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The best tourist cities in France

The best tourist cities in France

Eiffel tower

It is an iron tower with a height of 324 meters, located in Paris, in the far north-west of the Champ-de-Mars park, near the Seine River,



Built by Gustave Eiffel and his collaborators on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Paris, this facility became the symbol of the French capital and the first tourist symbol in it. With a height of 8, 313.2 meters, the Eiffel Tower remained for 41 years the tallest landmark in the world.

– Arc de Triomphe

It is an arch located at the head of the Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris in France, and it is a road decorated with trees.



The Arc de Triomphe was established to honor those who fought and died for France in the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, with the names of all French victories and generals inscribed on its interior and exterior surfaces, under the vault of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

Seine river boats

Seeing the romantic city of Paris by boat is on the list of top things to do when visiting Paris,

Also, Seine River tours are a very popular way to explore Paris, these short river tours allow you to enjoy many of the city’s highlights (Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Orsay, Notre Dame Basilica and others), as you cruise along the famous Seine,

Many Seine tours are similar, with most tours lasting about an hour, and they all end at the same point.



Palace of Versailles

It is the most important royal palace in France and is located in Versailles, which is 25 kilometers west of downtown Paris. Versailles Palace is the most famous building in French classical art and one of the most famous French palaces that testify to the splendor of French architecture, furniture, decoration and landscaping.

The main facade of the palace extends about 80 meters. It consists of several buildings facing each other and



overlooking a square in the middle, and the palace itself consists of three floors. Many of the pieces of furniture and ceilings which are made of gold. In the past, it was inhabited by approximately 20,000 people, including the king, the ruling family, the court, servants, and the royal guard.



The palace has a wonderful garden full of fountains, and has many workers dedicated only to tending the green spaces and flowers. And always, or mostly in palaces, the garden of the palace is behind the palace building and in Versailles the garden extends over a vast area of ​​approximately 80 hectares.

France in Miniature on rue André Malraux, and its nearest train station

France in Miniature on rue André Malraux, and its nearest train station

mini France

France Miniature is located on André Malraux Street, and the nearest train station is “La Ferriard”, and you can take the Transilien line “N” or “H”, then take buses No. 411 or 412, and stop at France in Miniature,



Miniature France is one of the important attractions of Elancourt in Paris, where you can have a look at all the famous landmarks and places in France in a miniature version,

The park contains more than 2000 models of tourist attractions in France, such as villages, castles, ports, and railway stations with trains. You can also explore 117 monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and others.



– Montmarte Plateau

It is a quiet piece of the French countryside that was annexed to Paris in the year 1860 AD.

There is also in the Montmart Paris plateau and between its alleys a huge wall of blue porcelain on which the word “I love you” is distributed in 250 languages, and it has become another shrine for lovers in Paris.

You will also find friendly cafés, beautiful homes and gardens in the plateau of Montmarte Paris, and if you feel a little tired, you can sit on one of the old wooden benches and enjoy the beauty of the city as long as you look away from the bustle of tourists.
And at the end of your tour, don’t miss the most famous French bread from Le Grenier à Pain bakery.



Galeries Lafayette Mall

Galeries Lafayette Mall is located on Haussmann Street in the ninth arrondissement of Paris in France. It is considered one of the oldest and best Paris malls. It was opened in 1912 AD, with an elegant classic design that contains large glass windows and is famous for its huge dome in the middle filled with decorations and many bright colors.

Galeries Lafayette Mall is a brilliant address in shopping in Paris, where the complex consists of 7 floors and 96 suites, which includes an impressive collection of the finest French and international brands of fashion, shoes, bags and children’s clothing. Decorative products and more, read more about Galeries Lafayette Paris Mall



Shopping in a large place like Lafayette Paris will take a whole day or more from your tourist trip and you will get tired a bit. You can take a rest on the seventh floor, where there are many different restaurants and cafes that serve various drinks.

Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 7:30, except for Thursday, it is open until 9 pm.

– Champs de alysee streest

The Champs Elysees Street is one of the most famous and finest streets in the French city of Paris. It is also the source of one of the most luxurious tourist commercial streets in the whole world, and some consider the Champs Elysees Street one of the most important places of tourism in France.


The Champs Elysees Street includes one of the most important landmarks of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, in addition to that it includes a large number of shops with international brands and a number of luxury restaurants and cafes that extend on both sides of the sidewalk, which extends for a distance of 2 km.

And among the most famous stores that carry the most famous and finest international brands, you can shop on the Champs Elysees in Paris and buy the finest products from clothes to shoes and bags to buying jewelry or even buying foods such as luxury chocolates.

Waffer Museum

The Louvre Museum is located in the vicinity of the Louvre Palace in Paris. It is one of the most visited places in the city


. The museum contains one million artifacts. The Louvre Museum gets its main fame from the paintings of the Italian painter Leonardo Di

Vinci, most notably the Mona Lisa, with her sarcastic smile. The Greek statue of Venus Milo is also one of the most prominent pieces that attract those interested

Historical affairs from all over the world. The symbolism of these pieces for some makes the Louvre Museum a place to contemplate and to run between its halls and halls to see everything it contains.

Esterix theme park in Paris

Asterix Park is one of the most famous, wonderful and largest amusement parks in Paris, located near Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, about 40 km away from the heart of the capital, with an area of ​​18 hectares.



About 65 games that vary between games for children and games for adults, in addition to providing wonderful and joyful shows and celebrations throughout the summer nights, you should not miss visiting them.

Working hours are open all days of the week in the summer period from 10:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

Entry prices: 35 euros for adults. 23 euros for children.

The Phoenix Park is located in the southwest of the charming

The Phoenix Park is located in the southwest of the charming


Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park is located in the southwest of the charming

French city of Nice, specifically in the Arenas district, adjacent to the Ingles Park. It is one of the largest public parks and parks not only in France but in Europe in general,



with an area of ​​7 hectares. A family outlet and one of the places to visit in Nice.

Phoenix Park has a large number of animals and birds, some of which are rare, and you will enjoy watching and playing with them. The most famous of these animals are the river fox, kangaroo, hedgehog, and a number of birds such as parrots and birds of various species and colors.

The park also includes a huge musical fountain at its main entrance, which is one of the most important dancing musical fountains in the city and attracts a large number of visitors wishing to listen to music while watching the water



rushing and dancing upwards. The park also includes a special museum of Asian arts that attracts a large number of art enthusiasts of all kinds. .

 Albert Garden

This wonderful public garden is in the center of Nice France near Place Massena, as it is one of the oldest public gardens in Nice, when you visit the Albert I Garden you will immediately find yourself in the midst of palm trees, fragrant roses, cherubs, junipers as well as various plants



Which was brought from Japan, China, the Americas, Australia and the Himalayas, in addition to the vast areas dedicated to the beautiful flowers of different colors.

There are many amazing water fountains within the park, which will force you to take a large number of memorial photos next to it. The park did not overlook the sections for young people, so it established a number of games and amusement parks that are suitable for children of different ages, such as different swings and a game of rotating horses with high safety rates. This is due to the presence of supervisors in the various places of the park.

– Inglis Park

Ingles Park is one of the best open parks in the charming French city of Nice. This park is characterized by a charming view of the Mediterranean waters, in addition to the multiplicity of activities and services within it, which made it the focus of the attention of a large number of tourists and visitors to the city, and the most important tourist destinations in Nice.



The garden is filled with umbrellas and clean seats that provide you with your own time of calm and relaxation that helps you practice reading, and the golden sands and clear waters of the beach are enough reason to spend a little time swimming.

 Cour Salia flower market

The Cours Saleya flower market is one of the places of movement and activity throughout the day in the French city of Nice, attracting a large number of visitors throughout the year who come to it wanting to shop at reasonable prices, take a walk, or spend a good time in one of the restaurants and cafes scattered Everywhere in the market.



Among the most prominent stores in the market are rose shops of multiple colors, shapes and sizes, where the city is famous for its cultivation of roses, not to mention France in general, in addition to clothing and leather products, and shops selling antiques, accessories and souvenirs, next to the exquisite handicrafts.

Le Gallet Beach is a great example of the elegance of the French Riviera

Le Gallet Beach is a great example of the elegance of the French Riviera

Le Galet Beach

Le Gallet Beach provided the greatest example of the elegance of the French Riviera



. This beach is officially open between April and October and its location opposite the Old Town and Albert 1 Gardens offers the best views of the processions during carnival season in February.

Opera Plage . Beach

Formerly known as the “Opera Pavilion”, it is the oldest and most popular private beach in Nice; There, the staff is ready to meet all your needs, even the tough ones! Forgot swimwear? Don’t worry, our sales assistant offers you its range to choose from the one that best suits you! Dreaming of a massage on the beach? A massage therapist can be sent directly to your chair!



– Mount Physiopia Park

One of the best amusement parks in Nice is not like the traditional amusement parks that you may be accustomed to, but rather a closed amusement park whose fun and excitement depends on mountain activities.

The destination is suitable for all family members to spend an unforgettable fun time. Activities and games there include climbing, boating, swimming and hiking in caves.

As for boating, there are a range of courses and workshops to suit different ages and skills. Each workshop has its own waterfall and slides up to three meters high, making it one of the most prominent water parks in Nice.



As for wandering in the caves, there are five levels with paths extending to eighty meters. As for climbing, there are different levels for beginners and burners of different ages. As for swimming, there are pools for young children, another pool for adults for massage and relaxation, and another large pool for older children and adults.

– Beechawon Forest Amusement Park

One of the best amusement park in Nice for kids where; It allows them to explore nature in an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. Your visit begins with a tour around the forest to learn about the trees and animals present, through professional guides who provide educational courses.



After that, you will go to the mountain games, including slides, and slides suitable for all ages, for beginners and professionals as well.

It is best to reserve your place before heading where; It is more popular in holidays and summer.

Discover also more of the most important tourist places in Nice, France, and learn about the most famous places that you can visit while traveling to Nice.

Relaxing along the river or amidst the vineyards?

Relaxing along the river or amidst the vineyards?

Cruises and luxury in Bordeaux

Relaxing along the river or amidst the vineyards?
No need to choose with many river cruises available, from Bordeaux, Playe or Boyac. At the mouth of the Gironde, we



sail between the islands, from Margaux, where vineyards flourish at the water’s edge, to Pateras, whose lighthouse overlooks the Medoc Palaces.

To unwind and get a dose of energy, why not try a grapevine treatment? An exclusive treatment at Caudalie Springs, a spa amongst unique vineyards that combine the benefits of hot springs with the benefits of vines and grapes. the health!



The Musée des Beaux-Arts

The Beaux-Arts Museum is located in the beautiful Jardin de la Mairie, and occupies part of the Hôtel de Ville City Hall. The paintings in the museum are grouped thematically by era and country, such as the Renaissance, Dutch paintings from the 17th century, and French paintings from the 17th to 18th centuries.

– Musée d’Aquitaine


The Museum of Aquitaine clearly illustrates the history of Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region from prehistoric times to the present day. Expensive gold coins from the second century BC, and a statue of Hercules dating to the third century.

Arcachon Basin, scenic fun

After visiting Bordeaux, you can also head south towards the Arcachon Basin to feel the waters of the ocean. This wild landscape between sandy beaches and small oyster harbors formed by the tides, is a great playground for seaside and nature lovers. We fill our lungs with oxygen as we cycle through the pine forests, or by climbing the



famous sand dunes of Pilate: from its height of 109 meters, it gives us an exceptional panoramic view of the turquoise waters of the Ban Arcachon Nature Reserve in the Arcachon Basin.

– Stock Exchange Square

It is one of the best tourist attractions in the city because it contains many beautiful classic buildings dating back to the eighteenth century. These buildings are distinguished by their design along the river. The square was built in the period from 1730-1755 AD by engineers from the “Gabriel”


family, and you will enjoy seeing The large fountain is in the middle of it, so I took souvenir photos next to it. The plaza is surrounded by important buildings such as the Customs Museum and the Stock Exchange building.

Comedy Square is located on St. Catherine Street

Comedy Square is located on St. Catherine Street

Comedy Arena

Comedy Square is located in the commercial St. Catherine Street, and many streets branch off from it, which owns upscale and luxurious shops, and there is a main corridor that enters the inner


neighborhoods of Bordeaux, known for its narrow and ancient streets, and the houses there are among the most attractive places for tourists, and there are small restaurants that add A romantic atmosphere for its patrons, especially in the summer.

opera building

The Opera Building The Opera building was built at the request of Marechal de Richelieu, the governor of Guyenne, and was designed by the architect Victor Louis, and its construction was completed in April of 1780 AD, and it


belongs to the neoclassical architecture, and there are many museums inside the building, Throughout the year, dozens of classical and dance concerts, and every month, one of the most famous bands in Europe plays.

Le Grand Théâtre

The Grand Théâtre is the centerpiece of city life and the ancient site of the Roman Forum. Built in 1780 AD, this huge theater is one of the city’s most emblematic buildings. The building was designed by the architect Victor Louis, who also designed the Royal Palace and Theatre. French in Paris.


Place de la Bourse

The place worth visiting in Bordeaux is the Place de la Bourse, which embodies the elegance of the eighteenth century design, and in the center of the square there is the “Fountain of the Three Graces”, surrounded by two famous


buildings: the Pavilion of the Palace of the Bourse and the Museum of National Arts, and these wonderful sand monuments overlook On the banks of the Garonne River.

The civilization of France varied between 

The civilization of France varied between 


present, so it is a country with a very large tourist attraction, and the Eiffel Tower is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in France, as it is located in



Paris and is one of the most beautiful towers in the world. The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most beautiful arches in the world and is located in Paris. It was built to commemorate the battles in which they were victorious against their enemies.

In addition, the Louvre Museum is one of the most visited museums in the world. It contains many artifacts and drawings that refer to the civilization and history of France. The museum also contains many paintings belonging to famous names.



Best time to travel to France
France has a temperate climate, but it is divided into four distinct climatic zones. Oceanic climate of western France, where precipitation lasts over several days, with little changes in annual temperatures (Brittany, Normandy,


Atlantic Loire, and Loire Valley). The continental climate in central and eastern France is characterized by harsh winters and hot summers (champagne, burgundy, Alsace). The climate is Mediterranean in southeastern France and is characterized by hot, dry summers, with rain from October



to April (when the weather is mild and humid), and sunshine all year round (Provence, Cote d’Azur, Corsica). At altitudes of more than 600-800 meters, the mountain climate in France is characterized by heavy rain and snow from three to six months of the year.

Tourism seasons in France
Although you can visit France all year round, it is useful to know what to expect in each season, especially if you need to plan a specific climate for your trips or if you plan to visit all the major tourist attractions but want to avoid the crowds.

From June to August (summer) the country gets plenty of sunshine, making this an ideal time for hiking in the mountains and exploring the big cities, but you’ll encounter crowds at popular tourist attractions and along the coast.



From December to March (winter) the weather is cool with plenty of snow in the mountains, making this an ideal time for those who want to take part in winter sports like skiing. It’s also a nice time of year to visit some of the small villages on the edge of the Alps thanks to the beautiful scenery.

As for the period from April to May and from September to October (spring and autumn) it is the best to visit, especially since the crowds are less than summer, the weather is still nice and sunny, ideal for sightseeing, and this time is the cheapest time of the year to visit.

Le Panier is the oldest neighborhood in Marseille

Le Panier is the oldest neighborhood in Marseille, the historical

“Le Panier” neighborhood
Le Panier district in Marseille

Le Panier is the oldest neighborhood in Marseille, the historical



center and cultural heart of the city. This colorful neighborhood is located in a wonderful location on a hillside above the old port, and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Marseille, France.

In the Old Town, you can enjoy wandering its ancient cobbled streets, steep and narrow. As well as taking pictures on the frescoes on the sides of the beautifully colored buildings, discover local artisan shops, food shops and art galleries.

Calanques National Park
Calanque National Park in Marseille

Kalank National Park is a wonderful natural location, where the Mediterranean meets the rocky Kalanc Mountains. It is one of the important tourist places in Marseille that we



advise you to visit. The garden offers you the opportunity to admire the landscape, majestic limestone rock walls, with coves filled with saltwater pools in charming turquoise colors.

As well as practicing many outdoor sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, boating, romantic yachting, hiking, and rock climbing.

Château d’If

Take a small ferry cruise to reach the impressive Chateau d’Def. It is located in the Friul Islands archipelago and is considered a nature reserve that includes a group of beautiful and picturesque islands.


The castle is an ideal recreational haven for those seeking tranquility, and allows visitors to see coves, pristine beaches with blue waters, sandy streams, impressive limestone cliffs and a collection of the rarest roses and exquisite flowers.

Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations “MuCEM”
Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations

No holiday in Marseille, France, would be complete without a visit to the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations. This surprising building is located at the water’s edge, making it an elegant tourist destination on the Mediterranean.



You can witness a wealth of discoveries through the museum’s exhibitions, as well as lectures and film screenings, that make you explore the history, culture and civilization of the Mediterranean. The place has permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as a distinctive restaurant, as well as lush gardens, and a path that offers visitors panoramic views of the coast.

Marseille beaches
The beaches of Marseille, France

The beaches of Marseille offer plenty of tourist and leisure options in a charming style. It is the perfect escape after long trips. You can go to the beaches designated for swimming and playing interesting beach games, take boat tours to nature reserves on sandy islands, or quickly snorkel or relax on the beach in a calm atmosphere.


PLAGE DES CATALANS is beach volleyball and is home to the international competitions “Olympic Games 2024”. It offers a wonderful view of the Friul Islands, and it has all services.

As well as “Prado” beach to enjoy the view of white rocks, which is a perfect romantic beach for couples. In addition to the “PLAGE DU PROPHÈTE” beach, which is ideal for families and children. And the lively “PLAGE BONNEVEINE” beach, the picturesque “Corbière” beach, and many other wonderful French beaches.



History Museum “Musée d’Histoire”
History Museum in Marseille, France

The History Museum is located in the Le Banner district near the old port of Marseille. It is one of the important tourist attractions in Marseille, France. And a museum that tells the story of Marseille from the origins of Gallo Greece through the Middle Ages to the present day.

The museum allows tourists to have unique experiences and see an impressive collection of historical artifacts, dating back 2,600 years of history. As well as the beautiful archaeological park that houses the museum.

Cultural Center for the Arts “La Friche”
Cultural Center for the Arts La Fresh Marseille

La Fresh is one of the most important and best tourist attractions in Marseille, France. It is an ideal destination for creativity and innovation, a place where people can meet and share.



The center attracts 450,000 visitors annually, as there is a lot to do here. You can have coffee in the cheerful art library, and watch skaters in the skate park for all ages on the ground floor.

As well as participating in workshops dedicated to the youth audience, major festivals, and strolling in the green space of the place. In addition to tasting seasonal products with different flavors and many other activities.

The most 4 important museums in Bahrain

The most 4 important museums in Bahrain

Bahrain has a long history expressed by Bahrain’s historical museums, in addition to modern and civilized museums. Bahrain is a mixture of the past and the present. Bahrain museums provide you with distinguished cultural information and explain a long


history stored between its wings, and civilized museums give a picture of the progress and development that the country has reached.

1- Bahrain National Museum

Located along the Bahraini Corniche, the Bahrain National Museum is the Queen’s National Museum and is a source of pride for many locals, and for the very good reason that it gives visitors the opportunity to learn about Bahrain’s history from its inception to the modern era.

It also displays the works of young artists and takes you in a wonderful maze of pictures and artworks. The ground floor displays the discoveries of the Danish archaeologists who revealed the remains of the Dilmun civilization and the traces of the ancient traders who ruled the roads in the Arabian Gulf region and settled in Bahrain.

The museum also includes one of the unusual at all, a tablet from the Epic of Gilgamesh. You will certainly lose a lot if you miss visiting this amazing museum, not to mention its beautiful and distinctive shape.



2- The Holy Quran House Museum

This museum was established in 1990 in order to serve the Noble Qur’an and its related sciences to later become one of the most famous Islamic museums due to the presence of many copies of the Qur’an and manuscripts dating back to the Caliphate of Othman bin Affan – may God be pleased with him. different.

3- Bahrain Fort Museum

Bahrain Fort, or Portugal Fort, is a fortress located in the Seef suburb and contains a museum that includes archaeological findings in and around the castle. It is located on the seashore on the northern side of the island of Bahrain and is sandwiched between the village of Karbabad from the east and the village of Hillat Abdul Saleh from the south and west.



This site is very large, as it is in fact the main center of the Dilmun civilization, and this is represented in the plateau of the castle, where it is surrounded by the huge city wall. This site includes the Bahrain Fort, the Islamic Palace, the Dilmun cities and the port of Dilmun.

The castle, set on a wide hill, was the main site for the research and excavations of the French archaeological mission. The French mission in the castle replaced the Danish mission that discovered the site in the fifties. One of the most important discoveries of the French mission is the discovery of the layers of the Middle Dilmun eras, where it found many clay tablets that are considered the administrative archive. which was written in cuneiform.



4- Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fateh Castle

The castle of Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fateh overlooks a low valley between the east and west of Riffa, which made it in a distinguished strategic position during the eighteenth century. It was used in recent years as a private residence, but has now been restored and is open to the public.



The castle contains heart-stopping passages of Arabic calligraphy as well as wonderful illuminated Qur’anic inscriptions and other religious documents. And the visit is not complete without seeing the traditional and handicraft paintings that were displayed in a striking style through the construction of a typical market of the 1930s.

Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain

Tourism in Bahrain is characterized by many wonderful places and landmarks that attract it and most of the tourists who come from the neighboring Gulf countries by virtue of the bridge with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



The tourist attractions trace their origins back to ancient civilizations such as the Dilmun civilization that was in the area. This is in addition to some recent landmarks that affected the tourism movement in Bahrain, as well as horse races, car racing and Formula 1. There are also many popular markets and gold markets. This is also due to psychological safety compared to the rest of the world and to the morals of the people of Bahrain, which endear the visitor on his journey.


Transportation and transportation in Bahrain
Bahrain has one major international airport, Bahrain International Airport which is located on the island of Muharraq, in the northeast.

Climate in Bahrain
Bahrain’s climate is characterized by low rainfall, hot sun and intense humidity. Bahrain witnesses two main seasons in the year in which temperatures vary: the summer is very hot and dry, and the humidity is high, which reaches more than 80% in some periods and does not rain.

The winter season, during which the temperatures drop slightly, and the winter nights are lower in temperatures than the day, when the weather is mild and beautiful and small amounts of rain fall. as for spring and fall they are very short in Bahrain. The few rains that fall in Bahrain make the natural plants few, and they do not differ from what grows in the rest of the Arab Gulf countries.


Historical and archaeological sites
Among the most important museums are the Bahrain National Museum, Rashid Al Arifi Museum, Muharraq, the Diving and Pearl Museum, the Bahrain Fort Site Museum, the House of the Qur’an, and among the ancient castles are Bahrain Fort, also known as “Portugal Castle”, Arad Fort, Riffa Fort, also known as “Sheikh Salman bin Ahmed Fort.” Al-Fateh”, Bu Maher Castle, Al-Khamis Mosque, Dilmun Burials, A’ali Cemetery, Ein Um Al-Sujur, Barbar Temple, Diraz Temple, Saar settlement, interlocking tombs west of Saar settlement, Samaheej Mosque, Siyadi House, Sheikh Isa bin Ali House, Khalaf House, Building Bin Matar, Al-Qaysaria Market, Sovereign House, Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifia School, Jamsheer House, Tumoli Fields in Al-Areen District


Best time to visit Bahrain
The period from October to March is the best time to visit Bahrain, as the temperatures are very pleasant in Bahrain during these months, but if you are a fan of Formula 1 then you should definitely plan your visit to Bahrain during the months of March and April.

The cost of tourism in Bahrain
The cost of a medium-cost tourist trip for two people for a week in Bahrain is about 1150 US dollars, which includes accommodation, food, transportation and sightseeing without calculating airline tickets. Lunch prices: start from 10 USD per meal. Hotel rates: start from $28 for two people for one night.

Visitors residing in the GCC countries
All citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) can visit the Kingdom of Bahrain without the need to issue a visa.


Bahrain’s best hotels

Bahrain has a large variety of excellent accommodation and accommodation that it offers to its guests, and we will show you the best hotels in Bahrain to facilitate the visitor who is at a loss to choose between the best