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Tips before traveling to Austria

Tips before traveling to Austria


To help you before traveling to Austria for the first time, you should learn about the most important tips and tips for the trip, which can guide you in planning your perfect vacation, namely:

Don’t worry about tap water

You can drink directly from the tap water, as Austria’s water is ranked among the top 5 countries in the world.



Don’t plan to shop on Sundays

This is because the majority of businesses and shops in Austria are closed on Sundays of every week. You can enjoy your day of tourism on that day, but without shopping.

No taxes

There are no hidden fees or taxes in restaurants, stores, supermarkets and much more. The tip is up to you.

Don’t worry about the language

The locals are very friendly with the tourists. Although German is the official language in Austria, many people speak English well. You don’t have to worry about asking them any questions or inquiries in English, they will be happy to answer you.


The store opening hours are over

Shops operate from Monday to Friday, and are often open from nine in the morning until six in the evening. The food stores are open from eight in the morning.

Estonia Kela Tourism in Kela

Estonia Kela Tourism in Kela


The city of Kela is located in the northwestern part of Estonia.

In the city of Kela, you can enjoy many wonderful activities, the most important of which are wandering beside the Kela River, enjoying the scenic landscapes that surround it, as well as watching the beautiful high Kela Falls, and exploring the city’s many other landmarks.

Tips before traveling to Estonia
After you got to know the most important information about tourism in Estonia, and the most beautiful and best tourist cities that you can visit. It’s time to know the most important tips that can help you to plan the perfect trip for your trip:

Toompea hill with tower Pikk Hermann, Cathedral Church of Saint Mary Toomkirik and Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, view from the tower of St. Olaf church, Tallinn, Estonia


Don’t worry about the language

The closest language to Estonian is Finnish, and if you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry as most Estonian residents speak English. Nevertheless, we advise you to know the most important greeting phrases in the Estonian language in order to communicate with the residents in a good and friendly manner.

Don’t miss to try Estonian food

Since Estonian food is concerned with high standards of hygiene and quality, you do not have to worry about eating Estonian dishes and enjoying its delicious taste and variety.

Don’t miss out on traditional Estonian souvenirs

Known for its rich designs and authentic handicrafts, Estonia is the perfect place to buy unique souvenirs, especially during the winter months that pulsate with the Christmas and New Year markets.

Don’t try to bargain in Estonia

Bargaining is not accepted in Estonia at all, all shops and markets have clearly stated prices on products, which are rarely open to negotiation. Don’t try to argue and negotiate excessively.



Beware thieves in Estonia

Beware of thieves in Estonia, they are often in groups in some areas. For example, there are a lot of thieves in the old town of Tallinn, namely in the town hall square, as well as in the central market. Also at the airport, stations, buses and trains are all places where pickpockets may be present. So be careful while tourism in Estonia.

Tourism in Hamilton

Tourism in Hamilton



Located on the banks of the beautiful Waikato River, Hamilton is an inland town on the North Island, unlike the coastal New Zealand towns. However, this does not prevent visitors from flocking to it to enjoy the city’s civilized scene, which is filled with universities, restaurants and wonderful cafes. As well as participating in the city’s fun festivals throughout the year.

Hamilton has many interesting attractions such as the beautiful Waikato Museum and the peaceful Hamilton Gardens. The Lord of the Rings filming location in nearby Matamata is one of the city’s most exciting tourist destinations.

Tips before traveling to New Zealand
New Zealand has beautiful natural scenes, an ancient culture and unique foods that attract tourists from all sides. New Zealand has many captivating activities and adventures that attract millions of visitors annually. Despite the charm of the country, having a perfect trip in it requires tourists to know the following information and pay attention to the following tips:



Don’t worry about the language
More than 98% of the New Zealand population uses the English language, which means that it is possible to communicate easily with the local population without fear of language differences.

Find out about the ways on the internet
It is normal for tourists to be ignorant of the roads and streets during their tours, but this problem is very easy to solve in New Zealand by relying on the special maps of each New Zealand city through its website.



Don’t forget the seasons difference between the two hemispheres
New Zealand is located to the south of the equator, which means that the seasons differ inversely when compared to the northern hemisphere. This is what must be taken into account when planning tourism in New Zealand. The months of June, July and August, known as our summer, are the winter months in New Zealand.

Respect the price
Many tourists want to buy souvenirs to keep after their visit to New Zealand. In this regard, do not try to reduce the required price and negotiate with sellers in the market, as you will not get the goods for less than the offered price, and your behavior will also be frowned upon.



Take a tour to the largest number of islands
Tours in New Zealand are often satisfied with the most famous tourist cities in the country. However, such an orientation will prevent you from enjoying a lot of pristine landscapes. Therefore, he tried as much as possible to avoid this mistake and embark on a wide tour around the New Zealand archipelago.