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Tourists who love to travel seek to choose the right place that

Tourists who love to travel seek to choose the right place that

Tourists who love to travel seek to choose the right place that



provides them with all the needs that contribute to spending a trip rich in pleasure, so some Arab countries are interested in developing their tourist places and distinct cities, and one of the wonderful Arab cities is the city of Ajman, as it has an excellent level of services Attractive facilities and ingredients, as it owns several international restaurants where you will enjoy the food offered, from Egyptian, Moroccan, as well as Lebanese restaurants in Ajman.

The best hotels in Ajman
Lebanese restaurants in Ajman

As for accommodations, make sure that the city has many famous hotels that are located in the most beautiful locations with scenic views, in addition to the services that it works to provide to all tourists of all categories and nationalities, in order to ensure the best distinguished stay, read more.

The best Lebanese restaurants in Ajman
Arabic food has a great diversity among the various menus that you can choose what you desire from them, and among the most delicious foods are the dishes of the Lebanese cuisine, so we provided a group of Lebanese restaurants.


Zaatar Hill Restaurant

There are many choices of dishes available in the city of Ajman, in order to satisfy all the tastes of tourists, where you will find several restaurants specialized in providing delicious Lebanese cuisine that is distinguished by its special taste, and among the best restaurants is Tal Al Zaatar Restaurant and Grills.

As for the food, it deserves a five-star rating, and this is what the restaurant gets from the visitors’ comments. You will eat a variety of delicious grills such as kofta and shish tawook, in addition to appetizers of grape leaves, fattoush and various drinks.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 7 am to 12 midnight.

Contact number: 00971503664064


Lebanon flower restaurant

Lebanese food is famous for providing delicious and popular food to different categories of tourists, of different ages and tastes. Therefore, Ajman provides a group of the best Lebanese restaurants in Ajman, including the Lebanese Flower Restaurant, which has several distinct branches.


As for the restaurant’s menu, it includes many different items, but among the most famous and most requested among the dishes is shawarma, including meat or chicken shawarma, which is served with fresh bread, salads, delicious sauce, and cold drinks.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 11:30 am to 12:30 am.

Contact number: 0097167426159


Firewood restaurant
Firewood restaurant

The Lebanese cuisine produces the most delicious foods that enjoy a high reputation among the Arab cuisines, in addition to being the most requested by most of the tourists who come to the city to spend the most enjoyable times between different restaurants, as well as you will find a large group of restaurants specializing in these foods.

Among them is the Al-Hatab restaurant, which enjoys a good reputation and is preferred by most of the seekers of these distinguished foods. Also, one of the most famous foods that the restaurant offers is shawarma, shish tawook, and a group of fresh pastries, such as the delicious fattoush.

Working hours: The restaurant operates 24 hours a day.

Contact number: 00971600546008



Al Diwan Restaurant

Al Diwan Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the city of Ajman, as its experience in serving Lebanese food made it one of the best Lebanese restaurants, and the place is frequented by many visitors, in addition to some customers who go to it from time to time.