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Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh



1- Ras Muhammad Protectorate

This reserve is located in South Sinai and was named by this name in relation to its shape on the map as a triangle with a base of mountain ranges and also as its symbol for the head of a man with a huge beard represented between water and land. The reserve is characterized by soft white sand, clear blue water, and the presence of more than a thousand species of fish, coral reefs and sea turtles, which encourages tourists to scuba dive to see these scenic views. The reserve includes many areas and beaches within it, such as the Suez shore, the enchanted lake, the anemones area, the eel park, Yolanda coral reefs, and the mangrove channel.


2- Naama Bay

One of the most famous places of tourism in Sharm El Sheikh, where it is located at the confluence of the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez. Its beaches are characterized by clear water, soft sand, and the presence of many colorful fish and coral reefs, which encourages tourists to dive, ski and rent sailing boats. The Gulf also provides a relaxing pleasure for tourists to sunbathe during the day, shop in the markets, and buy international brands and antiques at night. The city’s neighborhood named the streets of Naama Bay after famous Arab and Egyptian leaders in order to draw the attention of tourists to learn more about them.



3- Nabq Nature Reserve

The reserve is located near Mount St. Catherine between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh, and there are many animals such as deer, birds such as eagles, eagles, egrets and rare fish. The Nabq Reserve includes many types of plants, the most famous of which are mangrove trees, which live in salty or brackish water, so fresh water is extracted through the roots. It is famous for the presence of part of it in the dry land and the other part in the water. A group of Bedouin tribes who work in tourism and provide services live in the reserve.



4- Ras Umm Sid Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the south, and it is called Al-Fanar Beach, as it is located at the head of the Umm Sid plateau, and that is the reason why it was called by that name. It includes a lot of fish and coral reefs, which are easy to see with the naked eye without the need to dive due to its proximity to the surface and the clarity of the beach water. This beach is suitable for children, as the water is shallow beyond 100 metres. The beach is calm and the lights of the lighthouse overlook the water, which gives the beach an attractive shape.



5- The old market

The old market is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh, as it is gaining international fame and is ranked globally among the top 10 global markets. It includes many commercial markets, places to sell clothes and international brands, and bazaars selling gifts, antiques, and pharaonic statues. The market is also characterized by its low prices compared to other markets, and it includes many restaurants famous for serving all kinds of food and the presence of cafeterias and cafes that express the Bedouin and Egyptian heritage in general.



6- Aqua Blu Resort Sharm El Sheikh

It is a huge amusement park with water slides, water playgrounds in Sharm El-Sheikh and other bathing and swimming, and sports suitable for all ages, even infants. The accommodation is open all year round. Unique rooms in beauty and romance overlooking the water, as well as the bungalows that you reach via a gondola.

The amusement park includes more than 60 games for children and adults and also contains (4 restaurants + an artificial lake + 7 bars) and the Aqua Park is located on the plateau area in Sharm El Sheikh inside the Bora Bora Aqua Park Hotel, you can enjoy the games every day until 4:30 pm.



7- Soho Market, Sharm El Sheikh

Any visitor to Sharm El Sheikh must visit Soho Square, which has a global rating among the entertainment venues, as it has a touch that combines the spirit of life in London and Egypt, and you will find many nationalities of tourists in Soho Square enjoying entertainment shows.

Soho Square is located 20 minutes from Naama Bay (Naama Bay) and approximately 10 minutes from Gharqana.

The market contains a dancing fountain that works at night, as it fascinates you with its colors and movements that sway with the music. Restaurants are widely spread in Soho Square, and they vary between oriental, Indian, western and Asian.

It also contains cafes that offer shisha and refreshing drinks, whether hot or iced, with different flavors. And the open theater with the most famous Arab and foreign singers. You will listen to music, songs and impressive entertainment shows from Arab and international teams. And the shops are clearly available where you can buy gifts, clothes and scents, as there is a duty free. Bowling and billiards are available inside Soho Square. Ice skating is one of the most popular attractions for visitors to Sharm El Sheikh, and it is a wonderful experience for adults and children.