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Since the chef opened this small and charming restaurant

Since the chef opened this small and charming restaurant


Cafe Des Epices

Since the chef opened this small and charming restaurant on the edge of Les Panniers in 2004 AD, Marseille has become one of the few French cities without a café culture.


This restaurant offers a daily changing menu of dishes, items and recipes from across the Mediterranean region, grilled turbot with purée ecalifada, a local dish from Catalonia of peppers, eggplant, onions, olive oil and garlic.

Or maybe you want to try a slow-roasted meat dish with squash roll and squash nut, which is cooked in a show of innovative and wonderful cooking style that will undoubtedly whet your appetite for a delicious and delicious meal.

if market

Le Souk offers a great taste of the Maghreb in the middle of Marseille’s old port. The Moroccan-themed restaurant is a reflection of the Maghreb residents who call Marseille their



home. Here you can sample traditional northern couscous, kebabs and “Tagine of the Day”, which can be sweet or savory.

There are plenty of vegetarian options too so you don’t have to be a meat eater to enjoy what Le Souk has to offer. In addition to the delicious food, the decor, the furniture and even the outfits of the servers are reminiscent of an authentic Moroccan restaurant.

98, quai du Port, 13002 Marseille, France, +33 4 91 91 29 29

Une Table Au Sud


If you are looking for creative Mediterranean cuisine with a menu that changes with the season, head to Une Table Au Sud. It is located on the corner of the old port where the Quai des Belges meets the Quai du Port. This award winning restaurant is not cheap.

However, gourmet French cuisine prepared using the finest, freshest ingredients means that the steep prices are justified and worth cutting out. The floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the harbor and Notre Dame de la Garde in the distance are also not to be missed.

2, quai du Port, 13002 Marseille, France, +33 4 91 90 63 53

Cafe Populaire



This popular restaurant is located on Rue de Paradis, where wealthy locals take time to hang out and shop nicely for a prepared meal of Mediterranean comfort food.

Also, the sitting location there always overlooks a wonderful view, where you will find a view of the kitchen, which is open in front of you while cooking delicious foods


with tempting aromas, in addition to a private dining room with a wonderful decoration of the ceiling in which lamps are hung and filled with chairs and there are other tables overlooking the garden Spacious outdoor patio.

The most important tourist places in Marseille, France

The most important tourist places in Marseille, France

The French city of Marseille has many attractive places for tourism. Here are 10 of the most important tourist places in Marseille, France, that we advise you to visit during your holiday:



The old port of Vieux
Old Port Vieux

The old port is located in the west of Marseille, near the Rue de Canebière. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Marseille, France, and is where the city became a Greek port in 600 BC.

This vibrant marina offers you many different experiences. This is like enjoying sitting in front of the calm blue waters surrounding it to relax and meditate or for fishing. And watch a group of the most beautiful historical buildings such as the St. Mary’s Lighthouse. You can also wander around the fish market and eat the most delicious and famous seafood. In addition to the possibility of ferry rides on an enjoyable cruise.

Parc Borély

Borrelli Park is a place that serves as the home of a local merchant named “Louis Borrelli”. He returned to his homeland rich from Egypt in 1767 AD. He built a country house unparalleled in size and luxury, and it has been ranked as one of France’s most distinguished gardens.


The park is an ideal place for a picnic, as it includes many small gardens of different styles, a huge collection of plants and paths for walking, cycling and horseback riding. As well as sculptures, monuments, and museums such as Borelli Castle, stadiums, and a gymnasium. You can also relax by the lake, golf club, and there is a sandy beach for swimming.


Noailes Market

Noais Market is a wonderful and lively place in the French city of Marseille. If you are a fan of shopping tours, you can shop through it and buy multi-colored fabrics, various types of food, African and Indian spices, household items, accessories and much more.

Tourism in Marseille, France, is one of the world’s vibrant tourist

Tourism in Marseille, France, is one of the world’s vibrant tourist


destinations, and is characterized by a variety of diverse tourism components. This is where the Mediterranean atmosphere, museums, multiple cultural centers and

amusement parks. As Marseille is the oldest and second largest city in France after the capital, Paris. Therefore, Marseille is one of the most important tourist destinations in France.

Here in this article is a comprehensive guide about travel and tourism in Marseille, France, to learn about the best tourist places that we advise you to visit, as well as recommendations for the best hotels and the most important information before traveling…



The best hotels in Marseille, France

Enjoy a special stay in the finest Marseille hotels, where the excellent facilities provide you with comfort and luxury. It also allows you to get beautiful views between the tourist beaches and tourist sites, which saves you time and effort in accessing them. In addition to their prices suitable for different budgets… Read more about the best hotels in Marseille, France.

The best time to travel to Marseille, France
The best time to travel and tourism in Marseille, France, is during the spring and summer. That is, between the months of “March to August”. This is where the temperatures are mild and warm, allowing you to roam in absolute freedom.

You can practice many fun activities in this ideal atmosphere for tourism, such as water sports, boating, and attending French festivals filled with live music.


The ideal period for tourism in Marseille, France
The ideal period of travel and tourism in Marseille, France is approximately three days. During those days you can visit the nearby villages, explore the natural wonders of the city, and spend a lot of time at sea to relax.

You will also be able to visit the most prominent landmarks of Marseille, such as the old port, Casillas Museum of Arts and Folk Traditions, climbing the cliffs, wandering among the beautiful lavender fields and many other recreational and tourist activities.



Where is Marseille located?

Marseille is located on the southern coast of France, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered on the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the west by the Gulf of Lyon and the Rhone delta region.

On the north, it is bordered by the Saint Victoire mountain range, and on the east by the Saint Baume mountain range. Marseille is 775.1 km away from the French capital, Paris.

Closest airport to Marseille, France
Marseille Provence Airport
Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) is the closest airport to Marseille France. It is the main international airport serving the city of Marseille. It is the fifth busiest airport in France in terms of passenger traffic, and the airport is about 24.6 kilometers from Marseille.

The language in Marseille, France
French is the official language used in the French city of Marseille.

Where to go in Nice, France?

Where to go in Nice, France?

Information about Nice, France
Where do you go in Nice, France?


They call it the city of dreams, complete with the distinctive weather throughout the year, and the tourist activities that make it the ideal destination for an unforgettable tourist vacation.

We are talking about the French city of Nice, and here are the city’s most prominent tourist attractions.

Orthodox Russian Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Nice
The city of Nice, France
Russian Orthodox cathedral
This beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedral built by Tsar Nicholas II. It is highly ornate and extensively decorated with religious and artistic symbols. It is considered the most inspiring structure outside Russia built by the Orthodox.



The chariots of Nicholas II of Tizawatch
Timings: Daily from May to September 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Daily from October to April 9:30 am – noon 12:00 and 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Entry fee: €2.50 for adults, €2 for students, free of charge, children under the age of twelve
Phone: 0493968802



Masina Square
The city of Nice, France
Almasina Square in Nice
This square in the heart of Nice was built in 1832. It is a pedestrian area lined with shopping, restaurants and cafes.

You can walk around this square and marvel at the magnificent architecture, fountains and statues. Looks amazing especially in the evening. The famous fountain ‘Fountain of the Sun’ is also located here.

Venue: Near Macina, Place de la Promenade, des Ingles


Lighthouse and breakwater
This place is located at the end of Nice Harbor and is a good place to go to relax. There is a wall along the sea which allows you to walk down to Nice Lighthouse. The lighthouse and the breakwater are two great places where you can really relax.


Alpine Lear Garden
Albert Garden is a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It is located in the heart of Nice, adjacent to Place Massena. The Triton Fountain, the exotic plants, the fresh air and all the terraces add charm to the garden. Also located in this park is the Venette Arch, a huge black metal arch. It is a work of modern art by “Vinette Bernard”.


Laskaris Palace
This historic palace was built in the seventeenth century and is in the Baroque style. Here you can display some great decorative pieces. The richly decorated floor still holds carpentry and ornaments from the 18th century. It was also built during the same century, one of the pharmacies that still carry many of the original Delft items.
15 Driott Street
Timings: Monday to Wednesday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Entry fee: Free
Phone: 0493627240