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Tourism in Marsa Alam

Tourism in Marsa Alam

Tourism in Marsa Alam


– Samadai Sanctuary or Dolphin House

The Dolphin Reserve is considered one of the most rare places in the world, where there are more than five thousand dolphins that are active at night and sleep during the day among the reefs known as Samadai reefs. The reserve is about 14 km away from Marsa Alam. The area is divided into three zones, which is Zone A dedicated to the presence of dolphins only, and it was called the Dolphins Sanctuary. Zone B is dedicated to surface swimming only. Zone C is dedicated to the presence of small rubber boats to connect visitors to Area B.



2- Wadi El-Gamal Protected Area


The reserve includes many islands called Wadi El-Gamal, assemblages of seaweed, coral reefs, and Mount Hamata, and it is located on an area of ​​7450 km. It was called by this name because of a plant in the region that is loved by beauty. The reserve has a low salinity swamp formed from a source of fresh water mixed with salty sea water. The reserve is divided into the Hankwareb area, which is characterized by beaches and coral reefs, the Wadi El-Gamal Island area, which is characterized by a gathering of sunset hawks, and the Al-Qalaan area, which is characterized by the presence of large areas filled with mangrove plants and many Migratory and endemic birds, and the Hamata Islands area, which is characterized by the availability of many activities such as swimming and diving.



3- The stalactite tree


The city of Marsa Alam is considered one of the famous cities for its mountains and beaches, as well as the availability of many animals and marine creatures in its reserves and beaches, and one of its most important landmarks and attractions for tourists is the tree of the qul’an affiliated to the Wadi El-Gamal Reserve. Lots of colorful fish and coral reefs, and ropes are wrapped around them from everywhere so that they cannot be crossed and damaged by visitors. It is about 65 kilometers from Marsa Alam and grows in an area called Hankorab.



4- Meteor Lake


The lake is located 14 km south of Marsa Alam and was given this name to believe that there is a legend called the fall of a meteorite from the sky to the earth to make this to the earth to make this natural lake filled with pure transparent blue water. The Meteor Lake is one of the most calm and accessible places in Marsa Alam It requires a special and special road cut. It is also characterized by the warm water, which makes it a destination for many tourists looking for a unique and different experience of its kind. The presence of rocks wrapped around it gives it a more attractive and different view from the rest of Marsa Alam areas. Every year, the number of Egyptian visitors and foreign tourists to this lake increases. The lake is considered one of the best places of tourism In Marsa Alam.



5- Sharm El-Loula Beach


The beach is about 18 km south of Wadi El-Gamal Reserve. It is considered one of the best beaches in Marsa Alam. Many tourists like it in the Maldives. It is characterized by the presence of soft sand, clear water in turquoise color, and beach ruins on the mountains, which combines the coastal environment with the mountainous environment and is considered one of the best places of tourism in Marsa Alam . As for the depths, it contains many colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. The beach of Sharm El Luli has another name known as the Hankorab area. The reason for its name is the presence of the Hankour bird in abundance before discovering the area and filling its nests with it before its extinction, but the people of the village find it easy to pronounce on the beach of El Luli.