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Tourism in Hurghada

Tourism in Hurghada

Tourism in Hurghada


1- Giftun Island

The island covers an area of ​​more than 17 square kilometers and is located 11 kilometers from the beaches of Hurghada. From the hills extending from the north to the middle of the tribute, and in the south it consists of a plateau of coral rocks, surrounded by coral reefs, and the island is considered one of the most important geological natural reserves. And the white-eyed gulls and hawksbill turtles.



2- Magawish Island

The island is one of the distinctive islands in Hurghada. It is considered one of the quiet beaches that contain fine sand. It is located 7.5 km southeast of Hurghada and a beach about 2 km. It is considered one of the largest islands in Hurghada and it is called Hurghada Paradise. It also has many activities such as horse riding and windsurfing. It is considered one of the attractive places for tourists, especially “those who like to dive below the bottom of Magawish. In the depths there are many rare colored fish, marine creatures and coral reefs. Magawish Village has been established in it, and it is one of the oldest villages in Hurghada, where there are many hotels, villas and chalets and offers many recreational activities.”



3- Aquarium Museum

The Aquarium or Grand Aquarium Museum, as it is called by some of the newly established museums, displays inside it a large group of marine organisms and contains more than 22 aquariums of the largest aquariums in the world. Close as she goes about her normal life



4- Abu Al-Nahhas diving site

The site was called Al-Nahhas because the sunken ships were carrying copper ore. The site is located 65 kilometers southeast of Hurghada. It is descended and reached directly from Shadwan Island. The most important thing that distinguishes it is the presence of many wrecks of sunken ships, estimated at seven, and the most famous of them is an English cargo ship named Carnatic that sank in 1869 AD, and what makes it famous is that it has its shape and form as it sank and many fish and coral reefs take it as its home. Among the sunken ships is the Kimon ship that sank in 1978 AD, the Olden ship that sank in 1987 AD, and the Guinness D ship that sank in 1983 AD, which caused the reefs to sink Coral corals are considered dangerous to marine navigation.



5- Carlos Reefs

The Carlos Reef is considered one of the areas that always attracts tourists to visit it and enjoy its natural attractions. It is considered one of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada and tourism in Hurghada, due to the presence of dense coral forests consisting of two coral towers that decorate the area below and the surface of the water, and between them there is a valley with a depth of 16 meters. There are also many From colorful and rare fish such as jack fish, barracuda, tuna, giant moray fish and rare hammerhead sharks, the area is suitable for both amateur and experienced divers.