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Tourism in Antalya

Tourism in Antalya

The best tourist destinations and places in Antalya



Tourism in Antalya old port

The most important tourist attractions in Antalya

Tourism in Antalya is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey, which is ranked among the best cities in the world in terms of tourist attractions, due to its charming coastal and mountainous nature, thanks to its view of the Mediterranean coast, which will captivate you with its ailing breezes as soon as you arrive at Antalya airport.

Traveling to Antalya, the bride of the Turkish coast, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey, as it is one of Turkey’s most attractive cities for tourists, due to its distinctive geographical location on the Mediterranean coast, and what tourism in Antalya includes of charming natural places and various tourist attractions.

Despite its mountainous coastal nature, which may make its climate more severe in winter, the beauty of Antalya in winter strikes the boundaries of logic by attracting thousands of tourists who love the atmosphere of excitement and adventure, as they climb the ice peaks or visit the wonderful artificial ski resorts.

The best tourist places in Antalya
Turkish Antalya is a masterpiece of dazzling beauty located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, where the beauty meets in its most beautiful form, and in its environs the magnificent creation of God Almighty is evident, until it became the bride of the Turkish states, and the flower of the tourist cities.

And while the state of Trabzon is the capital of glamorous natural beauty on the Black Sea, it is right to say that Antalya is its undisputed counterpart on the warm shores of the Mediterranean.

In our article, we go around a trip on the most beautiful tourist attractions in Antalya, explore its amazing gardens, wonderful tourist attractions, and learn a lot of other important information.



Old town Kaleiçi
One of the beautiful tourist places in Antalya is the old neighborhood that resembles a park or a maze, where there are many Ottoman palaces on both sides of it and in all places, its streets are paved with cobblestones, and yet you find luxurious buildings and hotels, souvenir shops, and restaurants.

Among the most important landmarks in the Old City are the main square, where you find the fort gate, and the stone-built clock tower. In addition to the Mosque of Muhammad (Tekeli Mehmet Pasa), and Hisbah Street (Hesapçi Sokak).

Tourism in Antalya
The old town
Old City Marina
One of the tourist places in Antalya is its coast, and the most important areas of the coast are the old port area, and this port is not as it appears from its name that it is a seaside and sandy beach only, but there are shops, cafes, and bazaars that sell a lot of things such as incense. From the beginning of the second century until the middle of the twentieth century, this port was an important economic center, and the most important reason for the prosperity of the surrounding areas.

Many activities can be practiced in the old port, including shopping, sitting in a café and watching the sunset, walking on the beach, hiking in tourist boats, sightseeing and nearby buildings, and swimming.



Tourism in Antalya
Old port
Antalya Museum
Everyone interested in Turkish history must visit this museum, many of the beautiful exhibits, in a simple and interesting display, with a history that comes from the Byzantine era to the present age, a museum full of many monuments found in the region. The first to establish this museum are the archaeologists who came with the Italian occupation of Antalya in 1919. Archaeologists began collecting artifacts and taking them to the consulate.

Despite the opposition of some Turkish residents and thinkers, such as Suleiman Bey, the Italians continued the collection process, turning the Tekeli Muhammad Mosque into a museum and placing the antiquities in it. But these effects were transferred to a small museum and then transferred to the Fluted Minaret Mosque, and the effects continue to increase with the discovery of the buried and hidden from them, until they became what they are now.

Many monuments can be seen in the Antalya Museum, including the mosaics from Seleukeia, the display of the silver treasure from Aspendos, and the statues from Perge ..

Antiquities dating back to prehistoric periods, the Franks, Helsinkians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans



Tourism in Antalya
Antalya Museum
Yivli Minare
One of the striking tourist places in Antalya is the flourishing minaret or Yveli Minari, and it was built by order of the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Kikubad, and it is distinguished by unique Seljuk engineering, its base is square, then an octagonal cylindrical column, its head is in the shape of a funnel with its base down, this minaret and the mosque are not Still in use today, this minaret is located near the old city of Antalya.

Tourism in Antalya
Yefley Minary
Antalya’s Ottoman-era clock tower
Opposite the flourishing minaret is the clock tower, one of the tourist sites in Antalya that dates back to the Ottoman era, and next to it are tombs dating back to the fourteenth century. This is not considered the only tower in Turkey, but there are dozens of clock towers that symbolized the progress of the Ottoman Empire.




It was important, and watches were not as cheap in the past as they are now, so the state was building clock towers so that all people knew the time.

Tourism in Antalya
clock tower
Hadrian’s Gate
One of the most important tourist places in Antalya in that region is the Ardian Gate, which is an arched marble gate surrounded by carved decorations, which was supervised by Emperor Hardian in 130 AD, but when you enter through these gates do not forget to look at the ceiling, as it has the best sculptures ever.

Tourism in Antalya
Hardian Gate
Roman castle Hidirlik Kalesi
A cylindrical building with a height of 14 m, was bended in the 12th century near the old port above Karaalioglu Park, before it became one of the tourist places in Antalya, it was used for surveillance, and as a beacon for the busy port at that time. Now all I use is to see the sunset from above. The tower is located in a beautiful quiet area with locals, nice cafes, and a simple park for recreation away from the noise and inconvenience of the city.



Tourism in Antalya
Roman castle
About 47 kilometers to the east is an ancient historical building from the Roman era, which was used as a theater at that time. A place for history lovers from everywhere, and it is one of the best tourist places in Antalya, if not one of the best tourist places in Turkey at all. In the second and third centuries, this region was one of the busiest places.

The theater accommodates 15,000 people, some of which have already become rubble, and the other is still standing, and the Turkish authorities supervise and restore it from time to time. If your visit is short, you can add this area to the Roman ruins of Birgi and the nearby waterfalls, and eat in a pickup.

Tourism in Antalya
To the northwest of Antalya, 34 km away, lies Termessos, and has a theater like Aspendos, but we are now in a much higher area and at the foot of a rugged hill. An area that was under the rule of the Yazidis, who are of a warlike nature. To go to this area, you have to wear suitable shoes for rugged, mountainous areas, and bring plenty of water. Although difficult to access, you will enjoy a view that cannot be missed.



Tourism in Antalya
Perge stadium
A spacious space filled with rubble and very high marble columns, some ruined, others remaining intact. Roman and Greek monuments located in it; That is why it is considered one of the tourist places in Antalya that is frequented by history lovers. As for Birgi, it is 17 km from the center of Antalya to the east. Here you’ll find the Roman spirit, the Baths, the Hellenistic Gate, and more.

Tourism in Antalya
Birgi Stadium
Olympus and Chimaera Olympos and the Chimaera
In the southwest of Antalya, 84 km on the coastline near the ruins of Olympus, there are the ruins of the village of Chemra, popular among young people who like to sleep, young people wear their backpacks and enjoy the night and life on the beach, it is an ideal place for those who want nature and prefer it to tourist resorts.



Tourism in Antalya
Olympus and Chimera
Karst Springs
Tourist places in Antalya are many, between historical, coastal, and other things, karst is the place of springs and waterfalls, ancient calcareous accumulations dating back nearly two million years, taking a form similar to terraces, coming from top to bottom. The sight of its flow is breathtaking.

Tourism in Antalya
Karst Springs
Karain Cave
27 km to the northwest is the medieval cave that was inhabited by humans at the time. Karen Cave is considered one of the tourist places in Antalya, but visiting it requires heart strength and the absence of sensitivity or fear of closed spaces, as inside the cave a person may find some bones, teeth, and human remains,



It was proof that a civilization was not here. Locals and tourists like to take a vacation in this cave and enjoy a walk inside it and discover how their ancestors lived. People usually visit this cave when they visit the nearby waterfalls.

Tourism in Antalya
Karen’s Cave
The best waterfalls in Antalya
Antalya’s waterfalls, flowing from the top of the mountains to the bottom with their wonderful voice, are one of the most important tourist places in Antalya, which highlights its importance in Turkey in general.



Antalya waterfalls are considered one of the most important reasons for tourism in Antalya, and one of the most beautiful is Dodan Waterfall, in my opinion, the most beautiful, and we do not underestimate the beauty of the Kursunlu Waterfall or Manavgat Waterfalls, all of the waterfalls are served by restaurants, cafes and activities and are considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Antalya Turkey.

Here, we will shed light on the best waterfalls in Antalya, which travelers visit annually to enjoy its beauty and relax among its nature.



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