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New Zealand Tourist Visa
Before heading to travel and tourism in New Zealand, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:



Recent personal photos with white background.
A passport valid for at least 3 months.
National identity card.
A medical certificate proving the absence of communicable and contagious diseases.
A document proving good conduct, such as a summary of the criminal record, which indicates the absence of precedents.
The complete itinerary.
Bank statement to cover tourist expenses of at least NZ$1,000 per month.
hotel reservation.
Health insurance covering the period of stay on New Zealand soil.
Round trip airline tickets.
Pay the NZ$165 visa fee via a credit card or PayPal account.
The ideal period for tourism in New Zealand
Determining how long it takes to explore New Zealand is one of the important topics of concern to tourists when planning their itinerary. Although the answer varies from one tourist to another according to his budget and his concerns, getting a comprehensive picture of New Zealand requires at least 20 days.

Some may think that such a period is great for tourism in a country whose components depend in their entirety on the coastal beaches. However, the charm of the activities in the Pacific and the heritage of the region will make tourists stay longer.



The cost of tourism in New Zealand
Some may think that tourism in New Zealand is expensive due to the country’s charming natural features, but travelers’ experiences reflect the picture upside down. It also places New Zealand on the list of the best and most economical tourist areas around the world.

Where tourists in New Zealand can get a hotel room for two people for an amount not exceeding 192 New Zealand dollars, or about 131 US dollars per night. The average meal costs are NZ$41, or about US$28. In short, average tourist spending is estimated at 185 New Zealand dollars, or 126 US dollars per day.

Movement in New Zealand is carried out by many ways, including:

Bus: The most popular and cheapest form of transportation in New Zealand. Buses in the country are divided into public operated by Intercity and Naked Bus. And other special services such as hop or hop off. This gives travelers comprehensive coverage throughout New Zealand.

Ferry: It is one of the most popular water transport in New Zealand and one of the most beautiful options for unforgettable tourist trips. This service is provided for transportation between North and South New Zealand through Intralander and BlueBridge.

Taxi: New Zealand’s private taxis are not limited to land, but also include, due to the nature of the country, sea taxis. This provides visitors with romantic ocean cruises.



Train: Although New Zealand’s rail network is limited to only 3 lines. She is the northern explorer between Auckland and Wellington, and the Coastal Pacific from Picton to Christchurch. Finally, the Transplan line from Christchurch to the East Coast. However, it is a good transportation option for those looking for speed and security.

Food and drinks in New Zealand

Food in New Zealand
New Zealand cuisine is characterized by a lot of delicious food that attracts tourists to try it. New Zealand’s restaurants blend European and Asian flavors together. As well as the influence of traditional Maori culture. This transports tourists to a unique dining experience that they will not find anywhere else on the surface of the globe.

One of the most popular dishes to try when traveling in New Zealand is grilled lamb, the local way, called hanji. As well as seafood such as green-edged mussels, sea urchin quinine and fresh fish as well. While the dessert menu includes delicious hockey poke ice cream as well as green and golden kiwi fruits, the most famous of the drinks is lemonade with local pyrois.



The official currency of New Zealand
New Zealand uses the New Zealand dollar as the country’s official currency, and is symbolized by NZD.

Communications and the Internet in New Zealand
During your tourist holiday in New Zealand, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with ease and ease. This is where it has a distinguished group of telecommunications companies, the most important of which are:

Vodafone: It is one of the largest telecommunications companies in New Zealand and in the whole world. This British-based company works to provide users with mobile communication services and fast internet.
degrees 2: It is a local telecommunications company that provides users with mobile phone networks via a prepaid or monthly paid line system. As well as the fixed line and the Internet too.
Telecom New: a German telecommunications company operating in New Zealand providing customers with fixed-line and mobile telephone services in addition to the Internet.
Zealand: It is a New Zealand company called Spark Zealand and specializes in providing all types of communication services such as mobile phone, landline phone and high speed internet services.
This diversity allows you to choose what suits you to communicate with your family and friends.