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The most important tourist places in Zadar, Croatia

The most important tourist places in Zadar, Croatia


There are many sights and attractions worth visiting and exploring during tourism in Zadar, Croatia. Learn about 10 of them that we advise you to visit:

organ sea
croatian organ sea

An architectural masterpiece, this 70-meter series of beautifully crafted stairs is located in the western side of Zadar on the seafront, attracting millions of tourists annually.


It is basically a giant musical instrument played by the movement of waves, a wonderful instrument that consists of a series of underwater tubes, placed under marble steps descending into the water, each tube creating a different tone, and together they form a wonderful soundtrack.

Kolovare Beach
Kolovari beach, Croatia

Kolovari Beach is the main beach of the city, and it is one of the best beaches of Zadar that you can visit and spend a special vacation.


Kolovari Beach offers its visitors a day full of rest and relaxation, amidst the natural atmosphere and surrounding green trees, swimming in the warm clear blue water perfect for swimming, and walking on the sand mixed with pebbles.

Kornati Archipelago National Park

The park consists of 147 islands in the Zadar archipelago, and these islands were established in 1980 AD, to protect marine life and preserve natural habitats. Which made it one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Zadar, Croatia.


The islands of the archipelago are considered a “maritime paradise”, with islands and bays offering safe refuge and beautiful secluded beaches. The park is popular with yachtsmen, scuba divers and spectators on tour boats to enjoy the unique beauty of the park.



Doji Otok Island
Zadar is the perfect place to explore the Dalmatian coast, and one of the most interesting places to visit is Dogi Otok Island, the largest at 124 square kilometers.

The island allows tourists to explore the area’s natural beauty and rugged landmarks, as well as swim and relax or dive into the depths to discover the exotic marine life.

The most important tourist places in Rovinj, Croatia

The most important tourist places in Rovinj, Croatia


Rovinj has many important tourist places, we will review 10 of them with you below, we advise you to visit:

Lim Fjord
Lim Fjord Croatia

Limfjord is a fjord, a canal, and even a 10-kilometre long river valley. Guarded by steep mountainsides, rising to 100 metres, it is a natural wonder to be explored in Rovinj Croatia.


Stroll or cycle through a mixture of deciduous and coniferous forests, stop at a restaurant at the mouth of the valley, eat fresh seafood, and take fun boat tours.

Rovinj port

One of the city’s highlights and most famous is Rovinj Harbor, as it is an active fishing town.


Visit the port for great views of the surrounding environment, with beautiful painted houses, the waterfront for fishermen at work, and restaurants and cafes scattered along the water’s edge.

Punta Corrente Natural Park

Punta Corrente Natural Park is a beautiful park, and is one of the best recreational havens located south of Rovinj, Croatia.


The park allows tourists to walk along the trails, relax in the grassy areas, and lie by the small rocky coves along the coast. In addition to seeing the magnificent trees that are more than a hundred years old.

The most important tourist places in Istria, Croatia

The most important tourist places in Istria, Croatia


The city of Istria has many wonderful tourist places, which we will review for you in the following, the most important of which are:

Rabac town
Rabac, Croatia

Rabac was once a small fishing village on Kvarner Bay, and today it is a popular resort. It is distinguished by its pebble beaches, and its clear blue sea, which attracts tourists.

You can visit Gerandella Beach, and enjoy a swim in the sparkling waters. As well as booking boat trips in the bay, or diving to see the amazing marine fish and coral reefs.

Butterflies garden
Butterfly garden in Istria Croatia

The garden is in the form of butterflies and different types of plants and flowers. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city of Istria, Croatia.


There you can see more than 50 species of butterflies, including the very rare swallowtail. In addition to its beauty and fragrant smell. Also you can see many animals, join different workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Galvny Park
Galvni Park, Croatia

Galvny Park is the perfect place for lovers of unique experiences and exciting adventures. This is because of its interesting activities, suitable for all family members.


Here you’ll find the largest high ropes climb in Croatia, as well as a host of other fun activities among the tall treetops such as the Devil’s Suspension Bridge, and the high 3G swing. On top of a climbing wall, high tower and concerts.

Ranch Istra Star
Astra Star Farm Croatia

One of the coolest ways to discover the city of Istria is to ride a noble thoroughbred horse at a leisure riding center. Beginners and experienced riders take fun rides with professional guides.


The center offers several tours, which customize the games according to the skill, on different tracks. As well as hiking trails through forests and meadows, gravel roads, and views of rocky beaches and the Kvarner Islands.

The most important tourist places in Šibenik, Croatia

The most important tourist places in Šibenik, Croatia



Šibenik, Croatia, has many great attractions. Here are some of the most beautiful tourist places in Šibenik, which we suggest you visit during your vacation:

Šibenik port

The port of Šibenik is divided from the Adriatic by the St. Anthony’s Channel. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city, which provides tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful recreational outings.


The port offers hikers many great opportunities for recreation such as walking or jogging, cycling, or taking fun boat tours and taking in a beautiful view. This is on top of the opportunity to explore a beautiful cave along the canal.

Aquapark Solaris
Aquapark Solaris Croatia

Aquapark Solaris is the first water park in Croatia, and it is one of the most beautiful attractions not to be missed with the family in Šibenik Croatia.

The park offers you a variety of unique water experiences, with many swimming pools, various water slides, sprinklers, waterfalls and lazy river. It also has a special area for children, with a legendary cave that excites and fascinates children.


Krka National Park
Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka National Park was established in 1985 AD, it protects the important area around the middle and lower parts of the Krka River. It is considered one of the natural wonders of Šibenik, Croatia, which attracts tourists to the area.

An ideal destination for bird watchers, the park is home to around 200 different species of birds, such as herons and egrets. It also has a lake perfect for swimming below the falls, and a set of high cliffs. Also, enjoy beautiful boat trips.


Primosten Croatia

Primosten is a beautiful little town, located approximately 20 km southeast of Šibenik, Croatia. It is a unique and picturesque place that offers many enjoyable recreational activities.

Enjoy exploring the island’s magnificent ancient architecture, walking the ancient streets, admiring the rocky beach view over the Adriatic and the mainland, and relaxing on one of its pebbly beaches.


Slanica beach
slanica beach, croatia

Slanica Beach is located on the island of Morter, only 34 km from the city of Šibenik, Croatia. It is one of the best and most famous beaches, ideal for relaxation and special family holidays.

Slanica Beach gives you a wonderful swim in unparalleled crystal clear water, lying on the soft white sand as well as walking along the beach and enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding the beach. As well as restaurants and plenty of opportunities for water sports such as volleyball and jet ski.

Tourism in Pula Croatia is one of the destinations rich in history

Tourism in Pula Croatia is one of the destinations rich in history


It is famous for its many ancient Roman buildings, as well as for its crystal clear beaches. The city is also famous for fishing, shipbuilding, restaurants and leisure tourism. It offers tourists the opportunity to undertake recreational adventures and interesting tourism activities. Therefore, it is one of the best tourism cities in Croatia, which is well worth visiting and exploring.

Explore through this article travel and tourism in Pula Croatia, learn about the best time to visit, information about the best hotels to stay, as well as the best tourist places in Pula Croatia worth your visit…



The best hotels in Pula, Croatia

You will be spoiled for choice, when choosing from Pula beach hotels, and its luxurious luxury resorts equipped with the latest amenities and entertainment technologies. They are accommodations characterized by their competitive prices, which strive to satisfy all guests. It also offers perfect views of the most beautiful places in the city…



The best time to travel to Pula, Croatia
The best time to travel and tourism in Pula Croatia is in the period between the months from “June to August”. This is where the comfortable warm temperatures, ideal for strolling and exploring the city in complete freedom. In addition to the possibility of practicing many recreational and tourist activities in the open air.

Where is Pula located?


Pula is located in the country of Croatia on the southern side of the Istrian Peninsula, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Pula is 266.7 kilometers from the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

Language in Pula
Croatian is the official language of the city of Pula Croatia.

The most important tourist places in Pula Croatia
Pula Croatia has many wonderful tourist places, which are worth visiting and exploring during your holiday. Here are 9 of the most important ones:



Bula Aquarium

The Pula Aquarium is the largest in Croatia, and is one of the most famous and distinctive places of entertainment in Pula, attracting many visitors to it constantly throughout the year. The aquarium is located inside a 130-year-old fort.

You can see the shark aquarium in the aquarium the main attraction, as well as hundreds of species of fish from the northern and southern parts of the Adriatic, many species of tropical freshwater and marine creatures, as well as fish from Croatian lakes and rivers, turtle rescue center (the only one in Croatia ). There is also an entire room dedicated to sea horses. Do not miss visiting it.

Cape Kamenjak

Cape Kamenjak is a rugged cape that consists of a bay and various beaches, which form an area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, and a group of small islands. The southernmost point is located in Istria.


The coast of the Katmanjak Peninsula offers many places for swimming, high jumping in the water, as it has the best swimming pool in the world. As well as snorkeling in the soft waters of the Adriatic Sea, exploring the small nature reserve, which is home to many plant species.

Atyrau is located on the banks of the Ural River, the third longest river in Europe.

Atyrau is located on the banks of the Ural River, the third longest river in Europe.


Tourism in Atyrau
Atyrau is located on the banks of the Ural River, the third longest river in Europe.

This is what gives the city’s climate a lot of cool breezes amidst the picturesque nature. While the many modern cafes and Irish restaurants add to the charm and attractiveness of the place to visitors.

Atyrau also gives its visitors the chance to visit the magnificent Imangali Mosque with its blue dome covered with white marble. Then, take a fun walk in the Retro Park. While history lovers can learn more about Kazakh culture at the Atyrau Regional Museum. Where this museum displays in its corridors thousands of artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages.


Tourism in Shymkent
Shymkent is distinguished by its ancient and entertaining atmosphere, as it is a wonderful old city. There are also many bustling bazaars, especially in the lively city centre. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to wander around the Aina Bazaar and buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

Tourists in Shymkent also enjoy visiting Abay Park and having an amazing adventure riding a Ferris wheel. The public plaza in the heart of the park welcomes its visitors with the War Memorial, which was built to honor the brave soldiers who fought in World War II.

Tourism in the Aral
Aral desert
If you are a fan of unique tourist sites, we recommend you to visit the city of Aral. The city was named after the Aral Sea, which was subjected to an environmental disaster in 1960 that led to a drop in its water level and dryness.

In other words, the city of Aral will tell you the story of the disastrous plans of the Soviet-era state that turned seawater into a desert. After it was the fourth largest freshwater site in the world and a famous fishing port in the Soviet Union.



Tourism in Baikonur
Baikonur station
Baikonur is home to the oldest and largest space launch facility in the entire world. The Baikonur Cosmodrome is an ancient secret missile testing site for the Russians. While the station today constitutes a busy spaceport for a number of commercial, military and scientific missions that are launched annually.

Based on the above, a visit to Baikonur gives tourists an interesting tour to witness the launch of a space mission from the facilities of the Cosmodrome. As well as learning about the history of the Soviet and Russian space programs in the museum located on the station. All that is required is to obtain a visitor permit, which is widely available through the city’s tourist agencies.



Tourism in Turkestan

Turkestan is located in southern Kazakhstan and is surrounded by desert from every direction. This gives visitors the opportunity to explore traditional Bedouin culture. And then visit the ruins of the ancient cities of Otrar and Soran, in the surrounding desert. While the city allows visitors to wander around the main bazaar and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

However, the most beautiful tourist site in Turkestan is the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasafi. It is one of the most important historical trading centers on the Silk Road. The beautiful mausoleum also marks the beginning of the Timurid architectural style. In other words, the shrine is decorated with geometric decorations and light blue flowers on the walls. This prompted its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to its religious significance, it is a prominent Islamic pilgrimage site for adherents of the Sufi order.

Tips before traveling to Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is one of the distinctive tourist destinations that will change your view of the Central Asian region. In the streets of the tourist cities, there is a lot of magic that will take you to the ancient history and Islamic monuments, as well as the Soviet history as well. As for nature, it is another tale where deserts, lakes and snow-capped mountains meet. In any case, it is better to plan in advance for a comfortable vacation in Kazakhstan without any obstacles. In order to achieve this, follow the following tips:



Learn some local words
The largest part of the population in Kazakhstan speaks their national language, while a large part also speaks Russian. Therefore, it is difficult for any tourist to go to the country’s restaurants or cafes or buy goods from its markets without being familiar with some Russian or Kazakh words.

Don’t forget to try the popular Kazakhstani recipes
Kazakh restaurants offer visitors many delicious and unique folk cuisine. Therefore, do not forget when visiting Kazakhstan to try recipes cooked with horse meat. It may seem like a strange experience, but it is really fun.

Carry enough cash in your pocket
Most of the stores in Kazakhstan deal with cash payment, so it is better to have enough cash in your pocket, and not to rely on electronic payment methods to be able to buy the goods you need with ease.

Try public transportation
Kazakh cities include a wide network of public transportation that saves you a lot of expenses during your trip. So feel free to use the trains or buses while navigating the country.

Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the bold choices that it is not uncommon to include

Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the bold choices that it is not uncommon to include

in the lists of tourism programs. Despite the country’s vast area and amazing



nature, many believe that the country consists of vast plains only. But what do you think if we change your view of Kazakhstan, in which there is a lot of charm and beauty that is worth exploring. As in the buildings of its cities, there are many historical monuments that amaze the onlookers.

Kazakhstan has a charming nature, which is full of high mountains, valleys, lakes and valleys scattered all over. In addition to the above, many Kazakh cities rich in amazing tourist attractions, warm hospitality of the friendly locals and reasonable prices compared to other tourist destinations around the world. Based on the above, what do you think about packing your luggage for an enjoyable trip in Kazakhstan?



Nature in Kazakhstan
Discover tourism in Kazakhstan
If you are interested in the topic of tourism in Kazakhstan, the following article will help you to know the top 10 tourist cities. As well as providing you with a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which will help you in planning an enjoyable and unforgettable trip in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan map
Kazakhstan is located on two continents together in other words the greater part of the country extends in Central Asia. While the rest of it is located in Eastern Europe, specifically in the west of the Ural River. Kazakh countries also have land borders with China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan as well. While its lands also overlook the Caspian Sea from the west.



Best time to travel to Kazakhstan
Spring in Kazakhstan
Tourism in Kazakhstan is an enjoyable option in all seasons of the year. Every day in the country a new opportunity to discover its charm. Kazakhstan enjoys cold and snowy weather in winter, while the climate becomes continental in summer, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. While the country’s plains are decorated with beautiful flowers in the spring and autumn, it is therefore best to choose your favorite season as follows:

Summer (May to mid-September): Summer sees the most visitors as most people combine a visit to Kazakhstan with a hiking trip in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This is in the midst of the wide plains. Despite the high heat, the weather is perfect for visiting the mountains and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature.

Spring (from the end of March to May): Spring is the best time to see the green steppes of Kazakhstan. This allows tourists to enjoy wild chrysanthemum flowers in Aksu Cabagli Nature Reserve. And then charming tours in the midst of nature in a moderate climate that protects visitors from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. You will also enjoy Nowruz Festival on March 21st.

Autumn (September to October): Although autumn in Kazakhstan is limited to one month, this is an ideal time to visit the country during the siege season and enjoy its delicious fruits. The climate of Kazakhstan in the fall is much warmer than the harsh winter.

Winter season (from November to the end of March): If you are a fan of snowboarding, tourism in Kazakhstan is an ideal option for you in the period from December to February. During this period, tourists will also enjoy unique activities such as ice fishing or horse riding in the snow, as well as hunting for falcons and eagles.



The language in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and due to the country’s vast area, the languages ​​spoken here are also diverse. Despite relying on the Kazakh language, which is close to Turkish, as an official language, it is spoken by 65% ​​of the population. However, it is also common to use Russian as the second official language. The diversity is not limited to this point, but the Ukrainian language, the Tatar language, the Uzbek language, the English language, as well as the Uyghur and Mongolian languages ​​are spread in Kazakhstan as well.

Tourist visa in Kazakhstan
Before heading to travel and tourism in Albania, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Apply for a tourist visa.
A passport valid for at least six months.
Two personal photos.
A letter of claim from one of the tourism agencies or hotels in the country.
Pay the visa fee of $20 for every 20 days of stay, up to a maximum of 90 days.
It should be noted that an application for a Kazakhstan tourist visa must be submitted through the embassy or consulate in the country in which the traveler resides. While citizens of 117 countries can apply for a visa online. Among them are the following Arab countries:

the two seas
Morocco, West, sunset
Kingdom Saudi Arabia
Sultanate of Oman
While the visa is paid on arrival for citizens of countries whose territory does not include any embassy of Kazakhstan. Citizens of some countries are also completely exempted from the visa requirement. This includes a visa-free stay of up to 30 days for citizens of the United States, Canada, and all European Union countries

The most important tourist places in Belgrade, Serbia

The most important tourist places in Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade has a variety of tourist places that are worth visiting. Here are 9 of the most important and best tourist places in Belgrade, Serbia that are recommended to visit during your vacation:

Belgrade Castle

Belgrade Castle is located in high hills at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. It is one of the most famous tourist areas in Belgrade, Serbia, which we advise you to visit. The castle is primarily a huge park, due to its romantic and quiet location.


Belgrade Castle or Kalemegdan Park provides tourists with an opportunity to enjoy discovering many historical monuments such as the Victor memorial, which dates back to 1928 AD, which commemorates Serbia’s defeat of the Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian in World War I. As well as the Military Museum, and a number of great art galleries. In addition to watching panoramic views from the top.

Island “Ada Ciganlija”
Ada Ciganlija Island

Ada Seganya was a river island lying on the Sava River, then turned into a peninsula, and is known as the seashore of Belgrade. Although it is located in the city center, it is covered with elm and oak forests and is a great attraction in the country.


You can enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities in Ada Seganya, among which are strolling along the pebbly beach, which is dotted with many restaurants and cafes. As well as jogging, kayaking in the lake, playing golf, tennis, basketball and relaxing in the vast greenery.

Nikola Tesla Museum
Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade

This museum displays the life and work of the great physicist, inventor, electrical engineer and Serbian national hero “Nikola Tesla”. The museum is one of the most famous and prominent tourist attractions in Belgrade, Serbia.

The museum allows its visitors to learn about the many works and inventions of this great man, as well as his personal belongings, photographs, and correspondence to paint a clearer picture of his life. This is in addition to visiting the interactive section, watching 3D shows or originals of his works, and English language tours are also available.

The most important tourist places on the island of Kauai, Hawaii

The most important tourist places on the island of Kauai, Hawaii


The island of Kauai has many wonderful places to visit, here are 10 tourist places worth visiting on the island of Kauai Huawei during your next vacation:

National Tropical Botanical Garden
Kauai National Tropical Botanical Garden

Tropical Botanical Gardens are two gardens, the 252-acre McBride Gardens, and the 100-acre Allerton Gardens. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.


The garden allows you to take part in tours that usually last two to three hours, including exploring Alberton Gardens and its lush green space filled with wonderful flowers and fragrant smells and wonderful fountains. So is McBride Gardens, which is home to the world’s largest collection of native Hawaiian plants.

Polihale State Park
Polihali State Park on Kauai

Polihali State Park is located at the western end of the Na Pali coast on the island of Kauai. It is one of the most important tourist areas on the island of Kauai, where it is very popular thanks to its charming nature.

The park offers a wide white sand beach, but it is not completely safe for swimming and water activities. Nevertheless, it is an ideal beach for relaxation and harmony between the atmosphere of nature, watching the unique sunset, walking along the beach, and many fun beach activities.



Wailowa Falls
Wailua Falls on Kauai

Kauai is famous for its many beautiful waterfalls, among which Wailu Waterfall is the best. It is a double tiered waterfall, and it is easy to access unlike other Kauai waterfalls.

Take a leisurely cruise on the Wailua River in a double kayak, then take a one-mile hike to the base of Wailowa Falls, where you can enjoy a dip in the pool. And when the sun hits just the right angle, you get a stunning view of the rainbow. The waterfall is approximately 57 meters above sea level. Legend has it that the chiefs of ancient Hawaii had to risk jumping from the top of this waterfall to prove their strength and courage.



Napali Coast Park
Napali Coast Park on Kauai

One of the most inaccessible parts of the island is the Na Pali coast in northwest Kauai. Despite this, it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places on the island of Kauai, which is recommended to visit. The place boasts plenty of dramatic mountain scenery, as well as cliffs, waterfalls, and lush vegetation.

The coast offers you the possibility of climbing mountains, steep cliffs and diving in the sea. As well as the steep valleys on the side of the land that divide the mountain peaks, enjoy watching the strange shapes of frozen volcanic mountains with caves and waterfalls, and the dense green of unique plants. On top of the hidden sandy beaches at the foot of the mountains, snorkeling among coral and shiny fish.

The most important tourist places in Tabuk Haql

The most important tourist places in Tabuk Haql


Tabuk Haql includes many wonderful tourist places, learn about 9 of the most beautiful tourist places in Tabuk Haql, which we advise you to visit during your vacation:

Tabuk Water Park

Tabuk Water Park or Waterfall Park offers you many recreational activities, and various water games. It enjoys wide fame and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city.


When visiting it, you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes, and the vast green spaces. As well as the many water slides spread in the garden, and safe swimming pools that suit different age groups. This is in addition to restaurants, family and friends boards, and a lot of facilities and services that visitors need.

Almond mountain
Jabal Al-Louz field in Tabuk

Jabal al-Lawz is one of the most legendary mountains in Saudi Arabia, with some considering Jabal al-Lawz to be the real Mount Sinai. And that is where Moses had a legendary experience with God Almighty, as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. It is the best place that you can visit during tourism in Tabuk Haql, as it is the highest mountain in the Tabuk region.



The mountain lies behind the northern end of the Red Sea, making it the only place in Saudi Arabia where it snows almost every year. It also offers to see rare rock paintings, unique carvings, as well as some archaeological sites such as the old quarry.

Tabuk Disa safari

Wadi Al Disah in the Tabuk region is one of the most famous valleys in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the most famous and most prominent natural landmarks in the city. The valley is known by many names such as “Wadi Al-Habak, Tamar Al-Nabq, Wadi Damah, Wadi Qar.”



Wadi Al Disah is a beautiful mountain valley hidden in the midst of nature, with huge sandstone cliffs and columns, fresh water springs, as well as many archaeological sites. This is in addition to the possibility of joining groups of Saudis, who are taking picnics at the entrance to the valley, to have a cup of tea while enjoying the tranquility of the beautiful valley.