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Thermal springs are Sirmoni’s most famous and most popular tourist attraction.

Thermal springs are Sirmoni’s most famous and most popular tourist attraction.


thermal baths
Thermal baths in Sirmione

Thermal springs are Sirmoni’s most famous and most popular tourist attraction. This is as it is not only a place of recreation, but also a therapeutic psychological and health destination. The reason for this is that it has sulfate-containing water, which makes it a major cause in the treatment of many different diseases.

The thermal center provides its visitors with modern and high-quality services, in order to enjoy well-being and meet their various health needs and desires. And that is through the two separate thermal baths “Center de Virgilio – Aquaria Center”.



Maria Callas Park
Parco Maria Classe in Sirmione

Parco Maria Classe Park is on your right side, when walking from the center of Sirmione towards the Catullo Caves and Jamaica Beach. It is an ideal recreational haven for visitors, as well as a free park. The park is blessed with scenic natural beauty, which made it one of the ideal tourist places in Sirmoni.

The park provides you with ample green spaces, to have a great time wandering and hiking, enjoying the many animals and plants, or head to the nearby beach of the park, to enjoy some sunbathing and swimming.



Gardaland Theme Park and Sea Life Aquarium

Gardaland theme park and Sea Life Aquarium is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Sirmione Italy, ideal for families and children. This is because it includes many thrill rides to explore the park.

Gardaland gives you many opportunities to enjoy a lot of fun activities, and great games on many topics such as fantasy kingdom, children’s country and energy. As well as one of the largest rollercoasters in the city, as well as viewing rare animals in the Sea Life Aquarium, which includes forty tanks with more than 5,000 animals, can be seen in a variety of many areas of the park.



The ancient city of Sirmione

The ancient city of Sirmoni is one of the most important tourist attractions in Sirmoni, Italy. Due to the small size of the city, you can explore all the beautiful sights of the city in less than two hours.

Walk and stroll the narrow streets of the Old Town, see the ancient Roman ruins, the castle, the beaches, and a variety of many shops to buy your own beautiful souvenirs.



Catullo’s Grotto
Catullo Cave in Italy

Catullo Grotto is one of the most famous historical sites in Sirmione. This is where many tourists from all over the world come every year. It is an ancient Roman villa, covering about two acres of the most beautiful grounds of Sirmione.

You can enjoy stunning views of the blue waters of the lagoon from this grand Roman villa. As well as enjoying taking many great photographs, especially on a sunny day and a clear sky. Do not miss visiting it during the tourism holiday in Sirmoni, Italy.