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You will be confused about choosing between Al Buraimi

You will be confused about choosing between Al Buraimi

You will be confused about choosing between Al Buraimi


Sky Steak
Al Buraimi Restaurants

You will be confused about choosing between Al Buraimi restaurants, as they offer many places that serve dishes from different cuisines, including international ones. One of the special dishes is the grilled steak, which is provided to you by the Sky Steak Restaurant, where you will find food suitable for lunch and dinner with the best taste.

Where you can go to the restaurant and eat what you want inside the place or order meals by phone to the house in order to provide a delivery service outside, and the most delicious items on the menu are grilled meat steak, crispy french fries, different sauces, salads, and some cold drinks.


You can also reach Sky Steak Restaurant through Google Maps from here.

Al-Saadi Cafe and Restaurant
Al Buraimi Restaurants

And because fast food restaurants are among the most important choices that attract visitors, so you will find several restaurants that specialize in this within the list of Al Buraimi restaurants, including Al-Saadi Café and Restaurant, which provides places to receive visitors in the restaurant and also deliver meals abroad to save time and effort for customers.

The restaurant includes a menu that contains several dishes suitable for all meals of the day, from breakfast to dinner, in


addition to some special meals for children, including delicious crispy chicken with french fries and a drink of soft water. It is also a cafe where it serves various hot drinks such as coffee, The session will be fun.

When you go to Al-Saadi Cafe and Restaurant, you can use Google Maps from here.

Muscat Restaurant
Al Buraimi Restaurants

Muscat Restaurant is one of the restaurants that serve Indian food, which is characterized by special and rare Indian spices with a unique taste and aroma, which many people love and search for. It is one of the various Buraimi restaurants that are spread in the wilayat.


The taste will take you to the Indian cuisine of the famous cuisine and also offers many varieties, including seafood, fish, chicken and rice with different flavors, in addition to some diverse Arabic dishes, the restaurant gets excellent reviews from all visitors.

You can also reach Muscat Restaurant through Google Maps from here.

Modern Yemen Restaurant
Al Buraimi Restaurants

Yemeni Arab food also has a share in the Buraimi restaurants, which include all tastes of food and come with all the dishes you desire. If you want to try the Yemeni dish, you should go to the modern Yemen Restaurant, as it is distinguished by its location among some important facilities and Buraimi markets.


When you try Yemeni food, you will enjoy the most delicious dishes that the restaurant specializes in, such as Mandi chicken, Madfoon chicken and chicken on charcoal. It also provides some seafood and fish, including fried or grilled, such as Kingfish and Hammour, and do not forget to order fresh Yemeni bread.

And when you go to the modern Yemen restaurant, you can use Google Maps from here.