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There is a way that can get you to the mall with ease. If you prefer

There is a way that can get you to the mall with ease. If you prefer

There is a way that can get you to the mall with ease. If you prefer



to arrive by bus, bus Nos. 66 and 67 go towards the mall, and if you prefer to go by public transportation, the Dubai Metro also takes you there.

Outlet mall phone number
You can contact the Dubai Mall management to inquire about what you want on this number: 0554179035.

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Hotels near Dubai Outlet Mall
It is located near the Outlet Mall, a group of the best hotels in Dubai that you can stay in throughout the duration of your visit, and we can recommend to you the best of these hotels in the following:

KSK Homes Hotel Dubai Academic City
KSK Homes Hotel
KSK Homes Hotel Dubai Academic City
You will really enjoy staying inside this hotel as it offers hotel services at the highest level to visitors, distinctive rooms with wonderful views, high-quality food and drinks, many service facilities, read more.



Habtoor Polo Resort
It is one of the wonderful tourist resorts in the Emirate of Dubai, as it provides visitors with value for money, in addition to the comfort and relaxation that they feel within the resort facilities.

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customer service
There are customer service centers within the Dubai Outlet Mall that help visitors know the exact locations of the stores inside the mall, and solve the problems they face, as the employees have high communication skills, and enable them to speak with customers in all languages of the world.



emergency room
In the event of injuries or fainting of a visitor in the mall, there is an emergency room equipped at the highest level to save such cases, and you can contact it immediately on this number: 044234666.

Free shopping vouchers
The most important thing that distinguishes the Outlet Mall in Dubai is that it offers gift vouchers to visitors that they can use in many



shops to get great discounts on purchases, as there are gift vouchers of up to 500 dirhams that are valid for a whole year, you can use them at any time throughout this year .