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Tourist trips often include time for shopping, as it is one of the most

Tourist trips often include time for shopping, as it is one of the most

Tourist trips often include time for shopping, as it is one of the most



beautiful activities that tourists do, and all international cities are interested in providing what those who come to them are looking for to spend special times, so you will find that one of the most famous Arab cities is the city of Ajman, which seeks to provide many markets And various malls, the most famous of which is the City Center, which has a large group of stores, as well as many City Center Ajman restaurants.

The best hotels in Ajman
City Center Ajman restaurants

The city is interested in providing all the attractive factors that provide comfort and relaxation for all tourists, so there are several different hotels that work hard for the comfort of the guests, and also have multiple levels of services that the guests need to ensure the best stay, read more.



The best restaurants in City Center Ajman
Shopping between the shops available in the City Center takes a long time, so you will need a few meals in order to be able to complete your marketing journey. We have provided a group of restaurants located in the Center.

KFC Restaurant

Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most famous international dishes, which is spread in all parts of the world, and it has lovers of different age groups and also of different nationalities, due to its delicious crispy taste, and it is one of the restaurants in City Center Ajman.


You will also find that the City Center branch is visited by a large number of visitors to eat their favorite meals, which consist of fried chicken pieces with the delicious secret mixture, in addition to fried potato fingers, along with a cup of iced soft drink.

Working hours: The restaurant operates daily from 10 am to 12 midnight.

Contact number: 00971600522252


albaik restaurant


Al Baik Restaurant is located at the top of several lists of different restaurants, as it is one of a chain of branches of famous restaurants of Saudi Arabian origin, which is considered a favorite for many Arab tourists, so you will find one of these branches inside the City Center.