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Bahrain Souks: A guide to the best popular and cheap Bahrain markets

Bahrain Souks: A guide to the best popular and cheap Bahrain markets

Bahrain Souks: A guide to the best popular and cheap Bahrain markets

Bahrain, the distinguished Gulf country in terms of tourism, which is visited by a huge number of tourists annually, constitutes a mixture of civilization and contemporary life and meets all the requirements of the context and their tastes.

It secures many of the elements of tourism, including the distinct and unique markets in the Arabian Gulf.

In addition to its enjoyment of owning a large number of commercial malls, Bahriyet owns a group of distinct and specialized markets that fascinate you when visiting, and like malls that provide all the needs of its visitors.

The most important markets in Bahrain
Bab Al Bahrain Market

It is known as the “Manama Folk Market” and dates back to 1949, and there are various shops that provide popular goods, gifts, souvenirs, textiles, incense, perfumes, spices and handicrafts.



Manama Souk

The Manama Souq is one of the most famous markets in the capital, Manama, Bahrain. It is suitable for everyone, as it contains all products and basic commodities, from monthly Bahraini spices, fragrant perfumes, even precious jewelry, fashion stores and much more.

In the Manama Souq, you will find simple shops, luxury shops, and in addition to buying clothes, you can pass by antiques, gold, perfume and incense stores.




Qaisariya market

It includes a group of stores, the most famous of which sells original natural pearls, which are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity upon purchase. This site was registered on the World Heritage List in 2012.

It is one of the oldest historical places in the Muharraq market and one of the most unique old markets in Bahrain. Al Qaysariya Souq is not only distinguished by its beautiful historical architectural design, but – and this is the most important – it is also distinguished by being an outlet for selling natural pearls that have a certificate of authenticity.

The beginnings of this market go back to the nineteenth century when pearls were the backbone of Bahrain’s economy. The Bahraini government has revitalized the market as an important archaeological and historical place, and in 2012 it was classified by UNESCO on the list of human heritage. The Qaysari market is located on the western side of Muharraq Island.



Muharraq Market

An old popular market that offers visitors many popular shops and restaurants, and is famous for its Bahraini sweets, nuts, clothes, abayas, perfumes and spices, and to buy the best monthly Arabic coffee.

It gives you a chance to walk the winding lanes with the aroma of delicious freshly prepared Arabic coffee, you can see the soaring wind towers and watch the Bahraini community closely and the residents laughing and joking with the vendors while they shop.

Although most of the shops in the Muharraq market are antique, and do not contain a lot of decoration, or design, but at the same time they are filled with many unique products that are worth seeing,

You will find various kitchen utensils, as well as places to sell used tools, stores that sell international cosmetics, pharmacies, places for fashion shows and many other important needs.



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Boukwara Market
It is considered one of the markets that competed with shopping malls in the past years, as it contains everything that comes to the mind of the shopper, and what is most famous for it is the elegant fashion stores with international brands.

gold market

It is one of the markets specialized in selling handicrafts made of gold. It is considered one of the most important popular markets in Bahrain. It contains not only gold shops, but also silver shops. Do not hesitate to visit it during your stay in Bahrain where you will see many amazing things.

It is one of the most famous markets in the city, as it includes a large number of beautiful jewelry, gold and precious stones, and you will feel that you are exploring treasures, and your trip in the market will certainly be unforgettable, and the owners of shops and sellers have specialized in the field of gold for several years and are professional in their dealings with customers and are very friendly.



fish market

There is a fish market in Al Bandar Hotel, and it is one of the best places to buy fresh fish and a lot of fresh seafood, which varies between oysters, delicious fish, lobster and shrimp. Professionally and in the shortest amount of time.

The fish market is not limited to selling, but also cooks food according to what the customer sees, and you can eat delicious types of fish in all the ways you dream, as soon as you enter the market you will feel the warmth of the atmosphere and the activity of the sellers and you will feel that you are in your own town as you will find various types of marine life, suitable for everyone And you won’t leave the market without a delicious meal of fish or delicious seafood.



Isa Town Market

It is known as the “Iranian Market” or the Al-Maqass Market, and although it is modest, it is a heritage market famous for its used and new goods, spices, and household goods.

Although the market is not impressive at first glance, it includes a large number of products, used and new goods, and everything you need for your home even cooking utensils, and it is very crowded on holidays.



Al Jasra Handicraft Center

If you are a fan of high quality handcrafted products, do not miss visiting Al Jasra Center when you are in the Kingdom of Bahrain. While this center is not an old market in the traditional sense, it has become one of the most attractive places for tourists and visitors in a short period of time.

Al Jasra Handicraft Center was inaugurated in 1991 by Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa with the aim of preserving ancient crafts as one of the most important and prominent components of the cultural and historical heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain, reviving and developing them, and giving a better opportunity for handicraft owners to market their products and crafts.

In Al Jasra Center you will find all the excellent handmade products that you are looking for and more, whether in the carpenters shops who make the most beautiful ships and wooden pieces of furniture or places for making wonderful pottery or other beautiful handicrafts, this place will provide you with an unforgettable experience and handmade products at the highest level of the quality.



Souq Waqif

There is Souq Waqif in the southwest of Manama, and it follows Hamad Town, and it is the best place to buy important food commodities, including fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are displayed in rows in an attractive way. Souq Waqif is one of the comprehensive markets and is also classified as a cultural antique market, as the market offers many antiques and handicrafts.

In addition to the antique daggers, visitors can walk in the market to learn more about Bahrain’s character, ride horses or donkeys, and tour the market, and one of its most important activities is the organization of many cheerful folk festivals.

Bahrain dresses markets

Friday Mall: One of the largest malls that offers a wonderful selection of evening dresses.

You can also pass by Souq Waqif, which contains many dresses in international fashion, which have a beautiful western touch.

The Pearl Mall is one of the largest malls in Bahrain, which contains more than a hundred stores, and of course you will find the dresses that you dream of owning.



Bahrain Abaya Markets

Swiket Street in Bahrain is one of the best places to buy women’s abayas. It contains many distinct and unique stores in the fashion of embroidered and gentle abaya, and among the most important stores in it are Al-Hasna and Al-Aseelah, Mugharib, and Al-Maleka.

Muharraq or it is also called Market Street is one of the places where you will find many different abayas in terms of design, which has its own new style in my lady shop and Dunya abaya shop.

Riffa Bu Kwara You will find a large number of shops specialized in providing Islamic dress and its various accessories, such as the Abaya House shop, the Turquoise shop and the Dunya Abaya store.

Bahrain amusement parks: a guide to the best amusement parks in Bahrain

Bahrain amusement parks: a guide to the best amusement parks in Bahrain

There are entertainment and amusement parks in Bahrain for all family members, and they vary from regular amusement parks and game parks, and between water parks and dolphin shows. It is a wonderful destination for all family members. Therefore, we dedicated this article to get to know the best and most famous amusement parks in Bahrain, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bahrain.


Bahrain’s best amusement park

Wahooo park

Wahooooo Water Park offers unparalleled fun for the whole family, with water games for children and water games for adults.

It also has two indoor halls, one of which is indoor and covered, while the other is an outdoor hall, so it is the most appropriate and best entertainment place you can go to and you can find it in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, especially City Center Bahrain.

There are a variety of activities that the whole family can do, and your children can enjoy a wonderful garden filled with their own games.


If you are a swimming enthusiast, you can swim in the swimming pools and lakes, which are far from the water sports venues.

Of course, you enjoy the various water games in the indoor garden, where you will find a spiral cylinder that slides into the water, a Matt Reese game, and a Master Blaster game.

You also enjoy surfing in the outdoor area, through the fun and exciting game of Flo Rider.

Dolphin Resort
Dolphin Resort

Dolphin Resort Bahrain is one of the most interesting and most famous recreational centers in the Bahraini capital, Manama.

At the Dolphin Resort in Bahrain, you will enjoy watching the most beautiful shows and acrobatic movements of dolphins alone and accompanied by specialized trainers, and there you and your children will be able to get close to dolphins, play and swim with them and take some souvenir photos.

The resort also includes an outdoor children’s play area, and another indoor games area that also includes electronic games, interesting video games, billiards and snooker tables, and a restaurant serving various types of drinks and food from various Arab and international cuisines.



The Lost Paradise of Dilmun

Two residents of Bahrain do not disagree about the magnificence and scope of the water park, the Lost Paradise of Dilmun, which contains up to 20 water toys.

In addition to chalets for rent, in addition to the various daily activities that can be carried out, this city is suitable for young people as well as families.

virgin park

Located in Ain Adhari, it is a comprehensive entertainment place that includes amusement parks for games as well as water games. The amusement park has 38 different and varied games that children and adults alike enjoy. This park is considered one of the best and most wonderful amusement parks in Bahrain



It contains four game areas divided as Sport Camp, Grove Town, Indoor Entertainment Area, and Discovery Village. These four areas contain 38 games that were previously mentioned

One of the most interesting games is the monorail and also the exciting road train, mini golf, and bumper car games.

It also contains many electronic games that you can find in the covered hall. You will find a special bowling hall inside the park if you are a bowling fan.

As for the water games that you can enjoy in the Adhari Park, the log flume game, and the pedal boat game, and this is, of course, inside the lake in the park.



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Lagoon Park

The Lagoon Park was built, one of the most important recreational parks in Bahrain, within the famous Amwaj Islands in the Muharraq Governorate in the Kingdom of Bahrain,

Lagoon Park is an important shopping center with nearly 77 stores of, and many world-famous restaurants, which makes your destination very enjoyable, especially since Lagoon Park is located directly on the waterfront.



It is worth noting that Lagoon Park hosts many festivals and entertainment events, such as Yala Bahrain, which offers many shows and concerts, and it also hosts art exhibitions related to painting, photography, and others. You may want to attend one of these events.

Bahrain Amwaj Islands

Although it is not one of the most attractive destinations at the moment, but it promises a bright future, it is a group of artificial islands located in the northeastern part of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

It includes a number of hotels, resorts, and huge commercial centers and provides all possible means of entertainment, starting from the events held periodically and passing through to the most attractive water sports activities for young people such as diving, kayaking or windsurfing, and Saraya Sea Beach is one of the best places.

Play C

Placey is unique in its “Dual Reality Experience” concept designed to revolutionize the way children play. Children will live a unique playing adventure that combines actual games and virtual reality through the use of interactive technical sensors that respond to children’s movements.

Children can enjoy a number of challenges with this innovative concept that achieves a quantum leap in children’s experience with play.



The Japanese city of Kidzania for children

KidZania® is a multi-award winning entertainment and educational gaming center concept, which was opened for the first time in the Middle East within The Dubai Mall, through an exclusive partnership agreement with Emaar Entertainment.

Designed by KidZani

A, extending over an area of ​​80,000 square feet, as a miniature city that combines recreational and educational games in an atmosphere full of fun, suspense and interest, and is located on the second floor of the “Dubai Mall”.



KidZania provides an environment full of entertainment and scientific interest, in a safe and unique atmosphere, where children have the opportunity to spend wonderful times in their favorite game: role-playing and imitating the professions of adults. In a simulated world, children perform their favorite occupations, get paid in kidzos when they complete their tasks in each occupation, and can spend what they earn on various recreational facilities such as driving at the racetrack or shopping.

KidZania has been designed as a real mini city suitable for children, with all its basic elements from institutions and an integrated economic system to streets, sidewalks and transportation.

Fun Land Fun Land

Fun Land is considered one of the best amusement parks in Bahrain. It has a variety of fun and exciting games. It is named after me. When you go to it, you find a hockey hall for those who love it, do not miss visiting it, a ski hall and a fun game that makes you feel free, as well as a bowling hall, which is located on Manama Marina Corniche in Al Fateh Street.



Bahrain International Circuit

The Bahrain International Circuit is considered one of the amusement parks in Bahrain, where it specializes in a special program for training children to race cars. Not only this, but it also organizes races among children already following the circuit program for you.

The Bahrain International Circuit is considered one of the most enjoyable entertainment places for the people of Bahrain, as it gives them a sense of freedom and uses it as a means to relieve the pressures of life in the races. It has a number of special circuits that suit everyone and the circuit is located in the city of Sakhir.



Children from 3 to 12 years old will get a 50% discount on all race tickets, children under 3 years old will enter the circuit for free, and children from 13 to 17 years will get a 25% discount on all race tickets.

The best tourist cities in Uzbekistan

The best tourist cities in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s tourist cities are famous for their diverse culture and enchanting landscapes, and are the heart of the legendary Silk Road. Moreover, it is home to some of the world’s most famous minds such as Avicenna, Al-Biruni, Al-Khwarizmi and Al-Bukhari. In addition to the crescent dunes in the Kyzylkum desert, castles and forts, amazing architecture and many more, here are the top 10 tourist cities we advise you to visit in Uzbekistan, as well as the most important tips and instructions before traveling:



Tourism in Tashkent
Tourism in Tashkent

Tashkent is the famous capital of Uzbekistan, and is the main economic, political and cultural center of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Dating back 2000 years, it has been completely reconstructed to become one of the most prominent tourist cities in Uzbekistan.

The activities that Tashkent offers to tourists are varied, the most important of which are exploring antique and historical monuments such as the 15th century “Sheikhantur” group, the 15th century Yunus Khan Mausoleum, the huge caves in Chorcho Bazaar, the Russian Orthodox Church, and the oldest Quran in existence, And some of the scattered relics of ancient Zoroastrian structures such as the sand castle “Ming Urik”.

This is in addition to the imposing metro stations, with wonderful historical Russian murals. As well as the opera house and its ornate fountain, as well as the incorporation of grandiose architecture of Soviet modernity in the famous Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent, and many more.



Tourism in Andijan
Tourism in Andijan

Andijan is located in the eastern part of Fergana Valley in eastern Uzbekistan, and enjoys great prestige and great popularity, as it is the birthplace of Emperor Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur, founder of the Mughal dynasty in northern India, and it is an important tourist attraction in Uzbekistan.

The visitor in Andijan enjoys seeing many cultural heritage sites, and archaeological complexes such as the educational complex in the heart of the city, which is allegedly built by Babur’s father. That whole complex is covered in grape trees, as well as Babur Memorial Park perched on a humped hillside, inside which you can wander its fruit tree-lined avenues.

The park includes a statue of Babur, a small museum with Babur memorabilia, as well as explore the Regional History Museum filled with paintings, dolls and stuffed animals, as well as the city’s wonderful restaurants, hotels and cafes.



Tourism in Kokand
Tourism in Kokand

Kokand is a city of historical fame in the Republic of Uzbekistan, where it was one of the greatest khanates of Uzbekistan, dating back to the tenth century. The city of Kokand allows you to explore its most prominent historical monuments, the most important of which is the “Khudyar Khan Palace”, which is located in the heart of the city, the last of its kind, built by the last Khan of Kokand, and enjoy watching the gleaming palace tiles, and the wide courtyards.

Also see the Friday Mosque, which has its own courtyard and has around 100 exquisitely carved wooden pillars brought from India. And don’t miss the many shops surrounding the mosque, displaying exquisite ceramic handicrafts and regional fabrics. You can also take a city tour and see Russian influences all over the city.

Tourism in Margalan

Margalan is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Uzbekistan, and it is said that it was founded by the Greek conqueror “Alexander”, and it is the last center of the traditional silk industry in Uzbekistan.

There are many recreational activities that Margilan offers to tourists, the most notable of which is to explore the shops dotted around the city, which sell silk products, and the Yudgorlik Silk Factory, where everything is done from spinning silk to staining it with traditional ikat patterns. You can also eat delicious traditional and popular meals, and buy souvenirs.



Tourism in Khiva

Khiva is a beautiful desert city, dating back to the Middle Ages. It is one of the historical cities that have been perfectly preserved as it was, as there are many archaeological sites that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Preservation List.

You can enjoy exploring the walled old town of the main city, and witness the surprising Uzbek architecture such as mosques, minarets in bright turquoise green, shrines, madrasas and palaces. This wonderful city has been described as an open-air museum.



Tourism in Bukhara
Bukhara city

Bukhara is one of the most beautiful and most visited tourist cities in Uzbekistan. It is a city dating back to ancient times, in which Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism merged, and it is accredited by UNESCO.

There are many recreational activities offered by the city of Bukhara, including exploring the wonderful historical monuments such as mosques, markets, the Jewish quarter, and the Zoroastrian fire temple, which became a Buddhist temple and then became a mosque. As well as the rocky fortress known as The Ark, the residence of the former Bukhara lords, which is said to be the oldest building in Bukhara.

In addition to the numerous cafes, and the Kalyan Minaret, which was saved by Genghis Khan even when he destroyed the rest of the city. In addition to the ancient tomb of Ismail al-Samani, and the illustrious palace of the Emir of Bukhara. There are more than 150 monuments in the city. With its narrow alleys and bustling markets. Bukhara is the quintessential Silk Road city.

Tourism in Samarkand

The city of Samarkand was famous for the name of the head of the vast state, created by Tamerlane. Located on the banks of the Zaravshan River, it is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Uzbekistan.

Samarkand has an enormous collection of historical sites such as the 15th Astronomical Observatory of Sultan Ulug Beg, which indicates the flourishing of noble intellectual achievement. In addition to the remains of a fortress, a museum, and the Bibi Khanum Mosque, as well as green domes against a bright blue sky.



Tourism in Termez

Termez city from

Important tourist cities in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is very popular with locals and tourists alike. It was founded in the first century BC.

Termez is famous for its sunny Buddhist monasteries (Vayaz Tipa and Kara Tiba) and the only dark-colored Zurmala Tower, all of which are not restricted by the architectural conventions of other tourist cities in Uzbekistan. You can also explore artifacts, which were extracted from its soil since the time of Alexander the Great, as well as artifacts in the Gorkana Museum.

Its sands are teeming with more modern Islamic monuments such as the Sultan Sadat Complex (the tombs of the ancestors of Termez al-Sayyid), and the Karak Keys Castle. As well as cafes, hotels, restaurants and many more, don’t miss it.

Tourism in Fergana

It is located in the southwestern part of the Fergana Valley, which is located in the eastern part of the Republic of Uzbekistan between the Tien Shan (Heavenly Mountains) and the Pamir Alai mountain range. Ferghana Valley is known as the “Garden of Uzbekistan,” and Ferghana is the largest city in the valley.

The city is famous for a distinguished range of enjoyable recreational activities, the most important of which is exploring the Russian colonial architecture, as well as wandering the streets shaded by poplar trees, and hiking in the paths designated for that, as it is considered the jewel of Central Asia. This is in addition to climbing high mountains and camping, and do not miss taking wonderful souvenir photos in the midst of this beautiful nature.



Tourism in Nukos
Tourism in Nukos

The city of Nikos is the sixth largest city in Uzbekistan, and is one of the most beautiful Uzbek tourist cities. It is a secluded city, and is an ideal destination for tourists who love relaxation and tranquility away from the noise and crowding.

You can enjoy many activities and attractions in the city of Nukos. You can visit the Art Museum, which contains a distinctive collection of modern Russian and Uzbek art from (1918-1835), and the State Museum, which includes a collection of artifacts recovered from archaeological investigations, traditional jewelry, costumes and musical instruments. This is in addition to displays of exotic and unique plants and animals.



Tips before traveling to Uzbekistan
Traveling for the first time to any tourist destination around the world, you need to familiarize yourself with the most important tips and advice before traveling. In order to avoid many obstacles. The following are the most important tips before traveling and tourism in Uzbekistan:

Do not depend on the English language
The main language in the country is Uzbek, which is a Turkic language. Most of the population speaks Russian, and most of them do not understand English. You have to learn the most important phrases of the Russian language to communicate with the very welcoming Uzbek people.

Uzbekistan is a completely safe country, however!
Unlike many of its neighbors, Uzbekistan is considered a completely safe country for tourism. But this does not prevent you to always pay attention to your belongings and handbags, especially in big cities and crowded places, to avoid pickpocketing and theft.

Always check if the camera can be used
You should be aware of places that are not allowed to be photographed in Uzbekistan, such as areas near airports, border checkpoints, military barracks, bridges and police stations. This is to avoid any fines or penalties.

Beware violating religious laws
Religious activities in Uzbekistan are restricted to registered religious groups only, and those who engage in religious activities such as proselytizing and publishing religious literature and others are subject to criminal penalties up to deportation.

Be careful to carry cash anywhere
Uzbekistan is a country where most of the financial transactions are in cash. The only thing in it that is paid with a credit card, is train tickets through the Internet, so make sure to always have cash with you while walking around.

Use the train to travel within Uzbekistan
This is because it is the best means of transportation during tourism in Uzbekistan. It has modern and sophisticated train networks and stations. It is also a fun way to explore the town and its most amazing natural scenery on the go. You can buy tickets online, and exchange them for actual tickets for boarding the train at the train station ticket office.

Tourism in Uzbekistan and its most important tourist cities and villages

Tourism in Uzbekistan and its most important tourist cities and villages

Tourism in Uzbekistan has many tourist attractions. Although it is a landlocked country, it allows its visitors to enjoy a diverse and exciting group of ancient historical monuments, especially the exploration of Islamic civilization, in addition to the picturesque nature and modern life. Here in this article, everything you need to know about tourism in Uzbekistan and the 10 most important cities and tourist villages in it…



Uzbekistan is characterized by historical streets dotted with ruins of great empresses, unique Islamic mosques, palaces and the UNESCO-listed archaeological sites of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khwarazm. As well as huge parks, plains, hills and rivers. In addition to a wonderful group of the most beautiful tourist villages. It also allows you to play exciting desert games in the Kyzylkum desert. As well as its friendly and welcoming people.

Tourism in Uzbekistan

Discover tourism in Uzbekistan
Tourism in Uzbekistan allows you to take fun adventures. This is where its distinctive nature is represented in deserts, valleys, rocky plains, and mountain cracks for hiking and camping. As well as its historical and cultural landmarks, its diverse industries such as ceramics and textiles. The following is the most important information about Uzbekistan.

Where is Uzbekistan located?



The Republic of Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia on the Asian continent. It is bordered on the north and west by the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the east by the Republic of Tajikistan, and on the south by the Republic of Turkmenistan.

The best time to travel to Uzbekistan
The best time to visit Uzbekistan is during the spring and autumn, when the weather is warm and temperatures range between (21-30) degrees Celsius in the spring, and (14-30) degrees Celsius in the fall. It is worth noting that:

Spring (April to May):
It is the best time for travel and tourism in Uzbekistan, where celebrations, festivals and major events are joyful and lively, including the Bahuri Festival.

In addition to the picturesque natural atmosphere, where mountains and lakes, and the possibility of practicing many enjoyable recreational activities, and hiking, it is the peak tourist season in Uzbekistan.

Summer (from July to August):
Summer in Uzbekistan is characterized by high temperatures, which reach 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we advise you to avoid visiting at that time, if you do not prefer that atmosphere.

In spite of that, you can enjoy the cooler temperatures when you visit its high mountains and Lake Scharvak, and the amusement parks and gardens with lush vegetation, to enjoy the breezes and do various summer activities.

Autumn semester (September to November):
It is the preferred season to visit Uzbekistan due to the moderate temperatures. Where to enjoy the autumn atmosphere and the wonderful colors of golden, orange and red trees. Autumn offers you a range of activities such as hiking in the Uzbek part of the Tian Shan Mountains, cycling, canoeing and river riding. As well as wandering in the markets and buy beautiful souvenirs.

Winter season (from December to February):
Winter in Uzbekistan is characterized by very low temperatures, which may reach freezing in the middle of the country. It is one of the quietest tourist seasons, as it is characterized by its low prices.

The most important feature of tourism in Uzbekistan in the winter is that it is full of adventures and exciting sports, the most important of which is skiing in mountain resorts.

The language in Uzbekistan
The Uzbek language is the official and spoken language of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and is a member of the Turkic language family.

There are many other languages ​​besides the Uzbek language, such as Russian, Tajik, Korean Turkish, Kazakh and a little English in major cities and others.



Tourist visa in Uzbekistan
Tourist visa in Uzbekistan

For travel and tourism in Uzbekistan, a travel visa must be obtained first, and there are many conditions and documents necessary to obtain an Uzbekistan visa, which are:

Submit an application for an Uzbekistan visa online, fill it out, sign and print it, and pay the fees of about 850 Egyptian pounds.
A recent personal photo with a white background, the same size as the passport photo.
A photocopy of the passport, which is valid and valid for a period of no less than 6 months from the date of your trip.
An electronic payment card, to pay the visa fees on the website.
The ideal period for tourism in Uzbekistan
The ideal duration of tourism in Uzbekistan is about two weeks. In order to have enough time to explore the country’s natural and historical landmarks.

You can spend two to four days in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, and explore the magnificent Islamic, Soviet and Uzbek architecture, metro stations, Corso Bazaar, the oldest and largest Central Asian bazaar, Prince Timur Square, Independence Square, Romanov Palace, clock towers, State History Museum, and many more.

On the fifth and sixth day, you can visit Khiva, one of the most beautiful silk cities in Uzbekistan, and enjoy

Scouts the old town “Ichan Qala”, the charming views of the sunset from the watchtowers, ancient monuments and castles, and much more.

During the seventh to the tenth day you can go to Bukhara, which is one of the most authentic cities in the country. Explore the city on foot and wander through its ancient streets, visit the Bukhara Arch and the covered bazaars.

During the remaining days of your trip you can visit Samarkand, which houses the oldest buildings and Islamic architecture, dating back to the 14th century, as well as the lively Seyup Bazaar and Bibi Khanum Mosque. Then explore the Fergana Valley, the Nuratu Mountains, Scharvak Lake in the Shimjan Mountains, and many more.

How much does tourism cost in Uzbekistan?
Tourism in Uzbekistan is characterized by its low cost. Here are the average costs of services and various tourist activities in Uzbekistan:

The average cost of accommodation per person in a shared room with breakfast is about 65 USD.
The prices of meals in a good restaurant per day range between (25-30) US dollars.
The average daily expenditure per person is about 45 USD.
Transportation prices within Uzbekistan range from (4-80) US dollars per day.
The average cost of tours and recreational activities is approximately $100 USD per day.



Transportation and transportation in Uzbekistan
Transportation and transportation in Uzbekistan

Public transport in Uzbekistan is distinguished by its diversity of means, which are characterized by convenience, speed and high efficiency. Here are the most important types of transportation and transportation in Uzbekistan:

Trucks and buses:
Tourist trucks in Uzbekistan are characterized by their efficiency and high speed, and serve both foreign travelers and local residents, to make the trip more enjoyable and comfortable, you can choose from among them what suits you.

There are many railways in Uzbekistan, you can use them to move between the various tourist cities in Uzbekistan. There are steam trains and express trains. And always make sure to book in advance.

Uzbekistan Airways successfully operates a fleet of modern aircraft. Uzbekistan Airways operates flights to all major cities and towns of Uzbekistan on a regular basis.

Taxis are spread throughout the major cities of Uzbekistan. It is safer to use officially marked taxis. You can negotiate the price with the taxi drivers to make the cost of the trip reasonable. And do not share the taxi with others to avoid getting into any problems or troubles.

The metro is the first of its kind in the Central Asian region. The metro of the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, is characterized by its wonderful beauty in the world, as it is famous for its engineering and artistic designs that reflect the ancient history of the city. Do not miss the Tashkent metro experience during your vacation.



Food and drinks in Uzbekistan
Food and drinks in Uzbekistan

Uzbek cuisine is famous for its delicacies, being influenced by cuisines throughout Asia and the Middle East. There are a variety of traditional and local dishes in Uzbekistan, which we advise you to try during your holiday, including:

It is one of the best local dishes that you can eat in Uzbekistan. Sometimes called osh, it is a hearty rice dish cooked with lamb or beef, onions, garlic, carrots, apricots and raisins.

It is one of the delicious traditional dishes. The dish consists of pieces of meat grilled on skewers and cooked on a grill, and it is a meat kebab.

It is also one of the most popular dishes in Uzbekistan. The dish is a noodle soup that includes lamb, onions, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, garlic, cumin seeds, parsley and basil.



It is a delicious orpakani variety. It is a large steamed dumpling, stuffed with lamb or beef, and extra fat is added to the dumplings to enhance the flavour. It is served with yogurt and eaten directly by hand.

It is a cold and refreshing yogurt soup, made with coriander, dill, parsley, radish and cucumber. It is a very good choice for lovers of healthy meals.

It is a traditional dish that is very popular and famous all over the world. They are grape leaves stuffed with beef and rice, or a variety of vegetables stuffed inside grape leaves.

Shivt Oshi:
It is one of the most colorful foods in Uzbekistan, and the bright green noodles are infused with dill which makes them delicious and delicious. It is topped with a stew of meat, peppers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and carrots and served with yogurt or sour cream.

As for the drinks:
Drinks vary in Uzbekistan, the most famous of which is the tea of ​​“red tea, green tea, tea with sour cream”. There are many Uzbek tea parties, and it is served with homemade jam or honey tea.

In addition to Uzbek milk, katyk (yoghurt), and ayran, a cold drink made from yoghurt or milk and spring water seasoned with herbs.



The official currency of Uzbekistan
The official currency of Uzbekistan

The Uzbek Som is the official currency of Uzbekistan, and it is the country’s national currency. It consists of 100 tyine. It is symbolized by the symbol (UZS).

Communications and the Internet in Uzbekistan
There is a distinguished group of telecommunications companies in Uzbekistan, which are distinguished by the diversity of their services and their renewed offers in mobile services. The following are the most important telecom companies that you can deal with, during the tourism holiday in Uzbekistan:

Bozton Corporation:
It is the only alternative fixed line operator in Uzbekistan. It has a license to provide mobile and data services between local and international cities, and is characterized by its high coverage.

Oztecom company:
It is the leading and dominant company in the field of

Tourism in Isparta, Turkey

Tourism in Isparta, Turkey

Isparta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, near the Aegean Sea, in southwest Turkey. It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey, which attracts many tourists annually. If you intend to travel and tourism in Sparta soon, there are many places and tourist activities that you can do to enjoy your holiday.



The Turkish city of Isparta is universally called the “Land of Roses”, because it has the largest and famous flower farms in the world, and it exports rose essential oil to all over the world. As well as its picturesque nature, quiet lakes, caves, vast forests, mountains and different heights for mountain climbers. All this in addition to the beautiful beaches, recreational parks, historical monuments and various archaeological and tourist sites.
koprulu canyon national park

Koprulu Canyon is the most famous national park in Turkey, with an area of ​​366 km. It is one of the most beautiful and important recreational attractions in Sparta. This park is located on the Koprulu River, and its visitors enjoy watching a group of scenic landscapes, such as green forests and flowering plants.


The park also includes many rare wildlife animals, as well as wonderful waterfalls. Next to the garden there is a group of famous fish restaurants, which serve delicious fresh dishes.

Lavender Gardens in Koyogak Village
Lane Cove National Park isparta

If you are planning to go to Isparta in Turkey, you might smell nice when you arrive. And that beautiful scent is probably coming from the lavender gardens in Koyogak village. This village is one of the most beautiful regions in Turkey, and millions of people visit it annually. This charming village is located on top of a mountain, surrounded by lavender-spread cliffs and magnificent plains.

It is a more than wonderful place, and makes you feel in a special state of relaxation and calm. Everything around you is colored in cheerful and calming violets. Do not miss to visit these wonderful gardens, and take the most beautiful pictures in the middle of the picturesque nature.



Kyzyl Drag Mini Park
Kizildag Park in Isparta

Kizil Drag Mini Park is one of the best places to visit in Isparta, suitable for children and adults. It is a wonderful place for families. Visitors to the park enjoy many recreational activities, such as the possibility of camping in its beautiful natural surroundings. In addition to a distinctive restaurant, it serves traditional Turkish meals.



Lake Egirdir
Lake-Egirdir Isparta

Lake Egirdir is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Sparta. It is an ideal place to relax, for those who love peace. It is the second largest freshwater lake in Turkey, surrounded by charming natural features, such as pine forests, and a group of high altitudes for climbing and photography enthusiasts. There is also a path to the lake, as it connects two small islands, allowing its visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the charming.



flower harvest festival
Harvest Flower Festival

It is the most beautiful festival among the many Turkish festivals. It is very popular in the city of Sparta, and attracts many visitors and festival-lovers. In this festival people are invited to flower farms, harvest them and enjoy their fragrant flowers. It also includes a unique group of flowers, with their different types and shapes, attractive colors and smart scents.



This festival is held on the Spartan lands, among peasants and farmers. It is one of the Turkish festivals, which is very popular with local residents and foreign visitors.

The most beautiful tourist areas in Isparta

The most beautiful tourist areas in Isparta

Ethnography Museum
Museum of Anthography in Sparta

Isparta Museum is the first and oldest museum in the city of Isparta in Turkey. It was built in 11935 AD, and it is a museum of archeology and ethnography, and it is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the historic Sparta. And important tourist in the city of Isparta.



The museum consists of two floors with an architectural style, blending ancient and contemporary history. The museum includes four halls, which contain a distinctive collection of rare collectibles. There is a hall of antiquities, a hall of ancient Spartan carpets, an ethnography hall, a hall of Bedouin instruments, and many other wonderful historical monuments.



Mount Davraz

Mount Davraz is one of the most beautiful and prominent tourist areas, in the city of Isparta, Turkey. It sees a large number of visitors and tourists, especially in winter, as a resort for interesting winter sports and skiing.

You can ski on Mount Davraz, where there are five lifts, which are used to transport visitors to ski on the slope, the length of which is 8 km. You can enjoy an exciting experience and adventure, if you are a fan of skiing and winter games.



Besidian Antioch

Antakya Besidia is located in the Turkish Lake District, and is one of the oldest and beautiful Turkish cities in the state of Isparta. Antakya Pissidiye is full of many amazing historical monuments and monuments, where you find a stadium and theater built long ago, as well as a temple, built by Jews for the purpose of worshiping the moon god.



koz cave

Koz Cave in Isparta, Turkey, is one of the exciting caves that attract many visitors and tourists from all over the world.

The Koz Cave is located on the slope of the western valley of the city of Sparta, and is very popular with lovers of adventure and excitement. Although it is difficult to enter the cave, it is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkish Isparta.



bridge valley

The Valley of the Bridge is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the city of Isparta. The bridge valley includes among its rocky sides, crystal clear water and a group of the most beautiful views among the wonderful rocky curves. Do not miss visiting this beautiful place during your tourist vacation, enjoying the splendor of nature and taking the most beautiful souvenir shots.



Beeh baths

Bey Sparta water is considered a treatment water for many skin diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatic diseases, chronic psychological diseases, heart and circulatory diseases, gynecological diseases, liver diseases and many other diseases. It is one of the important medical tourism places in Isparta, and receives large numbers of visitors with the aim of treating. During your holiday in Sparta, you can visit the Bey Baths for healing.

The best tourist cities in Tajikistan

The best tourist cities in Tajikistan

When planning your tour program in Tajikistan, be sure to include the most important and best attractions and tourist cities. Here are the most important and best 5 tourist cities in Tajikistan that we advise you to visit during your vacation…


Tourism in Khujand

The city of Khujand is located in the Sughd region of Tajikistan, and is one of the most important and largest cities in the country. Alexander the Great made the city in 329 BC, as the farthest Greek settlement, and called it the Alexandria of Iskati, and it retained its Hellenistic culture until 30 BC.



Khanjad is famous for being an important organizing point on the Silk Road. When you visit it, you can explore its famous castle, see the geometric designs of the mosque with amazing decorations, and shop from the lively city bazaar.

This is in addition to contemplating its wonderful landscapes, visiting Tajikistan’s theater of music and drama, and learning about the diverse cultures of the city. It also includes many different ethnicities.



Tourism in Kolab
Tajik kolab

Kulab is the largest and main city of Tajikistan, located in the Khatlon region, and is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in the country. The city offers its visitors to enjoy its gardens and amusement parks, such as the Journey to France park that has a picture of the Louvre and a miniature of the Eiffel Tower.

As well as rock and mountain climbing, biking, paragliding, and getting the best views from above. And don’t forget to take the most beautiful souvenir photos.



Tourism in Kurgantepe
Kurgan Tebah

Kurgantepe is one of the most important and largest tourism cities in Tajikistan. It is also one of the most urbanized communities, it is a destination worth visiting.

Kurgantepe enjoys a range of stunning landscapes, as well as exploring the city’s diverse cultures such as visiting museums such as the Bibi Khanum Museum, as well as being the home of the country’s cotton cultivation “white gold”, and the city is also a central point for the telecommunications and banking sectors.

Tourism in Dushanbe

Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan, and it is also one of the largest cities in Tajikistan. Known as Stalinabad in the past, the city is located between the Varzo and Covernion rivers, making it an important tourist attraction in the country.

Tourists in Dushanbe can enjoy exploring gigantic urban buildings, with Soviet influences. And visit the National Museum of Tajikistan, Dushanbe Zoo. Dushanbe is the tallest free-standing flagpole in the world, standing at 541 feet.



Tourism in Panjkent

Panjkent is a developed city in northwestern Tajikistan, located in a wide valley at the base of the Van Mountains, and is one of the country’s important tourist attractions.

Famous for being the site of ancient fortifications, Bengkent is among the most historical cities in Central Asia. As well as lively tours and walks along the Zarfshan River valley in the city.

Tips before traveling to Tajikistan
When traveling for the first time to Tajikistan, here are the top tips and information needed to help you have the perfect leisure and hassle-free vacation:

Cash is king in Tajikistan
As cash is not always available at ATMs, and there are absolutely no ATMs in many places in Tajikistan. So make sure you have cash with you, and don’t rely on credit cards.



Learn a little national language
This is because the people of Tajikistan are very friendly, but they are not very good at speaking English. So learn a little of the national language to be able to communicate with them.

Respect the traditions and customs
This is because Tajikistan is an Islamic country, and we strongly recommend the necessity of wearing modest clothes when traveling in Tajikistan.

Forget the luxury of toilets
Floor toilets are most common in Tajikistan, they are holes dug in the ground, so always carry hand sanitizer and soap with you.

Be careful when traveling on Pamir Expressway
It is a road very high from sea level. Most of the dreadful Lowlanders may not be used to it, so be careful not to get altitude sickness, so always carry your headache and dizziness medicine with you.

Discover tourism in Tajikistan

Discover tourism in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is one of the tourist destinations whose people are friendly and welcoming to visitors from different parts of the country. Here in this article is your comprehensive guide about travel and tourism in Tajikistan, getting to know the most important tourist cities in it, and the most important information and advice needed before traveling…



Best places to stay in Tajikistan

Tajikistan has an abundance of luxury hotels and resorts, which make your stay comfortable and more luxurious. This is where it provides its guests with all amenities such as high-end health spas, heated swimming pools, 24-hour reception and many other services… Read more about the best hotels in Tajikistan.



Where is Tajikistan located?
Where is Tajikistan located?

The Republic of Tajikistan is located in the middle of Central Asia. It is bordered on the north by Kyrgyzstan, on the south by Afghanistan, on the east by China, and on the west and northwest by Uzbekistan.

The best time to travel to Tajikistan
The best time to travel to Tajikistan is from late April until mid-November, in order to enjoy many recreational and tourist activities, especially in the Pamir highlands. It is worth noting that:

Winter in Tajikistan from “December to February”
Winter is the low tourist season, but for cool weather lovers, it’s the perfect time to visit. To see white mountain views, play fun winter games such as snow throwing, skiing and snowboarding, cycling on snowboard and indoor snow tubing, and enjoy watching Marco Polo animals and Argali sheep.

Spring in Tajikistan from March to May
It is a good season for tourism in Tajikistan, and it is one of the best times to enjoy exciting recreational activities during moderate temperatures. It also allows you to attend many wonderful celebrations, such as the week-long Persian New Year. As well as enjoying hiking amid the heights and mountains, and the experience of paragliding.

Summer in Tajikistan from the month “June to September”
Summer is the peak season for tourism in Tajikistan. It is the most wonderful time to travel, adventurous climbing mountains and rocks, hiking, rafting and cycling. As well as attending the Roof Festival of the World Cultural Festival in Khorog Park, and the boat races in Lake Karakol.



Autumn in Tajikistan from October to November
Autumn is characterized by its cold climate and the beginning of snowfall in the mountains. It is a good time to go to the hot springs, especially in the resorts of Pamir and Obikarem. In addition to enjoying watching the romantic scenes and the golden autumn color in the mountains, especially the meadows near the lakes, wild trips and visiting museums.

The language in Tajikistan
The Tajik language is the official language used in the Republic of Tajikistan. Russian is also a widely used language in Tajikistan, with many other minority languages ​​such as:

(Uzbek language, Turkish language, ethnic Kyrgyz language, Persian language, Arabic language, Pashto language).

In addition to many immigrant languages ​​such as:

(Armenian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Turkish, Western Balochi, Korean, Kazakh and others).



Tourist visa in TajikistanTourist visa in Tajikistan

Traveling to Tajikistan requires obtaining a tourist visa in Tajikistan. The following are the most important documents and papers needed to obtain a tourist visa in Tajikistan:

Apply for a Tajikistan tourist visa online, fill it out, sign and print it.
Pay the visa fee of about 105 US dollars.
A recent personal photo with a white background.
A copy of a passport valid for at least six months from the date of the trip.
The validity period of a Tajikistan visa is two months, and the duration of stay is thirty days.
The ideal period of tourism in Tajikistan
The ideal period of tourism in Tajikistan is about three weeks, which is enough time to explore the country and do all the activities of the interesting tourist activities. From here, here is a tourist program in Tajikistan that can be applied or modified:

Day one and two: In Khujand
It is one of the oldest and most authentic cities in Central Asia, where you can explore the many Soviet buildings, the largest Lenin statue in Central Asia, and amusement parks. As well as going to the largest market in Tajikistan, which is the colorful Bangshanbe Bazaar.

Day 3 and 4: In Panjkent
Where you can visit the city’s famous mosques and shrines, and see many stunning landscapes.

Day Five to Seven: Take an expedition
Where to enjoy the seven colorful lakes, and visit the mountains of Tajikistan full of exhilarating adventures. And practicing many sports, such as climbing.



Day 8-10: Visit Iskandar Kul Lake and Sari Taj
Where the lake is famous for being the most beautiful lake in the former Soviet Union, stroll and see the villages along the lake shore. And take the best pictures

Day eleven to thirteen: Visit Dushanbe
It is a great place to relax

Enjoy special Indian food, visit national parks, explore the largest library in Central Asia, the largest tea house in Tajikistan, and one of the tallest flagpoles in the world.

Day 14 to Day 20: Visit Pamir Expressway
Then drive to Pamir Highway, get to see the best charming landscapes, and then go shopping and buy souvenirs. Finally, arrange your bag to prepare for departure and departure from the country.

How much does tourism cost in Tajikistan?
Make sure you plan well your budget before traveling for tourism, and this requires you to know the average costs of tourism in Tajikistan:

The average price for a comfortable stay in Tajikistan for a week per person is about 457 USD.
The average cost of staying in a hostel in Tajikistan ranges between (14 to 40) US dollars in a 3-star hotel.
The price per night in a luxury hotel in Tajikistan for a single traveler is about 76 US dollars.
The average cost of using public transportation in Tajikistan per day per person is approximately 18 cents.
The cost of daily meals in Tajikistan per person is approximately 4 USD.
Transportation and transportation in Tajikistan
Transportation and transportation in Tajikistan

There are many means of transportation in Tajikistan, which you can take within the country, to explore and learn about its most important landmarks. The following are the most important types of public transportation that you can use during tourism in Tajikistan:

You can get around within Tajikistan by train, but the options are very limited.

Tajikistan has many domestic flights to reach the destination you want to explore, but they are expensive.

long distance buses
There are some very old and very cheap buses in Tajikistan, but we do not recommend using them, as it is an inconvenient and time-consuming way.

Taxis (shared)
It is the main and most widely used way to get anywhere by road in Tajikistan. It is worth noting that travel times are always longer than expected and cars often break down.

car rental
It is the best way to explore Tajikistan, especially the Pamir Highway, either on your own or with a private driver.

bike rental
A bike is a great way to get around during tourism in Tajikistan, as it allows you to see some of the most amazing landscapes on both sides of the road. You can also ride it in mountainous areas.

The official currency of Tajikistan
The official currency of Tajikistan

The Samani is the national currency used in Tajikistan, and it is derived from the name “Ismail Somoni” the founder of the first Tajik state.

The samani has become the national currency instead of the Tajik ruble, and it has the emblem and the national flag of Tajikistan. The Samani currency is symbolized by (TJS).

Communications and the Internet in Tajikistan
The communication system in Tajikistan suffers despite the provision of modern and advanced technology services 4G. There are many telecommunications companies in Tajikistan, the most important of which are:

TK Mobile.
Babylon Mobile.
T-Cell Telecommunications in Tajikistan.
Distance between the most popular cities in Tajikistan
Here are the distances between the most famous tourist cities in Tajikistan, so that you can plan well for your tourism program:



Khujand to Kargonteppa 282 km.
Dushanbe to Gorno-Badakhshan 375 km.
Khujand to Dushanbe 204 km.
Dushanbe to Kolob 113 km.
From Dushanbe to Panjkent, 146 km.
Dushanbe to Farkhor 130 km.
From Dushanbe to Khujand 204 km.
From Dushanbe to Dungara, 71 km.
Rent a car in Tajikistan
If your decision is to rent a car during your holiday in Tajikistan, freely explore the town at your own pace. Here are the most important rules and documents needed:

Obtaining a valid and valid local driving license, as well as an international driving license in Tajikistan.
Driving under the influence of alcohol is not permitted.
Seat belts must be worn at all times and for all passengers in the vehicle.
Do not drive in the dark, as driving at night is extremely dangerous.
Pay the import tax on the car, which is about $10.
Your car is only registered for 16 days, and you must extend if you need additional days. This can only be done at customs offices located at border crossings.
Take measures to protect your car from poor-quality fuel, which you will encounter on the Pamir Highway. You have to refuel at Gazprom stations, which are considered the most reliable.
Vehicle insurance card.
The speed limit is 60 km/h everywhere in Tajikistan.
Adhere to the speed limits while driving in Tajikistan, which are: urban roads 60 km / h, rural roads 90 km / h, highways and motorways 110 km / h.

Tourism in Guangzhou: The most famous tourist areas in Guangzhou, China

Tourism in Guangzhou: The most famous tourist areas in Guangzhou, China


Guangzhou is a beautiful coastal city, located in southern China on the Pearl River. This distinguished geographical location has made tourism in Guangzhou, China, one of the most attractive tourist areas for tourists from all over the world throughout the year.


Quanzhou abounds with a wide range of important cultural, touristic and historical monuments, combining ancient and modern. It also enjoys many beautiful natural parks and recreation gardens. It is the perfect place to spend an enjoyable tourist vacation with family members or friends.



The best places to visit in Guangzhou

Half Moon Bay Beach, located on Chuangwu Bay in Quanzhou, is a beautiful and picturesque beach. It was called by this name, in relation to its shape, which resembles a half crescent moon. National Geographic has recognized it as one of the best beaches in China.

Visitors to this beach enjoy many recreational activities on its soft golden sand, whether to relax and sunbathe, or swim in its pure turquoise waters, and many interesting beach and water games.



Paradise Chime Long Park
chimelong paradise park

Paradise Chime Long in Guangzhou is very popular as it is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. It is the largest amusement park in China, and includes many exciting games such as the Rolls Coaster, which are suitable for all ages.

It is the main family park in Guangzhou, China. It also includes a wonderful water park, with a range of fun water games, and games that are safe for children. Many activities and competitions are held in the park, such as climbing and cutting wood, sawing wood, ax throwing and many other recreational activities.



guangzhou zoo
Guangzhou Zoo

Quanzhou Zoo is one of the most important and prominent tourist attractions in China’s Quanzhou. It is a wonderful park that includes a very large and distinctive collection of different animals, such as giraffes, elephants, deer, and pandas, as well as exotic birds.



The park also includes the Ocean World, which is a large aquarium, which includes many marine creatures, to enjoy watching the wonderful dolphins shows. It also includes an interesting city for children to spend the best times.



Yuntai garden
Yuntai Garden

Yuntai Park is located in the north of Guangzhou, at the entrance to Baiyun Mountain. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in the city of Quanzhou, and it is called the “Pearl of Quanzhou City”. Yuntai Garden is the largest of its kind in China, with an area of ​​about 120,000 square meters.

This park includes a distinctive group of exotic rocks, sculptures, and magnificent waterfalls. And more than two hundred species of rare and exotic flowers, from around the world, which are beautifully orchestrated. All this plus the scenic trails.



liuhua park
Liuhuahu Park

Liuhua Park in Guangzhou is a prominent theme park, and it is an important attraction for local visitors and tourists alike. It includes many charming landscapes, and has many fun recreational activities, suitable for all ages.



It also has paths for pedestrians and cycling, and these paths overlook beautiful pools of water. The garden also has wooden benches, giant trees and various plants. It is a great place to take the most beautiful souvenir photos.



Shamian Island
Shamian Island

Shamian Island in Quanzhou is a sandy island, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Quanzhou. Shamian Island is characterized by an elegant European-style architectural style, which dates back to the colonial era.



This island includes many perennial trees, more than a hundred years old. It is considered an important summer resort for lovers of summer tourism. The classic buildings of the island are painted at sunset, with golden-reddish sun rays to make it a wonderful romantic painting.



Pearl River
Pearl River

The Pearl River flows in downtown Quanzhou, and this river appears in the daytime to be an ordinary river, while the Pearl River at sunset turns into an important tourist attraction, frequented by many visitors and tourists alike to enjoy its wonderful view.

You can take enjoyable tourist river cruises in the Pearl River, and through these trips you will enjoy seeing the most beautiful views of the landmarks of the Chinese city of Guangzhou.



Canton Tower
Canton Tower

The Canton Tower was opened in Guangzhou in 2010. It is one of the famous and most popular tourist attractions in the city. The Canton Tower is the highest peak and the tallest tower in China.

The tower includes many entertainment elements, high-end markets, restaurants, and observation platforms for accurate images. The tower also offers a charming panoramic view of the city of Guangzhou from the top.



Huaisheng Mosque
Huaisheng Mosque

The Huaisheng Mosque was built in the Chinese city of Guangzhou in 627 AD. This mosque is considered a prominent tourist destination in the city, and has a great historical place for visitors from different parts of the world. Huaisheng Mosque is called “Al-Waqqas Mosque”, and the mosque is famous for its high-rise white minaret. Do not miss it during your holiday in Guangzhou.



Baiyun Mountain
Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain in Quanzhou is a beautiful natural area, and one of the most famous tourist areas in Quanzhou. Mount Baiyun includes about 30 mountain peaks of varying heights. It is one of the ideal destinations to relax and get away

Tourism in Shanghai: The most beautiful tourist areas in Shanghai, China

Tourism in Shanghai: The most beautiful tourist areas in Shanghai, China



Shanghai is a modern Chinese city. Its buildings are designed in a modern architectural style. It is the largest and most prosperous Chinese city, located on the central coast of China on the Yangtze River Delta. Therefore, tourism in Shanghai, China, is one of the most important Chinese tourism destinations.


Shanghai attracts many visitors from home and abroad annually, as it has a rare and distinctive collection of modern and cultural attractions that attract tourists. As well as amusement parks, beautiful gardens, and the Huangpu River, which divides Shanghai into two parts, “the old city, the new city.” As well as the Bund waterfront and water cities, in addition to museums, temples, Shanghai restaurants and many other important tourist attractions.



The most beautiful tourist places in Shanghai, China

Yu Yuan Garden, or as it is called “The Garden of Happiness” in Shanghai, is one of the oldest theme parks in the city, and one of the most attractive areas for tourists. It extends over a large area of ​​up to 20 thousand square meters.


The park includes many beautiful attractions, including halls, antique rocks, which are up to 400 years old, monasteries, pavilions, ponds, wonderful green spaces, lush trees, walking or jogging paths, and unique historical buildings. It also allows adventure-loving visitors, an opportunity to climb high rocks, and enjoy watching the entire park from above.



Shanghai Century Park
the Century Park

Century Garden is located in downtown Shanghai and is the largest park in the city. Many visitors come from different parts of the country constantly. Inside the Century Park in Shanghai, you can enjoy many interesting recreational activities, such as exercising, sunbathing amidst the picturesque nature and the fresh air.

You can also relax in this calm atmosphere, or jogging and cycling, in the paths that separate the park and the lake shore. You can also rent an electric boat on the park’s lake, and take a fun cruise.



Huanpgu River
Huangpu River

Huanpgu River is one of the most important tourist attractions in Shanghai, where you can enjoy a river boat ride, or evening ferries, to explore the unique buildings in The Bund. This is in addition to watching the skyline of the fictional skyscraper in Buzdzig.

Disneyland Park
Shanghai Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park is the first Disney theme park in China. It is one of the prominent tourist areas that attract visitors from everywhere, as it combines the magic of Disney and the unique culture of China. It is a place that guarantees you, to spend the best fun holidays with family members or friends, in an atmosphere full of adventure, enthusiasm and suspense, where exciting and interesting games are suitable for all age groups.



Shanghai Zoo
Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Zoo is the main zoo in Shanghai. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Shanghai, China. The park occupies a very large area, up to 885,000 square metres. The park includes a group of different types of animals, amounting to 6000 species, as well as at least 600 rare and endangered animals.

The park also includes large green areas, with beautiful plants and trees, and paths for walking or jogging. At the Shanghai Zoo, the visitor enjoys seeing many wonderful animals such as: “giant pandas, south China tigers, golden monkeys, Manchurian tigers, kangaroos, penguins, sea lions, Yangtze crocodiles and many more. All this in addition to the giraffe, deer and other pets.



Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, located in Pudong Park District, Shanghai. It is one of the most important tourist attractions of the city. With a height of about 468 meters, this tower is the second tallest television and radio tower in China. The tower has an impressive and surprising architectural and engineering design, which attracts many tourists.

The tower includes a number of halls, which will take you in the world of fantasy. It also has a revolving restaurant, which is the highest restaurant in China, to dine with an impressive view of the city. There is also the Shanghai Museum, which includes a collection of historical artifacts of the city, and perhaps the most important feature of the balloon room, which has no gravity!



Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

The Ocean Aquarium is one of the largest ocean aquariums in the world, and this is what made it one of the important tourist destinations, which are frequented by tourists annually. The Ocean Aquarium consists of two buildings, one main and the other an extension in the form of a pyramid. This wonderful aquarium houses an exciting collection of marine exhibits, and an extensive souvenir shop.

The exhibition includes more than 300 species and 15,000 marine creatures, in addition to rare fish such as “leafed sea dragons, poison frogs, and imperial penguins.” This aquarium is distinguished by being the only one in China that works to protect endangered species such as the “giant salamander, Chinese sturgeon”.



The Bund
The Bund

The Bund is one of the most important and prominent tourist areas in Shanghai, which is very popular with locals and tourists. It is located on the western side of Huanpgu River. The building is surrounded by a group of antique old buildings, which shows art

Diverse passers-by of the different eras “Gothic, Roman and Renaissance”.

The most important feature of The Bund is the presence of skyscrapers, which are located on the eastern side of the Huangpu River. When the night comes, these tall skyscrapers are lit, and their light is reflected on The Bund to form a wonderful painting.

Shanghai Magnetic cable car “maglev train”
maglev train

One of the most important tourist activities in Shanghai, which you must experience during your tourist vacation, is to ride the maglev train, the fastest train in the world. And that’s from Pudong Airport to the city center, in just eight minutes. Funicular, air-conditioned, very clean and magnetically elevated.It is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in Shanghai.



Shanghai Glass Museum
Shanghai Museum of Glass

The Shanghai Glass Museum is one of the important tourist attractions in the city, as it includes a distinguished collection of rare and unique cultural relics. The Shanghai Museum houses more than 120,000 relics, including 400 beautifully carved bronzes, ancient porcelains, statues, ancient coins, traditional carved wooden furniture, as well as distinctive paintings.

Jin Mao tower
jinmao tower

The most important feature of the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai is the Heavenly Corridor, which was opened in 2016. It is one of the exciting tourist attractions within the city and is very popular among tourists.

And this heavenly passage is only a glass abyss without fences or bars. It is 60 meters long and 340 meters high. Seat belts are provided to visitors, as it is one of the hot spots in Shanghai, China. The tower also includes many distinctive restaurants and cafes, on the upper floors, that give you a panoramic view of the city.



Nanjing Street
Nanjing Road

Nanjing Street is located in the heart of Shanghai, and it is one of the city’s most famous and busiest commercial street, so it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Shanghai.

The street is lined with many theaters, modern stores, international hotels, great bands, and traditional Chinese restaurants. It also has a dedicated train to see the street’s notable historical and cultural stations.