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The city of Tbilisi is of great importance and a prominent position

The city of Tbilisi is of great importance and a prominent position

The city of Tbilisi is of great importance and a prominent position


within its scope. It enjoys its essential location at the crossroads between the Asian part and the European part, in addition to its proximity to the paths of commercial caravans or others, knowing that the name “Tbilisi” is also called as it is the capital and largest city in the world. Georgia, which has great Tbilisi malls.

The huge commercial centers allow the possibility of purchasing and acquiring all the daily or almost daily requirements, and it is one of the wonderful destinations frequented by locals and tourists frequently. Due to the availability of several benefits in it and the mixture of ancient, Middle Eastern, classical and other architectures.

The best hotels in Tbilisi
Tbilisi Hotels
If you are looking for an affordable place for temporary residence in Tbilisi, Georgia, you can visit the distinguished hotels, which have received high ratings for the integration of their services and providing a comfortable and calm atmosphere, as well as many services that increase your comfort and enjoyment during the stay… Read more

The best malls in Tbilisi
In the following lines, we highlight the 8 best Tbilisi malls recommended to visit within the framework of wonderful tourism in Georgia.


Tbilisi Mall
Tbilisi Mall tops the list of the best and most attractive malls in Al Mudbanah for residents and tourists, as it provides you with an unparalleled shopping experience among its various shops, service and entertaining facilities. And high-fashion shoes, and there are gift shops that offer you the experience of getting a variety of souvenirs for your loved one.

Household items, electronics and more were also available, and it also contained a supermarket branch selling food commodities, there is a center dedicated to children’s fun, and among the entertainment sections for adults is the cinema equipped with the most beautiful atmosphere and dazzling audio technologies. One of the unique features available in Tbilisi Mall is the part of Zootopia Aquarium Enjoy, which is a place that contains a variety of marine creatures, and from the mall’s famous restaurants and cafes: Martifi, Subway, Burger King, and Covista.



Galleria Mall Tbilisi
Galleria Mall Tbilisi
Galleria Mall Tbilisi
One of the illustrious names of major shopping centers that occupied first positions among the best Tbilisi malls is Galleria Mall; Given that it provided the possibility of obtaining several services and benefits and participating in fun entertainment destinations for adults and children during the break from the shopping trip, which the visitor can start by buying from fashion stores and other wonderful stores, knowing that it is not easy to mention all the stores and shopping options with their names for their large number. .



Many visitors are attracted to the antiques, gift and art stores, which display an unparalleled range of souvenirs referring to the country’s culture, heritage, and more. The mall or eat delicious meals at McDonald’s and Kentucky restaurants and others, and among the entertainment destinations available are the children’s play area and the cinema.