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Sarajevo is one of the cities that many tourists come to visit and

Sarajevo is one of the cities that many tourists come to visit and

Sarajevo is one of the cities that many tourists come to visit and


enjoy its charming nature. It is one of the European tourist capitals that many put in their tourist plans while in Europe.

If you go for tourism in Sarajevo and want to know a lot about the culture of this city, you should visit the popular Sarajevo markets, as they make you experience the pleasure of popular shopping and feel like one of the people of the city. the town.

Sarajevo’s most popular market
There are a number of distinctive markets in the city and here are the best recommendations from them.

green market

The Green Market is one of the largest and most famous of Sarajevo’s markets, where there are many products, food commodities, and others. The place there is wide and large, and it is a large square that you go down to through some stairs to find yourself among a large group of shops and many merchants who display their various goods, But what is most famous for this market is for vegetables and fruits, as a large part of the square is devoted to crops.


These agricultural products are distinguished by their high quality as traders bring them from the farms directly to the market, and the market is not limited to them only, but there are also some shops that sell clothes and shoes, and some sell hand-made products and traditional textiles, in addition to leather goods from bags, shoes and watches as well.

This market is one of the wonderful places that will make you live the pleasure of traditional shopping and know a lot about the natural life of the people of this city, and you can reach it through Google Maps from here.



Turkish Bazaar Pijaca Ciglane
Turkish Bazaar

The Turkish market is one of the comprehensive and integrated markets in which you can find all the products you may need, as there are shops selling meat, fish and marine creatures, and there are also merchants selling vegetables, fruits and cooking supplies, in addition to cooking utensils and some tools that are used in the kitchen as well. Sweets and bakery stores.

In addition to food products and supplies, there are shops selling Turkish textiles and clothes that are brought from Turkey to Sarajevo, and there are also ornaments and decorations, and all of these products are of high quality, at cheaper prices than their counterparts that are found in malls and large malls.

The market is one of the places that combines Turkish culture and Bosnian culture together, so do not miss it, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.


Al Ahdab Market Grbavica
Ahdab Market

This market is one of the most expensive Sarajevo markets, due to the high quality of its products. There are all agricultural products of all kinds. When you enter there, you will find the colors of vegetables and fruits, natural and fresh, very bright and catch your eye, in addition to the presence of some farmers who sell dairy, cheese and their derivatives of products. There is also a bakery selling fresh bread.

Also inside the market there are some meat shops selling frozen meat, fish and crustaceans that are caught and brought there.

The market is located near the city center, and there is a car park in front of the market, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.

food market

The food market is one of the very famous markets in Sarajevo, as this market is located in a historical and archaeological area, and it is also designed in an old classic style, so this market has gained wide popularity among tourists who visit the city more than others, and what helped its fame also besides its style Unique is that it provides so many products that anyone might need.


In this market there are all agricultural products and different foods, as well as meat of all kinds, fish and animal products such as cheese and milk, and in the other part of the market there are shops selling clothes, furniture, shoes and bags, and there are also shops selling souvenirs that express the culture and civilization of the country, in addition to the services it provides The market such as online shopping and the possibility of home delivery, facilities and special places suitable for wheelchair owners so that they can move around the market freely.

You can reach the food market via Google Maps from here.

Ghazi Khosrow Bey Beystan

The Ghazi market is one of the oldest markets in Bosnia and not only in Sarajevo, as it was built in the era of the Ottoman Empire to sell food products of meat, vegetables and fruits, but later there are many shops located in it such as souvenir and toys shops, as well as textile and handicraft shops, and shops clothes, bags and shoes, there are also shops selling home plants and flowers,

The market consists of two floors. The first floor is underground and is for agricultural products and meat. The place is cooler at the bottom and less humid, and this preserves the quality of these products for a longer period. As for the other floor, there are shops that sell other products.


This market is one of the archaeological sites in the city and an important tourist destination for many tourists who come to Sarajevo and would like to experience the popular shopping in the old market, and to reach it through Google Maps, click here.