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The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is the most important

The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is the most important

The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is the most important


recreational tourist destination ever, as it takes you to the ancient Arab life with everything that was happening in it, and you live the authentic Bedouin lifestyle when you wear Arab clothes, eat Arab food, and drink Arabic drinks.

A very enjoyable experience within this village that provides you with important historical information, and you can also entertain it through the many activities and facilities it contains. Stay with us for more details.

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Discover the heritage village of Abu Dhabi
If you are a fan of ancient Arab history, and want to know more about ancient Arab life, even acquire heritage tools, and truly live the atmosphere of the Arabs, then the following lines are for you.



Information about the heritage village
One of the most important historical monuments in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the entire history of the Emirates is inside this village, which is designed on an area of ​​16,800 square meters. When you walk around it, you feel as if you are inside the old streets of the Emirates, where Bedouin huts, traditional clothes, and restaurants that were designed in the old style.

Not only that, but there is a large market inside the village that includes all the primitive tools that the ancient Emirati used in his daily life, which are a cultural heritage for everyone who owns them, and the old mosque will really take you to the ancient world.

This village was inaugurated in 1996 AD under the supervision of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, so it is sometimes called the Zayed Archaeological Village. in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.



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The most prominent activities in the Zayed Heritage Village
The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village contains many activities that you can enjoy during the visit in this wonderful place, and perhaps the most important activities that you can do are the following:

Animal shows
Entertaining animal shows in the heritage village
horse shows
Many shows are held in the large village square, such as camels, goats, and especially Arabian horses, which add joy to the place, and visitors really enjoy them, as horses are among the most important symbols of the Arabs in the past. You can also see amazing falcon shows, which are very interesting shows for children.



Craft arts
Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
Handicrafts are among the most important things that the Arabs used to make in the past so that they could use them in daily life, such as weaving yarn, and making pottery utensils for cooking and preserving food.

In addition to many simple industries that are still used today, and in Zayed Village, you will see these crafts being made in front of you, and you can also buy them and make them a souvenir in your home.



Village Museum
You can visit the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village Museum to see the ancient heritage of the Emirates, including ancient jewelry that still retains its splendor to this day, weapons and military equipment, as well as old copies of the Holy Qur’an written by hand.