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The Arab Emirates has a special character for its wonderful location

The Arab Emirates has a special character for its wonderful location

The Arab Emirates has a special character for its wonderful location


and also for what it possesses of the most beautiful charming natural landscapes, as it includes many of the most wonderful distinct coastal cities, the most prominent of which is the city of Khor Fakkan that belongs to the Emirate of Sharjah, as well as it enjoys its location on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, which makes it an important tourist attraction, and you will find It has a group of different markets, the most famous of which is the old popular market, which contains several restaurants, the old market of Khorfakkan.



Best Khorfakkan hotels
Restaurants in the old market, Khorfakkan

But if you are looking for a place that provides you with all the means that take you to a world full of comfort and relaxation, then you should go to one of the hotels that are located directly on the sea and that have a picturesque and pleasant view, in addition to the various services offered that satisfy all tourists, read more .


The best restaurants in the old market, Khorfakkan
Walking around the old market among the various shops will take some time and you will need to rest and eat some food in order to be able to complete your marketing journey. Here are the best restaurants in the market.

Lebanon restaurant

There are many choices of food available among the restaurants that are located in the old market, which is frequented by large numbers of visitors to spend a special time, and one of the most beautiful dishes is the Lebanese cuisine that offers the most delicious recipes, which are available in the restaurant throughout Lebanon.


Iranian cooking restaurant
Iranian cooking restaurant

Diversity is the most important characteristic among the list of restaurants in the old market of Khorfakkan, so you will definitely find what you are looking for in terms of a variety of foods that satisfy all tastes, and among what this list provides are dishes of Iranian cuisine, which are available through the Iranian Cooking Restaurant.


As for the restaurant’s menu, it is rich in a group of delicious items, the most important of which are the grills, which are distinguished by their smart aroma that opens the appetite to food, such as grilled kebabs, in addition to providing some types of food.