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Tourism in Malta and the most beautiful cities for an unforgettable Mediterranean trip

Tourism in Malta and the most beautiful cities for an unforgettable Mediterranean trip



Tourism in Malta is characterized by many ideal options for fun and entertainment. How not and Malta is famous for its picturesque beaches, where palm trees embrace the waters of the Mediterranean in the sun. This makes the island a really fun destination for lovers of swimming, diving and relaxation with the wonderful sea atmosphere.

However, visiting Malta is not limited to cruises only. The Maltese islands have a long history stretching back thousands of years. This is what visitors will notice once they wander the ancient cobbled streets and see the ancient churches and palaces. In short, a visit to Malta is an unforgettable experience, but what are the most important tourist cities and information about the trip? Find out in the next lines.

Discover tourism in Malta
Here is this article that will help you know the top 10 tourist cities in Malta. As well as a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which you must know before traveling to have a successful and enjoyable holiday.


Where is Malta located?
Malta is located in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This is in a privileged location between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Although it is classified as part of the continent of Europe, it does not share any land border with any European country. It is an island surrounded by water from all sides.

The beaches of Malta in the summer
The island of Malta is one of the most important tourist destinations, especially for lovers of coastal beaches and water sports. However, enjoying a tourism trip in Malta requires good planning, taking into account the climatic conditions. Perhaps it is useful to know that Malta’s climate is moderate in temperate climate. It is also worth noting that:


Summer (June to August): The summer season in Malta is particularly popular for the sunny beaches. This is undoubtedly normal, as the country’s coasts and the warm Mediterranean waters are an ideal opportunity for beach tourism and swimming as well.

Spring (March to May): Spring is a good option for tourists to visit the island of Malta. In the spring, temperatures moderate and crowding rates decrease. Thus, visitors are able to enjoy the benefits of the Maltese nature with economical prices and an amazing spring atmosphere.


Autumn (September to November): Although the rains begin in Malta with the advent of autumn, tourists can still enjoy the beaches of Malta without fear of the high heat of the sun. In other words, autumn in Malta is ideal for those who seek peace and do not resent the rains.

Winter season (December to February): The temperatures drop when talking about winter in Malta, but without the weather becoming too cold and without snow. Where the Mediterranean climate maintains moderate weather compared to the European continent. Thus, it is possible to get diving trips and enjoy the coming of the New Year in a romantic rainy atmosphere.

The language in Malta
Although English is used to a large extent on the island of Malta. However, the locals here have their own official language called Maltese. The island also spreads the Italian language, which is spoken by more than half of the population.