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And Abu Dhabi, UAE, as this hotel is only 15 minutes away by car. read more.

And Abu Dhabi, UAE, as this hotel is only 15 minutes away by car. read more.

And Abu Dhabi, UAE, as this hotel is only 15 minutes away by car. read more.



Grand Flamingo Hotel
It is considered one of the distinguished hotels located within the city of Abu Dhabi, as this hotel offers a lot of services to all its customers, as well as it is characterized by its quiet modern décor and designs that increase the feeling of psychological comfort and mood

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Water pools
Pools and bodies of water
Ponds and fountains in the Dolphin Park
Distinctive water streams and ponds are spread throughout the Abu Dhabi Dolphin Park, as many visitors resort to these ponds to take many wonderful memorial photos, as well as these ponds contain some dolphins that can be seen closely with ease, and in general the green spaces and trees These pools are surrounded from all directions to add to their beauty and distinction.



Dolphin Park Abu Dhabi
Family seating
Barbecue parties that take place inside this garden are among the most wonderful and entertaining activities ever, as many tourists are interested in taking advantage of the vast spaces and shaded places in the garden to hold special barbecue parties that bring together family and friends.

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Doing sports activities
Dolphin park
Football field in the garden

The Abu Dhabi Dolphin Park has large areas and tracks that are exploited by all tourists and visitors to practice various sports such as cycling, running or walking, and many other sporting and distinctive activities.



Likewise, the park has some sports equipment, in addition to various playgrounds such as football or basketball courts. Of course, it is a wonderful opportunity for the family to practice group sports activities and play enthusiastic matches.

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Children’s area
Children’s area
Kids Games
This park was not interested in providing activities that suit adults only, but it also took care of children in a more than wonderful way, as the company responsible for this park allocated a wide area


equipped with many children’s games that suit most age groups for them; To motivate them to spend an enjoyable and special time, in addition to using that space for various activities such as singing parties and various competitions for children.