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Tourism in Pula Croatia and the best tourist places

Tourism in Pula Croatia and the best tourist places

Tourism in Pula Croatia and the best tourist places



Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park is an attractive group of densely forested islands, surrounded by narrow, white beaches near the Istrian Peninsula, which is a Croatian National Park and is open to visitors.

You can swim along the entire coast of the islands, with facilities such as chairs, a café and umbrellas. You can take a boat trip, and tours to explore the island. Also you’ll find a golf course, and natural history sites in Veliki-Prigon, such as 200 dinosaur footprints from the Cretaceous period.



Aqua Park Pula

Aqua Park Pula is a huge inflatable water playground, which is one of the most interesting and exciting things to do while tourism in Pula Croatia. It is very suitable for all family members, whether children, teenagers and adults.

The water playground provides many challenges and friendly competitions, with more interesting and safe water games, where lifeguards and staff supervise all activities. There are discount tickets for group bookings.

Aquapark Australia
Aquapark Australia in Pula, Croatia

Aquapark Australia is known as Croatia’s first water park, and it was opened in Nova Vas in 2014. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Pula Croatia, with an area of ​​8 hectares.


The water park provides many service facilities such as deck chairs, and family gazebos. And you can enjoy one of the largest swimming pools in the Mediterranean, which extends over more than 2500 square meters, in addition to watching wonderful shows.

Cyclone Beach
cyclone beach croatia

You can access the beach by stairs only, and it is a small, pebbly beach. In addition to a large rocky area, it is one of the most beautiful beaches that you can visit in Pula.

Take a fun adventure into the sea, by climbing the rocks and jumping directly inside, and enjoy swimming or diving into the depths and discovering the amazing marine creatures. The beach is also popular for cliff jumping, sea caves, and kayak tours.



Ambrella Beach
Umbrella Beach in Pula, Croatia

Umbrella Beach in Pula is ideal for family outings, thanks to its large sandy area, calm waves, and clear, shallow waters perfect for swimming.

You can enjoy lots of interesting water sports experiences, such as jet skis, and motorboats for rent on the beach. This is in addition to the presence of a large trampoline playground right on the beach, a large floating obstacle course near the beach, and many different amenities.

Sea cave
Sea Cave in Pula, Croatia

Pula is full of exciting tourist destinations, and countless perfect adventures. Chief among them are jumping on the various kayak tours, to explore the sea cave, and enjoy the stunning views of the islands, and the rugged Kamenjak coast in 40 minutes.

You can jump off the cliff next to the cave, swim, and dive safely into the sea cave with the help of guides. You can also paddle in a wonderful kayak, and have a unique experience and take great photographs.


Adventure Park Pula
Adventure Park Pula Croatia
Park Bula is a distinctive park located in the forest, and offers you many outdoor recreational activities, suitable for all different ages.

Spend an unforgettable day under the pine trees, test your balance and amazing climbing skills. In addition, the park has 30 challenges and 3 mini-hurdles, with an 80-meter zipline. All challenges are supervised by trained staff to ensure the safety of the guests. Do not miss visiting this place during tourism in Pula Croatia.

Finally, after we have reviewed with you the most prominent tourist places in Pula Croatia, which we suggest you visit during your vacation. We wish you to have a successful tourist holiday and explore the city and its various tourist attractions and landmarks.

Tourism in Pula Croatia is one of the destinations rich in history

Tourism in Pula Croatia is one of the destinations rich in history


It is famous for its many ancient Roman buildings, as well as for its crystal clear beaches. The city is also famous for fishing, shipbuilding, restaurants and leisure tourism. It offers tourists the opportunity to undertake recreational adventures and interesting tourism activities. Therefore, it is one of the best tourism cities in Croatia, which is well worth visiting and exploring.

Explore through this article travel and tourism in Pula Croatia, learn about the best time to visit, information about the best hotels to stay, as well as the best tourist places in Pula Croatia worth your visit…



The best hotels in Pula, Croatia

You will be spoiled for choice, when choosing from Pula beach hotels, and its luxurious luxury resorts equipped with the latest amenities and entertainment technologies. They are accommodations characterized by their competitive prices, which strive to satisfy all guests. It also offers perfect views of the most beautiful places in the city…



The best time to travel to Pula, Croatia
The best time to travel and tourism in Pula Croatia is in the period between the months from “June to August”. This is where the comfortable warm temperatures, ideal for strolling and exploring the city in complete freedom. In addition to the possibility of practicing many recreational and tourist activities in the open air.

Where is Pula located?


Pula is located in the country of Croatia on the southern side of the Istrian Peninsula, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Pula is 266.7 kilometers from the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

Language in Pula
Croatian is the official language of the city of Pula Croatia.

The most important tourist places in Pula Croatia
Pula Croatia has many wonderful tourist places, which are worth visiting and exploring during your holiday. Here are 9 of the most important ones:



Bula Aquarium

The Pula Aquarium is the largest in Croatia, and is one of the most famous and distinctive places of entertainment in Pula, attracting many visitors to it constantly throughout the year. The aquarium is located inside a 130-year-old fort.

You can see the shark aquarium in the aquarium the main attraction, as well as hundreds of species of fish from the northern and southern parts of the Adriatic, many species of tropical freshwater and marine creatures, as well as fish from Croatian lakes and rivers, turtle rescue center (the only one in Croatia ). There is also an entire room dedicated to sea horses. Do not miss visiting it.

Cape Kamenjak

Cape Kamenjak is a rugged cape that consists of a bay and various beaches, which form an area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, and a group of small islands. The southernmost point is located in Istria.


The coast of the Katmanjak Peninsula offers many places for swimming, high jumping in the water, as it has the best swimming pool in the world. As well as snorkeling in the soft waters of the Adriatic Sea, exploring the small nature reserve, which is home to many plant species.

Tourism in Turkey: A guide to the most important tourist cities in Turkey 2022

Tourism in Turkey: A guide to the most important tourist cities in Turkey 2022


tourism in Turkey
Turkey is a tourist destination for all tourists, and tourism in Turkey is famous for its beaches and wonderful medical places. Turkey is located in Europe, bordered to the north by the Black Sea and Georgia, to the east by Armenia and Iran, to the south by Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, with maritime borders with Cyprus, and to the west by the Aegean Sea, Greece and Bulgaria.

Turkey is a country of magic and beauty. Tourists come from all over the world to see the attractive landscapes and the wonderful beaches scattered throughout. Turkey has recently been ranked among the best tourist destinations in the world.

The best times for tourism in Turkey
The best times to visit archaeological sites in Turkey are spring (April and May) and autumn (September-October) when the temperature is warm, but not too hot, and these are also good times for walking the Lycian roads and other coastal areas.

While the summer (June-August) can be a little hot, but it is a good time to enjoy the splendor of the beach.. While the country experiences a drop in temperatures during the winter season with snowfall in some cities, which is preferred by many visitors.


Climate in Turkey
The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas have a temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, humid winters. The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Black Sea have an oceanic climate that is warm and humid in summer and cool and humid in winter. The largest amount of precipitation falls on the Turkish coast from the Black Sea, and it is the only region in Turkey that has high rainfall rates.


Tourist visa for Turkey
Procedures required to obtain a tourist visa:

If you are under the age of eighteen or over forty-five, you can obtain the visa electronically through the website of the Turkish Embassy on the Internet.
If you are over eighteen and less than forty-five. You do not have a Schengen visa. Basically, Schengen is a European agreement signed by twenty-seven European countries aimed at facilitating entry and exit for citizens of these countries without the need for a prior visa.
Also, if you do not have a valid visa for the United States or England. You must apply for a tourist visa from the embassy and conduct a personal interview through the office of the embassy in your country.
Tourist visa is divided into two types:
Single tourist visa: The single tourist visa means: one-time entry to the Turkish Republic, which is valid for a period of ninety days and allows entry to Turkey for a month or less.
Multiple tourist visa. It allows its holder to enter Turkish territory for a period of one or two years, and the maximum period of stay in the country is thirty days. We recommend using a single visa if you intend to make a residence permit for Turkey, because of the difficulty of obtaining residence on a multiple visa.
Important note: When you want to conduct a personal interview at the Turkish embassy, ​​you must obtain a prior appointment from the embassy’s office, and you can obtain it through an electronic form that is filled out online.

Documents required to obtain a visa
Passport valid for 6 months.


Bank account statement for the last 6 months.
Provide medical insurance for the European Union region, which can be easily extracted from any tourism company or from the office of the embassy itself, provided that the dates of departure and return are written in it.
2 personal photos with white background size 4×6.
A copy of the visa application form that you filled out on the embassy’s website.
Initial flight reservation and initial hotel reservation, which can be done inside the embassy’s office itself.
Hr letter from his work, to be directed to the Turkish embassy, ​​preferably in which he writes the job, wage and date of appointment.
In addition to a fee collected by the embassy to complete the procedures, which is approximately $110, paid in dollars and not refunded when the application is rejected.
After completing the procedures, you must wait for a period specified by the competent employee at the embassy office until your application for a tourist visa for Turkey is accepted or rejected.
Tips before traveling to Turkey
Do not convert currency in your country or the airport, as it is often high and inappropriate, but you will find many exchange offices spread throughout Turkey that serve without additional fees
We advise you to buy a local SIM card and put it in your mobile phone to use within the Turkish borders, because making local calls from your line will incur high costs.
It is useful to learn some Turkish words before traveling to Turkey, as you may need to use them, and we recommend using a translation program on your mobile phone.
Finally, you should know that the cost of traveling to Turkey depends mainly on your development of a good travel plan, starting with flight reservations and ending with personal expenses.

The 4 best Al-Ahsa theme parks you can visit

The 4 best Al-Ahsa theme parks you can visit

There are many entertainment venues in Al-Ahsa, the most important of which are amusement parks. It is a special attraction in the city for families and children. This provides Saudi families in the city as well as visitors with an opportunity to spend fun and enjoyable times. Here is this report on the best entertainment parks in Al-Ahsa that we advise you to try…

The best amusement park in Al-Ahsa
If you intend to visit Al-Ahsa soon for a tourist vacation, do not miss visiting the theme parks in Al-Ahsa to spend fun times with your family. Here are 4 of the best recommended Al-Ahsa amusement parks…

Sapphire Land is one of the most important and largest Al-Ahsa amusement parks, which creates an atmosphere full of fun and enjoyment for all family joys. There are various games for children, which have all safety and security standards. In addition to providing face painting, as well as challenging games, competitive competitions, winning great gifts, climbing, and more.

There is also a wide range of video games, and interesting electronic games that attract adults before youngsters. As well as collective electric games that give you an atmosphere of excitement and suspense. It also holds many joyful parties and events, which excite children’s enthusiasm, through famous cartoon characters.

Sapphire Land amusement park working hours on all days of the week from 3:30 pm until 12 midnight, and on Friday it starts from 2 pm until 12 midnight.

its location

The village park for games is one of the largest and best amusement parks in Al-Ahsa. It enjoys a large outdoor area, and has many interesting games that are suitable for all family members. In the amusement park of the village games, there is a group of exciting water games, as well as electric and electronic group games.

This is in addition to the tennis halls, inflatables, interesting trampolines and much more to ensure you have an enjoyable time. There are also many cafés and restaurants for snacking, relaxing and watching children in the beautiful amusement park setting. Al-Ahsa Toy Village amusement park starts working daily from 3:30 pm until 12 midnight

Atyrau is located on the banks of the Ural River, the third longest river in Europe.

Atyrau is located on the banks of the Ural River, the third longest river in Europe.


Tourism in Atyrau
Atyrau is located on the banks of the Ural River, the third longest river in Europe.

This is what gives the city’s climate a lot of cool breezes amidst the picturesque nature. While the many modern cafes and Irish restaurants add to the charm and attractiveness of the place to visitors.

Atyrau also gives its visitors the chance to visit the magnificent Imangali Mosque with its blue dome covered with white marble. Then, take a fun walk in the Retro Park. While history lovers can learn more about Kazakh culture at the Atyrau Regional Museum. Where this museum displays in its corridors thousands of artifacts dating back to the Middle Ages.


Tourism in Shymkent
Shymkent is distinguished by its ancient and entertaining atmosphere, as it is a wonderful old city. There are also many bustling bazaars, especially in the lively city centre. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to wander around the Aina Bazaar and buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

Tourists in Shymkent also enjoy visiting Abay Park and having an amazing adventure riding a Ferris wheel. The public plaza in the heart of the park welcomes its visitors with the War Memorial, which was built to honor the brave soldiers who fought in World War II.

Tourism in the Aral
Aral desert
If you are a fan of unique tourist sites, we recommend you to visit the city of Aral. The city was named after the Aral Sea, which was subjected to an environmental disaster in 1960 that led to a drop in its water level and dryness.

In other words, the city of Aral will tell you the story of the disastrous plans of the Soviet-era state that turned seawater into a desert. After it was the fourth largest freshwater site in the world and a famous fishing port in the Soviet Union.



Tourism in Baikonur
Baikonur station
Baikonur is home to the oldest and largest space launch facility in the entire world. The Baikonur Cosmodrome is an ancient secret missile testing site for the Russians. While the station today constitutes a busy spaceport for a number of commercial, military and scientific missions that are launched annually.

Based on the above, a visit to Baikonur gives tourists an interesting tour to witness the launch of a space mission from the facilities of the Cosmodrome. As well as learning about the history of the Soviet and Russian space programs in the museum located on the station. All that is required is to obtain a visitor permit, which is widely available through the city’s tourist agencies.



Tourism in Turkestan

Turkestan is located in southern Kazakhstan and is surrounded by desert from every direction. This gives visitors the opportunity to explore traditional Bedouin culture. And then visit the ruins of the ancient cities of Otrar and Soran, in the surrounding desert. While the city allows visitors to wander around the main bazaar and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

However, the most beautiful tourist site in Turkestan is the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasafi. It is one of the most important historical trading centers on the Silk Road. The beautiful mausoleum also marks the beginning of the Timurid architectural style. In other words, the shrine is decorated with geometric decorations and light blue flowers on the walls. This prompted its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to its religious significance, it is a prominent Islamic pilgrimage site for adherents of the Sufi order.

Tips before traveling to Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is one of the distinctive tourist destinations that will change your view of the Central Asian region. In the streets of the tourist cities, there is a lot of magic that will take you to the ancient history and Islamic monuments, as well as the Soviet history as well. As for nature, it is another tale where deserts, lakes and snow-capped mountains meet. In any case, it is better to plan in advance for a comfortable vacation in Kazakhstan without any obstacles. In order to achieve this, follow the following tips:



Learn some local words
The largest part of the population in Kazakhstan speaks their national language, while a large part also speaks Russian. Therefore, it is difficult for any tourist to go to the country’s restaurants or cafes or buy goods from its markets without being familiar with some Russian or Kazakh words.

Don’t forget to try the popular Kazakhstani recipes
Kazakh restaurants offer visitors many delicious and unique folk cuisine. Therefore, do not forget when visiting Kazakhstan to try recipes cooked with horse meat. It may seem like a strange experience, but it is really fun.

Carry enough cash in your pocket
Most of the stores in Kazakhstan deal with cash payment, so it is better to have enough cash in your pocket, and not to rely on electronic payment methods to be able to buy the goods you need with ease.

Try public transportation
Kazakh cities include a wide network of public transportation that saves you a lot of expenses during your trip. So feel free to use the trains or buses while navigating the country.

The best tourist cities in Kazakhstan

The best tourist cities in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a list of cities rich in interesting attractions. In Kazakhstan, vast deserts meet with authentic history, lakes join hands with beautiful parks. But how about we guide you to the top 10 cities for an unforgettable holiday.



Tourism in Astana
Nur-Sultan City
It is not possible to spend a tourist vacation in Kazakhstan without heading for a tour of the country’s capital, Astana. The city has also been called Nur-Sultan since 2019. Nur-Sultan has a pleasant view on the banks of the Ishim River amidst the vast northern plains. While the city’s buildings are modern, with many high-rise skyscrapers.

Visitors to the Kazakh capital enjoy various recreational opportunities, including a visit to the Khan Shatyr Center, which is rich in shops and restaurants, as well as its unique design. As well as heading towards the Peace and Reconciliation Palace to enjoy the beauty of modern architecture.

While Bayterek Tower attracts large numbers of tourists daily to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Nur-Sultan from the observation deck. And then set off to learn about Soviet, Kazakh and Western antiquities on display in the city’s magnificent National Museum. Muslim visitors also prefer to enjoy the spiritual atmosphere at the Nur Astana Mosque.



Tourism in Almaty
Lake Almaty
Almaty is one of the most important tourist cities and one of the most welcoming to visitors in Kazakhstan. The city has a long history as it is the former capital of the country. Thus, Almaty provides history buffs with an interesting tour to the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan and the wooden Ascension Cathedral as well.

While nature lovers will be delighted with fun activities in Almaty. Especially in the beautiful Tian Shan Mountains Snow-capped Reserve in winter. And in the amazing ski resorts, most notably Shymbulak. While the spring weather is an amazing opportunity to wander the wild apple forests, as well as take a walk on the hiking trails.

In addition to the above, Almaty attracts adventure lovers towards the blue-water Big Almaty Lake. And then to explore the wild animals of the Ile-Alatau National Park. Then group trips to Nomad’s Land for some great photos.


Tourism in Karaganda
The amazing Kazakh monuments also include many Soviet tales. If you are interested in ancient Russian history, head towards the Kazakh city of Karaganda, located just two hours by train from the capital, Nur-Sultan. The story of Karaganda traces back to a city originally built using workers in a former Soviet prison. Its territory is also known for its coal mines and historic labor camps. Thus, the city provides an amazing journey for tourists into the past.

But is visiting Karaganda limited to the above? It is wrong to say that we reduced the Karaganda monuments to Soviet monuments only. This is because the city streets are filled with famous attractions such as Vvedensky Cathedral, Regional Central Mosque, Gulag Museum and Mining Glory Monument as well.



Tourism in Pavlodar
Irtysh River in Pavlodar

Do not forget when visiting Kazakhstan to pass through the city of Pavlodar, as it is one of the oldest and most ancient cities in the north of the country. In other words, a visit to Pavlodar will give you an amazing opportunity to explore the famous Gossup Mosque and the Cathedral of the Annunciation as well.

Moreover, tourists in Pavlodar can also explore the beautiful neighborhoods around the old school tram and take some perfect pictures of the Irtysh River. While visiting Chekhov’s Theatre, Mozy Voynskoye Slavic Museum and Naberezhnaya Park are interesting opportunities to get to know the true essence of Pavlodar.



Tourism Taraz
The city of Taraz
If you love to explore mysterious historical places, Taraz is the ideal destination for you when visiting Kazakhstan. The reason for this is due to the extension of the origins of this ancient city to the Middle Ages. This makes it, in short, a huge home to charming monuments, historical streets and ancient shrines.

In any case, a visit to Tazar, formerly called Dzhambul in Soviet times, includes the opportunity to visit the beautiful mausoleum of Aisha Bibi to admire the intricate carvings on terracotta tiles. And then head to the Talas River, which is rich in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the bold choices that it is not uncommon to include

Tourism in Kazakhstan is one of the bold choices that it is not uncommon to include

in the lists of tourism programs. Despite the country’s vast area and amazing



nature, many believe that the country consists of vast plains only. But what do you think if we change your view of Kazakhstan, in which there is a lot of charm and beauty that is worth exploring. As in the buildings of its cities, there are many historical monuments that amaze the onlookers.

Kazakhstan has a charming nature, which is full of high mountains, valleys, lakes and valleys scattered all over. In addition to the above, many Kazakh cities rich in amazing tourist attractions, warm hospitality of the friendly locals and reasonable prices compared to other tourist destinations around the world. Based on the above, what do you think about packing your luggage for an enjoyable trip in Kazakhstan?



Nature in Kazakhstan
Discover tourism in Kazakhstan
If you are interested in the topic of tourism in Kazakhstan, the following article will help you to know the top 10 tourist cities. As well as providing you with a set of the most important tips, instructions and information, which will help you in planning an enjoyable and unforgettable trip in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan map
Kazakhstan is located on two continents together in other words the greater part of the country extends in Central Asia. While the rest of it is located in Eastern Europe, specifically in the west of the Ural River. Kazakh countries also have land borders with China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan as well. While its lands also overlook the Caspian Sea from the west.



Best time to travel to Kazakhstan
Spring in Kazakhstan
Tourism in Kazakhstan is an enjoyable option in all seasons of the year. Every day in the country a new opportunity to discover its charm. Kazakhstan enjoys cold and snowy weather in winter, while the climate becomes continental in summer, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. While the country’s plains are decorated with beautiful flowers in the spring and autumn, it is therefore best to choose your favorite season as follows:

Summer (May to mid-September): Summer sees the most visitors as most people combine a visit to Kazakhstan with a hiking trip in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This is in the midst of the wide plains. Despite the high heat, the weather is perfect for visiting the mountains and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature.

Spring (from the end of March to May): Spring is the best time to see the green steppes of Kazakhstan. This allows tourists to enjoy wild chrysanthemum flowers in Aksu Cabagli Nature Reserve. And then charming tours in the midst of nature in a moderate climate that protects visitors from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. You will also enjoy Nowruz Festival on March 21st.

Autumn (September to October): Although autumn in Kazakhstan is limited to one month, this is an ideal time to visit the country during the siege season and enjoy its delicious fruits. The climate of Kazakhstan in the fall is much warmer than the harsh winter.

Winter season (from November to the end of March): If you are a fan of snowboarding, tourism in Kazakhstan is an ideal option for you in the period from December to February. During this period, tourists will also enjoy unique activities such as ice fishing or horse riding in the snow, as well as hunting for falcons and eagles.



The language in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and due to the country’s vast area, the languages ​​spoken here are also diverse. Despite relying on the Kazakh language, which is close to Turkish, as an official language, it is spoken by 65% ​​of the population. However, it is also common to use Russian as the second official language. The diversity is not limited to this point, but the Ukrainian language, the Tatar language, the Uzbek language, the English language, as well as the Uyghur and Mongolian languages ​​are spread in Kazakhstan as well.

Tourist visa in Kazakhstan
Before heading to travel and tourism in Albania, there are some conditions necessary to obtain a visa, which are:

Apply for a tourist visa.
A passport valid for at least six months.
Two personal photos.
A letter of claim from one of the tourism agencies or hotels in the country.
Pay the visa fee of $20 for every 20 days of stay, up to a maximum of 90 days.
It should be noted that an application for a Kazakhstan tourist visa must be submitted through the embassy or consulate in the country in which the traveler resides. While citizens of 117 countries can apply for a visa online. Among them are the following Arab countries:

the two seas
Morocco, West, sunset
Kingdom Saudi Arabia
Sultanate of Oman
While the visa is paid on arrival for citizens of countries whose territory does not include any embassy of Kazakhstan. Citizens of some countries are also completely exempted from the visa requirement. This includes a visa-free stay of up to 30 days for citizens of the United States, Canada, and all European Union countries

Yale, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates also. While travelers from Russia,

Yale, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates also. While travelers from Russia,



Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Mongolia can enter Kazakhstan for up to 90 days without a visa.

The ideal period for tourism in Kazakhstan
The territory of Kazakhstan includes a lot of tourist attractions, the beauty of which cannot be recognized in less than two weeks. Therefore, if you are planning tourism in Kazakhstan, it is best to book yourself in the country long enough to allow you to see the mountains, valleys and plains full of flowers.

Moreover, visiting lakes and exotic natural phenomena such as the Aral Sea is another round of fun that you may want to experience in Kazakhstan. While others go to the shrines and archaeological buildings scattered in abundance in the country’s main tourist cities. In short, the charm of Kazakhstan can take you for a trip of at least a month.



How much does tourism cost in Kazakhstan?
The expected costs of a tourist trip in Kazakhstan are estimated at 7,986 Kazakhstani tenge, which is equivalent to 19 US dollars, for each day of the vacation. Based on the expenses of other visitors, the cost of meals for one day is 2,315 Kazakhstani tenge, or about 5.44 US dollars.

Local transportation costs are estimated at 276 Kazakhstani tenge, less than one dollar. While the average hotel price in Kazakhstan for a couple is 5686 Kazakhstani tenge, or about 13 US dollars. In short, Kazakhstan is one of the least expensive tourist destinations around the world. A tourist trip in the country for two people for a period equivalent to a week costs only 263 US dollars.

Transportation and transportation in Kazakhstan
Transportation in Kazakhstan
During tourism in Kazakhstan, you can use the following means of transportation:

Trains: The train is the most popular and widespread method in Kazakhstan, where the railway network covers most of the main tourist cities in the country. In short, the tourist will easily find a train that will take him to his tourist destination at economical prices as well.

Buses: Buses are another way to get around in Kazakhstan with lower costs and more speed. However, the only obstacle for tourists when choosing this method of getting from one Kazakh city to another is the severe overcrowding.

Old marshutotkas: The transportation system in Kazakhstan also sees the spread of old, low-cost marshutotkas in other Kazakh cities.

Taxi: You can also choose to take a private taxi for a more comfortable ride during your trip.



Food and drinks in Kazakhstan
Food in Kazakhstan
Food in Kazakhstan
A tourism trip in Kazakhstan enjoys exploring a lot of exotic dishes that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Where Kazakh cuisine draws its recipes from Europe and Asia as well. However, the most famous meal of all is the national dish called “beshbarmak”, which is a special dish served on occasions. It consists of pasta, potatoes, onions and horse meat as well.

While many other Kazakh recipes also use horse meat, such as kazy. The recipe includes horse meat sausage as a cold appetizer, as well as the local “zaya”, “basturma” and “chizek” dishes. Another popular Kazakh dish is plov, a traditional Uzbek dish that uses rice, meat, carrots, raisins or tomatoes. Or “shish kebab” which is grilled meat with flatbread and onions, usually cooked over a fire. In short, Kazakh cuisine is very suitable for meat lovers. The unique drink here is the “kumiss” or “shubat” which is horse or camel milk.



The official currency of Kazakhstan
Kazakh tenge
The Kazakhstani tenge is the national currency of Kazakhstan, and is known by the abbreviation “KZT”. This currency is divided into the following categories:

Banknotes in denominations of 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 and 20000 tenge.
Coins in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 tenge.
Communications and the Internet in Kazakhstan
The Kazakh territory includes many communication networks that provide the tourist with the opportunity to choose the appropriate network. This provides visitors to Kazakhstan with the opportunity to keep in touch with their families and friends. Among the most important telecom companies in Kazakhstan are the following:

Kcell: Kcell Telecom is one of the largest telecom companies in Kazakhstan. This network covers an area of ​​more than 20 cities with more than 8 million subscribers. While Kcell provides its subscribers with 4G/LTE service as well.
The Beeline Corporation: is a subsidiary of the Dutch Beeline network operating on the territory of Kazakhstan and used by more than 10 million Kazakhs.
Altel: It is the smallest telecom company in Kazakhstan. It is a local company based in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan.
As for the most famous companies that provide Kazakhstan with the Internet, they are the following:



Kcell . Company
Distance between the most popular cities in Kazakhstan
The capital, Astana, to the city of Almaty is 1261 km.
Almaty to Shymkent, a distance of 681 km.
The distance between Aktau and Nur-Sultan is 2670 km.
From the city of Kyzylorda to the city of Ural 1530 km.
From the capital, Nur-Sultan, to the city of Taraz, 1344 km.
Rent a car in Kazakhstan
Car rental companies are widely available within the cities of Kazakhstan. However, renting a car to explore the country outside the city limits is more difficult. However, there are a few companies that rent cars from Almaty to the capital, Nur-Sultan.

One of the most famous car rental companies in Kazakhstan is Nikita. This is because it has a good range of rental cars that are well looked after at attractive prices. As well as adding insurance and drivers at no additional cost.

Tourism in Pristina Kosovo is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist

Tourism in Pristina Kosovo is one of the most beautiful and cheapest tourist



destinations, in the Balkan Peninsula and Europe in general. Pristina is famous for its historical monuments such as mosques, museums and its unique architectural beauty. As well as its wonderful climatic atmosphere, restaurants, hotels, cafes and art galleries, which made Pristina one of the most important tourist destinations in Kosovo.

Explore through this article tourism in Pristina Kosovo, that small capital and learn about its best tourist attractions as well as the best hotels to stay…

The best hotels in Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina Kosovo has a unique group of hotels, which are located in the middle of vast fields and green hills, and close to important historical monuments. Some of them feature imperial style and Italian marble work. All of them feature all the services and facilities that guests need… Read more about the best hotels in Pristina Moscow.



Best time to travel to Pristina, Kosovo
The best time for travel and tourism in Pristina Kosovo is during the late spring from “April to May”. Or during the early fall semester from “September to October”. This is because the weather in those periods is ideal for tourism in Pristina.

The ideal period for tourism in Pristina, Kosovo
The ideal period for travel and tourism in Pristina Kosovo is approximately two days. Start your first day in one of Pristina’s famous cafés and have your breakfast, then head out onto the big street and take a stroll through the city, until you reach the National Library of Kosovo. Or go to the old town of Pristina, with its narrow streets, mosques, old shops, old houses, or visit the Emin Djiko Museum, the Imperial Mosque, and then dine and try the dishes of authentic Kosovar cuisine.

On the second day, you can visit the Kosovo Museum, the Pristina icon, the Al-Waleed Monument, and the Sinan Pasha Mosque. You can also try the Turkish bath in Gazi Mehmetpasa, take a picnic in the Shar Mountains National Park, and finally go shopping in Pristina Bazaar before returning.



Where is Pristina located?

The city of Pristina is located in the Republic of Kosovo, and is the national and administrative capital of the country. It is in the northeastern corner of Kosovo near the Goljak Mountains.

The city overlooks from the south side both Lake Badovac, and the Saar Mountains, and it rises by 652 meters above sea level. The distance between Pristina and Prizren is about 85.3 km.



Closest airport to Pristina, Kosovo
Pristina International Airport
Pristina International Airport “Adam Jashari” is the nearest airport to the city of Pristina, the capital of the Kosovar Republic. The airport serves Pristina Kosovo, and is the only port of entry for air travelers to Kosovo. The airport is 20.1 km from the capital, Pristina.

The language in Pristina
Albanian and Serbian are the two official languages ​​of Pristina, Kosovo.

The most important tourist places in Pristina, Kosovo

The most important tourist places in Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina, Kosovo has many places worth visiting. Here are 10 of the most beautiful tourist places in Pristina, Kosovo, worth visiting during your vacation in Pristina, Kosovo:



Imperial Mosque
Imperial Mosque in Pristina, Kosovo

The Great Mosque in Pristina, Kosovo, is an Ottoman mosque built by Sultan “Mehmed II the Conqueror” in 1461 AD. It was declared a cultural landmark of exceptional importance in 1990 AD. It is called the Imperial Mosque.

I explore the buildings of Islamic architecture in Eastern Europe, built with carved yellow sandstone. Enjoy watching the exterior engineering designs and interior walls, and their wonderful decorations and contrasting colors. The dome of the mosque is considered one of the largest in the fifteenth century in Eastern Europe. Do not hesitate to visit it.



Kosovo Museum

Kosovo Museum is the main museum in Pristina, and it is one of the best tourism areas in Pristina Kosovo. The museum is located in an impressive building that was built in 1889 by the Austrians for the Turkish army. It was opened as a museum in 2014.

The museum gives you great opportunities to explore the details of life in the area, in the Illyrian, Dardanese and Roman periods with excellent texts in English, all accompanied by the simple music of Philip Glass. As well as a collection of the rarest and unique artifacts from different eras, the museum is also distinguished by its architectural beauty, which makes it a major attraction in the city.



neonatal monument
Newborn Monument Pristina Kosovo

This monument is one of the most important tourist sites, which you can visit and explore in Pristina, Kosovo. It was built on February 17, 2008, when the government of the Republic of Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia with this impressive monument.



The name of that monument is attributed to the birth of a new country, and its positive connotations. And the possibility of a modern, democratic and strong Kosovo. It is 10 feet high and 79 feet long. It gained international attention as soon as it first appeared, as the memorial is repainted annually to celebrate another year of freedom. Enjoy walking around the monument and taking beautiful souvenir photos.