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Al Quoz Dubai Mall is the most famous mall in Dubai,

Al Quoz Dubai Mall is the most famous mall in Dubai,

Al Quoz Dubai Mall is the most famous mall in Dubai


specifically in the Al Quoz area, because it contains all your personal needs, including household items, clothes for you and your children, accessories that decorate your hands, and much more. You can also try Indian, Lebanese, oriental meals in famous restaurants that The mall includes it in your shopping experience, do not miss this opportunity, and go to Al Quoz Mall to shop now.

Discover Al Quoz Mall Dubai
Shop comfortably, get all the household necessities, and eat your favorite meal at Al Quoz Mall, one of the best malls in Dubai, whose sections we learn about as follows:

Mall shopping
As usual, the Emirate of Dubai includes within it one of the largest shopping malls that serve visitors from all sides, where the famous shops are in clothes, accessories, gifts, household items, and others. The mall also includes a large hypermarket that contains all items and household products, a large assortment of these stores. The most famous of which are as follows:

Kara Market: A quick tour of the Kara market for international jewelry and accessories takes you to another world of its beauty.



Arte Market: If you are a fan of fine handicrafts, Arte Market is specially designed for you. Do not miss visiting it when you go to Al Quoz Mall, Dubai, UAE.
Marjan Gallery of Islamic Arts: Lovers of antiques and precious antiques are on a date with a large selection of gold and silver artifacts inside the Marjan Gallery in Al Quoz Mall.
The Makers Market: A diverse store that includes many things such as children’s clothing, distinctive perfumes, and accessories.
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Al Quoz Mall restaurants
Al Quoz Mall Dubai
Al Quoz Mall restaurants
A series of the best restaurants are now waiting for you inside Al Quoz Mall, where you can take a short break after shopping in the mall to have lunch at your favorite restaurant. Perhaps the most famous restaurants there are the following:

Al Quoz Mall services
Al Quoz Dubai Mall provides many services to visitors so that they can find everything they need inside, and these services include the following:


Automated teller machines in the mall.
The Emirates Identity Authority and the Health Authority.