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Taba is the most beautiful city in Egypt

Taba is the most beautiful city in Egypt

Taba is the most beautiful city in Egypt


The city of Taba is distinguished as one of the most beautiful Egyptian cities in terms of its scenic landscapes that make it distinct from its surroundings. It is characterized by turquoise waters and wonderful mountain ranges. It is located at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, where it is bordered by the waters of the Gulf on one side, and the mountains and eastern plateaus on the other. We offer you a report on the best hotels, beaches and tourist places in Taba.


The best hotels in Taba

The city has a large group of luxury hotels in Taba, which is characterized by providing hotel services to visitors to the fullest, and excellent locations in close proximity to many different points of interest and interest for guests, and to learn about the best hotels, read more.



What are the best tourist attractions in Taba?
Taba Reserve

The Taba Nature Reserve is considered one of the best nature reserves that attracts tourists who come to it to see the scenic landscapes. It is located on the Egyptian-Palestinian borders and has a history of more than five thousand years, and it is one of the best places for tourism in Taba.

It also contains the most beautiful beaches full of rare colored fish and coral reefs that are threatened with extinction and there are many wild animals. The reserve enjoys a rocky nature. It has valleys and plateaus that may reach a length of more than a thousand meters and many rocks that contain faults and intersecting joints, as well as mountains spread on their tops Many wild birds and contain plants numbering up to 480 species, and the most important characteristic of the reserve is the fresh water springs.



colorful valley

The Colored Valley or the Colored Gully is one of the most important geological tourist attractions in the city of Taba in the South Sinai Governorate. The salts have taken their place among the rocks for hundreds of years

It was named by this name in relation to the shades of colors that cover its walls in a harmonious and homogeneous manner, with veins of mineral salts in the form of lines covering the sandy and limestone layer, which consists of many colors such as scarlet, silver, orange, gold, red, purple and yellow.



Fjord Bay

The bay is located 15 kilometers south of the city of Taba. The most important characteristic of the bay and makes it different from many bays is the surrounding water in the bay consisting of coral reefs. Professional divers go down to the bay to see colorful fish and rare coral reefs.

The descent takes place through an opening at a depth of 16 meters in the coral reefs, and then to the hole at a depth of 24 meters. Fishes can be seen in the open sea feeding on small and silver glass fish. As for amateur divers, they descend to the Moza area, which is a shallow area of ​​coral reefs and reaches a maximum depth of 12 meters. There are a group of Colorful fish and corals.



Pharaoh’s Island

The island is called by other names, the Coral Island and the Coral Reef Island. The island is located 30 kilometers from the Sinai shore and 10 kilometers from the city of Aqaba. The most important feature of the island is the presence of the Salah al-Din Castle, which was built in 1171 AD to counter the attacks of the Crusaders and secure the pilgrims’ path. Many tourists come to The island to see the rest of the monuments left by the Pharaohs, the Romans, and even the Ottoman Empire