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The most important and famous historical areas of Jajce.

The most important and famous historical areas of Jajce.



old City
The old town of Jajica, Bosnia

The Old Town district is one of the most important and famous historical areas of Jajce. This includes some typical Ottoman architecture, including religious buildings, museums, and others.


Cross the small footbridge over the river, to go see Pliva Falls. You can also dine in a restaurant on the river, and see the lakes and valleys surrounding the town.

Climbing the heights of Jaitsa

All the trails that lead to the most touristic spots in Jajce are marked and interconnected, providing great opportunities for hiking, cliff-climbing and mountain climbing for adventure seekers.



There are many professional tours through hiking trails, climbing mountains covered in coniferous forests. Which are ideal outings for nature lovers. Which makes it one of the most beautiful tourism activities in the recommended city of Jajica, Bosnia.

Jaitsa Castle

Perched on top of a hill overlooking the city, the central castle is a family-friendly tourist attraction. This is the perfect space for children to run and play in.



You can walk on foot to the castle, and see views of the city and the surrounding mountains. As well as some small colorful catacombs of pure rocks, nearby bear tower, riverside motorbike rides, and jogging.