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Lilo Mall is one of the first malls or large commercial markets in

Lilo Mall is one of the first malls or large commercial markets in

Lilo Mall is one of the first malls or large commercial markets in



Lilo Mall Tbilisi
Lilo Mall
Lilo Mall is one of the first malls or large commercial markets in Georgia. It is located specifically in Tbilisi and is famous over a large area. The year of its establishment was in 1991 AD. It is one of the wonderful destinations that allow you to carry out many activities and participate in various activities with family and friends.

Lilo Mall was established on an area of ​​twenty-two hectares, and contained more than 4,985 various shops; Which includes wholesale or retail sale, including fashion and clothing stores, bags and shoes, watches and accessories stores, in addition to lamps, various wireless and electronic devices, and more.


Isani Mall Tbilisi
Isani Mall
If you visit this wonderful city, you can not neglect to visit Isani Mall, as it is one of the real centers that include details of luxury and elements of tourist attractions; It contains all the shops and a



group of service centers that meet all the needs, requirements and tastes of customers. You can start your visit to it by passing through the clothing, shoes and bags stores, then wander between the electronics and hardware stores with their different versions.

You have to go through the stores of household supplies and decor to acquire something that adds elegance to your home, even if it is a simple change. You are also available to buy food products. During the tour, you can rest in famous restaurants and cafes; Including Kentucky, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’, and Lavazza coffee corner, and after you finish your visit, you can conclude your visit by purchasing a piece of art from gift and souvenir shops to gift it to your loved one or keep it as a special memory.




Mirani Mall Tbilisi
Mirani Mall
If you want a destination that combines the benefit of shopping and entertainment, you should visit Mizani Mall, which is frequented by many touring and buying enthusiasts because it is the first place that comes to their minds, due to the advantages available in it and the possibility of doing various activities with family and friends in its corners.. You can start by acquiring clothes and accessories from Bags, shoes and accessories, in keeping with current fashion and matching your style.

Then you have to go through other shops that provide everything you need and want to buy, including household appliances, electronic devices, cosmetics, perfumes, etc., and if you are accompanying children, you can double the fun and fun for them by passing through the wonderful entertainment center, and do not miss the experience of its restaurants and cafes such as Iberia International Café, Kiria Café, Iranian-Indian Spice Lounge, Laboratory Café.



Do not miss the opportunity to have a wonderful experience among the malls of Tbilisi
After you have finished your shopping and discovery tour, you can pass by the most important nearby tourist places and destinations; Including the sulfur baths, the Botanical Garden, the Georgian National Museum, the zoo, the Peace Bridge and others, we hope that you will benefit from it.