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Tourism in America and recommended tourist cities to visit

Tourism in America and recommended tourist cities to visit


America is one of the most beautiful and largest countries in the world, and even the most different and diverse. Tourism in America is ideal and attracts millions of tourists from all over the year. America is full of a unique group of the most famous and most prominent tourist attractions in the world, as well as stunning landscapes that make you have a vacation that you can never forget. Here are the most beautiful and top 10 tourist cities in America that we advise you to visit, as well as a set of the most important tips, information and instructions that you need to know before traveling…

America is characterized by many amazing and impressive tourist attractions, ranging from charming nature, theme parks in Alaska and Yellowstone, mountains, skyscrapers, tall towers, modern buildings in Chicago and New York, classic-style buildings, and a number of sunny beaches in Florida and Hawaii California, and Miami. This is in addition to the amusement parks equipped with the latest exciting electronic and electrical games, bustling nightlife, and many more.



Tourism in America

Discover tourism in America
Traveling to America gives you a unique experience, providing you with many exciting and exciting adventures. This is because it is the third largest country in the world, and it has the most famous tourist cities in the world. Therefore, you should start planning well before traveling to America, in order to have an arranged and perfect tourist vacation.

The United States of America is located on the North American continent, bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. It includes fifty states.

The best time to travel to America
travel to america

The best time to visit America is during the spring (from April to July), or in the fall (from September to October). This is when that time is characterized by moderate temperatures, and few tourists. Which allows you to enjoy exploring it. The best time to visit America varies depending on the date of your trip, and the recreational and tourist activities you intend to do. So it is worth noting that:



Winter season (from November to March):

Temperatures drop to below travel, despite that, it is one of the ideal times for travel and tourism in America. This is where enjoying exploring the southern states, practicing many indoor recreational activities, and winter sports such as skiing in resorts and ski slopes, going to beautiful romantic cities, and attending winter festivals.

Spring (April to July):

That season is the best time to visit America, to enjoy spending the most enjoyable times, and to practice all outdoor recreational activities, for the mild climate. You can enjoy the fantastic landscapes of national parks in the USA such as the Yellowstone or the Rocky Mountains. At that time, the country enjoyed a stunning landscape covered in the charming colors of blooming flowers and plants.

You can attend many festivals and celebrations, the most important of which is the National Cherry Blossom Festival, in addition to enjoying long walks in the paths designated for this, and exploring the tourist attractions and historical monuments.

Autumn semester (September to October):

This season is also one of the best times to travel to America, as it lends the country a distinctive color of red foliage. Accommodation is characterized by its low prices in that season, which attracts tourists who are lovers of the wonderful autumn nature. Autumn also allows tourists to enjoy many outdoor activities such as cycling, camping in the woods, hiking trails, and others.

Summer (from July to August):

It is one of the most beautiful times to travel to the United States of America, to explore it, and practice various recreational activities, including attending festivals and celebrations such as the Fourth of July celebrations. In addition to going to the tourist beaches with a tropical climate, seeing the historical and archaeological monuments, relaxing in the lush gardens, national parks, mountains, hills, lakes, and many wonderful places full of beauty.

The language in America
There is no official language in the United States of America, but the most spoken language in America is English, followed by Spanish, then Chinese, French, Tagalog “a mixture of English and Spanish” and Vietnamese

Tourist visa in America

In order to spend a tourist vacation in America, you must obtain a visa to travel to the United States, which has many conditions and papers necessary to obtain a visa, the most important of which are:

Apply for a US non-immigrant visa online, known as DS-160, and print it out.
A recent personal photo with a white background.
Pay the application fee for obtaining a tourist visa to America, which amounts to



of them according to the country of each applicant.
A passport valid for at least six months after your trip in America.
Submit a receipt for payment of the visa processing fee for America, which is 160 dollars, and it cannot be returned when the application is rejected.
Clarify the purpose of the tourist visit to America, and indicate how long you will spend in the country.
A bank statement showing your ability to spend for the duration of your trip in America.
Submit proof that you have property in your country, to ensure that you will return to your home country after the end of tourism in America.
Submit a letter issued and stamped by the employer, stating your job grade, salary, and your desire to return to work after the end of your trip in America.
The ideal period for tourism in America
America is a huge country with amazing diversity, and with so many things to do in the United States, we know that planning a trip can be daunting and stressful, yet the ideal length of tourism in America is approximately two weeks, so that you have enough time to visit All its tourist attractions, explore and carry out the most important tourist activities.

We advise you to plan a visit to the Grand Canyon National Park, enjoy white water rafting in the Colorado River, and see the towering rock formations. As well as Yosemite National Park in California and enjoy seeing the waterfalls, which are the tallest waterfalls in the world. Walk the hiking trails, and explore the wilderness in the woods in Euston National Park. In addition to relaxing in the tourist beaches, snorkeling and eating fresh seafood, take a trip to the Haleakala Observatory to catch the sunrise and sunset.

You also have time to visit New York, which is famous for its cultural diversity, museums, towers, skyscrapers, busy streets, cable cars and boat rides, the snow-capped Tetons of Wyoming, embracing the Snake River, Jackson and Jenny lakes, fields of wildflowers and swamps. And don’t miss the famous landmarks of Washington, DC, and crystal clear Lake Tahoe for ice skating, as well as areas for fishing, mountain biking, paragliding and more.

How much does tourism cost in America?
America is one of the high-cost tourist destinations, but we have done a good study of your budget at the time of your trip there, as well as identifying the cheapest time to visit, so that you can spend an ideal tourist vacation at the lowest cost.

The cheapest time to visit is from January 8 to March 11, from April 16 to April 29, and from August 6 to November 18. Typically, the cheapest time to vacation in the United States is from mid to late September. Here is the most important information about the average costs of tourism in America:

The average tourist trip in America for a week per person is 1705 dollars.
The average US hotel per night ranges between (63-289) dollars.
$85 to $112 per night for a 2-star or 3-star hotel room.
$130 to $159 per night for one-bedroom rent.
The average cost of flights to the United States from all airports, ranging from (655-992) dollars per person for economy flights.
The average commute and enjoyment of local restaurants per person per day is about (48-98) dollars.

Tourism in Japan and the best tourist cities worth visiting

Tourism in Japan and the best tourist cities worth visiting


There is no doubt that Japan is one of the best and most important industrialized countries in the world. As well as enjoying a distinctive group of the most beautiful and historical tourist attractions at all, which made that Asian country an ideal tourist destination for millions of tourists annually. If you are planning to travel and tourism in Japan.

Vacationing in Japan is one of the unique experiences you can have. It has a lot to offer its visitors, such as exploring futuristic skyscrapers, religious shrines such as Shinto and Buddhist temples, castles and palaces, Japanese designs and elaborate decorations, fine handicrafts, neon arcades and bamboo forests. This is in addition to recognizing the extent of development and prosperity that the Japanese people have reached.



Tourism in Japan

Discover tourism in Japan
Tourism in Japan offers a wonderful example of great cultures and history, and the Japanese people are very friendly and polite. The experience of traveling to Japan is an experience full of adventures, fun and various tourist activities. Here is a comprehensive guide to learn about the most important information about Japan and the best tourist cities in Japan, as well as the most important pre-travel tips…

Japan is located in Northeast Asia, east of the Eurasian continent. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of ​​Japan, the East China Sea, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and the east of the Korean Peninsula. Japan consists of nearly three thousand islands, the most important of which are the 4 islands “Shikoku, Honshu, Kyushu, and Hokkaido.”

Best time to travel to Japan
The best time to visit Japan is during the spring season (March to May). During the autumn season (from September to November), at this time Japan is characterized by the beauty of its nature rich in cheerful flower colors, especially cherry, and red leaves. It also has an ideal climate for exploring its attractions. It is worth noting that:

Winter season (from December to February):
Winter is a completely different experience in Japan, with its cold climate and white snow. Despite this, it is an ideal season for tourism, where you can enjoy attending a distinguished group of festivals, celebrations and national holidays, including the Japanese New Year, Christmas, and the Sapporo Snow Festival.

You can also bathe in the outdoor hot springs, as well as play fun winter games such as snowboarding in the Japanese Alps, eating fresh seafood, and many delicious Japanese hot dishes.

Summer (June to August):
Summer in Japan is characterized by its hot and humid climate, which allows you to go to the wild national parks in Hokkaido, climb the Japanese Alps, and enjoy hiking in the outdoor trails

As well as attending traditional dance and song festivals, learning about Japanese culture, participating in regional fireworks, as well as recreation at the wonderful coastal beaches and holding barbecues.

Spring (March to April):
Japan is known for its mild weather in the spring, which is a very busy season. This is because it is characterized by a climate that allows tourists to practice all recreational and tourist activities, and visit all places and attractions. Therefore, it is considered the peak season.

Autumn semester (September to November):
In the autumn season, the climate is ideal for travel and tourism in Japan. At that time Japan is covered in red tree leaves, which makes it look like a painting.

In the fall, you can do many recreational activities, such as hiking in the parks and mountains to explore the country, watching autumn festivals such as the Saga International Balloon Festival, participating in enthusiastic sports such as car racing, and the Kobe marathon, as well as enjoying watching the evening lights in the parks and streets.



The language in Japan
The Japanese language is the official language of Japan, and the Japanese people speak languages ​​from two major language families, the “Japanese and Ainu languages.” In addition to the existence of many other languages ​​and dialects spoken by some residents, such as (Standard Japanese), which is the national language of the country, and other secondary languages.



Tourist visa in Japan

To spend a tourist vacation in Japan, it is necessary to obtain a tourist visa in Japan. There are many conditions and documents required to obtain a visa to travel to Japan, which are:

Apply for a visa electronically, fill it out, sign and print it.
Ensure that the information in the form is written in a clear and legible hand, and that it is correct.
A recent personal photo with a white background, pasted and not stapled to the form.
A valid passport with clear data from the issuer of the passport, the passport number, the date of issuance and expiry.
Reservation of a round-trip flight ticket, writing the name of the airlines, and the name of the arrival airport in Japan.
Bank account statement for the last 3 months.
A copy of the accommodation reservation in Japan for the duration of the trip.
Write your occupation and company name

T work and address.
The ideal period for tourism in Japan
The ideal duration of tourism in Japan is from one week to ten days. It is enough time to explore Japan and visit its best attractions and tourist places. You can visit Tokyo first to spend 3-4 days, and enjoy visiting the most beautiful villages and cities such as “Hakone, Kamakura, Nikko and Mount Fuji.”

Then you can visit the three major cities in western Japan, which are: (Kyoto – Osaka – Hiroshima), and enjoy visiting them within a week, and then go to the magnificent Himeji Castle.

Then go to explore the two tourist destinations that are very famous and popular in Japan, which are (Hokkaido or Okinawa), where you can relax and spend the most enjoyable times in the lap of nature. And don’t miss out on the freshest seafood, and the harmony of the wonderful tourist beaches of Japan.

How much does tourism cost in Japan?
Before traveling and tourism in Japan, you need to know the average cost to plan your vacation well. Here are the average costs for most of the tourist activities that you will do in Japan:

The average price for a one-week trip in Japan is $1659 per person.
The price of hotels in Japan is approximately $105 per night.
Average prices for accommodation per day in Japan range from 140-520 dollars.
An individual’s daily budget for commuting, daily expenses and sightseeing ranges from $48-99.
Average costs for flights from all airports to Japan range from $948 to $1696.

Tourism in Lithuania and the most important tourist destinations for an unforgettable trip

Tourism in Lithuania and the most important tourist destinations for an unforgettable trip




Tourism in Lithuania has become one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the continent of Europe. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, due to its beautiful landscapes and beaches. It is a coastal country overlooking the Baltic Sea, and the wonderful Lake Curcio, which is separated from the sea coast by a narrow strip, in addition to its mild climate, which allows them to spend the most enjoyable tourist holidays.

Lithuania has historical and archaeological monuments dating back to the Soviet era such as the Money Museum and the Beekeeping Museum. In addition to a distinguished group of UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as unique architecture in neoclassical, Gothic and Renaissance styles, castles, high towers, churches, monasteries and beautiful palaces.

This is in addition to large areas of parks and recreational parks, green forests, health and treatment spas, and hills. It also allows you a lot of tourist and recreational activities such as enjoying the beaches and lakes, walking in the soft white sand dunes, amidst the bright lights of the sun, practicing water activities and renting boats, and wandering the cobbled streets full of wonderful restaurants, cafes and cafes. Here is the most important information about Lithuania, its best tourist cities and pre-travel tips, so that you can plan well for your vacation..



Tourism in Lithuania

Discover tourism in Lithuania
The Republic of Lithuania is one of the three famous Baltic states, which has ideal temperatures for tourism. This made tourism in Lithuania a distinctive tourist destination in the continent of Europe.
The Republic of Lithuania is located in eastern Europe, along the southeastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is bordered on the south by Russia and Poland, and on the north by Latvia.

On the east, it is bordered by Belarus, on the southeast it is bordered by Belarus, and on the west by the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad Region.



Best time to travel to Lithuania

The best time to visit Lithuania depends on what activities you plan to do, and your preferred climate. Here is a breakdown of the seasons of the year in Lithuania and the most important activities that you can do during them:

Winter season (from December to February):
Winter in Lithuania is characterized by being very cold, the temperature almost drops below zero degrees Celsius. Despite this, Lithuania has a lot to offer to visitors, especially at Christmas and Christmas, when the streets are filled with lights and beautiful lights.

You can also enjoy a distinguished group of recreational activities such as: skiing in the tops of Lipkalnis, going to health and spa resorts, visiting the museums of the Lithuanian capital, the Museum of Optical Illusions, which is a unique experience, as well as snow parks, and many more. The winter season is one of the low seasons for tourism in Lithuania, so you can take advantage of that, as the costs of flights and hotels are low.



Spring (March to May):
Spring is characterized by its relatively warm climate, as well as its low costs that allow you to enjoy an ideal tourist trip at an affordable cost. You can explore the country, wander its streets and see its beautiful landscapes, its national parks, historical and cultural monuments, and upscale restaurants and cafes. All in the midst of a dreamy springtime.

Summer (June to August):
This season is the peak season for tourism in Lithuania, as Lithuania has a mild climate, and high heat that attracts tourists to go to the wonderful beaches and lakes, to practice summer sports and exciting outdoor adventures. It is one of the best times to visit in Lithuania, for lovers of summer activities.



Autumn semester (September to November):
At that time the country enjoys warmth and wonderful landscapes, where autumn foliage hues gradient between golden yellow, red and orange. It also allows tourists to enjoy all outdoor recreational activities, explore the country and its landmarks, and take wonderful souvenir photos.

The language in Lithuania
Lithuanian is the eastern Baltic language most closely related to Latvian, and it is the official primary language spoken in the Republic of Lithuania. Several sub-languages ​​are also found in Lithuania, including Polish, Russian, and English, which are mainly spoken in the country’s prominent tourist sites.



Tourist visa in Lithuania

It is necessary to obtain a travel visa to Lithuania, when deciding to travel to Lithuania. In order to obtain a tourist visa, there are many necessary conditions and requirements, the most important of which are:

Apply for a visa to travel to the Republic of Lithuania, fill it out and sign it.
A passport valid for at least three months before the start of your trip in Lithuania, and copies of


of the passport, making sure that there are at least two blank pages in the passport.
Two recent passport size photographs with a white background.
A health insurance policy of €30,000, valid in all Schengen countries. If the visa is refused, the price of the policy will be refunded.
Reservation of round-trip air ticket, hotel or accommodation reservation for the duration of your trip in Lithuania.
An up-to-date bank statement, to ensure you are able to spend during your holiday in Lithuania.
Proof of civil and professional status, if any, with proof of the monthly salary and the employer’s signature on the leave.
The ideal period of tourism in Lithuania
The ideal duration of tourism in Lithuania is from five days to a week. Which is enough time to explore the most important and most beautiful historical and tourist attractions, and the scenic landscapes in the country.

You can start with the Lithuanian capital “Vilnius”, which is filled with many wonderful tourist attractions, to spend two to three days. A period that allows you to go to the museums, the UNESCO-listed Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, churches and monasteries, the Central Market Hall, as well as the quiet Bernardine Garden to relax and harmonize in the lap of nature.

You can also go to the idyllic island castle Trakai, which is located on an island in the lake, and is very popular with tourists, for its fantastic views. And don’t miss out on trying cafes and restaurants, visiting cathedrals and churches. After completing the exploration of Vilnius, you can explore the Lithuanian countryside outside the capital.


Then you can explore the old town of Kaunas, the Devil’s Museum, Liberty Street, the Palace of the Dukes, as well as the possibility to attend the many fun festivals and beach races for which Lithuania is famous.

How much does tourism cost in Lithuania?
In order to spend a pleasant tourist holiday in Lithuania, you should plan well and know the cost of your holiday. Here are the average prices for services and activities in the ideal Lithuania:

The average daily expenditure in Lithuania per capita is about 74 Euros or 87 US dollars.
Food per day per person about 29 EUR or 34 USD.
The average price for one meal per person is 12 EUR or 25 USD.
Leisure activities in Lithuania per person per day are about 11 euros.
The average price of a hotel in Lithuania for a couple is about 67 euros, or 79 dollars.
Prices for local transportation are 9.35 EUR or 11 USD.
The average tip price in Lithuania per day is €1.03.
The average price of a trip in Lithuania for two people during one week is 1030 euros, or 1217 US dollars.
Transportation and transportation in Lithuania
Transportation in Lithuania

Lithuanian roads are considered among the best in Eastern Europe, as they do not have a distinguished network of motorways and public transport. All roads are free to use, and car rental is easily available at the airports. The most important types of transportation in the Republic of Lithuania are:

Public transportation between cities in Lithuania is cheap, but rather slow. You can buy bus tickets in advance at the bus stops. In a popular way in Lithuania.

Lithuanian railways are not of the same quality as those in Western Europe. It is usually faster and more comfortable than traveling by bus. It is easy to use, as it has methods, prices and times translated in English.

The bicycle is a great means of transportation in Lithuania, and it is in great demand in the summer, especially in rural areas with comfortable flat roads. Bicycle rental services are available throughout major cities and coastal villages. It gives you enjoyment of scenic views. There are plenty of parking spaces for bikes, and some buses have free bike racks, as well as ferries. It is one of the best means of transportation during tourism in Lithuania.

Car Rental:
Driving in Lithuania is easy, and it is available all over the major cities in Lithuania, and the roads are good.

Lithuania boasts an extensive network of open public aviation airports, and has three passenger airports, but no domestic flights.

Food and drinks in Lithuania
Food and drinks in Lithuania

Lithuanian food is something to try, as Lithuanian cuisine is known for its delicious taste and healthy dishes. This is where Lithuanian dishes rely heavily on root vegetables such as potatoes and beets, meat and dairy, all of which are adapted to the cold weather conditions in Lithuania. Here are the most important and delicious Lithuanian dishes that we advise you to try:

Sibelinae (Zeppelins):
It is the Lithuanian national dish, and consists of large dumplings made from a mixture of potato dough stuffed with meat and covered in sour cream and bacon sauce.

Boroclich Seropa:
It is a warm beetroot soup, made of beetroot, onions, celery and carrots mixed with meat broth and seasoned with salt, pepper and dill, distinguished by its delicious red color.

Capta Donna:
It is dark Lithuanian rye bread fried in oil, seasoned with garlic and salt, and served with a cheese sauce.

It is a cold beet soup with boiled eggs, yogurt and boiled potatoes, and is famous for its light pink color.

Potato pancakes:
It is a simple dish consisting of shredded potatoes, onions and eggs scrambled together and fried in oil. It is served with dill, green onions and sour cream.

Gribokai (mushroom biscuits):
It is a delicious little crumb flavored with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom, and shaped like mushrooms.

There are also many traditional Lithuanian drinks, including:

It is a non-alcoholic drink made from bread

Tourism in Macedonia and the best tourist cities we advise you to visit

Tourism in Macedonia and the best tourist cities we advise you to visit


Tourism in Macedonia is a unique experience, as it is considered a hidden gem that not many people know about, despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It includes a distinguished group of impressive historical, cultural and tourist attractions. This is because it is rich in diverse cultures, including Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Serbian, Persian and also Soviet heritage. It is a wonderful blend of those ancient civilizations, which made it an ideal tourist destination for history lovers.

Macedonia has many tourist attractions such as Orthodox churches, Islamic mosque towers, archaeological pieces and sites, ancient books as well as allowing you to attend festivals and evenings of poetry and literature, as well as the national and artistic folklore of Macedonia, and traditional crafts, in addition to national costumes with high precision embroidery, and limestone mountains, Tranquil country villages, sparkling lakes, hills, and theme parks.



Tourism in Macedonia

Discover Macedonia Tourism
There are many tourist activities that Macedonia offers you, where motor boats in wonderful valleys, kayaking, rock climbing, snowboarding and others. Here is a comprehensive guide to the best tourist cities in Macedonia and the most important information and tips you will need…

Macedonia is located in southeastern Europe, bordered by Greece to the south, to the east by Bulgaria, to the west by Albania, and to the north by Serbia and Kosovo.




The best time to travel to Macedonia

The best time for tourism in Macedonia is during the four seasons of the year! . It enjoys a mild climate all year round, making it an ideal tourist destination all year round. It also offers you many exciting and wonderful experiences and adventures. So the best time to visit Macedonia depends on what you intend to do tourist activities. It is worth noting that:

Spring (March to May):
It is one of the wonderful tourist seasons in Scotland, where the spring is characterized by its mild climate, which allows you to do many fun recreational activities, especially in the Macedonian capital Skopje.

Stroll through the streets filled with beautiful flowers, colorful butterflies, and lush green trees and you can also attend Easter, one of the most important calendar events in Macedonia.

Summer (from June to August):
This is one of the peak seasons for tourism in Macedonia, where temperatures rise, tourists and locals crowd around the coastal beaches, and the charming Ohrid Lake. And go to theme parks and national parks with wide green areas such as “Gradesks Park”.

As well as enjoying a cable car ride to reach the top of Mount Vodno, which reaches a height of 1066 meters above the ground. Moreover you can attend famous summer festivals, live outdoor concerts, eat delicious Macedonian food, buy souvenirs and wonderful traditional crafts.

Autumn semester (September to November):
Autumn is usually the best time for travel and tourism in Macedonia, as it is characterized by the wonderful autumn color explosion in the Matka Valley, which allows you to enjoy beautiful country tours, eat spicy red pepper dishes, and watch the grape harvest in Vardar Valley.

This is in addition to the fun of sports such as hiking in the garden paths and amusement parks. It is a perfect time to travel to Macedonia.




Winter season (from December to February):
The Macedonian capital is famous in the winter for the spread of smog over it. In addition, snow falls on the mountains of Mavrovo National Park, which provides an ideal period for skiers and alpine explorers.

Also, do not miss a wander through its rain-drenched cobbled streets, especially around Lake Ohrid and Prespa, and enjoy visiting churches and religious monasteries.

The language in Macedonia
Macedonian is the official language used in Macedonia. There are also more widely recognized languages ​​officially recognized in the country, including: English, German, Serbian, Croatian, and French, in addition to Albanian, Turkish, Romanian, Bosnian and Aromanian.


Macedonia Tourist Visa

To spend a tourist holiday in Macedonia, you must obtain a visa to travel to Macedonia. This requires you to have several documents and documents necessary, to obtain a visa to travel to Macedonia, which are:

The application form for obtaining a Macedonian visa, filling it in a clear handwriting, and paying the visa fee.
Two recent passport size photographs with white background.
A passport that is valid and valid for at least three months, starting from the date of your trip in Macedonia.
Notarized official invitation, or a copy of the hotel reservation where you will stay for the duration of your trip.
A recent bank statement, as a guarantee to cover your financial expenses within Macedonia for the duration of your trip.
Conduct a personal interview.
International travel insurance certificate.
Reservation of a round trip flight ticket.
The ideal period for tourism in Macedonia
The ideal period for tourism in Macedonia is from a week to

ten days. Which is an ideal and quite enough time to explore the country and do fun leisure activities. You can go to the most famous attractions in Macedonia, which is the capital “Skopje”, visit the Art Bridge in Skopje, and the wonderful Ohrid Lake.

Then you can enjoy the bustling European-style town of Bitola, exploring historical ruins along the way, abandoned churches, old bazaars, baths turned into art galleries and more.

Then you can visit Krusivo, a small mountain town, with winding stone streets. And “Matka Canyon” is one of the most natural areas filled with valleys, caves, small monasteries, boat rentals and rowing in the artificial lake.

Then you can visit Tetovo, home of the most beautiful mosque in North Macedonia (IMO). It is a colorful mosque with great architecture and decoration inside and out. As well as Pelister National Park, which has many hiking trails, and Mount Papa to conclude your leisure trip in Macedonia.

How much does tourism cost in Macedonia?
Tourism in Macedonia is very cheap, as it is considered one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Below is the average cost of most activities and services in Macedonia, to have a tourist trip at an affordable cost and suitable for your budget.

It is worth noting that usually the cheapest time to spend a vacation in Macedonia is from January to April.

The average price for a one-week trip per person is approximately 1099 US dollars.
Hotel prices in Macedonia are approximately 56 US dollars per night, ie ranging between (31-87) US dollars.
The average price for renting an entire house per night ranges from (100-340) US dollars.
The price of a one-star hotel room per person per day ranges between (27-31) US dollars.
The average flight cost from Sofia Airport from all over the world ranges between (714-1092) US dollars per person for economy flights.
The cost of daily expenses per person ranges between (19-44) US dollars approximately.
Transportation and transportation in Macedonia
Transportation in Macedonia

Macedonia has many means of transportation, which you can use during your vacation, to move between the most famous places and tourist attractions. Here are the most important means of transportation in Macedonia:

Traveling by rail in Macedonia is very economical and convenient, but it is limited due to the mountainous nature of the country.

Public buses in Macedonia are characterized by their high efficiency, speed, comfort and air conditioning for passengers. In addition to their cheap prices as well.

It is one of the most used means among tourists in Macedonia. We advise you to book a car from the hotel before departure, to get the best service. And you can rent a car in Macedonia due to the advanced Macedonian road, and to explore it absolutely free.



Food and drinks in Macedonia

Macedonian food is famous among the world’s cuisines. It reflects Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, and Italian influences, as well as influences from the Middle East. There are many delicious traditional Macedonian dishes, the most important of which are:

They are cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat and rice, a popular traditional winter dish.

Compar Mandza:
Potato broth, which is minced meat, cut potatoes and vegetables.

It is a traditional Macedonian dish, which is usually prepared in the fall. It consists of roasted red hot pepper, with bread and white cheese. It is one of the most delicious Macedonian dishes.

It is a dish made of boiled beans with onions, peppers, tomatoes, oil and many spices. It is a popular dish in Macedonia.

Zinc (boric):
It is one of the most delicious types of pastries in the world, stuffed with minced meat, spinach, or cheese.

It is a beautiful traditional Macedonian dish, consisting of meat, french fries, eggplant and types of vegetables, and it is golden in color and crisp in texture.

It is a soft minced meat grilled in the form of sausages, served with bread and sour cream.

Shopska salad:
It is a salad made of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and grated white cheese.

There are also many great Macedonian desserts such as eclairs, sutlegas (Macedonian rice pudding), tolompi, vanellissi, zkivli (delicious cheese rolls), and many more.

There are also many beautiful drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks.



The official currency of Macedonia

The Macedonian Dinar is the official currency used in the country of Macedonia, known for short as (DEN), or (MKD).

Communications and the Internet in Macedonia
The Republic of Macedonia has a highly developed telecommunications market, as it owns the best and most important telecommunications companies in Europe, and among the most important five leading telecommunications companies in Macedonia:

IOne Macedonia.
Tele cable.
All these huge companies offer the biggest offers and discounts, and many services such as high speed internet, strong coverage, affordable prices for phones, and many more. All you have to do is choose the offers that suit you, to communicate with your relatives and friends abroad.

Distance between the most popular cities in Macedonia
To move between the tourist cities within Macedonia, to explore its attractions and tourist attractions. It requires you to know the distance between these cities. Here are the distances between the most famous tourist cities in Macedonia:

Struga to Strumica 167 km.
Tetovo to Skopje 38 km.
Veles to Skopje 42 km.
Botel to Skopje 11 km.
Prilep to Veles 45 km.
From Prilep to Struga 76 km.
Prilep to Skopje 73 km.
Ohrid to Veles 105 km.
Ohrid to Strumica 158 km.
Berovo to Strumica 35 km.
From Berovo to Ohrid 1

Tourism in Austria and the best tourist cities to visit

Tourism in Austria and the best tourist cities to visit


Austria is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world, and is very popular in Europe. Tourism in Austria is characterized by beautiful landscapes, high mountains, deep carved valleys, magnificent lakes, and rocks. This is in addition to the amazing bridges, museums and cultural districts of Vienna, the Austrian capital.


Austria is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and despite that it is very popular with tourists. It is considered one of the ideal tourist destinations for lovers of picturesque nature and diverse cultural and civilizational attractions. Its beautiful terrain also made it a special tourist destination. All of the above made it one of the most beautiful European tourist destinations, so you only need to plan well before traveling to Austria, in order to have a perfect and enjoyable holiday.


Tourism in Austria

Discover tourism in Austria
Austria allows tourists to enjoy many wonderful tourist activities and recreational sports. Here in this article are the most important and best 10 tourist cities in Austria that we advise you to visit, and a set of the most important tips, instructions and information that you should know before traveling …


The Republic of Austria lies at the center of European East-West traffic, along the Great Danube Trade Route and north-south through the magnificent Alpine passes.

It is bordered to the north by the Czech Republic, to the northeast by Slovakia, to the northwest by Germany, to the south by Slovenia, to the southwest by Italy, to the east by Hungary, and to the west by Switzerland and Liechtenstein.



The best time to travel to Austria

The best time to visit Austria is during the months of “April and May” i.e. in the spring, and the months (September and October), i.e. in the autumn. This is where the weather is ideal for doing many fun activities and exploring the country’s attractions. It is worth noting that:

Summer (June/August):
This is the peak tourist season in Austria, when the weather is great and the days are sunny, but the prices of reservations and hotels are high, and the country is packed with tourist crowds many in popular destinations.

Tourists enjoy watching stunning landscapes such as turquoise lakes, and attending the wonderful local festivals and celebrations in Salzburg and Vienna. As well as enjoy seeing the rainbow walk, as well as visiting the mountains and the wonderful mountain peaks. And many other beautiful activities. Just don’t miss to pre-book your ticket.

Autumn semester (September/October):
It is one of the best seasons to visit Austria and discover its unique attractions. This is where the green hills of the Alps turn a fiery golden color, and the leaves of the trees turn red, in that season, Austria is beautiful and at its most beautiful. Autumn is characterized by a pleasant climate, suitable for many exciting recreational activities in the mountains, and cycling on Along the Danube, as well as a relaxing trip through the country’s northern lakes.

On top of that you can visit museums, attend Vienna September Fashion Week, go hiking, and much more. Autumn is the ideal time for travel and tourism in Austria.


Winter season (from November to March):
It is the low tourist season. Nevertheless, winter in Austria offers you exciting and totally unique adventures. The winter season in Austria is characterized by low cost. You can visit Austria in winter, and enjoy attending Christmas in Vienna with its very wonderful atmosphere.

Also, the winter season is the perfect time to ski in the Austrian Alps at the wonderful resorts of the ski capital of St. Anton. This is in addition to watching the cultural landmarks and many wonderful tourist places.

Spring (April/May):
It is one of the favorite seasons to travel to Austria, where temperatures are moderate, allowing tourists to explore the country and practice many fun outdoor activities. Among the most important are hiking, as well as learning about Austrian culture in the Hofburg region, which is home to a historical and cultural heritage.

And do not miss visiting Vienna, the capital of beauty, especially with the few tourist crowds, so enjoy visiting Austria in the spring and explore the beauty of Austria, with the opportunity to get many excellent discounts.


The language in Austria
The official language in Austria is German, and the German dialect used in Austria, with the exception of the “Swiss dialect” in the West, is Bavarian, which is called the “Austrian-Bavarian” language.

There are many different languages ​​spoken by minorities in Austria, namely Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Turkish.

Travel visa to Austria

To spend a tourist holiday in Austria, it is necessary to obtain a visa to travel to Austria, and there are many conditions and documents necessary to obtain an Austria visa, which are:

Apply for an Austria visa, and pay the visa fee of 600 Egyptian pounds for the company or its equivalent and 104 euros for

to an embassy.
A valid passport, valid for at least 6 months.
Two recent personal photos with white background.
Round trip air ticket, accommodation reservation in Austria, travel insurance policy for each under 65 years old.
A recent bank statement for the last 6 months, stamped on each page, in English.
A printed and stamped letter from work, stating the social insurance number, occupation and monthly salary.
All papers issued in Arabic will be translated into the language of the country or English at a translation office approved by the embassy. The duration of receiving the visa from the embassy after approval or rejection ranges between 15-20 days. No refunds will be made in case of refusal.

The ideal period for tourism in Austria
The ideal duration of tourism in Austria is 10 days, which is quite enough to explore the country’s tourist, natural and historical attractions. It is also possible to practice a variety of enjoyable leisure activities, during which you can explore the city of Innsbruck “the capital of the Alps”, Salzburg, which is famous for its culture and music, Graz, which is characterized by its amazing engineering designs and delicious food, and Vienna, the capital of Austria, “the city of music”.