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The most important tourist places in Vientiane Laos

The most important tourist places in Vientiane Laos

The most important tourist places in Vientiane Laos


Vientiane has many places to visit. Here are 8 of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vientiane, Laos, which we advise you to visit:

The Night Market (Chinese Market)
Chinese market in Vientiane, Laos

The lively night market is located along the Mekong River that separates Vientiane from Thailand. It is one of the most popular attractions in Vientiane. It is a colorful night market that starts at sunset and ends at 9:30 pm.

On both sides of the market are red stalls and tents, selling necessary products, food and cheap electronics. In addition to souvenirs such as paintings and handicrafts. As well as watching the fishermen and strolling along the river.



Tad Moon Waterfall
Tad Moon Waterfall in Laos

Tad Mun Waterfall is one of the best tourist attractions in Vientiane Laos that you can explore. It can be reached by riding a bike or tuk-tuk.

In the waterfall area, you can enjoy a variety of wonderful recreational activities, such as taking beautiful photographs, breathing in the fresh air, exploring unspoiled nature, renting thatched huts, eating delicious ice cream, kayaking down the river, using inflatables to ride the slopes, as well as swimming .



Lao National Museum
Lao National Museum in Laos

The National Lao Museum is housed in an old French colonial building, but it is a good place to learn about the prehistoric Lao people, as well as spend a few hours out in the sun.

The museum allows tourists to learn about the country’s history, through its treasure chest of more than 8000 artifacts. And that’s where in the basement you’ll find exhibits from the country’s early history, with dinosaur bones and pottery pieces. While the upper floor focuses on French colonialism and the struggle for independence.



Chao Anouvong Park
Chau Anuvong Garden in Vientiane

Chau Anuvong Park is located on the banks of the Mekong River, flanked by the Presidential Palace on one side, and the Night Market on the other. The government decided to honor the heroic ruler by constructing the Chao Anuvong Park in 2011, to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the existence of Vientiane.

The park is home to a bronze, eight-meter-high statue of Zhao Anovong, the former king of Laos. He is holding his sword as a sign of the pride and resistance of the people of Laos against the Thai nation. The garden offers you an enjoyable time learning about the history of Vientiane, as well as relaxing amidst the vast green spaces outdoors.



Laos Textile Museum
Lao Textile Museum in Laos

The Lao Textile Museum is one of the distinctive places that you can visit during your tourism in Vientiane Laos. In order to learn about the history of this precious traditional craft in the country. It is a museum characterized by the beauty and splendor of the exhibits, and the quality of silk production as one of the precious traditions of Vientiane Laos.

The museum is dedicated to the tradition of weaving and dyeing as it has been practiced for centuries in Laos. The museum provides a great opportunity for you to learn the art of using natural dyes, as well as explore the rich collection of different artifacts on display that were used by Laotians.