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Natural places always attract people to them, to enjoy their beauty,

Natural places always attract people to them, to enjoy their beauty,

Natural places always attract people to them, to enjoy their beauty,



feel relaxed and get rid of the burdens of life. That is why public parks and parks are always the first destination for nature-loving people.

So if one day you go to the capital of Bosnia, and you want to go out on a vacation in the middle of nature, Sarajevo parks are among the distinctive places that provide you with this, and reflect the beauty of nature in this city.


The most beautiful parks of Sarajevo
There are many green parks and gardens in Sarajevo, and we will recommend the best of these suitable for you to visit.

Savit Zajko

Savit Zajko is one of the largest parks in Sarajevo, it is a natural wealth for this city, where there are many green plants, tall and perennial trees, and flowers with a pleasant smell, and there are also artificial waterfalls made between the rocks, and some small lakes for waterfowl that live there Some small bridges pass over these lakes, which give the place an aesthetic appearance, with some fountains that pump water in the middle of the lake.

There are also a lot of services that the park administration provides to visitors, such as large playgrounds, there is a football field, another for basketball, lanes paved for running and walking, ice slides for skating in winter, as well as lanes for wheelchairs, in addition to a small train that roams the park to watch people Its charming beauty, along with some small amusement parks for children to be able to enjoy their time while they are there.

The park is a great place and suitable for a family vacation to spend quality time, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.



Forest Park Mojmilo šuma Mojmilo
Forest Park Mugelo

Forest Park is one of the parks distinguished from other parks in the city because of its height above ground level, as it is located on the highest plateau. And enjoy taking the most beautiful souvenir photos.

In the garden there are some lanes paved for cycling, and suitable places to sit and hold parties such as barbecues, and family gatherings, and there are also playgrounds for children and youth for group games, in addition to some slides for skiing in the winter, so if you are looking for a suitable place to relax, watch The green color of nature is within your sight, and this park is the perfect place for that.

You can get there by public taxi to the city, or go there with your own car, and you can use Google Maps to get there from here.

Veliki Park

Veliki Park is one of the most famous Sarajevo parks where there is a famous monument, which is a group of graves for some children, so people go to see this memorial, and also in order to enjoy the beauty of the park, where the diverse and colorful trees, and a lot of flowers scattered throughout around.


In the garden there are many places to sit and play with pets and listen to the chirping of birds, so what distinguishes this garden is its calm and serenity, where you just enjoy the sounds of nature around you away from the hustle and bustle of the city outside, and although it is in the middle of the city, it is a wonderful place To relax and get some fresh air.

You can get there via Google Maps from here.

The Garden of Light Park Svjetlosti
garden of light

This park is one of the parks preferred by many of the city’s residents, especially those close to the Siglana area, as it is a small and quiet park, and there are many benches to sit among the trees and grasses and watch the flocks of birds that come to it, and to practice walking or running in the lanes designated for that.

There are also some playgrounds for young children with some of the games they prefer, in addition to the presence of designated areas in the garden for dogs and pets, so you can take your pet and go out for a walk there, and according to visitors’ opinions, the most appropriate time to go there is early morning, so you can observe the sunrise and watch the sunrise. Its golden rays reflect on the bright green trees and see this enchanting landscape.

The park is open around the clock, and you can go there via Google Maps from here.

Friendship Forest Šuma prijateljstva
Friendship Forest



This park is one of the most beautiful Sarajevo parks. When you go there you find yourself among the mountain tops because of its height. There you will see the bright natural colors mixed with each other between green, orange, yellow and white also on the high peaks, and you will enjoy the wonderful biodiversity around you where there are some animals The pets that inhabit the park, such as goats, squirrels, and some birds that build their nests among the high branches.

You can do many activities there such as running, cycling and practicing physical sports, where there is a place equipped with some machines that are found in the fitness halls. You can also hold a barbecue party or birthday parties and go out on a group or family vacation and take the most wonderful memorial photos with natural appearances There, buy fast food and ice cream from the restaurants inside.

This park is a great place to spend an enjoyable vacation in the lap of nature, and you can reach it via Google Maps from here.

Frilo . National Park
Vrilo . National Park


The National Park is the most famous park among the Sarajevo parks

The city’s main park and an important factor of its tourist attractions, as it contains many rare plants and trees and also some pets, so the city’s residents consider it a nature reserve that must be preserved, but what distinguishes it most is the presence of the source of the Bosnia River where the waters flow The river is from the natural spring located there.

You can do many activities in this park, where there are some waterfalls and lakes where some waterfowl and colorful fish live, and there are also areas designated for horse riding and roaming around, and there are also special lanes for cyclists, and others for wheelchairs, in addition to Restaurants and cafés that serve the best dishes and drinks and are often found close to seating and gathering places.

You can go to the national park with your own car, where there is a private parking lot, and if you want to reach it via Google Maps, click here.

Banjska park
Baniska Park

Banesca Garden is one of the gardens popular with Arab tourists who visit Sarajevo parks, where there are many restaurants that serve the best meals, and there are some hotels near it, in addition to providing many services that visitors prefer, such as walking paths, and places to sit amidst colorful flowers and plants. Paved roads are suitable for wheelchair owners.


The park is large and has a large area, so there is a place to rent small electric carts and bicycles as well to roam around the park, as well as some playgrounds for group games and small amusement parks for children, places to roam with pets, and often there are


some performance teams that offer Traditional performances to introduce the culture of their country to the foreigners who are there.

You can go there via Google Maps from here.