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Tourism in Yalova

Tourism in Yalova

Tourism in Yalova

Mineral baths in Yalova

Its waters treat the heart, and rheumatic diseases, this is what the Turks say about their hot springs and baths, offering its visitors an ideal dual treatment that combines self-recreation and treating the body in rare ways and methods. And in an area of ​​wonderful green nature.



In this area, there are a number of famous historical plunge pools, including the “Sultan” bathtub, “The Mother’s Bath” and “Qursunlu Bath.” The historical “Qursunlu” bath includes an outdoor swimming pool, in addition to indoor basins and a steam bath (sauna). and “the village bathroom.



Çınarcık Province

It is considered one of the most popular and popular tourist places in the Marmara Sea region. It is characterized by its clean waters, rural areas, archaeological and historical sites, as well as the Delmga Plateau and Dibsizgul Lake. It is a small town with an indigenous population of 9,000, while this number rises to 300,000 tourists. During the summer.

The area also includes the beautiful “Cinarcik” beaches, to which many residents of the region, even tourists and visitors with their families, go to break the daily routine and enjoy the wonderful views of the sea. What distinguishes the city is its beautiful atmosphere and the various activities that can be practiced here, such as camping, walking and beach sports.

Most of the coastal strip in Çınarcık is rocky, except for the western end, as it contains sandy beaches and is close to many famous restaurants in that area.



Sudchan Waterfall

Sudshan Waterfall extends on both sides of the road, which represents for the visitor a picturesque natural place for walking and hiking, and is located about eight kilometers from the village of Uezpinar. Eat your favorite meals at places close to the waterfall.

Termal Village

A village famous for its hot mineral springs since the Roman era.

In addition to the fact that the village enjoys a picturesque nature that makes it a suitable place for hiking. The Yalova Baths in Termal are located southwest of the city of Yalova and are 12 km away from it. The road to it is easy and clear, and you only have to follow the directional signs.

You can visit the therapeutic hot springs in the Termal baths in Yalova for the purpose of recovering from several diseases or for rest and relaxation in one of its hot baths.



Chok Chedra Village

Chok Chedra Village is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Yalova. It is a quiet rural village that enjoys an atmosphere of comfort far from the noise and crowding of cities.

The village of Gok Shadra is located in the city of Yalova, in the village of Termal, about 12 km from the center of Yalova, and a large number of tourists flock to it annually.

It is simply a group of gardens and natural places, trees scattered throughout and on the roads, along with a large number of bright and beautiful flowers.



waterfall suspense

Tawfiqiyah Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Yalova, which is visited by a large number of tourists annually due to its charming natural beauty, and the distinctive atmosphere of calm and comfort that it offers to its visitors.

The waterfalls are located in Yalova, within the municipality of Tashavik, and it is about 29 km from the center of Yalova, and Tashavikia is one of the most beautiful natural places in the city.

An exciting waterfall in Yalova falls from the rocks through which the water made its way, amid a forest of green trees and colorful flowers. Humidity.



Sodoshan Waterfall

12 km from Yalova is the Sudüşen Şelalesi waterfall, which flows from the highest mountain peak located on a road 8 km from the village of Uvaz Benaler.

This place is very quiet and comfortable, and attracts many Arab and foreign tourists to rest and enjoy the wonderful scenery in which the waterfall appears among the mountain rocks, in addition to the charming view of the Marmara Sea and Lake Termal visible from the top of the waterfall.

What adds to this fun spot is that the waterfall is located in a mountainous area that is cold and refreshing at the same time, and there are wooden sittings where the visitor can barbecue and drink Turkish tea near it.