zoo is characterized by its charming African jungle-like atmosphere, and contains within it nearly 1,700 different species of animals.

The Emirates Zoo provides its visitors with many live entertainment shows for its trained animals, such as circus elephants, giraffes, dolphins and seals, with the possibility of swimming, petting and feeding them, making it one of the most popular and beautiful entertainment places in Abu Dhabi.



2- Al Ain Paradise Garden

Al Ain Paradise Garden is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Abu Dhabi and holds two records in the Guinness Book of World Records because it contains the largest hanging flower chains in the world!

The place is ideal for families and lovers of nature and plants, especially roses, which are spread everywhere in the garden of all shapes, types, colors and sizes, even the rare ones.

One of the things that add more beauty to Al Ain Paradise Garden is the Eiffel Tower miniature, which is 12 meters high and works with a modern lighting system. Glossy arch with a height of 7.5 meters.


3- Umm Al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi

Umm Al Emarat Park is located in the center of Abu Dhabi city along Airport and Karama Streets, and one of the most popular areas for visitors of all ages is the Garden Theatre. joy.

The new park has a range of facilities including shade house, animal barn, open theater, large lawn area, botanical garden, children’s garden and evening garden.

Umm Al Emarat Park contains more than 200 trees, some of which are rare, and they are magically distributed inside the garden. This garden is also permeated with a number of small lakes and water pools that give it more charm, and make you spend time entitled calm and relaxation.



4- Khalifa Park

This park combines fun and entertainment in addition to heritage, history and culture. You do not need to think much. Your desired place is Khalifa Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Abu Dhabi.

It contains a large number of attractions with a variety of activities to suit all tastes, so the park is one of the places of tourism in Abu Dhabi and an ideal haven for the family.

Perhaps one of the most prominent activities of Khalifa Park Abu Dhabi is the Marjan Water Park. This park contains a large number of recreational games related to water and swimming pools that suit all ages, so it is the most popular haven for children inside Khalifa Park

Another attraction within Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi is the Maritime Museum, which contains a huge number of antiquities, collectibles, sound and light shows, and statues that embody for visitors the history of the development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through time. It also contains rooms and personal belongings owned by a number of rulers who took turns ruling the emirate. .



5- Al Ain Oasis

One of Abu Dhabi’s wonderful parks, Al Ain Oasis is located in the center of Al Ain city in Abu Dhabi, a few steps away from the Al Ain Museum located in the city specifically in the southeastern region.

This charming place is one of the tourist areas in Abu Dhabi and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The oasis contains a number of archaeological sites and irrigation systems that have been operating for hundreds of years until the present time.

The place also includes a number of other services such as free parking, in addition to a number of restaurants that offer delicious and distinctive Arabic and Western meals and dishes, and cafes specializing in providing refreshing ice cream and a number of hot and cold drinks.



6- Mangrove National Park

Mangrove National Park is one of the most important tourist places in Abu Dhabi and is the ideal haven for animal lovers and lovers of getting to know closely and truly the exciting wildlife away from documentaries.

It is located in the Ring Road from the east and is dotted with distinctive mangrove trees and many other plants. More than 60 species of migratory birds take turns to visit this wonderful place, the most prominent of which are rock egrets, night egrets, speckled eagles, sand sandpipers, and large flamingos that reach up to The park is in groups that may exceed 4000 birds, in addition to a number of distinctive marine creatures such as crabs, oysters, sponges and others.

Al Qurm Park has a large number of tourist guides who make your tour of the place more enjoyable and easy, and they provide you with a lot of information about the species inside the park and the secrets related to them, and the park officials are keen to raise the level of awareness of visitors to deal with the park’s birds and animals.



7- Al Mushrif Central Park

This park is characterized by its vast area that one visit will not be enough to explore them all, as it extends over an area of ​​14.5 hectares of picturesque gardens, flat lawns and open spaces, in addition to

Creative activities that enable you to learn about the plant and animal species in the area, and enjoy the hiking trails that spread along it.

We recommend a visit to the House of Shadows, which is remarkable day and night, inspired by the gardens of the bay in Singapore. Not far from the House of Shadows is the Botanical Garden, designed as a natural oasis filled with palm trees and cacti.

The park witnesses many nightly shows and parties in the open-air theater, and you can enjoy the cool evening atmosphere by wandering the 460-meter park, or watching one of the exciting movies outdoors on the grassy meadow.

The park is crowded throughout the week with its visitors who are dazzled by its facilities and various activities such as the Garden of Wisdom, the Children’s Garden, the Animal Barn, the Friends of the Garden Building, the open theatre, the large lawn area, the shade orchard and many more.



8- Khalidiya Public Park

It is considered the oldest park in Abu Dhabi and contains places to relax and sit, a football field, in addition to a number of kiosks selling gifts, a cafeteria, and a branch of the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society to serve visitors to the park.

Khalidiya Park is considered one of the most desirable outlets for visitors, due to its location in one of the most crowded areas, in addition to its location near the Abu Dhabi Corniche and Al Bateen Beach area.



9- Capital Garden

It is an attractive green space in the center of the city, only a few meters away from Abu Dhabi Corniche. Each corner has a small selection of climbing structures, swings and slides.

In the middle there is a water pool with wonderful fountains that pump regular bursts of water. It is also characterized by a number of vending machines and a cafeteria for serving snacks.



10- Al Ain Women’s Park

Commonly known as Basra Park, it is a quiet and attractive park for women and children (boys under the age of ten). Ladies who are looking for a place to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet can find what they are looking for in the widely scattered seats under the shade of the lush trees.

The play areas with swings, slides and climbing structures are sure to keep the kids busy. In the middle of the park is a dry valley surmounted by some wooden bridges, as well as a small cafe and bathrooms.

Abu Dhabi is distinguished by its many wonderful parks that make your visit to it an unforgettable visit. You can also see a detailed article about the most important parks in Abu Dhabi.

Tourism in Abu Dhabi: The best tourist places in Abu Dhabi 2022

Tourism in Abu Dhabi: The best tourist places in Abu Dhabi 2022

Tourism in Abu Dhabi is considered one of the best tourism cities in the Emirates, as it is characterized by its location on the Arabian Gulf. Abu Dhabi is characterized as a huge shopping center that includes many hotels, restaurants and luxury malls.


It also has large recreational and tourist centers, and the city of Abu Dhabi is a center of attraction for tourists from home and abroad, especially Arab tourists.

We will give you a full explanation that includes the most important tourist places in Abu Dhabi, which include the most famous landmarks and recreational places in Abu Dhabi, including parks, amusement parks, museums, and others, in addition to the best resorts and hotels in Abu Dhabi, as well as the markets and restaurants that are recommended.



The best tourist places in Abu Dhabi that are worth visiting

1- Abu Dhabi Corniche

The Abu Dhabi Corniche is the first tourist destination and the best tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi.

And it is considered a special place for swimming, as it is allowed to swim 40 meters from the beach, which made it one of the most important tourist places in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and a destination for all families from inside and outside the city, and all Abu Dhabi tourists whose visit is not complete without visiting the sea corniche, which is rich in various services for all ages.



2- Yas Marina Formula Circuit

One of the world’s most advanced motor racing Grand Prix circuits, it is inspired by the heritage and values ​​of the United Arab Emirates.

It is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. In 2009, this circuit witnessed the first race of the Formula One Etihad Airways Grand Prix. The distance is 5.55 km, and it is divided into two different tracks, where the length of the first is 3.1 km, and the second is 2.4 km.

Its work is not limited to two bike races, but various sporting events are held on this track, where there are covered stands that can accommodate up to fifty thousand spectators.

Yas Marina Circuit is the most important sports and entertainment facility in the United Arab Emirates, attracting the world’s attention annually and one of the best places for tourism in Abu Dhabi.

The circuit hosts many sporting events and activities related to motorsports for professionals such as bike races. Yas Marina Circuit is also a preferred regional headquarters for holding many recreational and community events and events, conferences and official meetings due to its modern equipment and facilities.



3- The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi

The village displays the old heritage life of the residents of Abu Dhabi, which includes the Bedouin life of tents and stoves on which Arabic coffee is made, and others. The village includes many open museums and old workshops, as well as shops for traditional handicrafts, spices and herbs, and is considered one of the most important tourist places in Abu Dhabi.

As for its design, it is commensurate with its content and suggests civilization and ancient heritage, and once your eyes fall on it, you will not be able to go without visiting it. It was built to reflect the life, environments and conditions in which they lived in the past, in order to preserve the authentic Arab heritage and to remain the pride of the citizens of the Emirates.

There is a children’s rest in it and there are some games such as swings and restaurants. The village is located on the Corniche, and a weekly heritage festival is held with different and varied entertainment shows at the end of each week.



4- Abu Dhabi Leaning Tower

It is a leaning skyscraper of great engineering and architectural creativity located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi near the National Gallery Center in Abu Dhabi.

With a height of 160 meters (520 feet) and a 35-storey tower, it is one of the tallest buildings in the city of Abu Dhabi and the tower tilts an astonishing 18 degrees to the west, four times the degree of inclination of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It is designed by RMJM (Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall) in Dubai and implemented by Al Habtoor Contracting Company and is owned by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), the largest conference and exhibition center in the Middle East. The tower adopts Diagrid technology, which absorbs tremors during violent earthquakes and is considered one of the The best places to visit for those coming for the purpose of tourism in Abu Dhabi




5- Al Maqtaa Fort

Al Maqtaa Fort is one of the civilized evidence. It is one of the most important forts in Abu Dhabi and was built in 1793. Given the high heritage value of the fort in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, it has undergone important restoration operations in the past years. The fort can be seen when approaching the Maqtaa Bridge in the direction next to Abu Dhabi.

The aim of building the fort in this area was to use it as a monitoring device to monitor any raids by thieves and enemies at those times, and to inform the residents of the emirate in order to prepare to face any dangers that might threaten them.



6- Abu Dhabi Knights Club

Al Forsan Club is only a 10-minute drive from Abu Dhabi Airport, and is very popular among sports fans of all kinds around the world. Al Forsan Resort includes two large lakes located in its outer court, one for beginners and the other for professionals.

These lakes allow you the opportunity to practice water skiing in a standing or sitting position with the help of wooden boards suspended in a boat. Al Forsan Club has more than 5 restaurants of the highest quality that provide guests with delicious and nutritious meals. If you do not feel like eating, you can get your favorite drink from one of the cafes.



7- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Mosque is one of the most important and prominent landmarks of Abu Dhabi

Tourism in Sydney: the best tourist places you can visit

Tourism in Sydney: the best tourist places you can visit

Sydney is located in the Australian province of New South Wales (or New South Wales), and is the largest and oldest city in Australia. It was founded in 1788 by Arthur Phillip, commander of the first British fleet to reach Australia. It has a population of about 4.57 million people. It is the first European settlement on the Australian continent. Sydney is the largest economic, commercial and cultural center in Australia. Sydney lies between the Blue Mountains on the western side, and the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and is located at 151.20732 degrees east of the Greenwich line, It is at latitude 33.86785 south of the equator, and its climate is very cold in the winter, and mild in the summer, and January is one of the coldest seasons, and July is one of the hottest seasons.



Sydney is one of the areas with a local and international tourist trend, thanks to its beaches and two main landmarks, the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. The city is surrounded by national parks and contains many bays and rivers.
Sydney is one of the most culturally diverse cities, and this reflects its importance as one of the most important cities that attract immigrants in Australia. Sydney is also the most expensive city in Australia and the 21st most expensive city in the world, according to the Marker report.

Australia occupies a great place in the eyes of many of its visitors, to win, according to a poll of more than 10,000 people in 20 countries in 2008, the title of the best tourist city in the world for the second year in a row. This city has derived its global fame in the world of tourism and travel from its wonderful climate, which is difficult to find in many other cities of the world throughout the months of the year, in addition to the distinguished service that is available to the tourist upon his arrival, in addition to the strong economic growth that this city enjoys. And when you visit Sydney, you will be surprised by the huge number of luxurious and modern hotels that satisfy all tastes, as they are distinguished by diversity in design, some of them are built in the Victorian style and others mimic our current age with the language of stark colors and vibrant and young design.



The best tourist places in Sydney
Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are sandwiched between the Sydney Opera House and the public green space. Overlooking the harbour, the urban park contains more than 7,500 species of plants, many of which are indigenous to Australia.

The standout collections include the Tropical Center, which features pyramid-shaped greenhouse plants, and the garden’s rare and endangered species. There is no entrance fee to the park, and there are free tours available as well.

Darling Harbor

Darling Harbor is located ten minutes from the center of Sydney, and it is a vital location that includes many restaurants, shops, and recreational attractions. 1831 AD,

It is now home to some of Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions, including the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Sydney Aquarium, an Aboriginal Center and an IMAX theater with the world’s largest screen. A child-friendly Harborside shopping center that boasts a port of bowling. The eastern side of the waterfront includes upscale shops, bars and restaurants.



Sydney Harbor Bridge

A metal arch bridge that allows cars and all forms of transport to cross, connecting downtown Sydney to its North Shore. The aesthetic view of the bridge and its proximity to the Opera House made them two famous tourist symbols for the city of Sydney in particular and Australia in general. The bridge contains eight tracks designated for crossing cars and trucks, two pedestrian tracks, and two rail tracks for the passage of trains.

The total length of the bridge is one thousand one hundred and forty-nine meters, and it extends from Dawes Point to Melsons Point, and its width is forty-nine meters, and its height is one hundred and thirty-four meters. In the middle of the bridge is an important part, the arch, which is five hundred and three meters long, and thirteen meters high above The surface of the sea.



Sydney Tower

The Sydney Tower is the tallest structure in the city and the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. , which offers a 360-degree view of the compact city, harbor and the surrounding countryside. Designed by architect Donald, the building opened to the public in 1981.

The tower contains three dining facilities, including the revolving 360 restaurant, bar and dining. The latest addition to the tower is the “4D” cinema, which will enhance the theatrical experience with special effects.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is a beautiful beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Bondi Beach is located 7 km (4 mi) east of the Sydney CBD, in the local government area of ​​Waverley Council, in the eastern suburbs. Bondi Beach is one of the most visited tourist sites in Australia, the area being Bondi Beach, North Bondi And the intersection of Bondi and neighboring suburbs.

Bondi Beach is also known as Bondi Bay; It is located 7 kilometers to the east from the Central Business District of Sydney, and this area is considered one of the most visited tourist sites in the country.

Australian, and the beach is divided into two parts: the first is the northern end, which is safe for swimming, and the southern end contains seven streams; Because of its proximity to the bus station, it is reserved for surfing, and there are red and yellow flags along it to designate safe swimming areas in it, and it has been added to the list of national heritage.



Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most prominent cultural landmarks in it. The building was built of concrete and steel cables to prevent cracking. It is one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. Construction began in 1958 and opened on October 20, 1973. The Opera House building includes three groups of interlocking shells that house two performance halls. Two mains and a restaurant. The structure is surrounded by pedestrian paths. In 1957, an international jury entrusted the task of completing the Sydney Opera House project to the Danish architect, Djörn Utzon,

The World Heritage Committee recognizes through the inclusion of this building in the Sydney Opera House as an artistic monument open to the community as a whole. The exhibition is an opportunity for all visitors to the house to wander inside the sculptures, as if you were swimming in a sea of ​​light and brilliant colors. The exhibition extends for a distance of fifty-three meters and is nine meters high, containing a maze of tunnels and domes full of colors and sounds.

Darling Harbor

It is one of the large areas dedicated to shopping and entertainment, located in the center of Sydney and contains many of the most famous international and local restaurants, museums, shops for shopping and many places worth visiting,

Here, for example, you can visit the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World. Then you can buy ice cream, drink coffee and eat in the many restaurants available in this area.




Sydney fish market

Sydney Fish Market is a fish market in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The market is located on Blackwattle Bay Beach in Pyrmont, two kilometers west of Sydney’s central business district. It is the third largest fish market in the world. It is a famous market that offers all kinds of fresh fish, and when you visit the market, you can eat fish meals prepared in areas close to the market and you will not forget its taste.

The Rocks Sydney area

The Rocks area, is the first European settlement in Sydney, between the quayside and the famous bridge and has a tourist attraction and great value from a historical point of view.

It is also close to the Harbor Bridge if you want to cross it or climb it.
If you visit the area, go to Observatory Hill Park, a park on a hill overlooking the city, and also home to the Sydney Astronomical Observatory.



Chinese Friendship Garden

An enclosed garden and entry to it with nominal fees, characterized by the Chinese character in terms of arrangement, buildings, selection of plants, a Chinese restaurant and cafe serving Chinese cuisine. It is a very beautiful and quiet garden, I exceeded my expectations before entering it and spent much longer than I expected.

One of the distinctive experiences in the garden is the possibility of renting traditional Chinese clothing during your visit to the garden, available for young and old as well. I also listened to Chinese green tea with traditional ornaments.

Bit Street

Pet Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in Sydney, and it has pedestrian-only parts and performers are present from time to time. The street extends until it reaches the sea in the area of ​​ships that connect you to the northern part of the city.



Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria building contains 4 floors of high-end shops, restaurants, coffees and unique shops, characterized by beautiful architecture and decorations, and it is connected to Westfield Market by an underground corridor.
Some of the stores I like:
Vanato wood-fired pizza.
– Bobbyco toy store A large store characterized by exotic toys, especially hobby toys such as trains, cars, planes, a beautiful and entertaining store, and occupies a large part of the market in the upper floors.

Sydney Aquarium

When you visit the Sydney Aquarium, you will see sharks swimming above and below you, in addition to more than 12,000 species of Australian marine creatures, which can be seen when you enter the glass tunnel, which extends over 160 meters,

There are long queues to enter the aquarium, so it is best to visit early. A visit to the Sydney Aquarium is a wonderful opportunity, especially for marine creatures lovers.



Art Gallery of New South Wales

The gallery brings together the aboriginal art of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands in a comprehensive way that makes it among the best museums of fine art and is located east of the city center.

Hyde Park in Sydney

Hyde Park is distinguished by its location in the city center and its proximity to the markets, surrounded by several important buildings such as St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Australia Museum.

Vast green spaces, fountains and memorials to a number of Australian VIPs. It is the oldest and most famous park in Australia and one of Australia’s tourist attractions, with an open area of ​​more than 16 hectares in the heart of Sydney, and Park Street divides the park into two halves, referred to as Hyde Park North and Hyde Park South.



Mrs. Marquez’s chair

The place is quiet and far from crowded people, the chair itself may be full of tourists who want to take a picture.
The best thing about the place is the views and the opportunity to take a single photo of the city’s most important landmarks, the Opera House and Sydney Bridge. It is said that the wife of Lachlan Markey, Governor of the Province of New South Wales, was sitting on this bench carved in the rock, waiting for the incoming ships that might carry her husband.



Sydney Lyric Theater

The theater is located in New South Wales, . It is part of The Star complex. The theater is used for large-scale musicals and productions

Theatrical, concerts, opera and ballet. The location of “Lyric Theater” was previously changed to its current name in late 2011. It is a large and beautiful theater and always hosts many international theater performances, so if you are a theater lover, ask about the current performances.




Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is located in the northern part of the city and overlooks the port directly, and it can be visited by ships departing from Circular Quay port on a 12-minute trip. The most important tourist places in Australia are in Sydney, and the park is divided into eight geographical animal areas spread over 28 hectares It includes 4000 animals of 350 species,

It also has a shop, café and information centre. When you visit the park, you can wander around and see many animals of various kinds, such as giraffes, monkeys, koalas, and others. We advise you to allocate a full day to the park to enjoy all its facilities, preferably not during the weekend, which is very crowded with visitors., The park also offers many offers Animals suitable for adults and children, where you can see a display of birds, squirrel monkeys, and seals.



Luna theme park in Sydney

A small amusement park in the northern part of the city can be visited by boat from Circular Quay or after crossing the Harbor Bridge. Luna Park is one of the entertaining places in Sydney, through which you can see the most beautiful attractions, such as the Harbor Bridge, the famous Opera building with its unique design and the Botanic Gardens

It is very close to the Sydney Bridge, and if you have the opportunity to visit it, you will find many diverse games that are suitable for young and old, such as the ship game that everyone knows, the spinning wheel, the train game, aerial games and simple games for children.



Sydney beaches

Sydney is famous for its wonderful beaches. Dotted around the port are several sheltered bays with calm waters and sugary sands. For a great view of the ocean, take a coastal tour along the cliffs from Bondi to Coogee. Other ocean beaches include Kronulla (the only one easily accessible by train from the city), Bronte, Tamara, and Marobra.



Barangaroo . Reserve

The Barangaroo Preserve is an excellent example of a successful urban renewal project and a beautiful area for walking along the harbor. Converted into a public container terminal in 2015, this 22-hectare terminal is now home to more than 75,000 native trees and shrubs, walking and biking trails, shops, restaurants, and event and exhibition space. It is named after an influential indigenous leader at the time of European colonization.



St. Mary’s Cathedral

Located opposite Hyde Park, the cathedral is a symbol of the spiritual beginnings of the Catholic Church in Australia. This landmark witness, in neo-Gothic style, is the seat of the Archbishop of Sydney. Shaped like twin ships, the building was modeled after Lincoln Cathedral, and its imposing facade mirrored the design of Notre Dame in Paris. Inside the cathedral, intricate stained glass windows catch beautiful patterns of light. Christmas is an impressive time to visit, when the cathedral is adorned with lights and decorations.

Tourism in Yalova

Tourism in Yalova

Mineral baths in Yalova

Its waters treat the heart, and rheumatic diseases, this is what the Turks say about their hot springs and baths, offering its visitors an ideal dual treatment that combines self-recreation and treating the body in rare ways and methods. And in an area of ​​wonderful green nature.



In this area, there are a number of famous historical plunge pools, including the “Sultan” bathtub, “The Mother’s Bath” and “Qursunlu Bath.” The historical “Qursunlu” bath includes an outdoor swimming pool, in addition to indoor basins and a steam bath (sauna). and “the village bathroom.



Çınarcık Province

It is considered one of the most popular and popular tourist places in the Marmara Sea region. It is characterized by its clean waters, rural areas, archaeological and historical sites, as well as the Delmga Plateau and Dibsizgul Lake. It is a small town with an indigenous population of 9,000, while this number rises to 300,000 tourists. During the summer.

The area also includes the beautiful “Cinarcik” beaches, to which many residents of the region, even tourists and visitors with their families, go to break the daily routine and enjoy the wonderful views of the sea. What distinguishes the city is its beautiful atmosphere and the various activities that can be practiced here, such as camping, walking and beach sports.

Most of the coastal strip in Çınarcık is rocky, except for the western end, as it contains sandy beaches and is close to many famous restaurants in that area.



Sudchan Waterfall

Sudshan Waterfall extends on both sides of the road, which represents for the visitor a picturesque natural place for walking and hiking, and is located about eight kilometers from the village of Uezpinar. Eat your favorite meals at places close to the waterfall.

Termal Village

A village famous for its hot mineral springs since the Roman era.

In addition to the fact that the village enjoys a picturesque nature that makes it a suitable place for hiking. The Yalova Baths in Termal are located southwest of the city of Yalova and are 12 km away from it. The road to it is easy and clear, and you only have to follow the directional signs.

You can visit the therapeutic hot springs in the Termal baths in Yalova for the purpose of recovering from several diseases or for rest and relaxation in one of its hot baths.



Chok Chedra Village

Chok Chedra Village is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Yalova. It is a quiet rural village that enjoys an atmosphere of comfort far from the noise and crowding of cities.

The village of Gok Shadra is located in the city of Yalova, in the village of Termal, about 12 km from the center of Yalova, and a large number of tourists flock to it annually.

It is simply a group of gardens and natural places, trees scattered throughout and on the roads, along with a large number of bright and beautiful flowers.



waterfall suspense

Tawfiqiyah Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Yalova, which is visited by a large number of tourists annually due to its charming natural beauty, and the distinctive atmosphere of calm and comfort that it offers to its visitors.

The waterfalls are located in Yalova, within the municipality of Tashavik, and it is about 29 km from the center of Yalova, and Tashavikia is one of the most beautiful natural places in the city.

An exciting waterfall in Yalova falls from the rocks through which the water made its way, amid a forest of green trees and colorful flowers. Humidity.



Sodoshan Waterfall

12 km from Yalova is the Sudüşen Şelalesi waterfall, which flows from the highest mountain peak located on a road 8 km from the village of Uvaz Benaler.

This place is very quiet and comfortable, and attracts many Arab and foreign tourists to rest and enjoy the wonderful scenery in which the waterfall appears among the mountain rocks, in addition to the charming view of the Marmara Sea and Lake Termal visible from the top of the waterfall.

What adds to this fun spot is that the waterfall is located in a mountainous area that is cold and refreshing at the same time, and there are wooden sittings where the visitor can barbecue and drink Turkish tea near it.

Tourism in Sapanca

Tourism in Sapanca
Sapanca Lake

Lake Sapanca is one of the most famous lakes in Turkey. This lake is located in an area between the Gulf of Izmit and the Adapazari meadow area, about 130 km from Istanbul, and the area of ​​the lake is approximately forty-five kilometers, and it is a freshwater lake with a depth of more than From 52 m, it is possible to rent boats containing pedals,




In order to enjoy the scenic views, you can also drink from the pure lake with fresh, still water, and enjoy your tour around it. It is surrounded by a group of scenic-looking mountains, and it is also the largest lake located near the city of Istanbul, and these mountains are characterized by the wonderful view that overlooks the lake, and it is possible to reach the top of the mountain through the cable car that reaches the bottom of the mountain at its summit.



Driga Zoo

Darija Park is one of the places that attract tourists to the city of Sapanca, and it is the largest zoo in Istanbul, as it contains nearly two hundred different species of animals, in addition to a very large number of plants,

It is possible to see many mammals and reptiles, in addition to the presence of more than ten types of fish with more than a hundred different types of birds, and next to the Sapanca Zoo there is the famous and picturesque Lake Sapanca, which tourists also flock to, surrounded by a group of green forests, and mountains Luxurious, with a great view.

What makes it even more amazing is the presence of the cable car, which extends from the bottom of the mountain to the top, such as Mount Karteba, which is 1650 meters high.



Mashukiye village

Al-Mashouqiah is a charming mountain village in the Istanbul countryside.

This village is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish villages, and this village is characterized by the orchards that are spread all over it, in addition to the presence of forests and natural waterfalls, and this village is also famous for the delicious seafood that is served in many restaurants spread there. This is due to the warmer weather in it compared to Istanbul and its surroundings, and due to the increase in the beauty of nature in the winter season.

You feel yourself in it as a guest in the arms of beautiful nature, and you can visit orchards and forests, in addition to that you can enjoy delicious fish meals in the old restaurants there.



Mount Kartepe

Mount Katipi is located in the eastern region of Kogali Bay, and it is one of the areas with beautiful scenery, and it is possible to enjoy walking or renting safari vehicles for a sense of adventure. What distinguishes the “Snow Summit” rank is the cable car that extends from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the summit,

Where there is the snow resort, which was built several years ago, which provides the opportunity to practice skiing, and through which it is possible to discover the Sapanca forests, which are distinguished by their density.

Tourism flourishes for people who prefer winter tourism, but in the summer, the snow melts, and this area begins to recover, as mountain forests appear and green prevails in all the parts surrounding the area, even Abant in the east, Yalova, and inches in the west.

Naturkoy Village

It is one of the most wonderful tourist places in Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful Turkish rural villages, and enjoys a high atmosphere of calm and relaxation that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Of the tourists throughout the year, there are natural rivers, whose clear waters make their way between the rocks,

There is also a large lake in which many types of fish swim, surrounded by mountains covered with green trees. And Naturkoy Resort offers many distinctive recreational activities for its visitors, where you can stroll around the village and enjoy a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of life and take the most beautiful photographs.



Historic Rustem Pasha Mosque

The city includes the historic Rustam Pasha Mosque, which was built by Minister Rustam Pasha for his son Suleiman, and the minister used the most skilled architects to build the mosque in its current magnificent image, and despite the mosque being subjected to renovations and modernization, it still preserves its historical body, and still receives delegations of worshipers.

Gol Park

One of the beautiful parks for day trips, characterized by natural charm, an opportunity to take children for fun and play, there are children’s games, and the visitor can enjoy sessions in front of the artificial lake in the park, and there is also a restaurant serving Turkish and Western food, serving the most delicious dishes and drinks.

Tourism in Bursa

Tourism in Bursa
Uludag mountain

Uludag Mountain is the main landmark of Bursa. Uludag is 2,543 meters high, and is one of the best places for skiing and enjoying the amazing natural beauty. It is a huge, tall mountain and a source of pride and love for the people of Bursa, close to Bursa and can be reached from it by cable car.




Uludag village is considered a national park. It was called the ancient Mount Olympus, and it was also called the monk’s mountain for its large number of monasteries. It has tourist facilities and hotels for tourists to flock to for skiing and relaxation. Its summit is the highest peak in the Marmara region in the far west of Turkey.



Citapat Falls

It is located at the bottom of Uludag Mountain, and in combination with the beauty of Uludag, an indescribable natural beauty is born. Besides the splendor of the clear water flow of the waterfall, there are many beautiful green dense trees that surround the waterfall and form a charming natural atmosphere. There are many beautiful green dense trees that surround the waterfall and form a charming natural atmosphere.



ancient perennial tree

It is located at the beginning of Uludag Mountain. It is an ancient tree whose roots have been planted in the depths of the earth for more than 600 years, to embody an ancient historical trace of a charming nature. History is not only for buildings, stones and castles. The giant tree extends to a height of 30 m and has a wide trunk that reaches more than three meters in width.

It has many large branches, which were reinforced with iron pillars to avoid falling due to its heavy weight. The shade of the tree covers more than 1,000 square meters, and cafes have been established under the shade of the tree and unique sessions for drinking tea and delicious fresh and dried fruits.



Saeedabad waterfall

It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa. It is located in the Kestel area, and it is one of the areas visited by a large number of tourists because of its calm places mixed with the beauty of nature. It is considered the second place after the Great Bursa Waterfall or Kemal Pasha Waterfall. The waterfall is 12 km from Bursa city center, and it is fed by melting snow on the tops of Uludag Mountain,

The highest mountain in the city, and near the small waterfall, Bursa is spread by many cafes and restaurants that smell of grilled salmon caught from the place, served alongside many dishes of traditional Turkish meals and grilled meat dishes.



korekli waterfall

One of the most famous waterfalls in Bursa is the Küreklidere Şelalesi Waterfall. The Küreklidere Waterfall in Bursa is characterized by being one of the most beautiful waterfalls at all, as it attracts thousands of tourists annually from inside and outside Turkey, wanting to know the focus of the beauty of Bursa, which made the Kurikli Waterfall in Bursa one of the most important natural attractions. ,

During your trip to the waterfall, you will be charmed by the green nature around you. Beautiful placement of beautiful trees on your way mixed with the surrounding plants and flowers sprawling here and there, where you will see many wild animals such as squirrels and rabbits. The Korekli Bursa Waterfall is distinguished by its awesome beauty of more than 80 meters high to end its water coming from The torrents and valleys at the top of the mountain gathered to a pool of pure water that would not only look at it, but even swim in it.


Albat Lake

It is a shallow lake with fresh water located to the south of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The length of the lake extending in the east and west direction is 24 km and its width is 12 km. Inside the lake there are 7 islands, the largest of these islands is the island of Halil Be, and 21 species of fish were discovered in the lake.

The lake constitutes a breeding ground for waterfowl, and the lake was declared a nature reserve in 1998 due to its being a water area with a rich flora and fauna cover. It extends over an area of ​​approximately 140 square kilometers, and within the lake there are 7 islands, the largest of these islands is Halilbey Island.



Lake Koch Jannat

Also called Bird Lake, it is one of the beautiful lakes that attract tourists in abundance along with many tourist places in Bursa, where the lake is considered a nature reserve and home to many types of birds that cannot be seen everywhere,

In addition to watching different types of birds, visitors to Koch Lake, Jannat Bursa, enjoy fishing, go on a special boat tour inside the lake, and enjoy its beautiful view, especially at sunset, or even camping next to the lake.



Iznik Lake

It is a lake in Bursa Province, Turkey. It is about 32 km long and 10 km wide with a maximum depth of about 80 metres. The city of Iznik (known historically as Nicaea) is at its eastern end. The ancient Greek name for the lake was Askania, (Ασκάνια).

Lake Iznik is of great tourist importance, as it is ideal for practicing water sports such as swimming, surfing, and in addition to its natural beauty, the city of “Iznik” is a historical icon, because it contains ancient relics, since the times of the Ottomans, Romans and Greece, and before that, and from Some of its historical evidence is still present today.



Cultural Park

The Cultural Park is one of the most beautiful gardens of Bursa. The Cultural Park is located near the heart of Bursa. It extends over an area of ​​393,000 square meters. The Cultural Park was established in 1955 AD and was modernized several times, most recently in 2006, to become the first entertainment destination and the most important park in the city.

The cultural park is characterized by the presence of a large artificial lake in which several distinct types of interesting water games are held. The park is an ideal destination for a family outing. It contains seating areas with tables if you like to have a meal with the family. It also contains bridges, places to practice walking, and sports equipment for the public that you can use.

Tourism in Marmaris

Tourism in Marmaris
Aqua park city

It is one of the most famous tourist places in Marmaris, and it is also one of the most places that attracts thousands of tourists because of its privileged location as it offers wonderful views of the hilltops, and it also offers many swimming pools that include high-rise and distinctive slides to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience.



The park is characterized by being established on a number of hills overlooking the sea coast and the mountains, so the view is wonderful. Aqua Dream includes a large number of interesting water games for adults and children, and was opened in 2006.

You can enjoy a number of famous water games such as high water slides, straight slides and curved ones, some of which are open to provide you with a view of the sea and mountains, and others are closed to increase the atmosphere of adventure.


Marmaris Castle

It is one of the most important and oldest tourist attractions in Turkey and was built in 1044 AD. Tourists visit it to enjoy its beautiful architectural style and also enjoy watching the city with a panoramic view they have never seen before.

Marmaris Castle is considered one of the best and most beautiful historical monuments in Marmaris, and one of the most beautiful castles of Turkey, which tells and testifies to its history.

Marmaris Castle was founded in 1022 BC by the Greeks, and this is what made it a reference for many, and this era appears in the traces of its construction and its remains.


Sedir Island

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Marmaris. Some people call it Cleopatra Island. Many tourists visit it to enjoy watching Cleopatra’s golden sand beach, which includes many seashells.

You can swim on Cleopatra Beach on Sudair Island, which enjoys the wonderful color of the coast with charming natural scenes, as well as beautiful umbrellas and free deck chairs. However, you can also rent extra mattresses if you are looking for more privacy.

In addition to Cleopatra Beach, you can also visit the ancient Roman theater located on the back of the island. This theater, which has been well preserved until today, hosted sporting events in the past, while today it is one of the most beautiful sights on the island.




Dalian District

It is one of the most famous tourist places in Turkey, because it includes many wonderful natural and tourist attractions, such as Turtle Beach, Old Kansas City, and others, and one of the most distinctive features of this area is its mud baths.

Dalyan is characterized by its location on many natural areas such as Iztuzu Beach, along with a number of historical and tourist places, and of course the city has other tourist attractions such as restaurants and entertainment venues.

And if you want to visit historical places in the city, you can rent a boat to reach the ruins of the city of Canos, a commercial city dating back to the Roman era. There are also ruins of Roman amphitheaters and baths.

You can also visit the tombs of the kings area, and then you should visit the destinations of the tombs carved in the Lycian rocks, which date back to 400 BC.




Hisaronu Bay

One of the most important tourist attractions in Marmaris is Hisaronu Bay, which is located in the center of the Lycian Coast between the Drian Mountains, the Greek island and the city of Kindos.

It is characterized by the picturesque green nature that surrounds it, giving a wonderful atmosphere and a charming view that attracts thousands of visitors. Hisaronu Bay is located near the city of Knidos and the Dorian Mountains.



Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Plaji Beach is one of the most beautiful and best tourist places that tourists visit in Marmaris. Icmeler Marmaris Beach is one of the most popular beaches where you find many locals and foreigners visiting it, and despite the large number, it remains one of the most organized and clean beaches.



The beach is famous for its clear blue water that reflects beneath it and its clean golden sand. We also find many areas of relaxation and recreation represented in chairs and seating areas shaded with a straw canopy and arranged in an orderly manner that gives each individual his privacy.



Icmeler Beach of Marmaris gives its visitors many pleasures of different and awesome water activities, and perhaps if you have visited it previously, we will inform you that the beach has evolved a lot and has many distinctive facilities from massage parlors, spas and multiple facilities for sports and water activities, making it a distinctive and permanent destination.



Marmaris National Park

Marmaris National Park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Marmaris, which is characterized by its picturesque and distinctive nature, represented by the large number of trees and colorful flowers that give an enchanting beauty to the place.



Gunocic National Park is located in Marmaris, specifically in the Saryana region, which is one of the most beautiful regions and is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year from inside and outside Turkey.



Today, the park is considered one of the most famous tourist places in the city of Marmaris, which is visited by a large number of tourists annually because of the enchanting natural beauty it provides, as well as many fun and recreational things.

Where you can wander around the park and learn about the different types of trees, as well as you will have the opportunity to get to know a number of wild animals that you rarely see anywhere and anytime.



dancing fountains

Dancing fountains provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to enjoy in Marmaris, where the show lasts about half an hour with music and colorful lights, knowing that the show is free and attracts many people every night.