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Rent a car in Malta

Rent a car in Malta


A large section of tourists prefer to rent a private car for a comfortable transportation during their holidays. Such an idea seems good when talking about tourism in Malta, as it protects tourists from the congestion of public transportation and saves them the expenses of taxis.

In any case, car rental in Malta only requires a minimum of 21 years of age and a two-year driving licence. And then pick up the desired car from one of the car rental agencies on the Internet and conclude the rental contract. It is also necessary to maintain the driving rules in the country in order to avoid accidents or violations.



The best tourist cities in Malta
Despite the small size of the island of Malta, it is filled with beautiful tourist cities. Here are the 10 most beautiful cities for an unforgettable holiday.

Tourism in Valletta
No tourism trip in Malta is complete without visiting the island’s capital, Valletta. The city has the distinction of being one of the most authentic capitals in Europe. In other words, Valletta dates back to the fifteenth century AD. This makes it one of the most beautiful historical sites in Malta.

Despite the small area of ​​the city, which does not exceed one kilometer, it is very rich in archaeological sites that are worth a visit. In short, when visiting Valletta, tourists get a unique tour of one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites.



Tourism in our city
The tourism trip in Mdina is no less beautiful than other Maltese cities. How not, the city is the ancient capital of Malta and one of its main cities. Mdina is known as the Silent City due to its quiet, rural climate.

In addition to the above, Mdina’s classic atmosphere is also a fortified city of the Middle Ages surrounded by an exceptional blend of Baroque architecture. The most beautiful sights here is St. Paul’s Cathedral. In short, do not miss a wander through the classic streets of Mdina and its stone alleys, which will tell you the story of the ancient past.

Tourism in Saint Julian’s
If you are a fan of the night and the atmosphere, all you have to do is head to Saint Julian’s, which is only 9 km from Valletta, the Maltese capital. The city is famous for its bustling nightlife, and this is what makes it receive daily thousands of tourists from different parts of the globe.

Saint Julian’s also sees plenty of crowds in its restaurants and hotels to have fun. One of the most crowded places is the Saint Julian’s Hotel, which at night turns into a theater for the meeting of different nationalities. Thus, many different languages ​​are spoken in the city, especially the English language.

Tourism in Rabat
The city of Rabat is located to the south of Mdina, and its name is derived from the Arabic language, meaning the new suburb. Rabat is famous for its ancient history, with many churches and monasteries, as well as archaeological tombs dating back to the medieval era.

Inside Rabat, there is a beautiful city full of buildings and houses, as well as restaurants and cafes that welcome tourists with a lot of delicious meals. Thus, Rabat definitely deserves to be included in the itinerary of tourism in Malta, where the charm of the past and the elegance of the present meet.


Tourism in Marsachluk
Marsachlok is located in the southern part of the island of Malta and is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in it. The city welcomes its visitors with a beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere with colorful boats moored at the port. Thus, the city gives tourists all the fun marine activities from swimming and bronze, as well as wonderful memorial photos.

And since the coastal city of Marsachluk overlooks the Mediterranean, this means that tourists are waiting for a lot of delicious seafood. Specifically, the fresh fish sold to visitors at the fish market on Sundays in the early morning. Visitors can also join the locals on fun fishing trips.

Tourism in Popeyes
Popeyes is the ideal destination in Malta for tourists, especially for those visiting the country with their children. This is because this beautiful city is a major filming location used by Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions for the shooting of many popular children’s comedies, notably EC Segar. Who among us does not like to go to the beautiful village of Babai and wander around it.

The city also includes many entertaining activities for children as well as adults such as water trampolines, boat rides and play pools. This is helped by the city’s great location off Mellieha Bay, which gives it stunning coastal beaches.

Tourism in Blue Grotto
Blue Grotto is another beautiful Maltese stop worth visiting. The reason for its name is due to the fact that it is a series of wonderful sea caves scattered along the southern coast of the island. This provides tourists with an amazing journey on the coastline with its beautiful landscapes. As well as the scenes of blue sea water that shimmers under the bright sun, then enters through the caves and sheds light on marine life.

Because of the unusual chemical composition of the area’s waters, the caves here are very famous for the many different minerals that give the sea its bright blue colour. In addition to the fame of the colorful traditional fishing boats known as luzzus and tourist boat tours too.