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The Asian village is no less beautiful than the African village

The Asian village is no less beautiful than the African village

The Asian village is no less beautiful than the African village


Asian Village

Dubai Zoo
The Asian village is no less beautiful than the African village, as it contains all the features as well, differing in that it shows the Asian wildlife, and this appeared through the architectural designs that the continent of Asia was famous for from other villages, so the visitor goes to the village to learn about the culture of Asian peoples, and to see animals Asian as well, the most prominent of which were the following:

Chinese mandarin duck.
Arboreal gibbon.
Moon bear.
Silver gibbon.
Arabian desert safari
Dubai Zoo
If we talk about wildlife in the Arabian desert, we are talking about the most beautiful tourist destination that many tourists around the world like to visit to learn more about wildlife in the Arabian Peninsula, and to see Arab animals up close. A safari is also held to this section in the park specifically, and perhaps The most important animals present are:



Arabian gazelle.
Arabian wolf.
Mountain deer.
Maha Abu Harab.
Reem gazelle.
Maha Abu Adass.
Various entertainment facilities at the Dubai Zoo
The trip to the park is not over yet; Where there are many diverse recreational facilities that children love before adults, which made it the most beautiful amusement park in the Emirate of Dubai, in which most people spend their weekends. These facilities will be mentioned in detail in the following:

Valley area
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
One of the most important recreational areas in the zoo, a family-friendly place because of the variety of restaurants serving delicious food located on a water surface and fish lake to create a wonderful atmosphere full of relaxation with the sounds of birds and small animals, and children can play in the wide green space as they please.



unior garden
Dubai Zoo
Dubai Zoo
It is one of the most important recreational activities mixed with an educational aspect for children. Where the garden provides them with the opportunity to learn in a simple way about the nature of some animals such as cows, goats, horses, chickens, ducks, and others. In this garden, they collect eggs, how to extract milk from cows and goats, and deal with the horse. These things serve as recreational activities for them. .



The zoo includes two theatres; One is large and the other is small, dedicated to presenting entertaining cultural shows to learn in detail about wildlife, and to know the secrets and mysteries related to many animals and birds, whether African or Asian.