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appetite for food, it will be one of the first appropriate choices

appetite for food, it will be one of the first appropriate choices



Emirates Beach Restaurant
Emirates Sea Restaurant

And because visiting the Corniche often requires and opens the appetite for food, it will be one of the first appropriate choices with the atmosphere of the sea and the air is seafood and various fish, so you can go to one of the distinguished restaurants of the new Khorfakkan Corniche.

Also, one of the best of these restaurants is the Emirates Sea Beach Restaurant, which specializes in providing seafood and fresh fish, with several different recipes, including fried and grilled. The restaurant also has several branches within the Emirates, including in the city of Ajman.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 12:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Contact number: 0097192385050



Calicut Restaurant

The fun does not end in the city of Khorfakkan, which is to go to one of the distinguished restaurants that work hard to find what you crave from famous international cuisine, especially when choosing from a group of restaurants on the new Khorfakkan Corniche.

And if you want a place that has an ancient history and enjoys high fame and a good reputation, you should go to Calicut Restaurant, as it is one of the restaurants specialized in serving Indian cuisine, in addition to the high level of services in terms of reception, cleanliness and taste of food.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm.

Contact number: 0097192385319



Khorfakkan Fort Restaurant

And when you are in the Emirati city of Khorfakkan, do not forget to taste one of the Emirati cuisine in order to get to know some of the country’s customs, and your trip will be full of fun and enjoy all the entertaining experiences, and this is what the Khorfakkan Fort Restaurant works to provide.



The restaurant is one of the most famous places in the city, and some customers frequent it from time to time. It is also a distinguished choice for lovers of seafood and various fish, as it is a specialty in

Among the most prominent Lebanese restaurants on the Corniche 

Among the most prominent Lebanese restaurants on the Corniche 


Wadi Al-Arish Restaurant, which is famous for serving delicious food, and you can choose whatever dishes you want, through a menu such as grilled kebabs and delicious shawarma, in addition to appetizers and multiple drinks.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 7:30 am to 1:00 am.

Contact number: 0097192386366


Khorfakkan Restaurant

But if you want to taste multiple dishes with a delicious taste, you should choose from the restaurants of the new Khorfakkan Corniche. You can also put the Khorfakkan restaurant among the most important distinguished options that receive various tourists and visitors to eat the most delicious dishes.


As the restaurant is one of the places that specializes in preparing Indian cuisine, but it is not limited to it only, but rather it works to provide many different foods such as Mandi, Madfoon, and some grills, including kofta and chicken, in addition to salads and cold drinks.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 11:30 am to 12:30 am.

Contact number: 0097192371556


Taj Al Madinah Restaurant

Your visit to the city of Khorfakkan is rich in many wonderful activities, which inevitably includes going to a restaurant in order to eat some different dishes, and the choice will be more beautiful when going to one of the oldest restaurants with experience in serving famous foods.


Among them is the Taj Al-Madina Restaurant, which enjoys a high reputation among the city’s residents and is also visited by tourists to eat the best dishes of Indian cuisine, and the restaurant works to provide the highest level of services that you receive from the cheerful staff.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 12:00 pm to 11:45 pm.

Contact number: 0097192370040

Wadi Al-Arish Restaurant


The new Corniche has several wonderful places where you will find what you are looking for in terms of fun and food from different cuisines, the most important of which are authentic Arabic dishes. As for the Lebanese cuisine, which is among the most famous Arab kitchens and is the best choice for many tourists, you will find several restaurants for it.


The Asian village is no less beautiful than the African village

The Asian village is no less beautiful than the African village


Asian Village

Dubai Zoo
The Asian village is no less beautiful than the African village, as it contains all the features as well, differing in that it shows the Asian wildlife, and this appeared through the architectural designs that the continent of Asia was famous for from other villages, so the visitor goes to the village to learn about the culture of Asian peoples, and to see animals Asian as well, the most prominent of which were the following:

Chinese mandarin duck.
Arboreal gibbon.
Moon bear.
Silver gibbon.
Arabian desert safari
Dubai Zoo
If we talk about wildlife in the Arabian desert, we are talking about the most beautiful tourist destination that many tourists around the world like to visit to learn more about wildlife in the Arabian Peninsula, and to see Arab animals up close. A safari is also held to this section in the park specifically, and perhaps The most important animals present are:



Arabian gazelle.
Arabian wolf.
Mountain deer.
Maha Abu Harab.
Reem gazelle.
Maha Abu Adass.
Various entertainment facilities at the Dubai Zoo
The trip to the park is not over yet; Where there are many diverse recreational facilities that children love before adults, which made it the most beautiful amusement park in the Emirate of Dubai, in which most people spend their weekends. These facilities will be mentioned in detail in the following:

Valley area
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
One of the most important recreational areas in the zoo, a family-friendly place because of the variety of restaurants serving delicious food located on a water surface and fish lake to create a wonderful atmosphere full of relaxation with the sounds of birds and small animals, and children can play in the wide green space as they please.



unior garden
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
It is one of the most important recreational activities mixed with an educational aspect for children. Where the garden provides them with the opportunity to learn in a simple way about the nature of some animals such as cows, goats, horses, chickens, ducks, and others. In this garden, they collect eggs, how to extract milk from cows and goats, and deal with the horse. These things serve as recreational activities for them. .



The zoo includes two theatres; One is large and the other is small, dedicated to presenting entertaining cultural shows to learn in detail about wildlife, and to know the secrets and mysteries related to many animals and birds, whether African or Asian.


There are many high-end hotels located near the park that provide

There are many high-end hotels located near the park that provide



services at the highest level. These hotels are:

J to visit all sections of the park.
In the event that children enter the park, except for the open safari village, they pay only 20 dirhams.
Children under 3 years old enter for free.
People of determination enter for free with 2 companions.
People over 60 years old enter for free.
Dubai zoo timings
The zoo receives its visitors throughout the week, but on different dates, which we will learn about as follows:

Garden work starts from 9 am to 5 pm.
The park opens its main doors from 8:30 am to 4 pm.
The last time for the safari bus to leave the park is at 4:30 pm.
Dubai zoo phone number
You can contact the administration to inquire about some information through this number: 800 900.

Dubai Zoo website
You can visit the park located in the Fifth Al Warqaa neighborhood at the intersection of Ras Al Khor Street with Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Street.

Hotels near Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
There are many high-end hotels located near the park that provide services at the highest level. These hotels are:



Ramada Jumeirah Hotel
It is one of the most famous hotels in Dubai, which is about 10 minutes away from the park by car. It received high ratings from Arab visitors, and the reviews came to refer to the distinguished rooms, and their service to the fullest, read more.

Level City Walk Hotel
This hotel is famous for providing 5-star services to visitors. It is about a 15-minute drive from the park. Visitors praised the excellent staff service and the wonderful room views.

Dubai Zoo entrance fee
Dubai Zoo ticket price varies according to the age of the visitor; Where the price list came as follows:



Adults pay 85 AED to enjoy all sections of the park.
In the case of entering the park, except for the open safari village, they pay only 50 dirhams.
Children over 3 years old pay AED 30

Dubai Zoo is one of the most popular recreational tourist

Dubai Zoo is one of the most popular recreational tourist


destinations for many individuals in the Emirate of Dubai. Have you ever seen the Bengal tiger? Or have you seen a cormorant? These creatures of African and Asian origin are rarely heard of, but we can see them in nature at the Dubai Zoo.

This park, which includes thousands of rare animals and birds, comes to all tourists from far and wide to get to know the wildlife that exists in the continent of Asia and Africa, especially the Arabian Peninsula, more and more that we get to know together in our article today.

Discover Dubai Zoo
One of the most famous zoos in the world on an area of 20,000 square meters, and includes 3,000 animals and birds, so that visitors can get acquainted with their wild life, and enjoy seeing them in wonderful views with an atmosphere full of fun and entertainment. Together, we discover the most prominent activities of the Dubai Zoo in the following:


Explorer Village
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
It is named by this name because the visitor explores some of the animals who came from the continents of Asia and Africa, and learns about their wild life in detail through the specialists that the park provides with visitors in this section. The park is toured by large buses, and the life of the following animals is known:

the elephant.
Black antelope.
Maha Abu Harab.
brown lion.
Bengal tiger.
Kudu animal.
Nile crocodile.
spoonbill bird
Striped hyena.
the giraffe.
African village
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
An area of 115 square meters detailing African life, that village that was designed to the fullest in the heart of the Dubai Zoo so that all tourists from around the world can get acquainted with African culture through the various activities and facilities in this section, and the nature of African life also appears through the presence of Some African animals such as: flamingos, African lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, hippos, and others.



People enjoy a lot in the African village because of its calm and pleasant atmosphere, especially in the part of the rain forests, these forests that take you to another world like what we see on television, and the village has also succeeded in providing the appropriate environment for some African animals through the presence of savannah grass that added beauty Wonderful on the garden, another life in the heart of the African village that you enjoy a lot with family and friends.

Sarajevo is one of the cities that many tourists come to visit and

Sarajevo is one of the cities that many tourists come to visit and


enjoy its charming nature. It is one of the European tourist capitals that many put in their tourist plans while in Europe.

If you go for tourism in Sarajevo and want to know a lot about the culture of this city, you should visit the popular Sarajevo markets, as they make you experience the pleasure of popular shopping and feel like one of the people of the city. the town.

Sarajevo’s most popular market
There are a number of distinctive markets in the city and here are the best recommendations from them.

green market

The Green Market is one of the largest and most famous of Sarajevo’s markets, where there are many products, food commodities, and others. The place there is wide and large, and it is a large square that you go down to through some stairs to find yourself among a large group of shops and many merchants who display their various goods, But what is most famous for this market is for vegetables and fruits, as a large part of the square is devoted to crops.


These agricultural products are distinguished by their high quality as traders bring them from the farms directly to the market, and the market is not limited to them only, but there are also some shops that sell clothes and shoes, and some sell hand-made products and traditional textiles, in addition to leather goods from bags, shoes and watches as well.

This market is one of the wonderful places that will make you live the pleasure of traditional shopping and know a lot about the natural life of the people of this city, and you can reach it through Google Maps from here.



Turkish Bazaar Pijaca Ciglane
Turkish Bazaar

The Turkish market is one of the comprehensive and integrated markets in which you can find all the products you may need, as there are shops selling meat, fish and marine creatures, and there are also merchants selling vegetables, fruits and cooking supplies, in addition to cooking utensils and some tools that are used in the kitchen as well. Sweets and bakery stores.

In addition to food products and supplies, there are shops selling Turkish textiles and clothes that are brought from Turkey to Sarajevo, and there are also ornaments and decorations, and all of these products are of high quality, at cheaper prices than their counterparts that are found in malls and large malls.

The market is one of the places that combines Turkish culture and Bosnian culture together, so do not miss it, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.


Al Ahdab Market Grbavica
Ahdab Market

This market is one of the most expensive Sarajevo markets, due to the high quality of its products. There are all agricultural products of all kinds. When you enter there, you will find the colors of vegetables and fruits, natural and fresh, very bright and catch your eye, in addition to the presence of some farmers who sell dairy, cheese and their derivatives of products. There is also a bakery selling fresh bread.

Also inside the market there are some meat shops selling frozen meat, fish and crustaceans that are caught and brought there.

The market is located near the city center, and there is a car park in front of the market, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.

food market

The food market is one of the very famous markets in Sarajevo, as this market is located in a historical and archaeological area, and it is also designed in an old classic style, so this market has gained wide popularity among tourists who visit the city more than others, and what helped its fame also besides its style Unique is that it provides so many products that anyone might need.


In this market there are all agricultural products and different foods, as well as meat of all kinds, fish and animal products such as cheese and milk, and in the other part of the market there are shops selling clothes, furniture, shoes and bags, and there are also shops selling souvenirs that express the culture and civilization of the country, in addition to the services it provides The market such as online shopping and the possibility of home delivery, facilities and special places suitable for wheelchair owners so that they can move around the market freely.

You can reach the food market via Google Maps from here.

Ghazi Khosrow Bey Beystan

The Ghazi market is one of the oldest markets in Bosnia and not only in Sarajevo, as it was built in the era of the Ottoman Empire to sell food products of meat, vegetables and fruits, but later there are many shops located in it such as souvenir and toys shops, as well as textile and handicraft shops, and shops clothes, bags and shoes, there are also shops selling home plants and flowers,

The market consists of two floors. The first floor is underground and is for agricultural products and meat. The place is cooler at the bottom and less humid, and this preserves the quality of these products for a longer period. As for the other floor, there are shops that sell other products.


This market is one of the archaeological sites in the city and an important tourist destination for many tourists who come to Sarajevo and would like to experience the popular shopping in the old market, and to reach it through Google Maps, click here.

Natural places always attract people to them, to enjoy their beauty,

Natural places always attract people to them, to enjoy their beauty,



feel relaxed and get rid of the burdens of life. That is why public parks and parks are always the first destination for nature-loving people.

So if one day you go to the capital of Bosnia, and you want to go out on a vacation in the middle of nature, Sarajevo parks are among the distinctive places that provide you with this, and reflect the beauty of nature in this city.


The most beautiful parks of Sarajevo
There are many green parks and gardens in Sarajevo, and we will recommend the best of these suitable for you to visit.

Savit Zajko

Savit Zajko is one of the largest parks in Sarajevo, it is a natural wealth for this city, where there are many green plants, tall and perennial trees, and flowers with a pleasant smell, and there are also artificial waterfalls made between the rocks, and some small lakes for waterfowl that live there Some small bridges pass over these lakes, which give the place an aesthetic appearance, with some fountains that pump water in the middle of the lake.

There are also a lot of services that the park administration provides to visitors, such as large playgrounds, there is a football field, another for basketball, lanes paved for running and walking, ice slides for skating in winter, as well as lanes for wheelchairs, in addition to a small train that roams the park to watch people Its charming beauty, along with some small amusement parks for children to be able to enjoy their time while they are there.

The park is a great place and suitable for a family vacation to spend quality time, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.



Forest Park Mojmilo šuma Mojmilo
Forest Park Mugelo

Forest Park is one of the parks distinguished from other parks in the city because of its height above ground level, as it is located on the highest plateau. And enjoy taking the most beautiful souvenir photos.

In the garden there are some lanes paved for cycling, and suitable places to sit and hold parties such as barbecues, and family gatherings, and there are also playgrounds for children and youth for group games, in addition to some slides for skiing in the winter, so if you are looking for a suitable place to relax, watch The green color of nature is within your sight, and this park is the perfect place for that.

You can get there by public taxi to the city, or go there with your own car, and you can use Google Maps to get there from here.

Veliki Park

Veliki Park is one of the most famous Sarajevo parks where there is a famous monument, which is a group of graves for some children, so people go to see this memorial, and also in order to enjoy the beauty of the park, where the diverse and colorful trees, and a lot of flowers scattered throughout around.


In the garden there are many places to sit and play with pets and listen to the chirping of birds, so what distinguishes this garden is its calm and serenity, where you just enjoy the sounds of nature around you away from the hustle and bustle of the city outside, and although it is in the middle of the city, it is a wonderful place To relax and get some fresh air.

You can get there via Google Maps from here.

The Garden of Light Park Svjetlosti
garden of light

This park is one of the parks preferred by many of the city’s residents, especially those close to the Siglana area, as it is a small and quiet park, and there are many benches to sit among the trees and grasses and watch the flocks of birds that come to it, and to practice walking or running in the lanes designated for that.

There are also some playgrounds for young children with some of the games they prefer, in addition to the presence of designated areas in the garden for dogs and pets, so you can take your pet and go out for a walk there, and according to visitors’ opinions, the most appropriate time to go there is early morning, so you can observe the sunrise and watch the sunrise. Its golden rays reflect on the bright green trees and see this enchanting landscape.

The park is open around the clock, and you can go there via Google Maps from here.

Friendship Forest Šuma prijateljstva
Friendship Forest



This park is one of the most beautiful Sarajevo parks. When you go there you find yourself among the mountain tops because of its height. There you will see the bright natural colors mixed with each other between green, orange, yellow and white also on the high peaks, and you will enjoy the wonderful biodiversity around you where there are some animals The pets that inhabit the park, such as goats, squirrels, and some birds that build their nests among the high branches.

You can do many activities there such as running, cycling and practicing physical sports, where there is a place equipped with some machines that are found in the fitness halls. You can also hold a barbecue party or birthday parties and go out on a group or family vacation and take the most wonderful memorial photos with natural appearances There, buy fast food and ice cream from the restaurants inside.

This park is a great place to spend an enjoyable vacation in the lap of nature, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.

Frilo . National Park
Vrilo . National Park


The National Park is the most famous park among the Sarajevo parks

The city’s main park and an important factor of its tourist attractions, as it contains many rare plants and trees and also some pets, so the city’s residents consider it a nature reserve that must be preserved, but what distinguishes it most is the presence of the source of the Bosnia River where the waters flow The river is from the natural spring located there.

You can do many activities in this park, where there are some waterfalls and lakes where some waterfowl and colorful fish live, and there are also areas designated for horse riding and roaming around, and there are also special lanes for cyclists, and others for wheelchairs, in addition to Restaurants and cafés that serve the best dishes and drinks and are often found close to seating and gathering places.

You can go to the national park with your own car, where there is a private parking lot, and if you want to reach it via Google Maps, click here.

Banjska park
Baniska Park

Banesca Garden is one of the gardens popular with Arab tourists who visit Sarajevo parks, where there are many restaurants that serve the best meals, and there are some hotels near it, in addition to providing many services that visitors prefer, such as walking paths, and places to sit amidst colorful flowers and plants. Paved roads are suitable for wheelchair owners.


The park is large and has a large area, so there is a place to rent small electric carts and bicycles as well to roam around the park, as well as some playgrounds for group games and small amusement parks for children, places to roam with pets, and often there are


some performance teams that offer Traditional performances to introduce the culture of their country to the foreigners who are there.

You can go there via Google Maps from here.

Sarajevo Amusement Park is one of the most popular places people

Sarajevo Amusement Park is one of the most popular places people


like to visit when they are in the city, to enjoy their time and spend a wonderful holiday with their families or friends, and make happy memories.

So we will help you here and recommend the most places that you can visit while you are in Bosnia, especially if you are there to experience tourism in Sarajevo, the capital.

The most famous amusement park Sarajevo
There are many entertainment places that are suitable for young and old, and also places suitable for young people only, and now here are the best of these places.

Sunnyland amusement park

Sunnyland is one of the largest Sarajevo theme parks, where there are many activities and activities that can be practiced and enjoyed when visiting the park. There is a long railway that winds around the park and the express train or the so-called death train walks on it. Some games, in addition to the possibility of horse riding and roaming around among the trees and plants.


This place is one of the most places that Sarajevo residents go to for entertainment and to spend an enjoyable holiday, as there are all the things that they may need while they are there. There are many restaurants that serve fast food and cafes that provide the best drinks that are suitable for children and adults, and there are also many It is a place where the little ones can play to entertain themselves and have fun.

You can go there with your own car, as there is a private parking lot in the park, and if you want to get there via Google Maps, click here.


Riviera Ilija Aquatic Termalna rivijera
Riviera Ilija Waterpark

Riviera is a small water village, with many large and small swimming pools, including open and covered, in addition to some hot springs that work all time of the year, and steam rooms as well, in addition to many restaurants and cafes that provide a lot of meals and drinks Hot and cold, this village is an important tourist attraction for the city, as it is located near many luxury tourist hotels.

This tourist village provides many services such as amusement parks, children’s playgrounds, some giant slides and plastic boats, and there are also some covered halls that have games for young children, and there are also many facilities for wheelchairs so that they can enjoy their time with others, in addition to the presence of a car park Especially for electric chairs and also for private cars.

The water park is a great place and suitable for a fun summer vacation, especially if you are in a city far from the beaches such as Sarajevo, and you can get there via Google Maps from here.


Fox in a Box . Maze Room
maze room

The escape room is a place of entertainment for young people and adults, where the enjoyment lies in this place by solving puzzles and using smart tricks to get out of the maze or the room, and access to the last key and use it to open the door to get out, and in this place there are more than one room and each room there is It has many puzzles, so it is better to go there with a group of friends so that you can enter the room together and have a good time together.

The place is very suitable for a fun day out. According to visitors, this place is one of the best Sarajevo theme parks for youth and group holidays, many of those who visited have left positive comments after their experience, and many intend to come back there again when they get the chance.


And to go there via Google Maps from here.


Playland is a children’s entertainment center, where there are many games that children love and that suit their young ages, such as electric cars, ball halls, electronic games, fish tanks, maze rooms, drawing and coloring games, and there are also group games that parents can share with their children in it while playing

The place offers a lot of services such as fast food in the restaurants located there, juices and ice cream as well, and there are places designated for children with special abilities, but when you go there it is better to accompany your children due to the crowding and more concern for their safety.

To get there via Google Maps, click here.



Olympic swimming pool Otoka Olympic
Olympic swimming pool

The Olympic swimming pool is one of the recreational places that many Sarajevo residents visit, especially in the summer. For physical sports.

The place offers many services to its visitors, such as private lockers with a high level of safety for keeping items, private toilets, as well as places suitable for wheelchairs and those with abilities, and a special parking lot for cars that come to the place, in addition to receiving some trips organized by schools for children to spend a fun day playing in Swimming pools, enjoying water and water games, and providing a number of skilled trainers to take care of all the people who go there to swim.


You can go there alone or with your family. The place welcomes everyone, whatever their age, and it is close to the city center, and you can get there via Google Maps from here.

Tbilisi is the civilized capital of Georgia, which has enjoyed its

Tbilisi is the civilized capital of Georgia, which has enjoyed its


outstanding natural resources from the heights of the Caucasus Mountains, and it also contains many historical monuments that carry cultural and heritage connotations in the city extending since ancient times. To enrich the visitor’s information about it.

So, if you traveled to wonderful Tbilisi and passed its various entertainment destinations and cultural theaters, and walked between its picturesque nature and its vast gardens, you should also go to the unique Tbilisi Museums, which allow you to implement a range of activities that mix learning and knowledge with fun and excitement, as it includes many advantages that are not It is almost found elsewhere in the world.

The best hotels in Tbilisi
Tbilisi Hotels
Tbilisi Hotels


The hotels in Tbilisi have amazing decoration styles and designs that are full of luxury and sophistication, including Italian designs and others. They also overlook charming views of the city, and have all the amenities needed by those wishing for temporary accommodation and hosting.. Read more

The best museums of Tbilisi
In the following paragraphs, we have listed for you the top 10 museums of Tbilisi that you should not miss to visit and take your family and friends on a tour.

Chronicle Georgia Tbilisi
The Chronicle of Georgia is a monument with many historical contents, and it is unique and one of the tourist attractions that fall within the framework of museums and increase the tourist attractions in Tbilisi. It was established in 1985 AD as an expression of Georgia’s sovereignty during historical periods and eras. different.

The memorial is designed with 16 huge supporting columns, and expressive and ornate inscriptions are carved on the facade of the columns, which refer to the largest Georgian religion and folk connotations.



Georgian National Museum
Georgian National Museum
The Georgian National Museum tops the list of the best museums in Tbilisi; It is one of the important tourist destinations that attracts large numbers of tourists and locals, and it is a spacious exhibition consisting of four floors with antique historical exhibits, and a group of collectibles related to zoology, showing indications of history and ancient and modern times in Georgia, and its lower section contains an impressive collection of Treasures and antique gold coins.

The National Museum also contained a group of ancient Georgian customs and costumes, which the ancients used and walked according to their traditions. The museum also contained old



weapons, devices, and stuffed animals such as the leopard and tiger and several extinct birds, which are things that make you excited and excited to visit and see these artifacts that You don’t exist anywhere else.

One of the impressive open-air museums in Tbilisi is the Open Air

One of the impressive open-air museums in Tbilisi is the Open Air


Open Air Ethnography Museum Tbilisi
Open Air Ethnography Museum Tbilisi
One of the impressive open-air museums in Tbilisi is the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, which is called “Georgi Chitaya Museum,” an ethnographer from Georgia. 52 hectares, that is, seventy buildings include eight thousand historical objects.

The exhibits in the museum’s courtyards represent folk architecture and handicrafts that carry the city’s culture and were widespread in the medieval period in the region. The museum also includes exhibits indicating different places in the country. The museum was managed as part of the Georgian National Museum on December 30, 2004 AD .

Museum of Illusions Tbilisi
Museum of Illusions Tbilisi
Fun and learning can be had at the same time in the wonderful Tbilisi Museum of Illusions, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy with family and friends and see exhibits that illustrate the concepts of audio, visual and sensory illusions. .

In addition, it contains a cave lit with 3D lighting systems, which makes the atmosphere majestic inside, so we advise you to take an exploration trip in the world of illusions and do various activities full of excitement and suspense; Like the deceptive rooms and the whirlpool tunnel, it is an unmissable opportunity within the museum’s entertainment destinations, and do not forget to take pictures to document the wonderful memories.

Tbilisi Auto Museum
Tbilisi Auto Museum
Many people love cars of all kinds, especially old ones, so the impressive “Tbilisi Auto Museum” was established to provide an opportunity to learn about the types of cars of different historical eras, which have gone through the stages of repair and restoration to be presented in the best and clearest form to the visitor in the museum, and these cars will really surprise you.

Where cars from the Stalin and Gorbachev periods are available, in addition to a diverse and unique collection of old private cars, owned by Soviet rulers and founders of the


Communist Party, amazing cars from the seventies are displayed in the museum in addition to some forms of light vehicles such as motorcycles.