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Tourism in the Hague

The most beautiful tourist places in The Hague:
The most important historical places in the Hague
1- The Mauritshuis

It is one of the most prominent cultural landmarks in The Hague, as the building of the Mauritshuis Museum dates back to the 17th century; As a home for a leader called Johan Maurits, then it had many uses later, until it became a museum since 1822 AD.

The Mauritius Museum is distinguished by its vital location in the heart of The Hague, and it includes a unique collection of paintings, the current number is about 800, of which 200 are masterpieces, within the permanent collection, thanks to its founding to Prince William V, in the eighteenth century, which He has an exhibition inside the museum, in which there are about 150 other paintings.

Entrance tickets to the Museum of Mauritius: 14 euros
Weighted time to visit Mauritius Museum: 2 hours
2- Escher Palace Museum in Het Paleis

The most beautiful tourist attractions in the Netherlands for art enthusiasts, as the Escher Palace Museum is a permanent exhibition in The Hague; For the works of the world famous artist M.C. Escher, whose works amazed millions of people from all over the world, where you will find inside the Escher Palace Museum his unique artworks, in addition to his own collection, and all information about him.

The palace that houses the museum, was in the past the winter palace of Queen Mother Emma, ​​and is located in the city center of The Hague, and is easy to reach by car or public transport to the city. After your tour of the Escher Palace Museum, you can enjoy the fragrant place and its history; Have a drink in the café in the museum, or buy one of the souvenirs from the store on the ground floor of the museum.

Prices for entrance tickets to Escher Palace Museum: 10 euros
Weighted time to visit Escher Palace Museum: 1 hour
3- The Binnenhof

The political heart of the Netherlands, and the witness to the most important decisions in the history of the Netherlands. Also called the “Peace Palace”, the Binnenhof Palace is one of the oldest historical palaces, and one of the most famous landmarks of the Netherlands.

The palace dates back to the 13th century and is the oldest building in use as Parliament. As it houses the headquarters of the Dutch Parliament, in addition to some other government offices. The Binnenhof is actually a building complex, located in the city center of The Hague, near Lake Hof, and ranks among the top 100 heritage sites in the Netherlands.

The Binnenhof has many interesting places, most notably the Knights’ Hall, and for discovering its historical treasures; It is better that you book a tour with a tour guide, and we recommend that you visit this place, on the third Tuesday in September every year; Where the royal family comes to Parliament; To view next year’s budget.

Recommended time to visit the Binnenhof: 30 minutes
4- Louwman Museum

The Le Mans Museum is one of the tourist attractions in The Hague that is definitely worth a visit, as it will make you go through an enjoyable experience from the tourism experiences in The Hague, especially if you are a fan of old cars.

The museum was founded in 1934 AD, and it includes a collection of the oldest cars in the world, which were collected by two generations of the Le Mans family, numbering about 230 classic cars, and they have been described as the most beautiful on the world level.

The current owner of this group is Evert Le Mans, the Dutch importer of the most important auto brands such as Toyota, Suzuki, etc. The Le Mans museum is open to the public from Tuesday through Sunday, from 10am to 5pm.

Entrance tickets to Le Mans: 14 euros
Recommended time to visit Le Mans: 2 hours
5- Sea Life Scheveningen Museum

Marine Life Museum
It is one of the most enjoyable tourist places in the Netherlands, especially for children, as it will give them a unique opportunity; To get to know the amazing sea world. The Marine Life Museum in The Hague contains no less than 45 aquariums that contain all kinds of exotic marine creatures, from sharks, dangerous piranhas, turtles, and otters, in addition to penguins inside an ocean, simulating their natural environment.

Your children will greatly enjoy the animal feeding sessions, which the museum organizers arrange at specific times daily, in addition to the exciting experience during their walk in underwater tunnels, sharks and turtles swimming over their heads, and there is an interactive swimming pool that provides visitors with the opportunity to touch animals closely, Under the supervision of an expert from the museum, and other fun activities that will meet you inside.

Entrance tickets to the Marine Life Museum: 17 euros
Weighted time to visit Marine Life Museum: 2 hours
6- Panorama Mesdag Museum

Panorama Mesdag Museum
There are many tourist places in The Hague that are able to give you a new experience of its kind, most notably the Panorama Mesdag Museum, the oldest panorama in the world, from the nineteenth century, it is a cylindrical painting with a circumference of 120 m, and a height of more than 14 m, which he drew, and one of the most important painters In The Hague, Hendrik Willem Mesdag with the help of a number of his friends, and the painting is a 360-degree panoramic view of the sea and sand dunes, as well as a wonderful view of the fishing village of Scheveningen, as it was in 1881 AD.

Entrance tickets to the Panorama Mesdag Museum: 10 euros
Weighted time to visit Panorama Mesdag Museum: 1 hour
7- Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Municipal Museum

The Municipal Museum The Hague derives its importance; Because it contains valuable artistic and archaeological collections, amounting to about 160 thousand pieces, most notably the largest collection of masterpieces of its kind in the world, by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, as well as collections of modern art, photographic art, costumes, and musical instruments, distributed inside the museum, in harmony with Spacious decors, modern colors, and natural light.

The museum building is one of the most beautiful museum buildings in the world, and is the latest creation of H.P. Berlage, who died a year before the building was finished.

Entrance tickets to the Municipal Museum The Hague: 6 euros
Weighted time to visit The Hague Municipal Museum: 1 hour
The best entertainment places in the Hague
1- Scheveningen Pier

It was classified according to CNN as one of the 9 most beautiful docks in the world. This wonderful pier is located in the coastal city of Scheveningen. It was developed and reopened in 2015 and includes a variety of shops, restaurants and bars, which enjoy the most beautiful view of one of the most beautiful beaches of The Hague.

Scheveningen pier stretches from the street to the beach and is one of the most popular tourist spots in The Hague; For entertainment and food enthusiasts, in the midst of a picturesque view, there are many activities that you can do in the Scheveningen pier area, including hiking and enjoying the view of the coast, or riding the Ferris wheel next to the pier, which is 50 meters above the sea, as well as swimming, diving, and it is worth noting There are a lot of luxury hotels next to it.

2- Madurodam Park

Madurodam, located in the Scheveningen region, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in The Hague. The park was inaugurated in 1952, and the secret of its attraction is that it allows visitors to see the Netherlands in miniature, as it contains a collection of miniature models about 25 times; For the most famous tourist attractions in The Hague and the Netherlands, all that will come to your mind of buildings and facilities in any Dutch city, you will visit it within a half-hour trip, within one place that does not exceed an area of ​​two thousand square meters.

The Madurodam Park attracts about one million tourists annually, knowing that the proceeds for the park go to several charities.

Prices for admission tickets to Madurodam: 17 euros
Recommended time to visit Madurodam: 2 hours
3- Duinrell Park

One of the tourist destinations in The Hague that is able to give you and your family the most enjoyable times, in an atmosphere that combines fun and relaxation. Adults and children will find many fun activities within the games area, the water park, or taking a hike in the forest, or going to the beach, which is only about 6 km from the Dionrell Park, as it is characterized by its vital location in the center of the largest Dutch cities, such as Amsterdam, The Hague, and Leiden .

Deonrell Park was inaugurated in 1935 AD, and it was developed in several stages, until it reached the integrated entertainment form it is now.

4- Square or Plein Square


The square square is one of the most important squares in The Hague, but in the Netherlands in general, and it is located precisely in the city center, surrounded on three sides by government buildings, and that may be the reason for making that square, the seat of demonstrations, or anti-government vigils in many previous times.

You can take a tour of the area surrounding the square or the popular square, or sit at one of the cafes scattered around it, as it is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in The Hague to contemplate the beauty of the city closely.

Thus, we have tried to show you some of the treasures of tourism in The Hague to prove to you that it is not only a political and economic city, but a unique tourist and entertainment city, which deserves to be on the list of your best tourism destinations.

Tourism in Izmir

Izmir Agora


Surrounded by residential neighborhoods on the hillside, bustling market streets and tall commercial buildings, Izmir Agora is part of the everyday landscape for most of the population. The remains of the city of Agora date back to the fourth century BC, and include the remains of urban monuments such as the king’s palace, some temples, and rock houses.

Ancient Ephesus

It is an ancient Greek city that was also known as Ephes, and with it being one of the greatest cities in the world during the Roman era, and the second largest city in the world at that time, it now includes a lot of monuments and temples, and it is located in the region of Lydia – a historical area in West Anatolia – at the Cayster River, which flows into the Aegean Sea (in present-day Turkey).

Founded in the tenth century BC by the ancient Greeks. The remnants of the city of Ephesus is considered the biggest attraction for tourists, especially tourists who travel by ship. A water channel was opened between the historic city and the sea. To transport tourists by small boats to the city. The port of Ephes was maintained as it was during its glory days.

Kadevikal Castle

The castle was built on this spot in the 4th century BC by Lysimachus, a rough general of Alexander the Great. Over the long centuries of its existence,

Many of its buildings were destroyed, some were rebuilt, rebuilt and replaced with new buildings. The interior buildings are examples of medieval architecture. Kadifekale Castle is known as the legendary castle located between the mountains of Izmir.

Even you can see the Turkish flag on the top of the majestic castle walls from afar, and in addition to the beauty of this wonderful landmark and its wide fame, you can also when visiting this castle built on a high hill, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city and the Gulf of Izmir.

The clock tower in Izmir

It is a historical Ottoman clock tower in the middle of Konak Square in the Turkish city of Izmir. Designed by Chamiemond French architect Charles Beer. The tower was built in 1901 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s accession to the Ottoman throne, where he ruled from 1876 – 1909. The tower is 25 meters (82 feet) tall and is surrounded by four fountains.

The clock remained working and still, and did not stop only once, when an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 struck Izmir in 1974, when the tower suffered some damage, and the BJ is an important tourist destination for all tourists who visit Izmir.



Pamukkale is an amazing geographical phenomenon unique in the world, when you visit it, it will look like an iced wedding cake with dozens of layers, which are natural pools and limestone terraces formed over millions of years of flowing water,

These springs are distinguished by their great healing properties and their ability to relieve pain. Pamukkale is located in Denizli province in southwestern Turkey on the coast of the Aegean Sea, and these springs have been formed for more than two thousand years and exist until now. The Romans considered this spot a sacred place, and they called it “Hierapolis”, which means “the holy city.”

Mount Bozdag


The Bozdag Kayak Ski Mountain is one of the most important destinations for tourists heading to the city of Izmir, as it is located in the center of Bozdag village, east of Izmir, and the Bozdag Ski Mountain is one of the most beautiful areas that is ideal for outdoor sports activities.

So that the mountain, which is located at an altitude of 2156 meters, provides various ways to climb and ski together. It is possible to climb to the top by cable car, which is a pleasure in itself to be able to look at the area from the top of the mountain.

Sever Hayesar Beach

A quiet beach is considered a special place for lovers of relaxation and tranquility, and one of the most beautiful beaches in Izmir, this beach is located 45 kilometers from the city center

The citrus trees are the most important characteristic of the place, as they are spread everywhere on the beach. And the visitor to this place can spend an enjoyable and quiet time, and if you are a lover of citrus, you will enjoy a taste of the citruses available in the city.

Tourism in Barcelona

1- The Magic Fountain in Barcelona

The Magic Fountain in Barcelona is one of the most magnificent landmarks in Barcelona, ​​and one of the most beautiful dancing fountains in Spain and the world. It is located in the Montjuic district, one of the most beautiful and oldest old neighborhoods in Barcelona, ​​and is characterized by its lakes that resemble Roman fountains.

Also called Polycarles fountains, this beautiful site was designed many years ago in 1929 and it is still one of the places that you never miss while tourism in Barcelona. The fountain is located on a high platform so that you can see the most wonderful scenes of the colorful water and the shows made by the fountain and you can take the most beautiful pictures in this special place in Spain.

2- The Sagrada Familia Church


It is a Catholic church, one of the largest churches built in the European continent, this cathedral is located in Barcelona, ​​in Spain. Chosen in the list of the twelve treasures of Spain. It was designed by the international architect Antonio Gaud (1852-1926), and he devoted nearly 15 years of his life to building it,

The church is now one of the most attractive places in Barcelona for tourists who can visit the completed parts of it, as more than a million tourists visit it annually.

3- The National Museum


Barcelona is famous for its splendid treasures and beautiful artistic tastes in the Middle Ages, classicism, as well as modernity, which appears in its museums and among the most important museums the National Museum, was the seat of Caliph Al-Mansour, but its features were obliterated and turned into a national music museum.

It is one of the largest museums of fine arts, it is also called an abbreviated name, “Mink”, and the museum is located in Palau Nacional, it is a large building in the Italian style that was established in 1929 AD and the museum’s holdings inside it since 1934 and then declared as a museum in 1990 AD.

4- Barcelona Aquarium


It is located in Port Vell at the end of Larmbla Street and the famous square of Catalonia, which displays hundreds of marine creatures and the wonders of the aquatic environment and the seas, opened on September 8, 1995 It is an ideal place to discover the various wonders of marine life in the Mediterranean and the colorful tropical seas The Aquarium includes 35 basins Aquatic Creatures contain 11,000 aquatic creatures, which belong to 450 species of aquatic life,

It contains a total of five million liters of water, and its largest basin is 36 meters in diameter and about 5 meters in depth. It is part of the Spanish gardens of Aspro, and contains a tunnel up to 80 meters under the waters of the Spanish Gulf, containing many types of fish. The stars of this place are the bull and gray shark, the yellow fin, the small experimental fish and many other mysterious animals.

5- The Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona


It is a monument located at the intersection of Paseo de San Juan and La Ronda de San Pedro in Barcelona, ​​Spain. It was created by the architect Josep Velasica as the main gateway to the International Exposition in Barcelona in 1888. The sculptural décor works were done by Josep Reynes, Giuseppe Lemona, Anthony Villanova, Torquat Tasso, Manuel Fucha and Perry Carbonnel. The Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona has an urban character in order to reach artistic progress Scientific and economical. The monument was restored in 1989.

The Arc de Triomphe is 30 meters high, and its construction style is eclectic with Modernism, Romanesque and Neo-Mudéjar style. At the top of the arch, there are the shields of 49 Spanish provinces, which are in the middle and are the largest among them, representing the emblem of the Barcelona shield; They were made of artificial stone without colors.

6- Barcelona beaches


Barcelona enjoys the most beautiful beaches in Europe, as it is considered one of the most popular cities for holidays and enjoyment, as it is rich in attractions as well as wonderful shopping places. You can take a rest and spend an afternoon at the beach to relax after a long day of sightseeing Distinguished during tourism in Barcelona.

Barcelona has more than 4 km of wonderful beaches that enjoy the picturesque golden sands next to the colored sands and you find in the beach distinct restaurants that offer delicious food at prices.

Tourism in Frankfurt

Tourist places in Frankfurt, Frankfurt is located in central Germany on the banks of the River Main, a branch of the Rhine.

The city includes many places of tourism in Germany, most of which are concentrated within the old city of Frankfurt

The most important tourist places in Frankfurt, Germany
In this topic, we will talk about the most famous tourist attractions in Frankfurt, the beautiful German city:

The main tower in Frankfurt
This main tower is the highest tower in the German city of Frankfurt, and it is one of the most important tourist places in Frankfurt, Germany, with a height of about 200 meters, which provides a wonderful and panoramic view of the city, and there is a distinctive restaurant in the tower

Europe tower
One of the most prominent symbols of tourism in Frankfurt, Germany, was built in 1974 AD and has a height of about 337.5 meters and is thus considered the second tallest building in Germany after the famous Berlin Tower, the tower is dedicated to communications as it provides wonderful panoramic views of the city of Frankfurt and contains a restaurant at the top of the tower

The Eichenheim Tower
The Eschenheimer Turm, one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Frankfurt, is 154 feet high and is the main city gate and part of its medieval fortifications, dating back to the beginning of the fifteenth century.

Romerberg Square and the Romer Building
Located in romer Frankfurt, one of Frankfurt’s most popular tourist attractions, this square is the historic heart of Frankfurt

The municipality building is an old building that is distinguished by its unique architectural design and is considered one of the oldest and most famous buildings in the city, and it is a place that attracts many tourists

Zell Street
The Zeil Street is one of the most important tourist areas in Frankfurt and is considered the main shopping place in the city, as it attracts many tourists and visitors as it is a famous street that contains the most luxurious shops and international brands.

Palm Garden Frankfurt
One of the most beautiful and largest Frankfurt palmengarten gardens, as it occupies a large area in which it contains gardens of seasonal flowers and plants of a tropical nature such as desert plants, in addition to other plant varieties.

The park is considered one of the most important tourist places in Frankfurt that attract tourists

Pitman Park
One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Frankfurt is Bethmannpark, which was opened to the public in 1952 AD, and it is a garden with walls that includes many beautiful plants, including colorful flower beds, as it contains a distinctive Chinese garden, which was opened in 1990.

Frankfurt Forest
Frankfurt forests is a suitable destination for nature lovers and for those looking for tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is the largest forest located within a city in Germany, includes paths for bicycles and walking in addition to hundreds of wooden seats to sit and many cafes as it contains many beautiful pools of water

Natural History Museum
The Naturmuseum Senckenberg is the second largest museum of natural history in Germany, and it is one of the most important tourist places in Frankfurt, which is very popular with tourists and locals.

Stidal Museum
The stadel museum is distinguished by its location on the magnificent Rhine River, as it houses a large number of artifacts dating from the sixteenth century to the present day, the museum is considered one of the tourist places in Frankfurt

Tourism in Como

Como is a border city located between the Italian north and the Swiss northwest, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Italy.

Its economy depends on the silk industry and tourism recently, and tourism in Italian Como is gaining its fame from its charming lake and green mountain ranges, its buildings and palaces that reflect the beauty and elegance of Italian architecture, and its hotels that are no less elegant and charming than their ancient buildings.

To further match the magic of imagination with reality, we will take you on a quick trip to Como’s most beautiful attractions

Lake Como
It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Italian Como, which captures the hearts and eyes of tourists thanks to its glacial nature and its depth that exceeds 400 meters and makes it one of the deepest European lakes and its area exceeding 140 square kilometers, making it the third largest Italian lake, in addition to its pure blue water.

It is well known, as it is one of the best things to visit during tourism in Como Italy, where you can enjoy the greenery and the picturesque mountain nature among the most famous mountain ranges in Europe, and the region offers safari trips, camping, and even climbing wonderful for hobbyists or an exciting mountain bike ride.

Como Cathedral
One of the best tourist places in Como for art lovers, as the cathedral, which is located near the lake, is distinguished by its unique architectural design dating back to the end of the 14th century, the rich statues that decorate its entrance and the drawings that adorn its walls and ceilings from the inside, it is an architectural masterpiece that deserves to be seen and documented.

Social Theater
One of the architectural and artistic masterpieces that the Italian city of Como abounds, as it is built in a majestic neo-classic style from the outside, a vast interior with multiple floors.To say, 5 floors, accommodating about 90 spectators, follow the masterpieces of the world theater, you can simply be one of them.

Volta Lighthouse
It is not just a landmark that you visit while tourism in Como, Italy, but rather it is a tour that reveals the magical beauty of the city.

The lighthouse, with a length of 29 meters, is located on the highest mountain peak, providing you with an integrated view of the Alps and the lake, and accessing it requires a ride on the funicular and thus enjoying the picturesque scenery for which the Italian city of Como is famous.

Castello El Baradillo Castle
It is one of the best tourist places in Como if you want to explore the long history of the city by visiting its impregnable fortress with a long history against the attacks of enemies while winning a wonderful panoramic view of the beautiful city from the top of a hill exceeding 400 above sea level, where the steadfast castle is located.

Villa Carlotta
It is one of the most beautiful sites of tourism in Italian Como, which is distinguished by the abundance of its villas, especially those that extend along the coast of the lake or near it, such as this villa located in the town of Termitsu near Lake Como.

Villa Carlotta is distinguished by its majestic white building, which extends inland up to 70,000 square meters, as well as its vast flowered garden and its great sculptures.

Italian garden
One of the most famous, beautiful and cheapest parks in the Italian city of Como, it is an ideal destination for families to relax, relax and stroll during tourism in Como between gradations of tropical plants, fragrant flowers, sculptures, magnificent statues and luxurious palaces.

Como markets
Como is famous as the city of silk, so it is impossible to visit it without going through its ubiquitous shops and boutiques and buying some of its fine silk textiles, it is a fun experience that you should not miss.

Top 10 tourist places in the Balearic Islands are recommended to visit

The best tourist places in the Balearic Islands
The Balearic Islands in Spain are famous for many diverse tourist places, some of them historical and some natural, and most of them deserve a visit at least once.

We will present to you, in the lines of our comprehensive guide, some of the tourist places in the Balearic Islands, Spain, which have been well received by Arab visitors.

Palma-la-Seu Cathedral
Palma La Seu Cathedral is located on the island of Mallorca, and is one of the most famous and visited places of the Balearic Islands in Spain.

The beginning of the construction of the cathedral dates back to the middle of the 13th century AD, and many modifications were added to it until the 17th century AD, and it belongs to the Gothic style of architecture.

Drach or Dragon Caves
The Drach or Dragon Caves are four caves that extend to a depth of 25 meters on the island of Mallorca near Puerto Cristo.

Its formation from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea goes back to before the 14th century AD, and it is linked to each other, and it is located in Lake Martel.

Formentera Island
Formentera is the smallest, most famous and most visited Balearic Islands in Spain, and can be reached by ferry from Ibiza Island.

The island’s beaches, which extend along sand dunes and pine trees, are famous for clear emerald waters with a variety of depths, and are suitable for all kinds of marine sports lovers.

Bellver Castle
Bellver Castle is a gothic castle located on a hill about 3 kilometers to the west of the center of Majorca’s capital, the tourist city of Palma.

The castle is considered one of the few circular castles in Europe, and one of the most important places in the Balearic Islands of Spain, whose construction dates back to the Middle Ages.

Menorca Zoo
The Menorca Zoo is the first of its kind in the Balearic Islands, which houses a wide range of animal species from all over the world.

It is also considered one of the best zoos that include a varied vegetation cover, commensurate with the environment of each of the animals they house.

Cabrera Island
The island of Cabrera, off the southern coast of Mallorca, is the largest island within the small archipelago, uninhabited and considered a national park.

The island was used to house French prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars, and it includes a medieval castle, and it remained a military area until 1980.

Mahon City
Mahon is the capital of the island of Menorca, one of the most important Balearic Islands in Spain, and is famous for its British-style Georgian houses and a sheltered harbor.

The city has many sites worth visiting, such as the Church of Santa Maria, the town hall dating back to the Renaissance period, and the museum.

Aqua Center Water Park
Aqua Center Water Park is one of the largest and distinctive water parks, and it contains 12,500 square meters of games and water basins.

The park includes black nozzle game, multiple types of water slides of varying sizes, adventure river, water tunnels, kamikaze, jacuzzi and children’s games.

Palma Arab Baths
The Arab Baths of Palma are one of the few surviving archaeological remains of the era of Islamic domination of the Spanish Balearic Islands.

The baths feature a main central hall surrounded by columns, with saunas, and form part of the private residence, with hot Roman baths.

Ibiza island
The island of Ibiza is one of the most beautiful small Balearic Islands, which has stunning nature, wonderful beaches of about 80 km, and the Spanish call it the Island of Fun.

The island is famous for its lively nightlife, with many cafes and nightclubs, and many concerts.

The island of Ibiza includes several sites worth visiting, such as a water park, and the Cap Blanc Cave, which is suitable for practicing types of water sports

Tourism in Hamburg

Tourism in Hamburg occupies an advanced position in the list of the most visited tourist cities in Germany due to the abundance of the most beautiful tourist places in Hamburg

The city is surrounded by many lakes and is considered one of the greenest cities in Germany due to the large number of parks, gardens, channels and lakes in it.

The most famous place of tourism in Hamburg
We mention to you the best places of tourism in Hamburg and the important attractions, which are:

City Park Hamburg
One of the most famous parks in Hamburg, the City Park Hamburg, extends over a large area of green forests and beautiful lakes to provide all the requirements for fun and relaxation.

City Park is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Hamburg, as it is frequented by many visitors, whether locals or tourists

Lake Alster
The artificial Alster Lake, located in the city center, is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Hamburg. Visitors come to it frequently to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the beautiful gardens that surround it.

Miniature Wonderland
One of the most important tourist places in Hamburg is the miniatur wunderland, where miniature models of the most famous landmarks in Germany and the world are displayed.These models were designed by the twin brothers Gerrit and Frederick Braun.

The Miniature Hamburg Wonderland includes miniature models of landmarks found in America, Switzerland, Austria and other countries

Planten-en-Blumen Park
This garden, planten un blomen, is one of the best tourist places in Hamburg, designed in the style of Japanese gardens, and it is also considered one of the most famous botanical gardens in Germany.

We recommend that you visit the Planten Blumen Park, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Hamburg

Storage city
The storage city of speicherstadt hamburg is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hamburg, where many tourists and visitors come to see this unique edifice.

It is a customs area consisting of many buildings through which beautiful water channels pass and are connected with each other through small bridges, forming a beautiful painting.

Hagenbeck Zoo
Have you ever thought about getting to know a giraffe or an elephant closely? Do not even feed her ?! The Hagenbeck Zoo will provide you with this, as it is one of the most famous and unique parks where animals are displayed outside the cages and it is one of the most important tourist places in Hamburg

Tourism in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands and the second largest city in it and one of the major commercial complexes in the world. It is one of the most important gates between Eastern and Western Europe.

The city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands includes many tourist attractions that make it an important destination for tourists coming to the Netherlands, and the port of Rotterdam is one of the most important tourist attractions in it, as it is the second largest port in the world.

The most famous tourist attraction in Rotterdam
Rotterdam is a wonderful city and the tourist places in Rotterdam have its own flavor mixed with luxury, beauty and sophistication, there are a group of famous tourist attractions in Rotterdam, which we will mention to you in this article, namely:

Euromast Rotterdam Tower
One of the most famous tourist attractions in Rotterdam and it is considered the tallest tower in the Netherlands with a length of 185 meters. It is open to the public so that they can see the Rotterdam skyline from its summit. The Euromast tower overlooks the city center, the port of Rotterdam and the surrounding places

At a height of 92 meters from the tower, there is a distinctive restaurant for dinner and hotel suites with a wonderful view, as adventure lovers can drop via the rope from the top of the tower

The port of Rotterdam
One of the world’s largest ports dates back to the fourteenth century AD and occupies a very large area and is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Rotterdam. The tour takes about an hour or more to the port, where you can see the wonderful Rotterdam skyline through it, as well as the giant shipyards and containers

Rotterdam Zoo
One of the oldest and most famous zoos in the Netherlands, it is one of the tourist attractions in Rotterdam. It is located north of Rotterdam Station and it is frequented by many visitors, whether locals or tourists. Rotterdam Zoo is an ideal choice for outings with family and children.

The park contains an aquarium, opened in 2001, and includes many types of fish and aquatic life, such as sharks, turtles, and others

Rotterdam Market
Rotterdam Market or Market Hall is a huge building in the form of an arch, the building includes apartments and offices in addition to a large market and many shops and cafes, which number up to 100.

The market is located inside the curved building inside and there is a car park under it. This building is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Rotterdam and has gained its fame due to its impressive design.

Cubic houses in Rotterdam
Houses with a strange design that takes the shape of a cube were created as an innovative housing project with the aim of solving the overpopulation problem, designed by Piet Blue. This region was characterized by its high population density, but it was famous internationally thanks to its unique design

Erasmus Berg Bridge
A bridge connecting the northern part to the southern part of the city of Rotterdam and is considered one of the most important symbols of the city. It was designed by Ben van Berkel, and it was completed in 1996. This bridge was called the Swan because of the shape of its design.

It is considered one of the most famous tourist places in Rotterdam and is used in addition to its function as a traffic bridge in many events such as concerts, fireworks and movies as well.

Rotterdam Maritime Museum
The Naval Museum in Rotterdam dates back to 1874 and is the oldest maritime museum in the city and one of the unique museums in the world.

The museum displays maritime history and many models, including the Royal Navy ship and the Pavel, which has been converted into a unique open museum, and the museum also includes a special exhibition for children that offers interactive displays

Kinderdeck Mills
The suburb consists of 19 old windmills dating back to 1740 and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Rotterdam and has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Visitors are introduced to the history and origins of these mills, as they are certainly one of the most important symbols of Rotterdam

Tourism in Adana

Adana is one of the most important cities in Turkey that is rich in its rich historical atmosphere, as it dates back more than 3 thousand years and punishes for its rule many nations and civilizations such as the Byzantines, the Crusaders, the Seljuks, the Arabs and others.

Adana Turkey occupied an important place in the history of Ottoman architecture, as many Ottoman buildings were constructed during the period of the Ottoman rule of the city.

Tourism in Adana is characterized by an attractive nature, as there are many parks and tourist resorts as well. The city of Adana is also distinguished by its rich local cuisine, which has many characteristics of traditional Turkish cuisine and the kitchens of the Mediterranean region, which is one of the most important kitchens in the world. Turks consider Adana the capital of kebabs.

The most important tourist attractions in Adana, Turkey
Learn about the most important tourist places in Adana, Turkey, and its main attractions, which are:

Ceyhan River Bridge
The Ceyhan River is Turkey’s longest river, with a length of 560 km that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. There is a stone bridge on this river in addition to several bridges, but the stone bridge is considered the oldest as it dates back to the Roman era and is considered one of the most prominent symbols of the city of Adana Turkey and one of the oldest bridges in the world

clock tower
The clock tower is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Turkish Adana. Its construction dates back to the year 1882 and reaches a height of about 32 meters, which is the highest among the clock towers in Turkey.

Central Mosque of Sabanci
The central mosque of Sabancı in the Turkish city of Adana is considered one of the largest mosques in Turkey at all, as it can accommodate nearly 20,000 worshipers and is distinguished by its location near the Ceyhan River within the central park in the city

The mosque includes 6 minarets and 5 domes, with the main dome being about 32 meters in diameter and 54 meters in height. The mosque is one of the tourist attractions in Adana

Central Park
The central park in Adana is the largest in the city of Adana, Turkey, as it occupies an area of 33 hectares and is located on both sides of the Ceyhan River near the Central Mosque of Sabanci. The park includes many trees and plants in addition to cafes and clubs for recreational activities.

Archaeological museum in Adana
It is one of the most important historical and touristic places in the Turkish city of Adana, where many monuments of ancient civilizations that inhabited the region are displayed in it

Tourism in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in America and one of the most important cities in the world. This bustling city is full of attractions, upscale hotels and distinctive restaurants, not to mention wonderful shopping places.

The most important tourist places in Los Angeles
In this article, we will review the most important and most famous tourist attractions in Los Angeles, America:

Disneyland Los Angeles Disneyland Los Angeles is the first family destination for entertainment and fun in Los Angeles, America, and it is one of the most important places of tourism in Los Angeles

Disneyland Park is the first of two parks built in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on July 17, 1955, and is the only park designed and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney

Who among us does not know Hollywood located in Los Angeles County in the United States of America, which includes film studios and international stars. Hollywood is one of the most famous tourist areas in Los Angeles, which is the historical center of American cinema until its name has become used to metaphor for cinema in the United States of America.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios is one of the most important tourist places in Los Angeles in Hollywood. It provides its visitors with the ability to spend a full day of fun and excitement.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach is one of the most prominent places of tourism in Los Angeles that attracts large numbers of visitors and tourists, as it includes a lot of gift shops and others. Beautiful acrobatic shows are held on the beach, next to the beach there is a beautiful amusement park in the Pacific Park

Griffith Park
One of the most important tourist places in Los Angeles and one of the most famous parks in it includes a zoo, a Greek theater and many games, the park contains paths for pedestrians and others for bicycles, as there is a center for equestrian education

Los Angeles Zoo
The zoo is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Los Angeles, as it includes more than 1100 animals of different types, including rare animals such as Concorde, chimpanzee and others, and the park also contains rare types of plants

Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, located near the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History is the largest natural and historical museum in the western United States, and its collections include about 35 million specimens and artifacts and cover 4.5 billion years of history.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood Museum
Madame Tussauds Hollywood Wax Museum Madame Tussauds Hollywood, located on Hollywood Street, the ninth among the series of Madame Tussauds museums around the world, is one of Los Angeles’ tourist attractions and is popular with residents of the city