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Heroes Square is one of the most important tourist attractions

Heroes Square is one of the most important tourist attractions


Heroes Square is one of the most important tourist attractions in Luhansk Ukraine, as it is characterized by its calm and seclusion, which gives you a pleasant time away from the noise of the city.

You can also stroll and see Shevchenko Park on the other side of the square, and you can attend many important events, official events, national holidays, as well as beauty pageant parties and concerts.



The museum is one of the museums of local traditions, which showed many different animals, nature reserves and even the Confucius Institute in Luhansk Ukraine.

Gorky Library

Gorky Library is a wonderful library with 4 floors, more than 1000 books. It is considered one of the wonderful places of tourism in Luhansk Ukraine, especially for lovers of reading.


The library is the ideal place for study, research and reading in all fields, and the library holds many wonderful annual exhibitions.

Dahl Street
Dale Street in Luhansk, Ukraine

Dal Street is a lively and vibrant street in Luhansk, Ukraine, a destination for hikers, visitors and locals alike.

You can stroll down the street, and see the magnificent monument to “Dal” the founder of Luhansk, and also the creator of the Modern Russian Dictionary, as well as many other beautiful buildings, next to which you can take photographs.

Marsa Alam best nature reserves and resorts

Marsa Alam best nature reserves and resorts

Do you intend to travel to Marsa Alam? Tourism in Marsa Alam is one of the best tourist cities in Egypt, where Marsa Alam is characterized as overlooking the Red Sea, and you can enjoy fishing, swimming, diving, cruises and other beautiful recreational activities.



Marsa Alam contains the best nature reserves and resorts, as well as the best diving sites and wonderful beaches. The winter season is an ideal season for tourism in Marsa Alam, as the average temperature ranges from 20-24 degrees Celsius. An ideal time to relax in front of the beaches and enjoy nature, we show you a report on the best tourist places, hotels and beaches in Marsa Alam


The best hotels in Marsa Alam

Thanks to the picturesque nature of the tourist city of Marsa Alam; Where the blue waters, golden sands, and bright sun, which led to attracting visitors to it from all over, discover the best Marsa Alam hotels to stay in during your visit to the city, read more.



The best tourist attractions in Marsa Alam

Samadai Sanctuary or Dolphin House

The Dolphin Reserve is considered one of the most rare places in the world, where there are more than five thousand dolphins that are active at night and sleep during the day among the reefs known as Samadai reefs.

The reserve is about 14 km away from Marsa Alam. The area is divided into three zones, which is Zone A dedicated to the presence of dolphins only, and it was called the Dolphins Sanctuary. Zone B is dedicated to surface swimming only. Zone C is dedicated to the presence of small rubber boats to connect visitors to Area B.



Wadi El-Gamal Nature Reserve

The reserve includes many islands called Wadi El-Gamal, assemblages of seaweed, coral reefs, and Mount Hamata, and it is located on an area of ​​7450 km. It was called by this name because of a plant in the region that is loved by beauty.

The reserve has a low salinity swamp formed from a source of fresh water mixed with salty sea water. The reserve is divided into the Hankwareb area, which is characterized by beaches and coral reefs, the Wadi El-Gamal Island area, which is characterized by a gathering of sunset hawks, and the Al-Qalaan area, which is characterized by the presence of large areas filled with mangrove plants and many Migratory and endemic birds, and the Hamata Islands area, which is characterized by the availability of many activities such as swimming and diving.



Abu Dabab Beach, the house of sea turtles

This beach is located in the north of Marsa Alam, about 35 km away from it.

The most important feature of the beach is the presence of many sea turtles and dugongs, which are considered among the rarest marine creatures. The beach caretakers allow the provision of rubber boats for trips that may take an hour or two to see these creatures and take the most beautiful souvenir photos with them. These types of boats are used so as not to harm these Objects and we kill them



thrush tree

The city of Marsa Alam is considered one of the cities famous for its mountains and beaches, as well as the availability of many animals and marine creatures in its reserves and beaches, and one of its most important landmarks and attractions for tourists is the tree of the qul’an affiliated to the Wadi El-Gamal Reserve.

The most important characteristic of this tree is that it grows inside the sea in the middle of the water and extends its roots as far as possible to extract fresh water. There are many colorful fish and coral reefs around it, and ropes are wrapped around it from everywhere so that it cannot be crossed and damaged by visitors. It is about 65 km from Marsa Alam and it grows In an area called Hankorab.



Sharm El Luli Beach

The beach is about 18 km south of Wadi El-Gamal Reserve. It is considered one of the best beaches in Marsa Alam. Many tourists like it in the Maldives. It is characterized by the presence of soft sand, clear water in turquoise color, and beach ruins on the mountains, which combines the coastal environment with the mountainous environment and is considered one of the best places of tourism in Marsa Alam .

As for the depths, it contains many colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. The beach of Sharm El Luli has another name known as the Hankorab area. The reason for its name is the presence of the Hankour bird in abundance before discovering the area and filling its nests with it before its extinction, but the people of the village find it easy to pronounce on the beach of El Luli.



Abu Ghosoun wreck

The Abu Ghosoun area is located in the south of Marsa Alam city, where this area was famous for diving. The area was called the wreck of Abu Ghosoun for the sinking of a merchant ship named after Hamada in this area when it was exposed to a severe storm in 1993 AD and collided with a rocky barrier that split it in two and the fish used it as its home.

Tourists come to this area and dive under the shipwreck to see the rare colored fish that inhabited it and the rare marine creatures that inhabit it. It was classified as one of the best places in Marsa Alam and it is the most colorful area in Marsa Alam.



meteor lake

The lake is located 14 km south of Marsa Alam and was given this name to believe that there is a legend called the fall of a meteorite from the sky to the earth to make this to the earth to make this natural lake filled with pure transparent blue water. The Meteor Lake is one of the most calm and accessible places in Marsa Alam It requires a special and special road cut.

It is also characterized by the warm water, which makes it a destination for many tourists looking for a unique and different experience of its kind. The presence of rocks wrapped around it gives it a more attractive and different view from the rest of Marsa Alam areas. Every year, the number of Egyptian visitors and foreign tourists to this lake increases. The lake is considered one of the best places of tourism In Marsa Alam.

Rommel Beach is one of the best beaches in Marsa Matrouh

Rommel Beach is one of the best beaches in Marsa Matrouh


Rommel Beach

Rommel Beach is one of the best beaches in Marsa Matrouh and the most visited one if you want to travel in Marsa Matrouh, as it is characterized by the gradation of water colors, which there is no other beach

We find that there is a part that is colored in dark blue and very deep, and another part appears in soft white sand and white water, watching the fish swimming and suitable for children, and the last part is colored in turquoise, which is of medium depth and makes swimming easier.

The name of the beach is due to this name in relation to the German commander Erwin Rommel, who was nicknamed the Desert Fox, as he took this beach as a shelter and a residence for him and planning for war during World War II.



Roman burial tombs

The tombs are located in a strange area, twenty-five to the west of Matrouh, which was built by the Romans during their rule of Egypt and their presence in Marsa Matrouh, because of their belief in eternal life after death, whether it was prosperity, happiness or torment, and therefore they chose this place because of the beauty of nature.

The tombs witnessed art in their architectural design and actual implementation, as it shows the extent of their mastery of making tombs and putting inscriptions and drawings on them.



Libya Market

The Libya market enjoys a wide fame in the city of Marsa Matrouh, and it was called by this name because when it was established, most of the sellers available in it were imported from the State of Libya, which was entering the city through the Awlad Ali tribe, famous for Matrouh, who have social and in-law relations with some families in Libya.

This market was distinguished by the many shops selling imported clothes, shoes and shoes, and there were also many shops selling cosmetics, school supplies and some foods such as olives and figs. These goods were characterized by their cheap prices and high quality.



Brigadier General’s Reserve

Al-Ameed Reserve is located in Matrouh Governorate, eighty-three kibo meters from Alexandria, and where the reserve is located in the desert, the most important features that distinguish it are sand dunes, swamps, salt flats, valleys, depressions, and flat lands.

In the reserve, there are 170 species of plants that tolerate the desert environment and grow in sand dunes. In the reserve, there are more medicinal plants, numbering 70 species, that can be used in treatment, such as wormwood, plantain, sorrel and anus.

There are also about 60 species of plants in the reserve that are used in the manufacture of oils, fuels and soap, and there are many animals in the reserve, such as rabbits, foxes, chameleons, jerboas, deer, and many migratory and sedentary birds of prey.




Temple of Ramses II

It is located twenty-four kilometers south of Marsa Matrouh and was discovered in 1942 AD by the Egyptian archaeologist Labib Habash. The museum contains many inscriptions and symbols in the hieroglyphic language that suggest the life of King Ramses II and his most important achievements and the wars he fought and the victories he achieved

Next to the museum, there are ruins of the castle built by Pharaoh Ramses II and some remains of the stone wall surrounding the castle. The castle and the museum were built in this area, which was called Bam Al-Rakhm, so that foreign attacks on Egypt from the West could be confronted, especially those launched by Libya, as shown by the Pharaonic books and inscriptions that he left. Our ancestors are us.

Rommel and Greco-Roman Museum

Rommel and Greco-Roman Museum



Rommel Museum

The origins of the Rommel Museum go back to the Greco-Roman era, where it lies in a U-shaped cave inside the mountain. The entry is a hole and the exit is a hole. It was named after the son of the German leader Rommel.



Including a storage for wheat, barley and water for export to the Roman states in the Roman era, and from them as a storage for supplies to supply ships with their needs. The province began to take care of it in 1977 AD after it had been deserted for a long time and opened to visitors.

Cleopatra’s Baths

Cleopatra’s Baths One of the famous natural places in Marsa Matrouh, Cleopatra’s Baths, where it was mentioned that Queen Cleopatra used that area to relax, bathe, and preserve her skin by sunbathing.



It is mentioned that the bathrooms are a place in the middle of the water surrounded by rocks from all sides and closed from above with openings that allow water to enter with the movement of the tides and also the entry of indirect sunlight, which allows heating the water

The governorate has developed the place and taken care of its cleanliness, noting that it is dangerous to go into the water, and only taking souvenir photos and watching the charming nature. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Marsa Matrouh

Accommodation in Marsa Matrouh
We show you a list of the best hotels and accommodations in Marsa Matrouh, the most important of which are:



Caesar Bay Resort
Mersa Matruh hotels
Caesar Bay Resort is one of the best resorts and excellent accommodations located in the city of Marsa Matruh in Egypt. It is classified as a five-star hotel, and enjoys a great location on the city road at km 85.

The hotel offers one great pool for recreation and relaxation on the dedicated facilities, which are elegantly spread in front of the pool, a children’s pool and an excellent spa and wellness center for saunas, massages, beauty treatments and occupational health by specialists in this field.

The hotel offers a great gym to exercise and keep fit and fit during the stay inside the hotel, and a variety of restaurants, one serving seafood and the other serving a variety of cuisine in an international buffet style. The resort has an overall rating of 8.9 based on price, location and cleanliness ratings



Jaz Almaza Bay Resorts
Mersa Matruh hotels
Jaz Almaza Bay Resorts is considered one of the most important and famous resorts located in the city of Marsa Matrouh inside Egypt, and it is classified among the five-star hotels, and has an elegant location at kilo 37 – Almaza Bay.

The hotel offers 9 swimming pools of different shapes and levels to suit different lengths, with a white sandy beach, brilliant sparkling blue waters, and 6 children’s pools with small depths so as not to cause children to drown.

The hotel offers three different dining options, the most important of which are a variety of Mediterranean cuisine at Morgana Restaurant, delicious seafood at Corallo Restaurant, and authentic Lebanese dishes at Sofra Restaurant. The resort has an overall rating of 8.3 based on price, location and cleanliness ratings.



Beau Site . Hotel
Mersa Matruh hotels
Beau Site Hotel is one of the most important and best hotels located in Marsa Matrouh, within the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is located only about fifteen minutes from Marsa Matrouh International Airport, which is the closest airport to the property.

The hotel offers two restaurants, The Panorama Restaurant serves à la carte and light dishes for visitors, and La Hutte Restaurant, which enjoys an excellent location on the beachfront and offers great views of the Mediterranean Sea. Well-known brands of canned food, among others.


Kom El-Dikka area, west of the Attarin department

Kom El-Dikka area, west of the Attarin department


Roman Theater

The theater is located in the Kom El-Dikka area, west of the Attarin Department. It was built in the Roman era in the fourth century AD. It was discovered by chance when the Polish mission removed dirt from it, believing that it was the tomb of Alexander the Great. The theater consists of thirteen rows numbered in Greek made of red granite, topped by five Booths with domes and two halls decorated with mosaics. The mission discovered beside the theater some teaching halls, which changes the idea of ​​being a theater to being a large lecture hall for reciting the flag and using the amphitheater as a theater in celebrations.



The eastern port

This port is considered one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean. Its construction began in the village of Rakoda in 2000 BC. AD in favor of working on the island of Pharos. Alexander the Great ordered its construction in order to compensate for the destruction of the port of Tire and through it he could occupy a great position in trade. He also sought to build a large port connecting the countries of the ancient world In the eastern port, the eastern port includes many areas such as Bahary, Mansheya, Raml Station and Shatby. It is currently called the Alexandria sea port. The port is used to dock the ships of tourists coming from countries bordering the Mediterranean, as well as ships loaded with goods, whether import or export.



Alexandria National Museum

The museum is located on Fouad Street (currently 110 Freedom Road), which is a palace for a former wood merchant, Asaad Basili. It was purchased by the US Embassy for 53 thousand pounds, and then the Supreme Council of Antiquities bought it for 12 million pounds. It is built in the Italian style and contains more than 1,800 antiquities including the Pharaonic era and the era Ptolemaic, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and modern times, such as the holdings of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha. It was opened in 2003 by former President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak.



Greco-Roman Museum

The museum is located in the Raml Station, which was inaugurated by Khedive Abbas Helmy II in 1895 AD. The museum includes a large variety of Pharaonic, Greek and Roman antiquities from the third century BC until the third century AD. Its halls to 26 halls contain many relics such as a head made of marble for Julius Caesar, a head made of marble for Alexander the Great, a mummy in color for a deceased from the Roman era, a group of pottery, a group of golden ornaments, Ptolemaic and Roman mummies, a huge head of Ptolemy VI, and a statue For the god of the Nile, statues of the emperors of Rome.



The sunken cities of Abu Qir

The city of Alexandria is considered one of the cities that has been subjected to drowning more than once due to climatic and natural changes. Some divers found the ruins of an ancient city called Heraclion in the Abu Qir area in Alexandria. The European Union’s scientific mission revealed that the city was named after the Greek hero Heraclius. The most important ports on the coasts of the Mediterranean in the sixth century BC, hundreds of sunken ships and boats were found belonging to the city, and the importance does not depend only on trade, but the city had a religious significance represented in finding the temple of Heraclion to worship the god Amun and some ancient manuscripts, and also found on Statues of the Ptolemaic kings, some gold coins, pots and jewels.



Royal Jewelery Museum

The museum is located in the Zizinia area of ​​Alexandria, which enjoys calm and sophistication. It was built in 1919 AD. It was owned by Princess Fatima al-Zahra, which was established in the European style and includes many royal jewels. These jewels were confiscated after the July 23 revolution, which belongs to the royal family starting from Muhammad Ali Pasha to Farouk I The museum includes 11,500 pieces, the most important of which is a gold snuff box, camouflaged with enamel and stamped with the name of Muhammad Ali, as well as a group of platinum and gold cups and 2,753 diamond lobes owned by Prince Muhammad Ali Tawfiq, a set of scarves, gold watches and necklaces encrusted with jewelry from the era of Khedive Said Pasha, and a jewelry collection Queen Nazli, King Farouk and Queen Safinaz Antiques Collection.

Bahary Area Customs Department

Bahary Area Customs Department




Al-Mursi Abu Al-Abbas Mosque

The mosque is located in the Bahari area, customs department, and is considered one of the oldest mosques to be built. Inside the mosque is the mausoleum of Sheikh Shehab al-Din Abu al-Abbas, who resided in Alexandria for forty-three years until God died and was buried there. The mosque was renovated at the hands of Prince Gujmash al-Ishaqi and he built himself a tomb next to Abu al-Abbas. He died and was buried there, and the mosque remained in many renovations until King Fouad I ordered the construction of a large square that included the Abi Abbas Mosque, the Al-Busairi Mosque, and the two mosques of Yaqout Al-Sheikh.



Waterfall Gardens

The waterfall gardens are located in the section of Bab Sharq in Alexandria, which is a very large garden on an area of ​​eight acres and contains three lakes and many rare trees and plants, some industrial waterfalls and terraces of different heights. A square and it has been transformed into a cultural center because of its immortal and valuable relics. The park was divided into five areas bearing the names of Alexandrian famous people in art and culture such as (Sayed Darwish – Bayram Al-Tunisi – Youssef Ezz El-Din – Ahmed Othman – Seif Waili).




Antoniadis Gardens

The park is located on Albert 1st Street, next to the Zoo in Smouha, and is considered one of the oldest gardens in Alexandria. Christopher Columbus) and there are also statues showing and embodying the four seasons of the climate, which increases the fame of the theater in which the evacuation treaty from Egypt was established, which was named by the same name (Antoniados). Have fun and play safely inside it.



Africano Park

African Park is located on the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria at km 65. However, it is one of the most important recreational places that suit lovers of entertainment and adventure. The African Park contains many wild animals that can be seen directly and take memorial photos such as deer, zebra, deer, llama and monkeys, and there are the rest of the predators. In closed places, such as lions, tigers and hyenas, there is also a lake containing fish and crocodiles that can be roamed by boat, as well as an island where there are several chimpanzees, and it can be walked forward or by a private car or a car for trips to the park, and that is in dangerous places where free predators are found and there Also a large cafeteria for drinks and some snacks.

The most famous international museums and tourism in Cairo

The most famous international museums and tourism in Cairo

Tourism in Cairo


1- The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is one of the largest and most famous international museums and the most important places of tourism in Egypt, located in the heart of the Egyptian capital “Cairo” on the northern side of Tahrir Square. Its establishment dates back to 1835 and its location at the time was in Azbakeya Park, where it included a large number of various antiquities, and then transferred its contents to the second exhibition hall in the Citadel of Salah al-Din, until the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette, who was working at the Louvre Museum, thought of opening a museum in which a group of Antiquities on the shore of the Nile at Bulaq.

When these antiquities were exposed to the danger of flooding, they were transferred to a special annex to the Khedive Ismail Palace in Giza. Then came the Egyptologist Gaston Maspero and in 1902, during the reign of Khedive Abbas Helmy II, the new museum building was opened in its current location in the heart of Cairo.

The Egyptian Museum is considered one of the first museums in the world that was established to be a public museum, unlike the museums that preceded it. The museum includes more than 180,000 artifacts, the most important of which are the archaeological collections found in the tombs of kings and the royal entourage of the middle family in Dahshur in 1894, and the museum now includes the greatest collection Archaeological sites in the world express all phases of ancient Egyptian history.



2- The International Garden in Cairo

The International Garden is a public park on Abbas El-Akkad Street in Nasr City, Cairo. It is called “international” because each country has a part of the park, where its most famous trees and animals and the most prominent features of it are located. There is a special section for the UAE, another for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, another for Japan, and for all Arab or foreign countries. It is heavily subsidized by the Egyptian government and even makes its entry fee low for all to enjoy.

And when you visit the park, you can walk the wide corridors in the garden, explore the garden, and enjoy the peace and quiet. You can also ride the garden train that surrounds it within a quarter of an hour.

You can also spend a whole day in this garden, and you can take the sheets with you to spend your day in the lap of nature, and you can take some snacks or drinks from the stalls in the garden.



3- Al-Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park is one of the largest gardens in Greater Cairo and one of the largest and most beautiful gardens in the world. It is located on an area of ​​80 acres and was used in the past as a dumping ground for garbage and waste for more than a thousand years. The project was announced in 1984 and opened to visitors in 2005, where it took more than 7 years to build, at a total cost of more than 100 million pounds borne by the Aga Khan Foundation for Islamic Architecture.

On the western side of the garden is the old Fatimid city and its extension, Darb al-Ahmar, with its wealth of mosques and shrines, and decorated with a long line of minarets. To the south is the Sultan Hassan Mosque and its surroundings, in addition to the Saladin Castle. Open green space. The hill on which the garden is located provides an elevated view of the city, and gives a wonderful 360-degree panoramic view of the attractive views of Historic Cairo.



4- Al-Moez Street

The history of the establishment of the street dates back to the rule of the Fatimid state in Egypt. It is considered one of the most important and famous streets in Cairo and the most important places of tourism in Fatimid Egypt, where the entire street was built in the Islamic style and mixed with the Fatimid, Mamluk and Ottoman architecture, and one of the famous tourist attractions in Egypt. The street includes many mosques such as Al-Moayyad Mosque, Al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah, Sultan Qalawun, many ancient buildings such as Bab Zuweila and Bab Al-Futuh, multiple schools such as Al-Kamelia School, Al-Zahir Barquq, and many shops selling antiques and copper collectibles. It is a good option if you want to travel in Cairo. Many parties are held in it, especially in the month of Ramadan, which highlights its beauty at night, next to cultural houses such as Kabet Al-Samihi.



5- Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Castle

The castle was established by the leader Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi on the Mokattam mountain in an area called the Air Dome. Its construction was completed after his death, Sultan al-Kamel Ibn al-Adil. Salah al-Din ordered the digging of a well for his armies to drink from during the siege of the castle. The castle contains several doors, including the Mokattam Gate, the Wastani Gate, the Iron Gate, the Citadel Gate, and Bab Al-Ezz. It includes within it several mosques, such as the Muhammad Ali Mosque, which he built in the heart of the Citadel, the Al-Nasir Qalawun Mosque and Madrasah, and the Ajmad Katkhuda Mosque. The castle also includes Youssef’s Well, the Citadel Military School, the Dar al-Darb, the Castle Industry House, Bab al-Ezz workshops, and the Egyptian army barracks. The Citadel is one of the best tourist destinations in Cairo

Castle Zaman Taba

Castle Zaman Taba

It also has diving areas where there are huge numbers of fish and coral reefs, the most famous of which is the giant Picasso area, as well as the remains of a basilica church that dates back to the sixth century AD and is a fortification of monks from the Byzantine era.


Castle Zaman Taba

One of the best landmarks of the city of Taba, as it is located on top of a desert hill between the cities of Taba and Nuweiba, and is considered a rare shrine of its kind, and you can practice diving, yoga, in addition to various places to eat.


By standing at the top, you can see the picturesque natural beaches of Taba and the Nuweiba Mountains of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The castle has artificial swimming pools next to the natural beaches, which tourists come from countries of the world to dive and enjoy watching the colorful fish and rare coral reefs on the beach

The castle also has many recreational activities such as restaurants that serve Bedouin meals and spa places that offer sunbathing and massage to help relax and touring the castle with a tour guide to explain its history and its most important landmarks. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Taba.



Taba Museum

The Taba Museum includes 700 artifacts from all ages that passed through Egypt from the Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, and Ottoman eras to the modern era. Excavations dating back to the Greek and Roman era and a mosaic floor that was found in the Albuluzin region.

Coral City

The city of Taba is considered one of the most cities in which there are many types of coral reefs at different depths under the sea, where there is what is known as the Marjamiya city, which consists of countless numbers and types of coral reefs gathered in one place and is an important destination for those coming to offer tourism in Taba.


Many colorful fish live next to coral reefs, which attracts tourists from all over the world to watch this huge gathering. Some fish such as lionfish, silver fish and some types of coral can be seen. Divers dive with them at a depth of twenty meters under the sea to see the entire marine life and enjoy the purity and purity of the water Simulation of nature in Aqarha and taking souvenir photos.

This area is considered one of the recreational areas for tourists, as it was specially equipped to occupy the first places in luxury in the Middle East and Africa. It is strategically located, as it overlooks the shores of the Red Sea and is close to Taba International Airport and Taba Port. It is also very close to three countries from which it is easy to reach.



In the highlands, there are many resorts and hotels that provide services to tourists to the fullest so that the tourist does not feel bored. There are also centers for diving education, shopping centers, buying souvenirs, and clubs to play the sport of golf loved by many tourists, and the tourist can practice climbing some mountains in a safe way for those who love adventures And enjoy watching the landmarks of Taba from the top

The Red Mill “Mouline de Ross is very famous and popular

The Red Mill “Mouline de Ross is very famous and popular

The Red Mill in Delft, Holland

Moulin de Ross was established in 1679 AD, and it is very famous and popular in the city. This is because it is the last windmill still standing among the 15 fine mills that adorned Delft. It was used as a corn mill, and was constructed from stone to replace the old wooden version.


You can enjoy watching this wonderful structure, and learn how the mill works in operation. In addition to wandering in the shop next door, which is famous for selling fresh baked goods that I enjoy eating during your tour.



Water boat trips
Water boat trips in Delft, Netherlands

Delft has many wonderful aqueducts, which were originally used to defend the city. Therefore, there are many interesting boat trips that you can take during tourism in Delft, the Netherlands.

This is the perfect way to explore the city up close, and from different angles through the waterways. This water tour takes approximately an hour full of excitement and entertainment. You can also use these boats to move from one place to another as an enjoyable means of transportation.



Wilhelmina Park

Wilhelmina Park, established in 1930, is a public park rich in English landscapes. It has undergone many renovations and restorations to keep it to a very good standard. Located on the northern edge of the city of Delft, this natural park provides you with the opportunity to do many enjoyable recreational activities.

You can take long walks on the park’s many paths, jogging, and biking. In addition to discovering a variety of lakes and sitting next to them, and contemplating that charming nature around you, it is an ideal recreational park suitable for families.



Delft Science Center

The Science Center was established in 1911, and is located in an old historic building on the grounds of the University of Technology in Delft. It is an ideal place for entertainment, especially with children.

The center provides visitors with many scientific activities, and fun entertainment experiences such as testing experimental racing cars, aircraft to simulate Dick Patrol, in addition to visiting open workshops, which allows you to watch interaction with students working on a variety of interesting projects.



East Gate “Oostpoort”
east gate delft netherlands

The East Gate is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in the Netherlands Delft. It is located at the intersection of a number of canals, in the southeast corner of the old town. It is distinguished by its unique Gothic architecture. The twin towers of the building were built in 1400 AD.

They were expanded in the sixteenth century. You can walk around the outside of the building, enjoying wonderful views of the canal and the surrounding beautiful buildings and homes. Do not miss visiting this beautiful gate during your holiday in the Dutch city of Delft.

Tourism in Delft, the Netherlands, is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations in Europe

Tourism in Delft, the Netherlands, is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations in Europe

It is a city characterized by its culture and traditions, and the splendor of tourist places and canals. They are a wonderful blend of medieval relics and golden age technology. This Dutch city offers tourists fascinating tours of its canals, museums, markets, palaces, and a number of medieval homes.



This is in addition to many historical monuments with unique architecture such as the city hall. Delft is characterized by the world-famous pottery industry, and one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the Netherlands.


Tourism in Delft, the Netherlands

Explore the Dutch city of Delft through this comprehensive guide, about travel and tourism in Delft, the Netherlands. To get acquainted with the most important tourist places and attractions in Delft, and the best hotels to stay during your holiday…

The best hotels in Delft, Netherlands

Delft has a distinctive and diverse group of luxury hotels and resorts, which suit all budgets and are distinguished by their reasonable prices. Delft hotels are also distinguished by their excellent locations near the city’s tourist attractions, and they provide the best hotel services to guests… Read more about the best hotels in Delft Holland.



The best time to travel to Delft, the Netherlands
The best time to travel and tourism in the Netherlands Delft, from the month (May to October). This is where the temperature is mild and pleasant, with little chance of precipitation. The temperature ranges from (15-20) degrees Celsius.

Also, during those months the city blooms with color and vitality, which makes it an ideal time to explore different parts of the city on foot, and do various tourist and recreational activities.



The ideal period for tourism Delft Netherlands
The ideal period for travel and tourism in Delft, the Netherlands, is about 5 days. It is an ample time, allowing you to explore the city, get acquainted with its culture and do the best leisure and tourist activities. You can start by walking around the city, seeing its archaeological and historical monuments, and trying its fine restaurants.

Then head to the old Delft Canal, and have a cup of coffee with delicious pastries. Also explore the historic center of Delft, the market, and wander its beautiful streets. You can also ride free bikes, visit international fashion stores, and discover the technological miracles of Delft University of Technology. And do not miss to take the most wonderful pictures, and buy the most beautiful souvenirs before your return.



Where is Delft located?

Delft is located in the southwest of the Netherlands, between the cities of The Hague and Rotterdam, and is called the “City of Knowledge”. It covers an area of ​​24.08 km², and Delft is 68.2 km away from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

Closest airport to Delft, Netherlands
Rotterdam The Hague Airport
The nearest airport to Delft is Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which is an international airport serving Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands. It is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands, and the airport is 11.6 km from Delft.

The language in Delft
Dutch and Frisian are the two official languages ​​of the Netherlands. The Dutch language is most widely spoken in Delft.