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Tourism in Barcelona

1- The Magic Fountain in Barcelona

The Magic Fountain in Barcelona is one of the most magnificent landmarks in Barcelona, ​​and one of the most beautiful dancing fountains in Spain and the world. It is located in the Montjuic district, one of the most beautiful and oldest old neighborhoods in Barcelona, ​​and is characterized by its lakes that resemble Roman fountains.

Also called Polycarles fountains, this beautiful site was designed many years ago in 1929 and it is still one of the places that you never miss while tourism in Barcelona. The fountain is located on a high platform so that you can see the most wonderful scenes of the colorful water and the shows made by the fountain and you can take the most beautiful pictures in this special place in Spain.

2- The Sagrada Familia Church

It is a Catholic church, one of the largest churches built in the European continent, this cathedral is located in Barcelona, ​​in Spain. Chosen in the list of the twelve treasures of Spain. It was designed by the international architect Antonio Gaud (1852-1926), and he devoted nearly 15 years of his life to building it,

The church is now one of the most attractive places in Barcelona for tourists who can visit the completed parts of it, as more than a million tourists visit it annually.

3- The National Museum

Barcelona is famous for its splendid treasures and beautiful artistic tastes in the Middle Ages, classicism, as well as modernity, which appears in its museums and among the most important museums the National Museum, was the seat of Caliph Al-Mansour, but its features were obliterated and turned into a national music museum.

It is one of the largest museums of fine arts, it is also called an abbreviated name, “Mink”, and the museum is located in Palau Nacional, it is a large building in the Italian style that was established in 1929 AD and the museum’s holdings inside it since 1934 and then declared as a museum in 1990 AD.

4- Barcelona Aquarium

It is located in Port Vell at the end of Larmbla Street and the famous square of Catalonia, which displays hundreds of marine creatures and the wonders of the aquatic environment and the seas, opened on September 8, 1995 It is an ideal place to discover the various wonders of marine life in the Mediterranean and the colorful tropical seas The Aquarium includes 35 basins Aquatic Creatures contain 11,000 aquatic creatures, which belong to 450 species of aquatic life,

It contains a total of five million liters of water, and its largest basin is 36 meters in diameter and about 5 meters in depth. It is part of the Spanish gardens of Aspro, and contains a tunnel up to 80 meters under the waters of the Spanish Gulf, containing many types of fish. The stars of this place are the bull and gray shark, the yellow fin, the small experimental fish and many other mysterious animals.

5- The Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona

It is a monument located at the intersection of Paseo de San Juan and La Ronda de San Pedro in Barcelona, ​​Spain. It was created by the architect Josep Velasica as the main gateway to the International Exposition in Barcelona in 1888. The sculptural décor works were done by Josep Reynes, Giuseppe Lemona, Anthony Villanova, Torquat Tasso, Manuel Fucha and Perry Carbonnel. The Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona has an urban character in order to reach artistic progress Scientific and economical. The monument was restored in 1989.

The Arc de Triomphe is 30 meters high, and its construction style is eclectic with Modernism, Romanesque and Neo-Mudéjar style. At the top of the arch, there are the shields of 49 Spanish provinces, which are in the middle and are the largest among them, representing the emblem of the Barcelona shield; They were made of artificial stone without colors.

6- Barcelona beaches

Barcelona enjoys the most beautiful beaches in Europe, as it is considered one of the most popular cities for holidays and enjoyment, as it is rich in attractions as well as wonderful shopping places. You can take a rest and spend an afternoon at the beach to relax after a long day of sightseeing Distinguished during tourism in Barcelona.

Barcelona has more than 4 km of wonderful beaches that enjoy the picturesque golden sands next to the colored sands and you find in the beach distinct restaurants that offer delicious food at prices.

Tourism in Hamburg

Tourism in Hamburg occupies an advanced position in the list of the most visited tourist cities in Germany due to the abundance of the most beautiful tourist places in Hamburg

The city is surrounded by many lakes and is considered one of the greenest cities in Germany due to the large number of parks, gardens, channels and lakes in it.

The most famous place of tourism in Hamburg
We mention to you the best places of tourism in Hamburg and the important attractions, which are:

City Park Hamburg
One of the most famous parks in Hamburg, the City Park Hamburg, extends over a large area of green forests and beautiful lakes to provide all the requirements for fun and relaxation.

City Park is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Hamburg, as it is frequented by many visitors, whether locals or tourists

Lake Alster
The artificial Alster Lake, located in the city center, is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Hamburg. Visitors come to it frequently to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the beautiful gardens that surround it.

Miniature Wonderland
One of the most important tourist places in Hamburg is the miniatur wunderland, where miniature models of the most famous landmarks in Germany and the world are displayed.These models were designed by the twin brothers Gerrit and Frederick Braun.

The Miniature Hamburg Wonderland includes miniature models of landmarks found in America, Switzerland, Austria and other countries

Planten-en-Blumen Park
This garden, planten un blomen, is one of the best tourist places in Hamburg, designed in the style of Japanese gardens, and it is also considered one of the most famous botanical gardens in Germany.

We recommend that you visit the Planten Blumen Park, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Hamburg

Storage city
The storage city of speicherstadt hamburg is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hamburg, where many tourists and visitors come to see this unique edifice.

It is a customs area consisting of many buildings through which beautiful water channels pass and are connected with each other through small bridges, forming a beautiful painting.

Hagenbeck Zoo
Have you ever thought about getting to know a giraffe or an elephant closely? Do not even feed her ?! The Hagenbeck Zoo will provide you with this, as it is one of the most famous and unique parks where animals are displayed outside the cages and it is one of the most important tourist places in Hamburg