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Las Vegas theme park offers fun surprises with its safe rides


And a variety of activities for all family members for a small fee compared to other cities, in addition to creating some additional activities in most of the amusement parks to depart from the traditional form.

Therefore, we have chosen for you a comprehensive review of the most important amusement parks in Las Vegas in terms of location, cost and level of safety at the same time, and the list will also cover both features and exact addresses on a Google map.

The best hotels in Las Vegas
Las Vegas amusement park
Las Vegas Hotels
Las Vegas has a large selection of luxury hotels in the United States of America, and therefore many of the services available within it are satisfactory for most guests, and its common advantages are fast room service, multiple amenities and…. read more.

The best amusement park in Las Vegas
Las Vegas has a wide range of theme parks that can delight families of all ages, so here is a quick look at the top 9 recommended options for this year:


Adventure dome amusement park
The Dome Adventure Park is gaining its place among Las Vegas amusement parks for many reasons, the most important of which is the strategic location in the heart of the famous Circus Hotel in the city, in addition to the large area and advanced facilities that push tourists to visit it during the vacation to experience new games and go on exceptional adventures.

But it must be taken into account that the most beautiful times in this theme park are during Friday and Saturday, because they witness the launch of the neon nights, as the administration opens cheerful lights and allows horse riding and allows drawing on faces with colors to increase the excitement, especially for youngsters, and the rotating wheel with its vertical rings is available All week, fast or slow on demand.



Cowabunga Bay
Las Vegas amusement park
Kwonga Bay Amusement Park
One of the most visited water parks in Las Vegas this year as a result of its exciting attractions, distinguished services, clean and spacious pools, and thus accommodates a large number of people at once, and visitors of different age groups enjoy a wonderful opportunity to swim, snorkel or relax on the comfortable chairs by the pool.

Most of all, the aquarium is equipped with modern techniques to make the forces of the water very similar to the natural waves of the sea, moreover, specialists supervise the children’s paddling activities so that it is completely free from damage, and finally the majority of its guests go to the restaurant lounge that provides fast food Or cook recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Sky Zone Trampoline
Las Vegas amusement park
Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Spending a long time outside the home is a weekend essential for American families, and as a result, the Sky Zone has opened special offers on holidays, whether on the price of admission tickets or game cards, and the unique element in this entertainment area is the opening of an indoor section of the trampoline More of play all year round.

The amusement park consists of different sections to satisfy all visitors, including free jumping, dribbling, volleyball, various fitness games, basketball and diving to a good depth, in addition to



equipping the place with facilities to live the atmosphere of a ninja at a height of about 6 meters, and there is no need to worry about young children from participating because the tools Safety is free.