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The most beautiful tourist areas in Isparta

The most beautiful tourist areas in Isparta

Ethnography Museum
Museum of Anthography in Sparta

Isparta Museum is the first and oldest museum in the city of Isparta in Turkey. It was built in 11935 AD, and it is a museum of archeology and ethnography, and it is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the historic Sparta. And important tourist in the city of Isparta.



The museum consists of two floors with an architectural style, blending ancient and contemporary history. The museum includes four halls, which contain a distinctive collection of rare collectibles. There is a hall of antiquities, a hall of ancient Spartan carpets, an ethnography hall, a hall of Bedouin instruments, and many other wonderful historical monuments.



Mount Davraz

Mount Davraz is one of the most beautiful and prominent tourist areas, in the city of Isparta, Turkey. It sees a large number of visitors and tourists, especially in winter, as a resort for interesting winter sports and skiing.

You can ski on Mount Davraz, where there are five lifts, which are used to transport visitors to ski on the slope, the length of which is 8 km. You can enjoy an exciting experience and adventure, if you are a fan of skiing and winter games.



Besidian Antioch

Antakya Besidia is located in the Turkish Lake District, and is one of the oldest and beautiful Turkish cities in the state of Isparta. Antakya Pissidiye is full of many amazing historical monuments and monuments, where you find a stadium and theater built long ago, as well as a temple, built by Jews for the purpose of worshiping the moon god.



koz cave

Koz Cave in Isparta, Turkey, is one of the exciting caves that attract many visitors and tourists from all over the world.

The Koz Cave is located on the slope of the western valley of the city of Sparta, and is very popular with lovers of adventure and excitement. Although it is difficult to enter the cave, it is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkish Isparta.



bridge valley

The Valley of the Bridge is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the city of Isparta. The bridge valley includes among its rocky sides, crystal clear water and a group of the most beautiful views among the wonderful rocky curves. Do not miss visiting this beautiful place during your tourist vacation, enjoying the splendor of nature and taking the most beautiful souvenir shots.



Beeh baths

Bey Sparta water is considered a treatment water for many skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatic diseases, chronic psychological diseases, heart and circulatory diseases, gynecological diseases, liver diseases and many other diseases. It is one of the important medical tourism places in Isparta, and receives large numbers of visitors with the aim of treating. During your holiday in Sparta, you can visit the Bey Baths for healing.