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City Mall has been designed in a wonderful and attractive way as it

City Mall has been designed in a wonderful and attractive way as it

City Mall has been designed in a wonderful and attractive way as it


City Mall Saburtalo Tbilisi
City Mall Saburtalo
City Mall has been designed in a wonderful and attractive way as it is one of the best malls in the Georgian city that attracts tourists, and its visitors are always looking for fashionable clothes of international brands of excellent quality, and this was already available in the various stores of the mall, which also offer bags, shoes and other disinfectant supplements And accessories, cosmetics, grooming tools and perfumes add more wonderful touches to improve the taste and appearance as well, and you can buy them from these stores.

There are also gift and souvenir shops, kitchen and home appliances and food stores, as well as electronics stores and more, and to enjoy during the shopping trip you can book a ticket for your favorite movie in the cinema hall equipped with the latest equipment, including modern audio technologies, and there are several wonderful restaurants and cafes such as KFC and McDonald’s , City Café and Covista, and when you are done shopping, we recommend that you visit nearby tourist destinations such as Vak Park.


East Point Mall Tbilisi
East Point Mall
East Point Mall has gained its wide fame among the cities of Georgia, and it is one of the best large commercial shopping centers in Tbilisi, and it competes with other centers in many matters by providing various services and wonderful features. Children’s clothing, as well as other style complements, and other stores vary with their offering of exquisite household items and electronic devices.


The shops take into account the guarantee and the excellent quality in any product, and you can wander among the gift and souvenir shops to choose what suits your taste. The mall provides a supermarket branch that allows you to buy various foodstuffs, and there is a children’s entertainment center in the mall, in addition to the cinema hall that exceeds Splendor, and famous restaurants and cafes that provide you with the opportunity to taste the most delicious options: Sisori coffee, Pankacri Café, KFC and McDonald’s.


City Mall skinny market
City Mall skinny market
The wonderful City Mall Geldani Mall hosts a range of distinctive service and entertainment facilities, which are famous for providing everything the visitor needs during his enjoyable shopping trip. There are no limit to the shopping options, products and goods available in it; The most prominent of them are clothes, bags and shoes, in addition to accessories, watches and jewelry, and there are shops for household items and food products.


There are also electronic stores and mobile phones that allow purchasing the premium version that the customer desires, at reasonable costs, and there are places in the mall dedicated to displaying gifts and souvenirs of exceptional shapes and designs, and there are famous restaurants in the large mall, including: Pizza Tashir, McDonald’s, Sisoli Cafe sch.


Lilo Mall Tbilisi
Lilo Mall
Lilo Mall is one of the first malls or large commercial markets in Georgia. It is located specifically in Tbilisi and is famous over a large area. The year of its establishment was in 1991 AD. It is one of the wonderful destinations that allow you to carry out many activities and participate in various activities with family and friends.


Lilo Mall was established on an area of ​​twenty-two hectares, and contained more than 4,985 various shops; Which includes wholesale or retail sale, including fashion and clothing stores, bags and shoes, watches and accessories stores, in addition to lamps, various wireless and electronic devices, and more.