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Tourism in Izmir, Turkey

Tourism in Izmir, Turkey

Tourism in Izmir, Turkey

Surrounded by hillside residential neighborhoods, bustling market streets, and tall commercial buildings, the Izmir Agora is part of the everyday landscape for most residents. The remains of the Agora date back to the 4th century BC, and include the remains of urban monuments such as the king’s palace, some temples, and rock houses.



ancient Ephesus

It is an ancient Greek city that was also known as Efes, and with it being one of the greatest cities in the world during the Roman era, and the second largest city in the world at that time, it now includes many monuments and temples, and is located in the Lydia region – a historical area in Western Anatolia – at the Cayster River, which flows into the Aegean Sea (in present-day Turkey).

Founded in the tenth century BC by the ancient Greeks. The remains of the city of Ephesus is considered the largest attraction for tourists, especially tourists who travel by ship. A water canal was opened between the historical city and the sea. To transport tourists by small boats to the city. The Efes sea port was maintained as it was in its heyday.


Kadivikal Castle

The castle was built on this place in the 4th century BC by Lysimachus, an approximate general of Alexander the Great. Over the long centuries of its existence,

Many of its buildings were destroyed, some were reconstructed, reconstructed and replaced by new ones. The interior buildings are examples of medieval architecture. Kadivikal Castle is known as the legendary castle located between the mountains of the city of Izmir.

You can even see the Turkish flag on the top of the majestic castle walls from afar, and besides the beauty of this wonderful landmark and its wide fame, when you visit this castle built on a high hill, you can also enjoy a wonderful view of the city and the Gulf of Izmir.



Clock tower in Izmir

It is a historical Ottoman clock tower in the center of Konak Square in the Turkish city of Izmir. Designed by French architect Chamremond Charles Peer. The tower was built in 1901 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s accession to the Ottoman throne, where he ruled from (1876-1909). The tower is 25 meters (82 ft) tall and is surrounded by four fountains.

The clock kept working and still, and it only stopped once, when a 5.2-magnitude earthquake struck Izmir in 1974, when the tower suffered some damage. The BJ is an important tourist destination for all tourists who visit Izmir.




Pamukkale is an amazing geographical phenomenon unique in the world. When you visit it, it will look like an iced wedding cake with dozens of layers, natural pools and limestone terraces formed over millions of years of flowing water.

These springs are characterized by their great healing properties and their ability to relieve pain. Pamukkale is located in the Denizli province, southwest of Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. These springs were formed more than two thousand years ago and exist so far. The Romans considered that spot a holy place, and they called it “Hierapolis”, which means “the holy city”.



Bozdag mountain

Bozdag Kayak Ski Mountain is one of the most important destinations for tourists heading to the city of Izmir for skiing, as it is located in the center of the village of Bozdag, east of Izmir, and Bozdag Ski Mountain is one of the most beautiful areas ideal for outdoor sports activities,

So that the mountain, which is located at an altitude of 2156 meters, provides different ways to climb and ski together. It is possible to climb to the top by cable car, which is a pleasure in itself to be able to look at the area from the top of the mountain.



Sevier Hisar Beach

A quiet beach is a special place for lovers of relaxation and tranquility, and one of the most beautiful beaches of Izmir, this beach is located 45 kilometers from the city center

Citrus trees are the most important characteristic of the place, as they are spread everywhere on the beach. The visitor to this place can spend a pleasant and quiet time, and if you are a citrus lover, you will enjoy tasting the citrus fruits available in the city.